They want gender-neutral pronouns? What the hell’s wrong with them?

In case it gets taken down.

There is too much wrong to cover, suffice to say they love controlling the rest of us. Ostracisation is best for these people. Maybe they’ll get the message.

To be a woman, you must first be a girl

Here are the things that grind my gears on transsexuals, example men pretending to be women.

  • they force everyone to buy into their delusion and simply standing aside and leaving them to it gets a telling off – to an adult
  • they cite a feeling as a fact
  • they ignore the idea if it’s mental, you can change your mind (many do post-op)
  • they refuse to accept you cannot change the brain, this man will always have his male brain he developed before birth and cannot think like a woman if his life depended on it
  • every cell in your body tells the truth, no one called Michael Jackson white because he had treatments, dying my hair doesn’t make me a natural blonde
  • changing your birth certificate is fraud since you can use it to marry someone ignorant of the truth
  • they are lied to about their dating prospects, and cry when they can’t get a date “being myself”
  • they get off on their own appearance, there’s always a sexual component to it
  • they demand access to safe spaces, each sex has a right to, which fairly pisses off the radfems
  • it’s a fashion with permanent consequences on taxpayer money
  • some get off on deception, when they rape unknowing straight men and have the nerve to cry they were the victim of the picture
  • the rates of comorbid mental illness and drug use or suicide demonstrate their opinion on what is good for them is ill-advised to outright wrong, you rarely see any over 40, do you? And the HIV rates, do not get me started.

Nonetheless, the claim to womanhood by those who were not born to it does essentially demean those who were; the defining of a woman solely by her sexual organs and by what you see when she is or is not dressed is the province of Page Three girls, not of those proud of their sex and proud, sometimes, of surviving the years of trials it may have brought.

This applies, by the way, to both sexes: should a bold, male soldier be felled by an IED in Afghanistan and left without legs or gentlemanly tackle between them, would we then declare that he is no longer a man? Obviously not. It is widely understood that a fellow in such a predicament who cries that he ‘feels’ himself to be no longer ‘a real man’ will be hastily reassured by all who love him and all who treat him that he was made to be a man from the moment he was conceived and he will die as one, too.

Eunuchs are men. And they have less male tissue than transsexual “women”.

By the same token, I can no more shrug off my formative years and experiences than can Frank Maloney, now to be called Kellie. I can no more forget pregnancy and childbirth than, I imagine, he (or she, if I must) can forget the conception and fathering of three children; more than sex, more than body shape, more than clothing — and certainly more than wishes or feelings — it is these things that define us. Irrevocably so.

…But as long as the newly created Kellie carries that irksome, dangling little y chromosome, whatever the word is, it is not ‘woman’.

This is a fad. They choose to get this stuff done, you don’t choose your race or (probably) sexuality. Feminists are just trying to recruit the mentally ill, which is really sad when you think about it. None of their ‘logic’ holds up, it’s a fantasy.

Are personal pronoun pansies control freaks?

The use of the pronoun he to refer to men and women dates back to the 18th century. The Generic He is easier to pronounce and uses less ink.

They already have an alternative: it.

If you tell me you’re neither m/f, I am linguistically accurate in referring to you as an it. You are giving me no other correct option by omitting yourself from the chromosomal (read: real) categories. Even those intersex (“true hermaphrodites“) you love to bring up still fit in the binary, they happen to be both. 1+1 =/= 3

Languages need no more than three terms: masculine, feminine and neuter or neutral, the Other. These are psychological terms and there can be no logical objection to them. Plenty of European languages (those I’m familiar with) have a specific assignment per word e.g. mela is Italian for apple and it is classed as feminine, hence la mela or the apple. Introducing anything beyond the miscellaneous category of neuter is asking for a squared expansion on already densely packed (here, Romance) languages.

You have enough useless liberal arts graduates in your ranks to calculate the basic impossibility of including your personal pronouns on a linguistic level. They are called personal because you have no right to control the speech of another person. They can tell you that birth sex announced by a doctor is The Sex of a mammal for its entire lifespan (as a scientist or sane, honest person would) or they can respond to your passive-aggressive ‘request’ by telling you to accept their personal pronouns (those they use, because language is for dialogue) or fuck off because you’re incapable of healthy speech with another human being.

While you’re at it, Americans especially, quit appropriating the English language for your subculture.
Normal people do not appreciate grammatically incorrect power-tripping.
You’re not oppressed, you’re unpopular. Grammar-Nazi language policing won’t help that.

Get over yourself and learn something or GTFO loser