Sexual selection in females evolved for – Dads, not Cads

Yet another topic where the manosphere is wrong, totally off the reservation. It’s lies, damn lies.

They keep focusing on the sexual elements like teenage boys (perhaps in some part to abstaining from porn, a psyche fixation they project to women for the comfort of distance) and totally omit the social gravitas, a whole half of the formula that only an autist would remove.

Many of the evolutionary terms they misuse apply to the Marital Marketplace (MMP), only, and have nothing whatsoever to do with the Sexual (SMP) – which is sterile. (n.b. Abortions count in this case).

No, women don’t ‘sexually select’ Dark Triad. And if you care about shit like that, you aren’t DT either. It only counts as sexual selection anyway if she gets pregnant (aka all that PUA sex, when real, cannot count).

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I shouldn’t keep having to point this out. They’re straight up abusing the academic definitions like feminists using ‘equality’. It’s all one huge ego prop. On the flipside, what’s the man supposed to be agreeing to? When saying Yay or Nay to a potential wife? That can’t be SMP based. Come on.

They’re separate things. Completely. Yet the manosphere doesn’t play in that gene pool and gets jealous to be left out of anything (keyboard alpha syndrome) so they pretend there’s crossover. As license to pontificate on it.

Look at the life outcomes of Dark Triad and their children. The crime, the death, the disease. Psychopathy is characterized by social parasitism (makes you unpopular) and aimless (nobody trusts you). Their children are genetically inferior to survive (lower fitness value) and more prone to pronounced mental illness. Read Dr Hare’s book about working with psychopaths and how they think. They’re hollow, hardly human. They are ill people who cannot be cured.

You wanna know why it keeps popping up in studies? It’s a costly signal. It’s exactly like the peacock tail. It isn’t attractive for itself but in spite of it. When you look at the whole picture, excluding that piece. Any other signal works the same way. In fact, as far as signals go, with mentally stable women it can act as a serious turn-off, as in Proteans;

These signals often indicate that the sender is trying to decide whether he or she is interested in the “receiver”. However, some individuals, instead of playing along, will overestimate the sender’s interest and do something more obvious, like asking for a phone number. This can be clumsy and confusing to both parties, and understanding the concept of protean signals is useful for avoiding such missteps. Misinterpreting those cues and responding to them overeagerly is commonly said to happen to men more than women, although both can suffer when this happens.

Sound like anyone we know?

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I think many of those newcomers must be on the autism spectrum because they just don’t get it and never shall.

There’s a reason James Bond doesn’t have a family. (Giving Archer one is preposterous, it jumped the shark with that one). What sort of Patriarch would he be? A great one? A good one? Mediocre? Deadbeat, often absent? In evolutionary terms, James Bond is a failure. Mother Nature is a bitch. He isn’t a Patriarch. He’s a boy playing dress-up. He’s the stereotypical man and he is an island. A cardboard cut out of insecurities (money, status, sex). The flash cars and gadgets give it away.

In an evolutionary equation, men who pass on their genes, secure a faithful attractive woman for decades and raise those children into success is the alpha because he is the Patriarch.

These PUAs count meaningless notches like arcade scores. Evolutionally, they don’t count. They don’t exist. The fertile value is zero. Evolutionally, they are virgins.

The term beta orbiter is preposterous when the manosphere admits these are the men who constantly reproduce. The alpha is dominant by genetic legacy as in lions. Whoever has the most, successful children, wins.

Inb4 “cuckoldry” – in the most promiscuous society in millennia, that rate is about 10%. Pipe the fuck down. 9/10 of those men are fine and we live in an age of easy DNA testing so I don’t see what the big deal is.