7 issues with the modern academia calling itself Science


science is a process, not a system of employ

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why do they keep acting as if the power structure is the only science?

Newton self-published and Tesla went to VCs, screw them

Note: no mention of political bias.

Uhuh. O.K.

RIP, peer review


He also went on to call himself out in a sense, stating that journal editors aid and abet the worst behaviours, that the amount of bad research is alarming, that data is sculpted to fit a preferred theory. He goes on to observe that important confirmations are often rejected and little is done to correct bad practices. What’s worse, much of what goes on could even be considered borderline misconduct.

N is for Narrative.

No Noooooo are you kidding me wtf are you testing me satan

Scientism and peer review


I prefer to call peer review what it is, friend panels. If they are your friends, you’re in. If not, you aren’t.

Science isn’t always right, science isn’t a person, it is a process. A process carried out by humans, liable to error. Humans in labcoats don’t suddenly mutate into flawless Gods of Truth in the manner of Ma’at.