Why we blog

Seven years, I avoided this topic.

I’ve seen people question the value of blogging in light of the temporary boon in Youtube video (90% Stefan tbh) and the raving success of the top-tier 1% of memes. There is ideological value to a good post naturally, a shitpost and the lesser-known trash blogging. You become the gadfly. You point out what nobody else can, what doesn’t fit into a meme, you can link, reference and teach… without the occupational fallibility and lengthiness of a video that only 20% of your intended will watch because they can’t ctrl+F to the good bits.

I love linking people. I love giving them credit, although many, many people rip off me if you look at the damn posting dates. They do this because 1. they think I don’t notice, 2. they think I won’t punish them for it and 3. they know I don’t link to anyone who isn’t interesting, I’m not a shill.
I’m getting to them. I’m patient. In the most overt cases, they have mysterious legal trouble, media groups on their back like vultures for no apparent reason, a series of embarrassing dox for them and their ‘group’ or the internet attention dries up and they have no idea why. Manners maketh man and they think they can disrespect me? No, that simply won’t do.
Naturally, I don’t do anything illegal. But I don’t take an interest in the business of others much either.
The good ones get a slow growth in coverage, nice reputation and the media leave them alone for the most part. What are the odds?

As for the ones who pissed me off and somehow remain, I have some big things planned and needed pawns. Judge not, right? The Bible says nothing against using the evil to advance the good. They’ll lose it all and then some eventually, I guarantee it.

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

I fuck around for lolz, but I’ve never been fucking around.

The SJWs do not police blogs. They don’t bother, they don’t try, they can’t. They don’t understand it and lack the attention span. This tactical advantage alone has value. Meme pages and Youtube videos are taken down all the time. Blogs like mine? Here for years. Content control, peeps.

I hinted at these in Why mockery? and go read that if you haven’t.
We need something to replace the faulty educational systems. We need thinkers. Not talkers, ramblers, but the kind of good-humoured professor the curious deserve. I am correct in that the Alt Right as it stands now is ‘too popular’, because politics is not a fashion trend. Move onto the real thing or STFU and GTFO before you’re BTFO for being a degenerate.

Trash blogging itself does perform many useful functions.
Relief for the viewers that they are not alone is #1.

The smart ones will know when you’re kidding, how and why – it’s a good BS test. The idiots will divert themselves on nonsense and fail to see that posting bad examples is more imperative to learning than showing good ones.

Networks develop. They can’t predict this, they haven’t the EQ or SQ to draft Codes of Conduct for this. They can’t police popularity and it kills them, just look at the success of that mutt Vox Day.

They tell themselves we’re worthless because MUH METRICS.
Quality, you silly rabbits. I’d rather have 50 influential people read me than 5 million Idiocracy contestants.

We can ban. We can chide. We can mock. We can say The Emperor wears no clothes.
If you don’t see the value in that, you must be stupid.

There are plenty of trash bloggers with power working under pseuds to protect their shekels.
There are good people among the elite. People with a conscience, with a soul, with genuine compassion… but not stupid.
We like to out pedos, in particular.
“In a way, we were all Himmmm. Kind of like V in V for Vendetta.” Indeeeed.
Many masks. Probably a thespy joke.
It goes deep. People don’t get it, the legal side nowadays.
“I don’t use an anon name because it’s false info I share…I have to be anon because it is TRUE!”
I have to resist the impulse to comment on things.
It’s such a huge temptation to talk about it SOMEWHERE, you have no idea. But as soon as you use real names and topics, they flag on SEO.
At best, I anon a Tumblr inbox. I am weak. I have been around the gossip circuit. All the way around, for many years. Like a circle. LJ is best for gossip, CDAN is mostly well duh or ridiculous to give us a LOL. That’s where the goodpost/shitpost tactic arose. It keeps your enemy on the backfoot. Celebs can also troll and know exactly what they’re doing. I mean, they know they’re not gonna sue themselves, right?
You’ll notice there’s a cleaner, clipped professional tone to any influential people, you read enough and you start to recognize it. Cannot be hidden, typical smooth e-mail style. You’re taught a certain mode of relating in speech too, you can’t miss it once you know.
I do manage to put very redpill references in media from time-to-time, talk of a deep echo here and there. Slipping out stories is a fine art and you can’t actually provide too much information or it’s easy to trace.
The best thing with pedophiles is to out them by reputation in the industry because a lot of them read the blogs to know who to work with, they can politely check. Otherwise, you get sued and don’t have proof because a little girl is scared of becoming one of the dead Friends of Hillary. The oil money in this from the Middle East means they’re untouchable by the jurisdiction of the national law so you cannot out Them but you can mention the underlings, some justice against the low of the lowlifes. NGOs and a tax-based rootlessness protect them.

