Prostate orgasms, the male clitoris?

Don’t say I ignore male topics, of interest to men.

I just don’t know how to bring them up without looking like a perv.

You should learn about this in Sex Ed just like women should learn all the myths about their parts.

Prostate cancers in young men through roof

“But, the researchers found, when prostate cancer strikes at a younger age, it’s likely because the tumor is growing quickly.

“Early onset prostate cancer tends to be aggressive, striking down men in the prime of their life. These fast-growing tumors in young men might be entirely missed by screening because the timeframe is short before they start to show clinical symptoms,” says Kathleen A. Cooney, M.D., professor of internal medicine and urology at the University of Michigan.

“The unexpectedly poor prognosis of advanced stage early onset prostate cancer supports the idea that a new clinical subtype might exist in the subset of men with early onset prostate cancer. This subtype is more aggressive and requires more specialty expertise, including genetic sequencing,” Cooney says.”


Receptive anal sex breaching the paper thin cell walls.

STDs caught which mutate cells in those with genetic prepdisposition, forming tumours a few decades early.

A new subset of cancers point to mutagenic pathogenic origins.

Too easy. Bet they haven’t checked.

p.s. sticking anything infected up there could count too e.g. rimming, an infected finger.