Over half EU jobs will be replaced by robots

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I volunteer.
I will build them.

“This automation will primarily affect low-skill, low-wage jobs,” according to the study.

However, the study warns: “It is hard to predict how the jobs of 2014 will look in a decade or two and consequently it should be remembered that the estimates consider how many jobs as currently defined could be replaced by computers over this horizon.”

No it won’t be. We already have bots writing articles and displacing the middle class moochers who get those jobs via nepotism.

If Marx wanted to kill the Middle Class bourgeoisie, he should’ve been a roboticist.

Reaction and the Poor

The poor run every Revolution. Every successful one, I meant.
This is why the Left is failing.


A Marxist attack on neoreactionaries ends with the sentence: “They’ve never role-played the part of the peasant.”

Funny that they should bring this up, because such a central focus of both Moldbug and neoreactionary thought in general is the systematic disenfranchisement of the Vaisya (blue collar workers, “flyover country” inhabitants) in favor of the Brahmin (university graduate progressives whose values come from Harvard). In general, Vaisya tend to be described by coastal yuppies as “white trash” and only mentioned with derision. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you and all your friends are Brahmin. The extreme split between upper and lower class whites was described by Charles Murray in Coming Apart.

Theden has an article that goes into the difference in more depth. In his writing, Moldbug refers to Vaisya as “the wrong kind of white people”. The goal of progressive whites (Brahmins) is to signal to themselves and everyone around them that they’re not the wrong kind of white people, but the right kind. Brahmins are the whites who are playfully mocked on the website Stuff White People Like, people who non-ironically love TED….

Check your privilege you ignorant bigot! they whine from a Macbook Air bought on Daddy’s credit … to a poor person with less ‘education’ and more real world experience than they’ll ever have.

The Human Conceit

It’s like a social justice stereotype before they started labelling themselves ecowarriors.
If there’s any justice in the world, these social butterflies will die from chronic conditions caused by backbreaking factory work where their inane repetition is a valuable asset.

Article on the future of humanity.

Titular term is personal label, derived from philosophy but used by others too, see here: http://www.declineoftheempire.com/2013/07/the-human-conceit.html and it’s also known by other terms including anthropocentrism aka why monkeys are better than dogs.