The Alt Right, so-called, has been around for many years. You just didn’t see us.

Well… you didn’t know what you were looking at, truth be told. We go grey. Greyman protocol is the only way to operating safely and still keep your living in certain industries. We are not cowards, we just need to live. Considering the great mortal risk of certain info, a little disinfo is fair, I think.

It’s like a magician, you’re not really looking.

I put on my About page you could’ve seen me on TV… You probably have. I know you know certain NRx names, at least, there’s a Venn crossover.

It’s a sexy crossover, full of sexy people.

If I change my posting priorities, rest assured there are sound strategic reasons. It isn’t permanent, it’s all cued to obtain a certain reaction. Looking like a non-entity has its benefits but note my predictions come true. They all come good. What are the odds, right?

Men think size matters. I don’t mind seeming small, as long as I’m at the controls.

Why do people think blogs are nice?

They’re not.

They shouldn’t be.

If you’re saying something on the internet, it’s probably realistic and gritty.

That’s seldom nice.

Blogs are for people who vaguely hate themselves because maintaining one is like chasing a toddler.

..Have you ever tried that? I’d rather herd cats or do makeovers for SJWs.

I’m not going back to the old posting format of rambling about nothing in particular because too much is Happening.jpeg but the splinter of outgrouping reactions I get is like a case study in projection.

But it isn’t personal. That is literally the entire point.

I don’t wanna be an internet celebrity based on my sex or any other bullshit. I don’t want to be a target from both sides of a nonsense war. I don’t want the shekels to sell out my good name. I want to be able to change my mind without a corporate pimp breathing down my blouse.
I want a vaguely normal life but to share certain opinions with people who might be searching.

We should be able to criticize anyone without coming up with the most superficial shit about them (their sex, their race, their sexuality) and maybe those things have meaning in context, and individual examples, but I sincerely hope it isn’t all we are.

As a species.

Just a series of pigeonholes and stereotypes.

A line of t-shirts with different victim group logos.

Otherwise, why are we here? Why bother?

Since every fucking group is claiming to be a victim group nowadays – even the straight white men.

At that point, where is the line?

Like, men have a lot going for them biologically, so for the ones with some of the best odds based on success/life outcome studies to start bitching, while also decrying ‘victim culture’, I’m a tad confused by the whole business.

It isn’t just the weak ones, the normies are starting up too. For real.

It isn’t a class thing either, which may be justifiable on economic grounds. They’re literally doing meninism as a serious movement. But… also trying to claim innate superiority, which cannot be revoked by societal circumstance…

The status signals are basically a crosshatch at this point. A big grey goo blob of FA.

It’s a clusterfuck. I think the initial signals were a joke, a counter, then some fools got a taste for it and started doing the MRA, MGTOW pity-me party shit we were mocking the feminists for.

…That’s social justice. If you have their emotional appeal tactics, you are one of them.

Regardless who you claim to be signalling for, yourself or others. Otherwise, Emma Watson would be racist. By the current rulebook. But since SJWs can signal for their own group AND get offended on behalf of others, it doesn’t mash or stick.

You’ll never be included in their considerations, guys. The game is deliberately rigged against you. That’s why I’m so harsh on the topics, not men per se, because there are soft reasons to go about it but playing according to the enemy’s rulebook makes me doubt IQ findings. Is this the WEIRD set of societies or not?

If the best Western Man can do is to sit there crying into his fucking cornflakes?

Did the meany feminists take your rights away?

Our elders from the war generations would be disgraced. Where’s the verve?

