Why is UK property price rising?

Rich foreigners.

old article but true


As I’ve said before, boy will they get a shock when our government just fails to acknowledge their property rights (as non-citizens).


“You think the Greeks are going to get off their arses for you, when they won’t do it for their grandkids?

The West and EU is pumping them full of worthless money.
It’s hilarious, they think we’re actually trading with them.
We can just confiscate back national resources for national security.

We do it already to our own citizens, you aren’t fucking special.
Slavery is also illegal, you can start a war with our superior military if you want, bitches!

Three-quarters of properties being purchased are purchased in secret, that’s wrong – it ought to be completely transparent,” says group member, Labour peer Jeff Rooker.


A house isn’t an investment, it doesn’t change. It actually depreciates.

Population does change.

They’re gambling.

This will make ownership through UK companies more transparent, but won’t affect overseas companies investing in London.

It should be the other way around.

Not to mention the crooked politicians allowing purchases and planning permission, flouting skyline rules and many others.


Look at the Skyscraper Index too. China is fucked.

A lot of those skyscrapers and flats will simply be torn down. They were illegally built.

“A palace second in size only to Buckingham Palace, it was sold for £50m to an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands,” says our guide, and tells us it will soon become home to a Russian oligarch.

No it won’t, it’s easy to kick out false kings from their little ill-gotten palaces.

I hear the noise of diggers and machinery building a spa and a private underground car park. A neighbour walking the dog nearby mutters how disruptive this has been and how the trees have been cut down.

That’s why you don’t let foreigners literally buy your country.

The government and politicians and sellers are traitors, they are literally selling their country out.

Russians aren’t even really white, FFS. New Money will end up dirt poor as they deserve. Don’t let them ruin our few good buildings in the mean time.

But this kind of disruption could soon be curtailed if increasing clarity on ownership puts off future buyers.

the love of money is the root of all evil

Eternal growth is an economist’s myth.

You know the only thing that grows eternally? Cancer.

The US, another attractive location for anonymous property purchases, has tightened regulations recently. The US Treasury department announced two months ago that it would start identifying the anonymous buyers of luxury properties, particularly in New York and Miami.


This measure follows the introduction of a strict new anti-money laundering regulations, which have led to the US authorities to impose hefty fines on major banks.

no let them fail

The pressure to shut down avenues of money laundering and tax evasion could also mean property purchases here soon come under tougher scrutiny.


And then our tour guides will be able to pack up and go home.

Russian writer …no conflict of interest.


Yes, let all the white-collar criminals live here too. Fantastic.

Russian oligarchs suspected of corruption in UK must account for wealth and property

That should be done before purchase as part of a background check.

Let it crash, please God just let them all hit their real level.

Socialist China bans overseas property investment


I’m picturing crabs in a bucket.

Like a crazy ex, you’re not allowed to leave. Maybe they should fix the culture at home if they dislike it so much.

I’m certain the luxe apartment bubble should be a secondary Skyscraper Index, based on height alone. Elevators rely on the electricity grid. In a grid-down, they’d be stranded.

Meanwhile, London


Cheaper housing, how awful of those pesky Leave voters.

Meanwhile, China tries to buy London’s history


yes lestat dancing happy cheery morbid black comedy

They are going to lose all their money.

You never bet against London.

It’s like warring with Russia.

You just don’t.

Think of it this way. If it’s a surefire way to make money off this country, why is it legal?

Still, the Guardian readers will continue to argue this is a good thing, because globalism but secretly wish their ‘rents would just die already. Joke is also firmly on them, as most real estate held by the middle class is heavily indebted. They do not know this. Those exceptions cannot manage an estate, having no head for maths.

This is gonna be glorious.

It’s only worth what somebody is willing to pay after you.
If you won’t live in it, it’s worthless.

Rule #1 Buy low.

Rule #2 Never buy something you can’t use.

Nobody told them rule 2.

I love parvenus. They’re so easy to con.

Boomer motive for ruining property market is a “delusion”

Said anyone with an ounce of sense.


Hey, at least they’ll get to retire.

sensible chuckle

In other news, to share their dedication to equality, Universities have taken the capitalist pig economical decision and are going to charge native students the same as foreign. Cos that’ll attract the talented impoverished. Charge the poor kid from a local mining town the same as the spoiled spawn of a Chinese millionaire. Sounds fair. I’m sure their job prospects to pay it off are the same.

“it is frustrating to learn universities were lobbying the minister for the fee rise before the reforms were published.”

Hey, you wanted equal treatment, right, goys?

