Video: Knife Attack – spot the r types, spot the Ks

I would’ve booked it out of there when he did the pocket shuffle trying to cross the road, about 2 minutes in. You back away from that type and don’t break the visual until you turn a corner, then sprint. Zig zag across the street if you have to.

They do this…. it’s hard to explain but it’s like an angsty teen as the emotion builds up, the tension and they’re building up to lash out. Pockets = weapons.

They seem to think merely holding a gun is like an impenetrable defensive shield and how dare anyone consider violating their personal space. In a woman, that’s the sort of attitude that makes it easier for the rapist, since you don’t take real defensive measures.

That cameraman though.

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Dude. No.

Conflicted is the Cards against Humanity for K-types

I would like to see all r-types filmed while completing one full game.
Make it a reality show as they twist up their faces and try to chicken out of just saying they’d do something, let alone actually doing it.

CAH is puerile and mostly about sexual promiscuity, it isn’t as edgy as they think.

Conflicted is brutal and will clue you in to which of your friends is a BAMF in normcore Greyman disguise.
Also on Amazon:
There are 4 decks so far.

This is not a sponsored post, but I’m hoping this superior game becomes popular enough that r-types are forced to play to conform and be cool.


Devastating. Right?
Sure beats the same tired jokes about Daniel Radcliffe’s asshole.

Personally, I’d go for occult shit. It freaks people out, I know about it. I’d pile animals bone and leave stuff in pentagrams, daub glyphs in animal blood. Maybe the odd animal skin or carcass. Blair Witch and other horror films have psychologically primed people to avoid these locations and associate them with cannibals, the Worst Possible People to meet in an Apocalypse.

…Yes, as you can tell by that answer, I’m a Greyman.

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Plot twist: They’d be angel glyphs (hey, karma man, don’t wanna tempt fate) and anyone who recognizes them as such is allowed safe passage through my land.