Aside from blaming all women for a problem that wasn’t even instituted by women (cough Cultural Marxism cough), they also make various sexist errors to their own sex i.e. all men who don’t think like us are cucks (misuse of term) and get super-triggered if you question them, even to point out minor issues, politely.

If you’re as triggered as the Third Wavers, no wonder people are turning off from your message.

What kind of masculinity is that? It has nothing to do with your sex. That’s actually really sexist to assume, that your entire group has to think as one. Stand alone with your opinion or don’t bother.

I also remark on female topics of course but despite the popularity of them (that one bloody make-up article) nobody starts accusing me of various -isms. As if these words mean anything, let alone when applied to rather humble critiques that few people will ever care to read.

People cannot read something, comprehend it and move on with their life anymore.

I’m not about to get suckered into ‘debates’ with randos in the comments either. It’s on the About page, I don’t expect anyone to care for my opinions and vice versa. They’re just kinda here.

I laugh at some of my old ones. I have no issue with other people taking shots at me, as long as they’re fair. I have taken down three posts from public view and here’s why.

  1. He was a prick but he quickly realized. He advocated for domestic abuse in marriage… despite being a lifelong bachelor. I still have his records in case he acts up again and he knows this.
  2. Two versions of the same post I still get people trying to access. While the girl was an SJW, she made some silly comments as a teenager on Youtube and when I found out she was trying a non-political career in music and my results came up on the first page of Google, I thought that wasn’t morally right, it wasn’t cricket, so I messaged her on tumblr (obviously) and told her I’d taken just those main ones off public because I do believe it’s wrong to ruin someone’s career over their belief system, even if they oppose mine.

I don’t reserve any group from criticism because we’re all human and that’s exactly the way it fucking should be.

Showing sympathy to an outgroup doesn’t make me one, either. It’s absurd reasoning from the people claiming to be ‘rational’. The quality level has really gone down since this stuff was underground. Could be black ops but I fear not.

Too many entryists who haven’t intellectually matured to fully engage in the topics.

And they don’t get the jokes either. Not just mine, unPC humour in general is difficult for them.

Like, if I had to nominate an unofficial soundtrack for this blog, it’d be this.

Because I don’t pull punches regardless of target, even if they’re in My Group, if they’re pulling stupid shit, I will reserve the right to take the piss out of them.

This used to be normal. I’m not special for doing this.

The hypocrisy card doesn’t work on me because I also prey on my own group with similar attitudes. I’m not upset about this turn of events, overall bemused.

You can hate me, as long as you don’t hate all women or white people using me as an excuse. That sort of common sense would be pleasant. Have some goddamn perspective yourself, while you’re slagging off whoever for the same charge or don’t be shocked when people laugh at your ‘measured’ opinions in person. As if I should entertain specious reasoning because you happen to share certain biological or social traits!


Yet, I’m called a feminist by the right wing (like they don’t rely on meritocracy for capitalism), a Nazi by the feminists (I don’t even) and so on… like, at this point, it says more about the specific posts they choose to read into. Disapproving of one person’s actions or opinions isn’t the same as invalidating their existence.

You can be a dick. You have every right. People can also notice and take the piss for it.

Why are people so touchy?

I’ve linked to people trying to slag me off, I think it’s hilarious. Nobody really cares, guys.

Can we blame tumblr?

I guess it’s too mainstream.

Blogs are supposed to be crappy, they’re online diaries. That’s part of the entertainment value, that they’re life without the filters and varnishes of regular social media.

Imagine how silly you’ll feel on your deathbed getting riled up by a blog post.

Either it’s true, in which case be grateful I didn’t prolong your ignorance or it’s untrue, in which case, see it as snappy and ironic. Because that’s probably what I intended.

I’m hardly about to explain every joke or reference I make, it’s exclusive deliberately.

Not getting a joke doesn’t make you stupid.

I can’t believe I have to type this.

You disagree?

Write your own damn blog.

I’m not playing World War B like many of them, trying to outsignal how edgy they are.
Women don’t care about that ‘macho’ shit.
I’m winging it, and that’s why they keep copying me. New material.

