I’m not like that other guy!

Why does the Left keep putting the Right on the defensive?

reject your heathens and we won’t accept you

Why do we allow them to claim moral authority?

Neither wing¬†should like one another, that’s the purpose of an adversarial system.

moderates only (who stand for nothing) is anti-democratic

What is behind the Rise of the Cuck?

Turns out this has a name: the salami tactic. Rhetorically cutting their todger off.

And the Left are acting like Nazis.


Literally. That’s what the Nazis did. The¬†people with Worker’s Party in their name.

The term is also known as a “piecemeal strategy“, as used by the Nazi Party (which preferred the term Gleichschaltung) to achieve absolute power in Germany in the early months of 1933. First, there was the Reichstag fire of February 27, 1933, which rattled the German population and led to the Reichstag Fire Decree, which suspended many civil liberties and outlawed the Communist Party and the Social Democrats.

Since the Left consider this acceptable in the 21st century, if the Right chooses to pursue this course in kind, there is no ethical issue. What’s good for the goose…

I've wanted to use this gif for so so long you have no idea it always makes me chuckle

Any excuse to use this gif.