Food security reaches papers

It should be in the news every week.

They don’t want to cause a panic or Questions to be asked about where the food is going, backroom deals of purchase for foreign countries limiting the domestic supply.

Which pushes up prices.

I’m guessing the prepper blogs tripped a wire somewhere so they figured they’d release details themselves.

Who will die first when SHTF?

Why preppers will die: overconfidence.

Clever woman.

This is all Survival 101 – don’t catch disease, acute or lifelong (both damage the body forever) or get addicted to hedonic stimuli. This is the red pill many poseurs will deny. Antibiotics just stop you from dying, they don’t reduce the damage already done.

Read Malthus, people.
And then there’s the suicides or the psychotic breaks for anyone on psychiatric meds.
They are a huge, ignored risk. A lot of young people (<35) will die at their peak because they’ll harm themselves and there’s no ER, or they’ll act up and people will defend themselves when these people get angry and spoil for a fight. It’s like the worst PMS on steroids. Their amygdala malfunctions – it’s the region of the brain that responds to threats. They’re largely dead men walking in any situation of genuine risk (they demand safe spaces now, at this level of comfort) and whether they can respond like adults with meds is questionable. Have you seen psych med side effects? Seen someone come off them? Many do not need them, most mental disease isn’t severe enough to require them, it just keeps these people docile, so they will be the standard drug addict. Unlike the coke or heroin or whatever else addict, they’ll seem nice and normal and try to get at your stuff, gain your trust – then hand you over to the first gang that promises them drugs.
Entitlement is a disease, it can get you killed and it’s contagious.

Think of SSRIs, a common psych med that’s over-prescribed.
You can get a similar kick from bad habits, little thrills. Look up all the stuff that naturally raises serotonin, those are the things they’ll crave, those are risk factors (e.g. sex is high on the list, so rape goes up). It’s a horror movie.

People with a brittle ego need to check it.

A combination of fitness, maturity and usefulness. This isn’t the Titanic.

In a society of abortion, other people’s children are not valued. Don’t breed what you can’t feed? Times a million.
In a society which justifies euthanasia, the elderly aren’t either. They had plenty of time to save and prepare, people will blame them. People are ugly at the best of times, when malnourished with no crack phone or TV streaming? Whew boy.

Whiners will also go. They’ll be the first to go. They’ll kill the emotional vampires. These malignant narcissists also tend to be the saboteurs, the traitors and the psychopaths that will kill everyone in the night to get more stuff. Our disgust evolved for that reason, people who cannot pull their own weight and also cooperate on top are dead weights to any tribe that holds them. The worst psychopaths are cunning enough to play nice for a while, in spite of stereotype. There are levels of presentation.


I seemed to have given the impression in a recent post that this was my opinion.
It is not, I was thinking of the problem at hand and searching for one piece of advice and the Book fell open at this. I was not touching the book, it fell out of the case first.

It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen.

“But suppose that servant says in his heart, ‘My master will be a long time in coming,’ and he begins to beat the male and female servants, and to eat and drink and get drunk. The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him, and at an hour of which he is unaware. Then He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers.”
…”From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”
“I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!”
…”Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.”
…”Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?”
“Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?”

I know nobody likes my religion posts but damn it’s informative.

Anti-prepping: unpreparedness skills

Playing the victim and blaming someone else for your stupidity
When things go wrong and you find yourself totally unprepared, it’s crucial to blame somebody else.

Begging the government to save you
Not only do they have to beg the government for critical supplies; they also have to beg those who prepared to SHARE some supplies with them because they neglected to store supplies for themselves. (Yeah, they’re incredibly shortsighted and selfish, failing to do their part for self-reliance.)

One important strategy for anti-preppers is to realize that since you’re probably an unethical, selfish, stupid person to begin with, you can start bartering your family jewelry even while they’re still alive!

Link: The Five Stages of Collapse

  1. Financial
  2. Commercial
  3. Political
  4. Social
  5. Cultural

Bonus: And inb4 some moron starts with their fantasy life, shooting looters and owning a harem of women.


shrug lol toldyaso fuck you bateman

This isn’t a video game. A tiny scratch post-antibiotics could easily kill you. You are not getting into Rambo-style situations.

“Stash cash under your mattress” ~ Fund manager

It’s short and they’ve been going SJW so, in full so I can explain;

The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress.

Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, including the flagship Moneybuilder Income fund, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008, which began in Britain with a run on Northern Rock.

“Systemic risk is in the system and as an investor you have to be aware of that,” he told Telegraph Money.

deanwinchester supernatural wink flirty hey hello nice
Some of us like it that way. A little chaos spices up the day.

The best strategy to deal with this, he said, was for investors to spread their money widely into different assets, including gold and silver, as well as cash in savings accounts. But he went further, suggesting it was wise to hold some “physical cash”, an unusual suggestion from a mainstream fund manager.

He knows something. He grew a conscience?
Reminds me of the Most Honest Stockbroker in the Entire World.

His concern is that global debt – particularly mortgage debt – has been pumped up to record levels, made possible by exceptionally low interest rates that could soon end, and he is unsure how well banks could cope with the shocks that may await.