I’ve seen certain people with larger audiences lift vast tracts of my opinions or subject choice.

Well, at least the ideas are getting out but a wee bit of credit would be nice, ya jerks.

I’m not going to tell you to stop having your opinions even if I think you’re totally, 100% wrong. In fact, I welcome it. Gives me something to laugh at and feel smug about. Let everyone hear what you think, doesn’t change the facts or my mind, if the same ‘logic’ previously failed.

People have tried to go after me, but not for very long. What’s the point? IRL, you wouldn’t recognize me on TV either.

I’m not what people expect, like many young people seeing through media machinations for the first time. The internet is different. I’ts supposed to be.

The anon comments I get here are insane, they all sound the same. They think I haven’t heard their particular lies before. If that were true, I’d be writing on here about those, wouldn’t I? If they were so novel to me.

I won’t start on the ones who try to chat me up, impress or neg me.

Aside from those creeps?

I don’t mind most of this. I’m used to being ahead of my time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to see a man about rigging an election.


Game theory as applied to Trump voters

We just saw what voters do when they feel screwed. Here’s the economic theory of why they do it

I don’t see how they can claim American growth when National Debt but OK.

Doing this would be an incredibly dangerous path to walk down. The folks on the other side of this game of ultimatum have watched the tide of globalization wash over the world and lift up everyone else’s boat but their own.


You never hear it.

racism, sexism, etc etc

Never, ever classism.

Why are the elites afraid to mention the true C-word?

I believe Clarey did a comparison in Enjoy the Decline – if American prosperity had continued post-war?

Wait let me pull it up, just that one chart, I’m sure he won’t mind with the plug.


The average wage, he also calculated would be $99, 832. (2012 dollars)

Hey, you wanted to raise the Third World, but this is a wheel of fortune.
If the Third World goes up, the First World will come down.

We may have terrible, mathematically impossible policies that drain the productive and social conditioning about depravity.

At least the Third World isn’t swarming us, right?




it’s literally, mathematically impossible, to absorb people faster than Africa alone is producing them

We either solve the problem in those countries, White Man saves the day, or we tell them to solve it themselves with a hard deadline, Black People save themselves OR we end up having to solve them on our own shores on top because we didn’t act early enough. Civil war as all genocides begin with race replacement agendas. Literally the three options.

Why do rich, spoiled people hate Trump?

By uplifting the poor, they pay more.

Trump’s sober victory speech harnessed his greatest, most unrecognized skill

His research shows that when a candidate reflects the intense emotions that people feel with strong language, the politician is perceived as trustworthy and presidential—especially when times are economically tough. The less economically or ideologically stressed are turned off by intense words, sensing them as unbalanced and untrustworthy.

Scientific explanation for cucks.

Meanwhile, I am reliably informed and have photographic evidence (that I won’t post) of how the most famous Hillary supporters, giving her millions each, have gone right back to partying, as if nothing happened. Do they really care? You already know the answer.

According to game theory, the rich cannot lose.

If Hillary won, they get social power and a career boost.
Trump won, they keep more money and get to play crocodile tears.

Video: The perils of being desirable

They miss out one thing: the higher rate of harassment and stalkers.
Obviously anyone can have antisocial troubles, but if you present as bait or alluring, it’s more likely. The Bitch Shield should really be the Model Shield but the blokes coming up with this stuff aren’t bi so they don’t notice. It’s too easy to approach someone based on a thing they aren’t trying to be and force them into your expectations so you can use them. Nobody wants to feel used. And people do want to exploit it to make themselves feel better or look good. Doesn’t need to be sexual at all. It’s social, primarily.

Otherwise, yes, I identify with all of these partially. I think a lot of people identify with identity crises based on how we look and how much it informs other’s treatment of us.

friendly happy nice smile relaxed pretty

If you aren’t nice on the inside to match, at all times, people are likely to blame the outside, when it might be an off day or their rude treatment causing it. Sticking up for oneself is bitchy, you’re expected to be nice as apology for something you often dress down. It’s like being famous but with all the downsides of attention and paranoia. Attention leads to kidnap and rape, and creepy people will joke about these things to your face.

