Video: Rewriting white history and business bro BS

Another vanity for the bonfire of productivity hustle culture be a faster cog porn. Make companies more money and never breed.

Why are any of these ‘regular* guys’ successful?

Skip to 14m or so where he pushes the idea that Jews are always successful wherever they go (ask Marie Therese), that this is innate (everywhere, any environment), yet a libertarian coincidence, and a behaviour we can imitate without fiat monopolies on an individual scale beneath them and lacking systemic temples of nepotism and in-group preference.

The gaslighting of smuckles: “the poor aren’t getting poorer” -really?

Sorry, whose country? Why aren’t the English most successful in England, the French in France etc? Whose countries are these? Foreign rule is illegitimate. Colonies reee, from Chinatown to the City of London.

After a long speech about unnamed Protestant work ethic, his example is…. Jews? Have you seen Israel’s debt/GDP? National IQ? Intellect doesn’t account for this, that’s why they push Einstein over Galton.

Jews didn’t invent Christian marriage or the Gutenberg press either. WTF.

The bootstraps thing was a historical joke about nepotism, it’s literally impossible to pull yourself up. This is like blaming Millennials for buying lattes when most don’t shop at Starbucks, they work there – and still can’t buy a house. If foreigners were banned from speculation, the Chinese and Russian blood money would leave and prices normalise. But that would include the Jews, wouldn’t it? Buy to Let is dysgenic, anti-white cancer genociding us (suppression of native birth rate) by design. Why is social housing in London even legal? Cui bono? Real estate agents are hated here, we know they’re piecemeal traitors. They’d sell ammo to Hitler for a percentage. They sell the nation out from under our very feet but the autist ‘libertarian’ demographic screech ‘free market’. Is it? Price rigging against white people, is it? People who cannot leave their homeland, really? Free?

The 1% has what in common, everywhere?

It’s racial oppression, it’s genocide and on either side the only ‘solutions’ are debt bondage.

Leveraging debt is called serfdom, whether it’s getting a ((bank)) mortgage or trading on margin. Why isn’t productivity the labour of the People?

Ironically the true parts of the biz bros rip off our favourite Jew Clarey. Why would business majors be econ specialists, it makes no sense?

It isn’t the government, it’s the financial system.

Former reflects latter. Collectivist cultures die, the reprobate mind. Collectivism is nepotism and corruption personified. Even within white people as he said, the collectivist Spanish failed and the industrious individualist English thrived. America’s old demo is still individualist, no more industrious and that’s why their decline.

*Tim Ferriss went to a silver spoon school, so did Elon. Wake up, starting upper-middle class is privileged. Even ‘Lady’ Gaga went to a posh school. Worship the Hebrew named icons, fellow white. Don’t develop national role models of real white countrymen or capitalism based on your own culture, lean on Silicon Valley and repeat after me – I am a free, original thinker.

National capitalism when?

Pension “scheme”


and that’s what they’re saying now

keep paying 10% of your wages into a “workplace pension”, muggins!

even loss of purchasing power by inflation is better than nothing

Average male UK lifespan 74

Female about 83 last I checked

Video: Passive income is a con

A Get Rich Quick Scheme that assumes a super-high ROI by doing a little of something easy.

Think about it – the people pushing it? They’re selling themselves. They can’t do it either. They need you. What’s that? A Ponzi scheme.

The ebook bullshit is merely the latest example.

It’s like publishing – most books are terrible. Most books aren’t bestsellers, let alone classics.

If you don’t want to work at it, you’ll always be poor.

Some men could be born with a King’s ransom – and they’ll still piss it away and die poor.

Show me.

Thing is, if they’re not working, we’d never hear about them. If we hear about them, by default they must be working. Whether they ‘count’ it or not.

Millennial? Don’t expect a state pension.

Hahahahaha, Ponzi schemes.

A report published this week signalled a grave financial future for young Britons.

It claimed that the pot of money the Government uses to fund state pensions will run out 20 years earlier than expected. As a result, the report’s author, Michael Johnson of the Centre for Policy Studies, a think tank, is urging those in their 20s and 30s to plan for a retirement without an income from the state.

The findings cement a hunch that experts in the field have had for years: that the state pension’s funding position is in serious trouble. The National Insurance (NI) fund has long been shrinking, because an ageing population means fewer people paying in through NI contributions, and more people withdrawing money through state pension payments. But alarmingly, the report says the NI fund will bleed dry next year, much faster than anyone had previously admitted.

The disclosure throws up a host of questions, to which I’m genuinely frightened to know the answers. What state provision, if any, can younger generations realistically expect in retirement? If NI is scrapped, does the Government have a solid plan B in mind? And if we’ve been lulled into a false sense of security by politicians, could the other pension promises they’ve made prove just as flimsy?

It is extremely unlikely that the state pension will be scrapped altogether, and Mr Johnson is confident that older workers’ pensions will be safe. He outlines two possible courses of action for when the NI pot has reached a critical level. Either the state pension is drastically watered down for the young, or people in Britain will face higher taxes, the brunt of which will hit “Generation Y” (those currently aged 18‑33).

dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

Both of these roads are unreasonable, Mr Johnson argues. Younger generations already face unaffordable housing, university debts, fragmented careers and earnings stagnation, and far thinner occupational pensions than their baby boomer parents.

Why is that? Hm? Hmmm?

Clearly, the future financial security of young adults is under threat. But the country can afford no more debt, and we must cut our coat according to our cloth. If taxes must be raised, or benefits cut, then my generation will have to take the blow. Given this, the very least that policymakers responsible for messing up the maths could do is emerge from under their rock and present to us a truthful projection of where our pensions are heading.

Because at the heart of what’s gone wrong here are some seriously flawed equations, which have until recently been buried in dense documents, presumably so sleep-inducing that no one could be bothered to read them.

The size of Britain’s NI fund has been calculated using long-term economic assumptions including real earnings growth of 2.4pc a year above inflation on the consumer prices index (CPI) measure.

But average earnings have actually fallen by 11pc below the CPI since just before the financial crisis in 2008. This means the projections for the fund’s size are way off the mark and severely lack credibility.

Despite all this, politicians continue to pay out higher state pension payments to older generations through the “triple lock”, which promises an annual income increase in line with wages, prices or 2.5pc (whichever is highest). The Liberal Democrats have proposed new laws guaranteeing that the annual state pension will be at least £790 higher by the end of the next parliament, for example.

But if the state pension is really on the brink, as Mr Johnson suggests, one has to question quite how any government could afford to keep such promises, without further jeopardising younger generations’ state pensions.

They don’t care about you. Us. They never did. They’ll be dead by then.

We can’t accurately predict the state of the British economy in 40 or 50 years’ time. But we do know that young people’s state pensions are extremely unlikely to be as generous as today’s. So why are we planning our private pensions around the false hope of a generous, flat-rate state retirement income that’s probably on the verge of extinction?

My generation has been dealt a poor hand financially. But it does have a trump card: youth. To stand a chance of retiring in comfort, my generation must be given the facts we need to plan ahead and be financially self-reliant in old age. The time to take personal responsibility is now, before it’s too late.

Since when did our generation care for personal responsibility?

Labour MP: If immigration drops, native Brit women need to have more children

From the school of duh.

“There are now more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 16 in Britain, so unless women like me have a lot of children very quickly, our ability to sustain our economy, to sustain our public services [will come under threat].”

Socialism is a Ponzi scheme, we need productive slave workers to keep the machines going for the idle. Notice how the selfish decision to sleep around without having children and constantly taking from the country without contribution en masse is driving this? Do these women seriously expect they’ll get a pension? Children were the original pension.