YouGov: Brexit nudges a lead, Left panics and buries head in sand

The rhetorical equivalent of This doesn’t count.

  • Our latest EU referendum voting intentions are 37% Remain, 38% Leave, 25% Don’t know or wouldn’t vote

Some of those Don’t Knows are lying Shy Tories, as happened with polls on GE voting intent.

In the Alternative Vote referendum in 2011 early polls showed a very large lead for Yes, but opinion shifted decisively towards No in the last two months.

The early polls were rigged.
From now on, they’ll double down on lies and fearmongering. If we Leave, England will sink into the ocean-type rhetoric.

Social media is ignoring it, despite reporting plenty of Left-favouring YouGov polls in the past.

Reader Poll Results: Existential ennui, apparently


About as clear as mud. Thank you.

joker DC smile smirk evil grin lol haha

Where do we go from here, eh? A splintering is probable.

The anarchists/chaotics who said No and want it to burn, the ennui #enjoythedecliners for Maybe where the boulder has rolled too far down and the idealists who think they have the solution, solve for Yes.

Interesting times ahead. Cheers for being honest.