They mistakenly treat you like you’re thick too. Beckhap’s Law doesn’t really apply because IQ isn’t the only intelligence, it isn’t common sense, it’s too mathematical, and Beckhap ignores the moderate for the extreme. There is a moderate correlate of above-average IQ and above-average beauty. They don’t bother to get to know you because you’re just another attractive person to them. This never ends well. People keep trying to do you ‘favours’ to control you later (classic friendzone feign) or give you ‘free’ stuff, where there is always a string. Always.

We’re expected to take advantage of others, because from the outside we get stuff, stuff we want, sure, but the cost is always worse than earning it ourselves. Like dignity, or morality or something very obscure that sounds like a First World Problem. People keep insisting I go to their shows and sit in the front row.

fake smile laughing wait what wut eh huh be normal dexter

It feels like a weird topic to bring up. Like you can’t complain about a gift.
More of a curse nowadays. No politeness or societal protections, especially for women. I’ve known men be continuous victims of predatory women too. No respect, like they’re Ken dolls.

They are not there for you to play with. Respect their right to consent, to reject, to be without interference, like a beautiful bird… with abs.

I can’t go to Fashion Week stuff anymore, I get hassle. It makes me a sad panda.

When you meet a person, try to think what makes them unique, instead of drooling over them.

I don’t expect any of you to believe me, since you haven’t seen me.
Well, maybe you’d have seen me but you wouldn’t know it is me. Put it that way.
There’s a gloss of politeness a person over six? has to adopt, so less people randomly hate us, it makes intellect or wit less apparent. We get patient about showing the other sides to see if they treat us like dirt first, based on assumptions about our Look. The obvious ways they try to manipulate us like dumb little kids can be funny when it isn’t scary.


Like no, I won’t let you buy me a drink, because then you’ll think you can talk to me and grab my upper thigh like a ghetto kid launching at KFC, like the last fifteen guys in the past hour, ranging in age from fake ID to old man that’s a creepy Santa. As it is, I get free ones from the bartender. Because he isn’t a jerk. So I’m nice. Attractive people are not constantly available or open for attention. They’re just people. I’m busy with a friend. Please leave. Please.

There’s an assumption that the way people treat you won’t get a differing reaction. You must either be rude to everyone or a ‘slut’ to everyone (being nice?). Nope. Better looking people are more polite but with stronger limits, to contrast with the catcalling monkeys that can literally follow you down a road mentioning lewd porn acts. Not OK. If we wanted to be treated like shit and controlled, we’d join the military and get paid. Or get a sugar daddy. Or become a model/actor/presenter. There are respectable ways to make money off being demeaned. Bloke number 324 who spends way too much time believing in the women of porn is deluded that a bitchy line is the magic word to Aladdin’s cave. Those do not exist. People don’t have passwords. STAHP.

Snape is underrated as an inspiration

Women are the more emotionally intelligent sex, right? We can tell when you lyin’.

It would be like expecting a magic line to make a man sign over his life savings. Not going to happen. Game is supposed to be about healthy social intercourse between the sexes, in theory, now it seems to be gimmicks and con tricks about dumb bitches and the insecure boys who pursue them only to complain they got hurt, in both cases.

But hey, at least I can explain how attractive people might view this topic. If you didn’t believe it’s relevant to me. I like being anon like this, it’s liberating. Nobody treats me nicely based on my looks because you assume I’m an ugly weeb. I’m just a person. Nobody should feel ashamed of presenting themselves well either, I’m not saying that, but the information is useful e.g. makeup is fine, as it can be tricksy to handle tactfully.
False modesty feels wrong when you’re lying about something everyone can see.
When someone insults your appearance it’s quite funny, because they’re always uglier, by a margin of at least 3 points and as many stone in fat, so we avoid more personal insults with a layer of dumb and assess what the other person projects onto us. Imagine if someone came up to you and started screaming because you looked like someone who bullied them at school. It’s weird.

Idiots can’t tell when you’re acting dumb but they get enraged when you’re smarter than them too. The word unfair is used.

