The ultimate question

Who should politicians pander to? Point on the diagram.

What is the purpose of voting?

Why are taxes taken, what is the justification?

What amounts to participation in the system?

Who should decide how tax revenue (sum taxpayer income) is spent?

How about “no representation without taxation”?

Does the Government have any money?

Do Government workers work for the Government?

Why are their pensions different from those of the proles? Are they agents of control?

If you imagined slaves worked on a token system, how does this differ from fiat currency?

How can the Government justify taking large chunks of its citizens’ life times?

Is income tax an incentive or not?

Is a consumption tax fair? Flat tax?

Why did universal suffrage come in at the same time as huge tax impositions on the entire population?

Was funding a national police force necessary? How did the World Wars contribute to the rise of hospitals and the ambulance “service”? Can member of group A impartially rule over member of group B?

Asylum, prison. What’s the difference?

A nation divided cannot stand. y/n?

In a time of easy money, why is the military worse than ever?

Big Government is an outcome of Dying Empire, discuss.

Nanny State is a consequence of immorality culture?

An income tax system “works” for two generations and dies in four.

The mistake

Who’s to blame?

Inspired by

My money is on Queen Victoria.

Feel free to steal the photos by the way.

Multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’ – Angela Merkel, 2010.

Update: I deliberated whether to include this but, you know there’s really no such thing as multiculturalism? It’s pure idea. It is referenced like a deity you must appease. Think about it. Multiculturalism forbids anyone their identity, since individual identities would congregate to a cultural standard en masse. We can’t have that. Diversity, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It is forcing the foxes into the chicken coop. Everyone has their identity, it is stable and unchanging. There are many different ones. They conflict sometimes. All the evils of the world in one place, many peoples. Multiculturalism allows only one culture: materialist “addicted to distraction” pop culture. It blurs and prevents expression or personal liberty, authenticity. However, humans have a legal right to their identity (race, sex, cultural heritage) so multiculturalism is impossible. There is no way to make it practical. It isn’t even a theory because a theory needs consistency. Postmodernism has no concrete theories. This plus another thing is the best it can do, there is no foresight, hindsight or deeper agency or reasoning. There is certainly no critical thinking.

What multiculturalism? Where? All we see is compulsory diversity, totally different.

Suppressing the people’s identities for a Guardian reader’s vision of “polite society” is causing most of the social unrest. It makes them feelgood, cue another revolution…

The materialism mentioned can only be supported by wide debt enslavement. The good times are over, we’re running on the fumes of fumes. This is how Empires die. The socialism rewards those who socially conform (or people without jobs couldn’t afford the goodies and they’d riot out of envy). Equal in misery, equal in poverty.

The poverty of culture is the tragic loss. We had so much and let idiots throw it away.

The most rebellious thing you could do is express your heritage.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Camus

Things will get worse for UK people

I wonder why.
More people, fewer taxpayers. I wonder.
Where are all these magical people coming from, since young people can’t afford to start families?

“The announcement of an additional £2 billion for social care will help to address some of the identified funding gap.”
Why the bailout?

“London’s share of the £2 billion funding for social care is £315 million leaving a funding gap of £285 million.”
Twice! You have one dollar, you spend two – you should go to jail!

Those are called taxes. The solution? Local taxes. London is one of the richest cities on earth, you can tax the people living there. If they can’t afford to live there, well, guess what – neither can most people. There is no right to live there. Why should someone living in Scotland have to fund someone’s rent in London?

Where’s the justice?

“Since 2010 spending on adult social care has fallen by 12 per cent in real terms at a time when the population of those looking for support has increased by 14 per cent. Demand for social services is expected to increase significantly as London’s demographics change. Between 2014 and 2030 the population is expected to continue to grow and change:”
The solution is more socialism, huh?

It reminds me of the African women who play dumb, pretend they don’t know how babies are made and keep getting pregnant, so they can hold up the baby (while wearing ironed silk and gold earrings, all clean, brushed hair and nice nails and tweezed brows) and collect their money because they’re abusing their baby, pretending they don’t know what breastfeeding is. London is taking in ‘refugees’ so they can hold them up and say, look, the people we enabled need your money, via us!

LGA actually states a UK funding gap of £5.8bn by 2020, but they’re keeping the time frames tight to extract that shorter money and then push for just a little more (foot in the door technique). For lefties, no amount ever fixes the problem. They never saw a problem they couldn’t throw money at (after pocketing most of it in ‘fees’).

So yes, London is such a bloated leech on the country, it takes up most of the ‘social care’ required. Why don’t these people want to live beyond London? Fewer people to rob (the point of welfare is crime was meant to stop, ha), fewer foreign restaurants to frequent and nothing to do, all the fun stuff is in London.

Official London population: 8.8m of 66m UK =  7.5% of country.

“According to their data, the population of Greater London in July 2010 was 7,825,200. The population in 2016 is estimated to be as much as 8.63 million”. – google comment on change

I see this can continue forever.

They caved recently with a temporary measure, rather than asking for that famous austerity in budgeting.

This is why we’ll be crowding around trash cans to eat our tinned soup. Charity with stolen money. We should go French Revolution and ransack all the politicians who put us in this mess and pawn their stuff. Especially Blair. Make them pay, literally. Because putting that debt on the taxpayer for their virtue signalling is fraud, taxpayer fraud.

“The money was, however, “a temporary measure and needs to be compared against an annual social care funding gap of £2.3bn by 2020”, Lord Porter said.”

Guardian – lies, compared to the FT. By, oh, I dunno, 3.5 BILLION? Easy to miscalculate.

Like how much retirement money we’ll give them.
“Already stretched councils in England will see the core central government funding they use to pay for vital services like collecting bins*, filling potholes, protecting children and caring for elderly and disabled people, cut in half over the next two years.”

Good news for rape gangs.

At least professors are paying their fair share and not retiring, like their students.

Why did Brexit happen?

Nobody pays to help the people paying taxes.

*This is what happens when you vote in Communists.

They line their own pockets and you live with rats.

Brighton MP: Green party. They defend refugees and terrorists.

Latest tweet, 15 mins ago: “The government’s hypocrisy on environmental protection is staggering….”


They will charge for plastic bags because poor people use them.

Guardian readers use canvas.

They won’t charge for wasteful cups because poor people don’t use them.

Guardian readers do.

It’s a poor tax, you dumb cow. CLASSISM.