Foreigners lied on 2011 census, claimed to be British

What a surprise that they lied. Like it’s a little badge you pin on.

It’s illegal to lie on the census, btw.–2011-census/rpt.html

Worse still, they’re claiming to be White British. The only group that means Native (to the UK). I would like to see that section completed by DNA test.

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  • The 2011 Census showed that almost half (46%, 3.4 million) of the foreign-born population identified with a White ethnic group, a third identified as Asian/Asian British (33%, 2.4 million) and 13% (992,000) identified with Black/African/Caribbean/Black British.
  • More than 1 in 8 foreign-born residents (13%, 949,000) classified themselves as White British.

They’re still using British instead of English, in England….

  • The largest group who identified as White British were German born (57%, 155,000) and over half (56%) of them arrived before 1981. One likely reason is due to British military personnel being stationed in Germany. The next largest group identifying as White British were from South Africa (85,000).
  • A quarter of the foreign-born population identified as Other White (28%, 2.1 million) and the largest group were from Poland (528,000). Over 9 in 10 Polish born residents identified with Other White and the majority (94%, 496,000) arrived between 2001 and 2011, with Poland’s accession into the European Union in 2004.
  • The majority of South African born residents identified as White (84%) and over two fifths identified as White British (44%). Most of those identifying with White British (68%) arrived before 2001.
  • A broad range of ethnic groups was found with Iraqi and Iranian born residents. For Iraq, most common was Arab (39%), Any Other ethnic group (28%) and Asian (17%). For Iran, most common was Asian/Asian British (38%), Any Other ethnic group (34%) and Other White (13%).
  • High proportions of residents who were Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan born identified as Asian (69%, 68% and 58% respectively).
  • Of the foreign-born population in England and Wales nearly half identified as Christian (48%) and a fifth identified as Muslim (19%).  Around 1 in 7 had No religion (14%).

If we look for the Excel sheets because I’m a huge nerd, ethnicity of England is a terrifying study.

IN ENGLAND, in 2011, there were just 42,796,237 English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish.



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The figure we’re often told, outdated, is 69 million in the whole UK. With illegals, it’s more like 80 million by food consumption, which can’t be hidden. What’s that ratio, in England (most of those being in London), roughly? About close to 1:1 outnumbered in our own native homeland. I need a drink.

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Most of these will be elderly.

The economy is fucked!

Self-identified Whites in London are about half. Well, this is bollocks I can tell you.

Compare to the South East, a prosperous area for people who hate Londonistan:

About 7/8 are white.

For lolz, Wales:

2,928,253 out of 3,063,456. 96%.

Fuck it, I’m moving to Wales. Escape route sorted. Apocalypse measures.

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Video: White Pride (and the coming White Minority)

We’re already a minority globally, whatever finer data suggests. We are a minority.

We used to constitute about a third of the planet at the Turn of the Century and now we’re what… 10%-15%? Depending who you count. Going purely by memory. I think that counts as minority, globally. Otherwise, black people certainly aren’t because there are more black than white (8 children per woman has that effect). They take about a billion in Africa alone:

White people are literally a minority, get over it SJWs:

White people are literally a minority, get over it SJWs:

1900: 1.6 billion people global. At least a quarter being European (and Europe being at least 99% white).
Certainly, nowadays Asians are the majority race, if you want to start on anyone (and they’re buying up Africans African resources). The thing about marching 2×2 and never running out of soldiers. Thankfully, they’re better imitators than innovators and lack the creative spirit to overcome us without sheer volume. Credit though, they can ace a test.

Suck it up.

Suck it up.

But hey, at least they'll be around to spit on our graves!

Note: we’re the only race to die off. But hey, at least they’ll be around to spit on our graves!

In 2013, Africans outnumbered Europeans 6:1, and we’re supposed to be paying them?

If you want some Afrocentrism conspiracy theory to laugh at, this is why we needn’t fear their population boom, a levelling event is close at hand (Ebola was almost it):

In conclusion, fuck foreign aid.

In conclusion, fuck foreign aid.

Global decline (population) within 100 years and economic collapse

George Friedman is the Chairman of Stratfor and his (free) Geopolitical Weekly articles often appear in Mercatornet. I always enjoy reading them. He has recently written on demography and the long term implications of a declining world population. “Global Decline and the Great Economic Reversal” is an interesting read and I strongly recommend that you have a look at it. The key points that Friedman makes are the following:……………………………
It’s worth reading.
No word on Europe specifically (a unique problem), but this is progress.

UK population at least 77 million, all immigrants

2007 article, so probably much higher by now

It is the statistic that dare not speak its name, though eventually it must. It has huge ramifications for the civil and political life of this country, the health of the equity markets and, most immediately, the residential property market. So don’t forget you read it here first: the population of the UK is presently somewhere between 77 and 80 million.

That faint background noise you’re hearing as you read this is the sound of everyone slithering off the record. Why? In political terms, standing behind these figures would be to toss a hand grenade into a vat of gasoline. People would be hounded out of a job for scaremongering.

If the true numbers were revealed, the Little Englanders and xenophobes would come out in force about the evils of immigration. But that’s what made America great in the 19th century, and it’s a driving force of our economy right now. It’s also anti-inflationary.

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And when I say “anti-inflationary”, I mean they are getting rotten wages. Dignified by the term “cheap labour”, the hidden hordes will do well for the services sector, among others. People are assets – to maintain and to be maintained – so we are wealthier as a nation.

Only good for the middle class. It deflates the working wages of the poor.


He said that immigration does not have a particularly bad or good impact on the economy, but that people’s objections relate to pressure on public services.

He said: “One argument said we’re a small island, not much room. On the other hand, of course, there’s masses of room. The urbanised part of Britain occupies less than 10% of the surface area. The urbanised part of Surrey occupies less of Surrey than golf courses.

“Since more immigrants mean more housing, more roads, more airports, more incinerators, more of this being required, and since the evidence would suggest that people by and large don’t like these things, especially if they are near them, that’s the key issue about immigration that people may wish to face up to.

Except the people of Surrey own that land, not the people who just turned up and expected freebies.
The Queen is the biggest landowner in the country, when is she selling up?


UK population reaches 64 million thanks to immigration

And we’re only voicing concern over public services now??

This is a tiny island, such developments are impossible. And the insinuation everyone is entitled to our services is absurd (and true in practice). Doesn’t count illegals either. Who wants to place bets on deportation, incentives and restriction of access? If these systems are to continue, it is inevitable.

Science says the brain evolves, Microcephalin, ASPM and intelligence: the most excellent of correlations

full study here

h/t to the ever-brilliant hbdchick


“At the population-level IQ and Microcephalin correlate significantly (.790 and .847) [incredibly high]

Microcephalin significantly predicts population differences in IQ [duh, league tables for IQ]

Microcephalin significantly predicts infectious disease burden [survival of the fittest]

Vice versa in the case of Microcephalin

Microcephalin increased disease-resistance allowing access to new cognitive niches [European genius stereotypes]

Everytime I see genetics and brain studiesSocial construct that away, bitches.