Snape was a role model in some ways

It may be passive-aggressive or sarcastic, but we owe those people literally nothing. They didn’t approach us like a person but a product. screw ’em and their entitlement issues

Normally they throw out things that don’t even apply e.g. you’re old/ugly/nobody likes you/ things a schoolgirl would say. From a grown man. It’s sad but also funny? And they have no sympathy, not truly. No emotional connection, so a conversation is out of the question. They don’t see you as an equal, but a potential living sex doll. Bye, bitch. 

I had a post on mansplaining and what it really is if you’re attractive and men talk to you wherever you go. I should upload it.

Summer Holiday Break

Post-Brexit shoddy posting frequency, I went on holiday again and remembered I’d forgotten to mention it.

If that makes any sense.

Yeah, not dead. Just dying on today, the hottest day of the sodding year.

Every Brit today is slowly melting like a 99, no exceptions.

Previously, I’d packed up my thumb drive of Mr Robot Season 2 and binge-watched.

The finale, spectacular, spectacular. In binary code.

Meanwhile, Tyrell is still everyone’s fave in this pastiche.

If you didn’t get the reference.

And now the long wait for literally all the TV shows.

Update: non-spoilery review to wet your whistle.


Mr Robot is an interesting show. Let us don a mask and pretend we are Anonymous and as Wilde said, a masked man will tell you the truth.
It raises questions about the nature of QE. Most money is held as binary form nowadays, the ultimate endless fractional reserve. It’s worse than Bitcoin, which at least has a GPU/CPU mining check. What would happen if, in the next few years, those structures of QE collapsed? Those central banks? What if they died? They have been dying since 2008, as Pluto entered Capricorn. You may laugh but check the cycle of revolutions, it’s about 250 years, the orbit of Pluto. Capricorn is in the last fiscal house of the inter-constellation cycle. The ancients weren’t stupid.
And eventually, this fall must happen on a physical level from an IT security angle which obviously I know nothing about. Consider the frailty of the hardware. One single solar storm of moderate size, a cosmic ray in the wrong place and it would be the K/T extinction event for computers. Noah’s flood in a screen ‘rain‘ of bits.
Everyone would be free of usury. If you hold another’s debt, you hold their time, and this is far more valuable than any nominal fee dropped from a list of digits on a database in Luxembourg. It is quite priceless to hold the ear of everyone in the world by fiscal force and a game of musical chairs with seats of power that they’ve kept up for an impressive amount of time. On the other hand, you can’t fool all the people all the time and bad policies from the previous century are outing.
The system is already in collapse. This dystopic media the Boomers nag about is a sense of it, from a generation that came into an economy of globalized decay. These systems are grinding and stopping and nobody is certain what comes next.
It is everybody’s problem. As The West.
It is a personal problem. Depending on our private affairs.

Broadly, though. Imagine the possibilities.
Broadly –

4th wall break dean winking wahey
Is it a problem?

Paper: The Vacuity of Postmodern Methodology (2005)

Click to access SHATVO-2.pdf

Abstract: Many of the philosophical doctrines purveyed by postmodernists have been roundly refuted, yet people continue to be taken in by the dishonest devices used in proselytizing for postmodernism. I exhibit, name and analyse five favourite rhetorical manoeuvres: Troll’s Truisms, Motte and Bailey Doctrines, Equivocating Fulcra, the Postmodernist Fox-trot and Rankly Relativising Fields. Anyone familiar with postmodernist writing will recognise their pervasive hold on the dialectic of postmodernism, and come to judge that dialectic as it ought to be judged.

Sorry for the intermittent disappearances, I’ve been doing damage control around Europe and have to pull up drafts. Since the Cologne thing, things have been getting hectic. I wish I could post pictures of Paris. March is really the best time for it while avoiding many tourists. There are many conventions and political things going on that need my attention, what with the referendum upcoming, so this might hold true for a few months…

Video: My love of the Victorian Age

I’m going back through MW videos because I saw a TRS interview and did a doubletake. He’s been on a posting binge and I missed a lot, he’s doing a HUGE Rotherham series which should be epic. Like, 100 videos. Hope not Hate will lose their minds.

I had been meaning to cover this topic, Victorian romanticism I suppose, with my own 2 shiny copper pennies but life intervened. I know it appears somewhat random when I reference the time period with more warmth than this one and sadly I am not a time traveler. I do believe an explanation is required of me and a few of you have asked me about it.

