“Right to decide” food label petitions


Ideally we need a petitions link page for important causes.

The wording is key on anything criminal though, any hint of miswording or spite and they’ll ignore it, however mundane the issue.

With these, I’d include a bit about the human right to control what one ingests and takes into one’s body as part of consent and the right to religion/belief under the Equality Act, including the right to information (prior to informed consent) and right to dissent from consumption, so labelling also helps with corporate transparency, which would boost faith and economic growth as more people feel confident to eat out without fear of breaching their “ethical stance” whether it be contrary religion or most directly, animal rights.

It’s fundamentally disrespectful to discounted religions and to animal rights activists, who naively trust that Trades Description applies to this, including restaurant items.

At the moment, corporations rob consumers of the executive “right to decide” what they put into their body.

Think about that.

“To make matters worse, the government does not force religiously slaughtered meat companies to so label this meat when it enters the general supply chain, due to higher costs.

They are trying to keep the costs down, however, that means that around 90% + of the UK population are subsidising meat that is not intended for them and which some people are forbidden to eat for religious reasons.”

Bullshit, a label costs NOTHING extra to add, labels are already printed.

It’s intentional deception of the public on a key ethical area of dietary consumption.

The majority of the country is Christian in the census and the Queen’s duty (and her Gov, that site) is to “protect the faith”. Can they protect our dinner plate?



Someone link this on britpol for the bored.


The Guardian tries to get around response petition with grandiose rich people


You think, because you’re rich, your opinion matters more?

In a democracy, everyone is worth one vote. You don’t get an extra pull because you’re famous. 

And you don’t get, unelected, to dictate what happens to taxpayer money while few of you pay tax yourselves (including the Guardian) let alone give some of your discretionary income to the problem you wish others to solve.

I’m going to copy the list of traitors for posterity so they can’t weasel out of it later on when this topic blows up.

Akram Khan, Alex de Rikje, Ali Smith, Andrea Riseborough, Sir Anish Kapoor, Anoushka Shankar, Antony Gormley, Asif Kapadia, Beeban Kidron, Bella Freud, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brian Eno, Carey Mulligan, Chantal Joffe, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Colin & Livia Firth, Colin Greenwood, Conrad Shawcross, Cornelia Parker, Damon Albarn, Danny Boyle, Darren Almond, David Chipperfield, David Gilmour, David Hare, David Lawson, David Rowntree, David Thewlis, Dexter Dalwood, Deyan Sudjic, Dinos Chapman, Douglas Gordon, Edmund de Waal, Emma Thompson, Erdem Moralioglu, Eric Clapton, Gary Hume, Geoff Dyer, Graham Coxon, Grayson Perry, Harriet Walter, Haroon Mirza, Helena Kennedy, Hussein Chalayan, Idris Khan, Isaac Julien, Jake Chapman, James Brett, Jamie Hewlett, Jamie Oliver, Jarvis Cocker, Jeanette Winterson, Jenny Saville, Joe Wright, John Berger, John Akomfrah, Jonathan Glazer, Jonty Hurwitz, Jude Law, Juliet Stevenson, Katherine Hamnett, Keira Knightley, Kelly Marcel, Lee Hall, Lily Cole, Lina Gopaul, Liz White, Lynne Ramsay, Marcus Mumford, Marina Warner, Mary McCartney, Mat Whitecross, Matthew Warchus, MIA, Sir Michael & Lady Shakira Caine, Michael Craig-Martin, Michael Elmgreen, Michelle Dockery, Mike Leigh, Mona Hatoum, Neil Gaiman, Nicholas Hoult, Nick Broomfield, Nick Hytner, Nick Hornby, Noel Clarke, Paloma Faith, Patrick Marber, Peter Gabriel, Philip Pullman, Polly Samson, Rachel Weisz, Rachel Whiteread, Rebecca Hall, Rhys Ifans, Sir Richard Eyre, Richard Rogers, Ricky Burdett, Roger Waters, Romola Garai, Richard Wright, Ruth Rogers, Sadie Morgan, Saffron Burrows, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Samantha Morton, Saoirse Ronan, Shami Chakrabarti, Simon Beaufoy, Simon Pegg, Sonia Friedman, Stephen Daldry, Tacita Dean, Tess Morris, Thandie Newton, Thomas Heatherwick, Tom Dixon, Vanessa Redgrave, Vicky Featherstone, Vivienne Westwood, Wayne Hemingway, Will Self, and Yves Berger.

Guardian neoliberal hypocrisy on Syrian “refugees”

Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK

has 429,201 signatures. I won’t link it’s been all over MSM and that’s all they have?



Allow Britons to open their homes to refugees affected by the Syrian conflict

We the undersigned pledge to offer our homes to refugees and to support their living in the UK until they can return. The British are more willing and able to help than our Government chooses to admit.

368 signatures.

throw head back laughter george jungle

Now that’s a red pill to swallow.

Elsewhere, another petition has accrued the necessary 100k signatures to be discussed in Parliament and get a Government response: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/106477

Yes, it’s the one I linked you to the other day, and now it’s gained 70k since, having had no help or signal boosting from the MSM….

Stop allowing immigrants into the UK

Video: The European Invasion Crisis

The numbers will only get bigger.

They have overbred and we cannot scratch the surface of the overflow, much like a toilet. They wish to recreate their Malthusian trap to ruin us.

This is the ultimate case study in Pathological Altruism (great book).

Do not use the public purse to subsidize your own moral self-congratulation. Invite them into your house, pay for them yourself, do not burden the public purse.

The Dublin Agreement is clear. These people break national and EU law.
The media cannot force us to care, most people do not, we have compassion fatigue. We see an international burglar in our midst and we don’t want to hand over the family silverware. But when the bill comes for these people, the media is attempting to suppress that righteous anger and probability of revolution by making them seem lesser, inferior and worthy of the clothes on our backs and bread from our children’s mouths.

Our biased MSM says it’s about “us”.
It’s like that old Western joke,

What do you mean, OUR People? 

They are invaders. They may not carry weapons. This doesn’t change a thing.
This will happen to us: https://himalayasun.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/cultural-genocide-in-tibet-2/

The Chinese invasion of Tibet ripped down Tibet’s immigration barriers, and the Chinese government encouraged Chinese people to move into Tibet. This program of displacement was rightfully seen by the world as an aggressive act, a human rights violation and “cultural genocide”.

In 2011, Tibet was 90.48% Tibetan, while the United Kingdom was 87.17%white European that same year. source

There are petitions. Signed by less than a fraction of 1% of the population.
I say we charge these people exclusively for the costs incurred, and nobody else.

385217/64100000 = 0.006% of the population signed up for this.
At the lowest population estimate (it’s more like 80 million).

Their ancestors didn’t chip into the State coffers. It’s theft.
It would be like if I claimed to wish adoption by a Guardian reader, and then tried to steal their entire trust fund, because we’re all one big human family, right? Send them all to Hampstead Heath.

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