Why aren’t men fighting for the West?

They’re drugging themselves with male victory soma – steroids.
If they feel the complacency (and entitlement) of the victor, why bother?

(The testosterone released by compulsive masturbators has the same effect, teenage boys used to have more motivation when it was discouraged, SJWs noticed).


Testosterone is the dominant hormone in both male and female brains.

regulates the turnover of the social monoamines, dopamine and serotonin.

They’re happy pills, indirect happy pills.
For people too proud to admit they’re depressed.

The hormone also has many other actions in the brain; thus the social brain’s main chemical, without exaggeration, is testosterone

Peterson told you none of this.

 investigate social dominance and trustworthiness behaviors

Whatever I say, they’ll insult me.



Actually, why do I care what they think? Who else does?

Fine. If you need to get energy from drugs, and don’t see that as a problem to be dropped at some point, you’re as bad a degenerate as the people you insult. Why do you think they’re doing it??

(Also: why r-types do drugs. There’s nothing intellectual about it. To avoid negative consequences, they get high or drunk or laid again, to avoid the experience’s outcome and the need to learn from it).

Guardian test, they’re doing it. For the “energy” = narc supply.


But women don’t care about looks, huh….. keep telling yourself that.

At best, you’re the Beautiful Ones. Still unfit and not masculine.


Studies in animals have implicated the amygdala in emotional and social behaviours, especially those related to fear and aggression. Although lesion and functional imaging studies in humans have demonstrated the amygdala’s participation in recognizing emotional facial expressions, its role in human social behaviour has remained unclear. We report here our investigation into the hypothesis that the human amygdala is required for accurate social judgments of other individuals on the basis of their facial appearance. We asked three subjects with complete bilateral amygdala damage to judge faces of unfamiliar people with respect to two attributes important in real-life social encounters: approachability and trustworthiness. All three subjects judged unfamiliar individuals to be more approachable and more trustworthy than did control subjects.The impairment was most striking for faces to which normal subjects assign the most negative ratings: unapproachable and untrustworthy looking individuals. Additional investigations revealed that the impairment does not extend to judging verbal descriptions of people. The amygdala appears to be an important component of the neural systems that help retrieve socially relevant knowledge on the basis of facial appearance.



Basolateral amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex are implicated in cue-outcome learning. In this issue of Neuron, Schoenbaum et al. show that, following basolateral amygdala lesions, cue-selective neurons in orbitofrontal cortex are more sensory driven and less sensitive to the motivational value of an outcome, suggesting that predictive value coding in orbitofrontal cortex is dependent on input from basolateral amygdala.

They’re conditioning themselves for pathological altruism.


By making your brain happy, you make it dumber.

It’s the illusion of safety. Your body assumes the threat is dead.

Your body also produces less of a thing when you supplement. Basic biology.
So men and women shouldn’t take any sex hormones unless they produce zero.

If your levels are normal (for your AGE, Peter Pan), you’re poisoning yourself.


 Yet others still have suggested that hypogonadal males (a.k.a low testosterone-producing males) who had their testosterone increased saw no jump in aggressive behaviour, and in fact became more friendly, energetic and, well, happy.


If you’re being treated badly, the chemical suffering is vital to fixing that. It’s like cutting off nerves, they’ve deadened their sense of injustice.

Notice how when men get power, they become over-friendly and obliging?

Ah, they say, but wouldn’t this also occur in women?

 The result: the women who had received testosterone without knowing became fairer, more generous and had increased efficiency in social interactions, while the other group (those who had been told that they were receiving testosterone) behaved much more unfairly. In sum: one group acted they way they thought testosterone should affect humans (and it wasn’t pretty). But the reality was much different. Case and point, ladies and gentlemen.

Notice how many pathological altruist women are high-T? And middle-class?

You’re buying the chemical fake equivalent of class. I cannot think of anything more indicative of a loser.

I used to think it was the broke guy with a sportscar.

If anyone’s doping T, it should be women. It makes us nicer and better looking. When we produce less naturally, no loss.

It’s always the “inferior” men who abuse women, isn’t it? They seem to be lacking in T.
In civilization, status is conferred to men who cooperate. Killers get wiped out quickly.