Now is good. General content warning, semi-coherent rant incoming:–

incredible shit bridget jones

red dwarf looking searching investigation I am not drunk enough for this.

It could easily seem naive and nostalgic to contemplate the romance of a previous era and attribute to it higher virtues than one’s own time period. In any other time period, where there were some virtues, I could agree with this. If you want a really explicit take on the premise with a SFF twist, watch Midnight in Paris. It’s highly quotable.

It’s so pretentious and knowingly so that it rolls back around full circle into being sincere. ANY-WAY.

When you ask a person certain questions, it clues you into their values system and their learned status.
It’s kinda like asking someone who they’d want to have dinner with or who they think they were in a past life. Our notions of glamour betray a private sense of luxury above the common cloth. There are many myths about the Victorians and I can assure you I fall for none of them. I’m so well-read I have to hide my power level (or I get responses like “omg why did you read about cotton mills wtf”) It is a simple matter of comparison and concluding that, on the whole, those were the best of times. The quality of writing and the many nascent scientific fields seal the deal for me. It was the start of something special, the potential West. I’m overjoyed how many books from the time are available for free on PG. 
I don’t refer to the Ripper fetishists. I don’t refer to the poverty pornographers salivating over the privations of the working poor. Intriguing as those may be. I refer to a golden mindset we have lost. It built an Empire and forged new trading routes and without getting too detailed, most of our “modern” belief sets are implicitly founded in this time period.
You could think of the Industrial Revolution as the time man awoke to his mechanical potential or K-shifted or grew its C temperament (biohistory). To this day, nobody is 100% sure how it happened.
What I find curious is the bookend to it as well. You have the r-selection of whorish 18th century women for the first time, the demure Regency then this boom in education and quality of life thanks to outsourcing to really simple, rugged robotics. Both sexes worked together and girls were given a chance to prove themselves and everyone benefited. This is how a First World Society should work. Certain attitudes were crucial to keeping everyone in line away from the opium before the decadence of the latter period kicked in with Wilde (pre-dated by wildcard Byron’s limited effect on upper class totty). On the other side, the death of the Empire with Vicky, Georgian/Edwardian drama as the digital age gains ground with normal people and two World Wars in quick succession won by innovative fluke and suddenly we have computers, flying literally everywhere and we’re up to approximately… now. It’s amazing. This is all magic.

I know how simple that sounded. Give me a time machine and I’d show them these things. The celebrity of the tabloids, the technics of the Great Exhibition and a patriotic fire which led them to stamp their signature on everything.

There is no proper means to distill this topic without losing something essential. I can’t do it justice. Just read around from the time and you’ll begin to feel it. They have a wonderful sense of imagination, you can see this with science fiction. Their hopes for the future are radical, and the best part is, that it is matched by their tireless work ethic. Scotland, for example, had a steady stream of innovators compared to the present, where they appear to be lackadaisical lushes on the Statist teat. Their curiosity was insatiable, I really respect it.

Quick fire round to provide an overview.

They had new forms of transportation – we have slightly tweaked iphone designs.
They had children who respected their parents and worked hard – need I, really?
They prized virtue and believed good people existed – now nobody is good and nobody can judge anything and vice is pushed for advertising money.
They had classics coming out on a regular basis, books people still read – we have pulp fictions which are entirely time-imprisoned. In 5 years, they’ll be cheap and dated and they follow the same tired scripts.
They had a concentration of geniuses which made it a Renaissance of science, with the Enlightenment values of the Scientific Method. We think feelings trump facts and there’s such a thing as subjective reality. Really? OK. Quit believing in gravity and go jump off a cliff.