He daren’t mention the other 3 horsemen of the economic apocalypse: student loans, pensions/welfare and the NHS.

lestat rat judgemental

He pointed out that a saver was covered only up to £85,000 per bank under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme – which is effectively unfunded – and that the Government has said it will not rescue banks in future, hence his suggestion that some money should be held in physical cash.


Idiot isn't as much a person as a process of doing things wrong

Per banking LICENSE.
Many banks operate under a single license, meaning you’re entitled to 1 (one) £85k payment. You need to check yourself. This assumes the currency value doesn’t change compared to nominal.

He declined to predict the exact trigger but said it was more likely to happen in the next five years rather than 10. The current woes of Greece, which may crash out of the euro, already has many market watchers concerned.

Oh, he means the EU collapse.

I will add for the record that being a hater doesn't make you wrong

Mr Spreadbury’s views are timely, aside from Greece. A growing number of professional investors (see comment, right) and commentators are expressing unease about what happens next.

The prices of nearly all assets – property, shares, bonds – have been rising for years.

House prices have risen by 26pc since the start of 2009, and by 68pc in London. The FTSE 100 is up by 75pc.

Although it feels counter-intuitive, this trend of rising prices should continue if economies remain weak, because it gives central banks licence to keep rates low and to carry on with their “quantitative easing” programmes.


Conversely, if the economy does pick up and interest rates need to rise, the act of doing so is likely to stall the economy and force them to be reduced again. Once more, demand for those mainstream assets would be rekindled and the asset boom continues.

But then there is the shock event. Daily Telegraph columnist Jeremy Warner also captured some of the concerns this week when he wrote that the trigger for an “inevitable correction” could come from “a clear blue sky – a completely unanticipated event.

Like a…. Black Swan? If only there were a name for this effect?

How are fund managers preparing for this gloomy possibility?

Sadistic glee since they’re making bank twice (getting out before this Black Swan crash plus future selloff). 3x if you count ’08 but who does?

Mr Spreadbury sticks to bonds because of the remit of his funds. Within that world, he said a shock to the system would cause a flight to safety and the price of British government bonds, or gilts, would rise sharply. He also holds bonds of companies that would be most protected in times of turmoil – water companies, power network operators – and those where the bonds are secured on a solid asset, such as land or buildings.

Sounds like he’s prepping for a war.

Examples include Center Parcs and Intu, which owns shopping centres.

Marcus Brookes, another well regarded fund manager who looks after billions of pounds worth of investments, is less constrained in where he invests, because of the different remit of his funds. Schroder Multi-Manager Diversity, for example, can pick and choose between assets.

Mr Brookes said the probability of a major shock event was small but even he holds 29pc of the Diversity portfolio in cash, a huge proportion compared with most funds. This decision is due to his concern that bonds are overvalued and may fall. He aims to deliver returns of 4pc above inflation so can’t afford to put too much in assets that he believes will lose money.

“The problem is that people are struggling to work out how to diversify if QE programmes stop,” he said.

no what I don't believe it can't be true disbelief pushing daisies
I wouldn’t give those people Monopoly money.

Mr Spreadbury added: “We have rock-bottom rates and QE is still going on – this is all experimental policy and means we are in uncharted territory.

Seems pretty planned to me.

“The message is diversification. Think about holding other assets. That could mean precious metals, it could mean physical currencies.”

But you said above….
Nevermind, they don’t have a clue.

Apocalypse incoming. Got it.

The preppers’ portfolio for doom and gloom

I like this idea. Low-risk strategies are the way to go if you’re edging retirement and can’t risk high exposure.

Diversification, as a strategy, is all but dead, in that everything is both dangerous and correlated.

Thanks, bailouts.

As a result of this bleak world view, Personal Assets offers a glimpse as to how a portfolio might be constructed to best weather the ultimate in uncertainty.

If inflation resurfaces with a vengeance, 10pc of the portfolio is in gold and 20pc in UK and US index-linked government bonds.

Don’t trust gilts.
Governments can default, hello Greece.

If the menace is deflation, there’s a 30pc cash pile. If shares crash there is comfort in a current exposure to global equities of only 40pc – plus the fact that the stocks held are super-quality defensives such as Nestlé and Coca-Cola.

ah, blue chips
but their nominal value must be part of the overvaluation trend? when did they buy?

If the stock market tanks on a truly stunning scale, there’s the £170m cash hoard with which to go buying.

…such a holding within a portfolio otherwise made up of British shares and bonds in a 60:40 split would have affected returns over the past four decades.

The research was undertaken by gold investor service BullionVault – so not disinterested – and puts a price on owning gold in terms of its hedging benefits on one hand and loss of long-term returns on the other.

A 10pc holding, for example, would have roughly halved portfolio losses in the worst year of the past 40. The price paid would have been the reduction, by almost two percentage points, in the average annual growth over a five-year period….

I have heard good things about Bullion Vault.

Gold is the only valuable currency. No tarnish, low chemical reactivity, hard to fake.