Piggies in a trough, told ya. Nothing will redpill the Indebted Generation faster than seeing their heroic Cultural Marxist crusaders charge them through the nose to hear why they’re the scum of the earth and should also rebel against their oppressors (???, read: parents).


Lib Dems made the decisive fee increase (3x, that’s a ‘three’, not a ‘free’, for all you liberal arts wankers) and Labour invented tuition fees in the first place.

Students generally don’t know this because the Left fucks them over with censorship. If the topic comes up, be a dear and remind them?

laughing lol haha liar liar

“Yes, you did, in fact, vote for this.”

Make this expression as they look it up on their dumbassphones, it’s immensely satisfying.

On the plus side, the SJW entryism will now be infecting Asia preferentially (whores go where the money is), so economically we won’t have to worry about them in about 10-20 years. They’ll murder their own competitive kin with the cult.

Government stops subsidizing Buy to Let parasites


It’s an investment. You take on the risk.

They don’t cushion others either.

These socialists (in heart) fail to mention that they aren’t contributing any value to the worker, they want to be the Middle Man, sponging.

Having a house and rent-fixing shouldn’t be an occupation. Pay your fair share, Boomer Guardian readers! (the largest BTLers)

The Government has dealt a second body-blow to private landlords in six months with the announcement that from April 1 next year the stamp duty payable by investors will be thousands of pounds higher.

Landlords declared the change “catastrophic”.

You can’t afford it.

Gravy train has stopped. You’re stifling the property market. They believe they deserve sympathy.

Phil Stewardson aims to buy a property every fortnight.

In 2015 he spent £3.5m on 30 properties, mainly in the West Midlands and Lancashire. “If I spent the same again this year I estimate I’d pay between £70,000 and £100,000 more on stamp duty thanks to this change,” he said.

And he’s whining about money?

The Stewardsons own 150 properties in total, but their accountants reckon they will still be treated as private landlords, rather than institutional investors, for stamp duty purposes.

This is because the exemption is likely to favour either developers that build properties or fund managers who invest on behalf of a wide range of shareholders or institutions.

People that add value? Perish the thought.

Little Piggy on the wall.

“Landlords won’t accept this,” Mr Stewardson said. “Initially they will behave like all businesses and try to pass on increased costs to tenants through higher rents. But many will give notice to tenants and sell up.”

That’s the point.

“The small perk some landlords overlooked in their initial shock at the announcement is that stamp duty paid on the purchase of buy-to-lets can be deducted from the taxable gains made when the property is ultimately sold.”

Oh they noticed but they are parasites. All they wanna do is suck.

Why give up their host?

This comment;

I have no idea how many other people reading this thread have a business outside of BTL. But I am sure you have the same problems as me in that we are heavily regulated, inspection every year, if new regulations and costs come into effect we just get on with it and absorb it best we can.. ITS CALLED RUNNING A BUSINESS!!..

I have never heard such a bunch of cry baby’s as these BTL lot, they have had it their own way for far too long now. They pretend to run a business and yet expect Government to handle every little issue for them, pathetic.

Another person who can do maths;

Institutional money has no interest whatsoever in residential property at these price levels. They’re not interested in build to rent and they are certainly not interested in buying a bunch of unloved ex-BTL properties sprinkled here and there.

This present delusion amongst BTL investors that they are going to be able to sell on to institutional money when they exit without taking a loss doesn’t stack up. …

They are going to sell at a loss.

At the House of Lords Economic Affairs Select Committee in March 2015, not for the first time, Carney referred to BTL as an “investor market” and noted how at the Bank of England they distinguish between the owner-occupier mortgage market and the BTL mortgage market.

To call BTL an investor market is to make clear that the participants in the market are assumed to be big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves. Investment in the hope of a capital gain always involves running the risk of a capital loss.

…A borrow-to-let speculator will be a landlord too, but not all landlords are borrow-to-let speculators….

BTL is now closing in on representing fully 20% of all outstanding mortgages. It’s not just a few harmless dabblers. It is becoming a 500 lb gorilla that eats rent and sh!ts financial instability.

That is why they are going to close it down.

It isn’t a pension.

I’m glad these abysmally stupid yet sociopathic people, creating Generation Rent, will have a terrible winter life.

Rich Britons don’t want to live in Londonistan

They’re trying to hide it but the estate agents look worried.


Middle class people wanting to start a family are the raison d’etre of their profession.

Those places are selling to foreign buyers, on the whole. London is the safety deposit box of the world. Foreign buyers rent out and don’t contribute to local infrastructure, hence the decline is sped up.