They prized the innovators, the smart people, and rewarded those who took risks. We’re…. practically the reverse. We commend the bravery of people who make stupid decisions.
They understood there is a deserving poor and an undeserving poor and only helped the latter. We think everyone is the same, damn the varying potential thing we learn as soon as the grades roll in at school.
Their architecture was the perfect blend of form and function, harmony and detail. We use…. too much glass. Twisted metals for twisted morals. The buildings actually look menacing and we think this is a good thing. Massive phallic symbols for massive dicks.
Their art depicted something real. Real feeling. They showed the poor and the rich and the common and the divine. We show random objet and the term art in this time period has lost its meaning. Everything is art, which means nothing is.
They allowed you to earn respect. We don’t know how to show respect anymore.
They valued the family unit, who cared for them when they were sick. We value Nanny State, who’ll kill us by euthanasia when they’ve drained us dry and wasted our one life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…
They had standards.

If only we had some standards, I would like this time period. I agree with Tesla when he said he worked for future generations. I don’t like this generation, the living one, but I don’t want to screw over Future Person who doesn’t deserve it. There is hope for them. It’s also the reason I write, so maybe they’ll find it and think hmm, they weren’t all bad. Some people saw it. Some people worked hard to correct it.

My readership is diverse


I don’t understand it.

why are you even here damon ian wtf
e.g. Some non-white countries really love reading about the race, race realist perspectives and ‘white people’ material (with the last, especially black people). I accommodate the needs of my readers when choosing subjects to cover. They take a genuine interest in those taboo subjects, since most whites won’t touch them with a bargepole from fear and I sincerely appreciate that and try to balance it when I report stuff. Non-whites aren’t the enemy by default unless they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing (mostly those are plain crimes), kinda like hate the sin not the sinner, except that notion is wrong when applied to religion. Some terrible people are white, every race has its fuck-ups and I wouldn’t like to be pre-judged because of them (cough Jack the Ripper cough). We need balance and perspective to have these discussions. I believe they have the right to self-determination of their race within their native homelands, the same with every race, including white people. We shouldn’t be pushing groups to mingle against their will (freedom of association) or when it’s bad for them (outbreeding depression, multiculturalism social problems). I’m quite rare in this regard, not wishing harm or punishment for some grand revenge fantasy’s sake. ideally live and let live. I think that’s why some of you are here.

My sentiment on the tide against PC.

We agree on certain basics, like the existence of difference. We have the best odds of figuring out these bigger problems, like SJW entryism, (one of my most popular topics) with a cross-cultural perspective, up to the global population. Power-trip ranting won’t get us anywhere.

When I started out, I figured I’d get mostly UK people and a smattering of US thanks to the cultural venn diagram. I guess the truth does transcend boundaries, or some other Polyanna platitude. The full list (these are weekly) often features a remarkably high showing from Arabic countries, especially properly Muslim ones like Saudi Arabia. They like the sex subject advice best…. and coverage of Western decline.

glare glaring stare no stop please wtf drinking tea disapproval forever

Whatever floats your boat, chaps.
Frankly, if we over here keep fucking up much longer, I’m right there with you. Let it burn. It’s easier to rebuild from ash than cut rot from living tissue. I’m too nerdy to come up with cooler metaphor.

Still, one could never accuse this site of being “white supremacist” although the topic(s) is discussed. I feel this is important to note. It is possible to discuss and share. If we’re only sharing what we believe to be true based on the available evidence, anthropologically or psychologically, what is there to hide from one another? The truth converges over time.

I shan’t attempt to understand Malaysia or certain islands, but rest assured, I see and appreciate you!

You know you’ve made it when some tart tries monstering you

I’m in a curious admixture of chaotic elation, wry amusement and a fear I can’t quite put my finger on. Isn’t that exciting? I’m used to knowing everything! There’s something I don’t know about myself. Good to know there are still mysteries out there.

I would post detail but it’s tied-up to my IRL identity you see, work stuff concerns. Not STEM-related, surprisingly.

Someone I had always treated with kindness, praised and given encouragement in her endeavours when others didn’t and she turns around and tries this on me out of the blue. I’m amazed at the gall and I was vaguely respectful of the Machiavellianism that took until she promptly, cowardly, stabbed me in the back without due warning. It’ll be funny to see if she’s successful in creating a dogpile or how far this goes at all.

I’ll update here if anything happens. The blend of emotional events is fascinating for profiling purposes.

UPDATE: There seems to have been a backlash against the SJW from complete strangers. Oh, how I’m laughing.