Repost: The Tragedy of Light


“Nerds, who understand better than anyone the power and value of technology, often act as though understanding technology alone is enough to bring influence. They systematically underestimate the importance of actively seeking power, whether on a small scale in office politics, or on a grand scale as powerful, active investors or CEOs. Light’s instinct was to rely heavily on the power that’s the Death Note gave him, paying no attention to gaining conventional political power or even creating a pseudonymous public persona, even when both of these tactics would have greatly helped him to realize his goals…
Peter Thiel has pointed out the remarkable fact that aside for some very brief, very contingent points in history, inventors of new technologies have captured almost none of the value that they created through those technologies. Even though science itself is a powerful force, and innovation extraordinarily valuable, it’s a mistake to assume that individual scientists and innovators are themselves powerful.”

They expect others will be fair like a teacher doling out grades. Except as an adult there are no teachers, only other competition.

They also tend to assume power will be given based on ability, like responsibility at school.

Fair play is a white Western (WEIRD) concept based in individualism, and we still have sociopaths.

The genius of Swami Vivekananda

I am not averse to admitting foreign genius, in fact, I wish I had a surplus to talk about. This man has long been overlooked by traditionalists online.
If the name seems familiar, he was friends with Mr Tesla.

I do like some of the Eastern mystics but it’s trying to source pure translations, untainted by modern bias.

Many of his works can be found for free online though, if you want a go.

I made Diogenes big again by telling everyone that story about the chicken. The Tesla connection should be enough for Swami. We need to get more good quotes out there, more civic ideas, to drown out the celebrities.

These uplifting quotes are merely positive memes.

If we could find the canon of philosophy that makes Asians so based, Whites would be more competitive.

It is difficult to quibble with someone who believes in you.

Much like Tesla and all other men who don’t feel threatened by ability, he praised women too, and our ability to make society good.

“The natural ambition of woman is through marriage to climb up , leaning upon a man but those days are gone . You shall be great without the help of any man , just as you are .”

That is a role model.

Men commit suicide when they fail to get power


Tell me I’m wrong.

Tell me it isn’t the low SES. Or newly low SES.

Women don’t do this because we aren’t dumb. We take up a vice like alcoholism to numb the pain.

Men need to learn coping strategies when their parents and teachers’ lies about being special collide hard with reality. Its name? Dunning Kruger.

Special people don’t need to be told. They do the work and get the shekels.
The failures look for excuses and self-pity is a disease. It’ll kill you. By making you kill yourself.

The MRAs are wrong on this, the response should not be the learned helplessness of victimhood and rumination  (proven to cause depression).

Nobody can break through their male pride if they refuse to admit a problem. These are adults we’re talking about, and thus they are responsible for seeking the free treatment (in Europe) available. We shouldn’t be treating grown men like babies, that’s part of the problem. If we treat them as weak, they’re more likely to kill themselves.

We need to empower them with coping strategies and life plans so they don’t feel aimless, useless and like failure is a permanent state. They need to use CBT to come up with new goals since the old ones were based on delusions.

Want someone to blame?  Look to their You Can Do No Wrong and Failure is Impossible parents.
That is irrational. They have false beliefs making them feel terrible about themselves.

“Women have all the dating power” and other broken records


Neither sex holds all the power. Both sexes have the power to offer what the other sex wants. No one has an obligation to find someone attractive. No one is entitled to sex, and no one is entitled to commitment.

If you’re not getting what you want from the opposite sex, effective strategies include:

1. Lowering your standards.

2. Increasing your attractiveness.

3. Changing your environment to a place where the sex ratio is more favorable, improving your odds.

Ineffective strategies include:

1. Whining and complaining about the nature of men or women.

2. Feeling entitled to pity sex or just plain pity because you’re not having sex or getting asked out.

3. Submerging yourself in a full tank of confirmation bias.

Social exchange. If you aren’t offering what they want, no trade.
This is the key reason modern woman is so confused that men would give away their commitment (vow never to XYZ) as if that is a sign of value, as if that will draw us in? Fine, give away your bargaining chip with the opposite sex, see what happens.

Men and women are not the same.

Men and women are not the same.

Men and women are not the same.

They don’t want the same things.
Usurping the role of the opposite sex will not attract them. It will repulse them.
e.g. You want a commitment-phobe woman? Women don’t want that in a man.

Do not confuse traits signaled for and countersignaled.
Because of this or In spite of this?
e.g. Does she want the 10 because he’s a douchebag or can he afford to be a douchebag because he’s a 10?

This one line.

“men who seem to assume that they’re oppressed by the fact that the woman they like may not want to fuck them”

A slow-clap for the Dr.

rdj claps applause mhmm

They like to say women don’t have agency… then how come they can be rejected?