Homophobia study shows people subconsciously associate gay men with germs

Facetious politically-correct abhorrently biased Guardian coverage here;

“Let me explain what the researchers at Goldsmiths University found.”

How about no. You’re just a journalist with a spin to sell.

Studies’ press release here.  Also very biased, only useful section;

“We undertook four studies with a variety of different people to investigate whether this idea of contamination and prejudice applied to homosexuals as a social group. And we were shocked to find that all studies overwhelmingly demonstrated that prejudice was expressed through the desire to cleanse oneself after only an imagined contact with homosexuals.”

How is that a prejudice, wanting to be clean? I know their ‘theory’ but every healthy person wants to be clean and it’s arguably innate. Even the Guardian calls it ‘deep-rooted’.

The actual paper, behind a paywall here; abstract in full;

“The results of four studies suggest that contamination concerns involved in prejudice towards male homosexuals may be expressed in the increased need for physical cleansing after an imagined contact with a homosexual man. Participants in Study 1 completed word fragments according to the theme of cleansing, and in Study 2, they chose a cleansing wipe more often after imagining using a mobile phone of a homosexual (vs. heterosexual) man. The need for cleansing was specific to the body parts engaged in the contact [DS: almost like a pathogen phobia]. In Study 3, participants evaluated hand and mouth [sexual body parts] cleansing products as more desirable after imagining using a mobile phone of a homosexual (vs. heterosexual) man. The specific need for cleansing, but not the accessibility of cleansing related words, was more pronounced among political conservatives (Study 4). [wait, so they weren’t primed and they still had the association?] The results are discussed with reference to the behavioral immune system hypothesis, research on moral disgust, and the embodiment literature.”

They’re calling it purely cultural in cause to get it past censors, but the raw results speak for themselves to anyone who’s heard of the Germ Hypothesis covered there and here. Good evidence going forward to get other studies along the same lines funded.