Proof that liberalism is partially caused by absentee parenting

He was living out of his car and was in the US illegally, having outstayed his visa.

crying laughter lmao

Why are they ruining the little girl’s life with a photo? She’ll forever be associated with her subhuman brother.

Michael moved out four years ago, but his toy racing cars are still on the mantelpiece.

When did he get into reddit, atheistkult and University social justice politics?

When he was five, Michael’s father left home.

Now we all know who to blame. That’s the biggest fault here. The thing you can’t change.

They don’t leave home. They abandon their helpless children.

“He’d always say, ‘Well, I don’t mean to be rude – I’m just saying it as it is.’ He had a lack of empathy.”

That isn’t a marker of intelligence or autism, House is fictional, but it is antisocial personality. I bet he has a ‘trauma’ that made him narcissistic, usually involving bullies?

Michael was diagnosed with hypersensitivity

making excuses for a sociopath
this ends well
yes tiptoe around the little bastard who can’t understand grief and let him shoot guns

“I thought he was being a little bugger. But he just looked at me and said, ‘Well, quite honestly, Mum, I don’t know whether I can agree to these things. So I can’t put my name to it.”

When was he on antipsychotics, that’s the only thing missing.
That isn’t humility or a Rain Man thing, that’s a conduct disorder.
As a child, you are treated as a child. You suck it up and get it done because literally nobody likes school you special snowflake brat.

“He left school with no qualifications, and he has such potential.”

Sociopaths don’t have lasting accomplishments.

Michael was bullied but didn’t like to talk about it.

I bet he started at least some of that shit.

She’d bring him home; if he was going to play truant, she’d rather he was somewhere safe and warm.

Fucking liberal Boomers. Enabling shitty behaviour and wondering why it gets worse.

At the age of 13, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. The specialist said it was the most severe case she had seen in 30 years: his behaviour was so ingrained it would be almost impossible to change.

No. That isn’t in the DSM-V anymore because it’s bullshit.
It’s convenient for all the adults, isn’t it? He can’t help it, I’m not a crappy parent.
And if that’s the case, you cannot leave him alone, let alone for months in AMERICA, a foreign country.

‘Why would I want to learn what everybody else is learning? Because everybody is going to know it. I want to learn what interests me.’ We fought tooth and nail about it. He was offered every opportunity: home school, online tuition, private tuition, a special school.”

That isn’t intelligence, that’s a lazy little shit. An autistic kid would love home schooling.
The arrogance of this kid, why couldn’t they shoot him?

“I said you’re not going to have any qualifications, and he just said well, qualifications aren’t everything. I’d explain that if you want a job, they are crucial. But he couldn’t see that.”

An A in Maths at 12 and you think he fails to grasp basic logic?

He wanted you to support him like a leech. Psychopath!

“One evening he said, ‘Sorry, Nan, I can’t eat that. Don’t cook for me any more.’ He was bloody-minded.”

Let me guess, he wanted takeaways. That isn’t OCD, that’s manipulation. Should tell him to cook for himself.
And how else was he ‘bloody-minded’? Why didn’t you warn anyone?

He became so weak from not eating that he could barely get out of bed. Later that year Lynne reluctantly agreed to have him sectioned at the Maudsley psychiatric hospital in London. How much weight had he lost? “He refused to let the doctor weigh him,” Lynne says. But she told them he wouldn’t live much longer without treatment.

Nothing about the brain damage of starvation.
There’s a reason anorexics are considered batshit in personal relationships.

But life was not easy. Michael had become abusive. “He was never violent, but he would be very verbally aggressive. He’d shout and swear at me, and then he’d be so apologetic. He’d just unleash. I spent most of my time in my bedroom. It wasn’t sustainable.”

Push and pull of a psychopath.

It’s still abuse.

At 16, he found himself a one-bed flat to rent a few minutes away. “It was perfect. Clean, modern, a nice outlook over the hills.” How could he afford to live independently? “He was on disability living allowance, employment and support allowance and housing benefit. He didn’t do anything, go anywhere, so he had few other expenses.”

oh come on my god why NO kill me now

Do I need to say anything?

I mean, factually mature enough to live alone and seek out a flat. Not to get a GCSE, where you get points for writing your name.

“But after two or three hours, you could see his anxiety levels rise and he’d need to get back.”

Literally antisocial.
Autistic people aren’t like that, they crave contact.

In the early days, he let Lynne and Christine come to the flat. It didn’t last; he continued his daily visits home, but barred them from visiting and withdrew into himself.

At which point he should’ve been dragged home.

Michael once paid £1,000 for a robot

But you didn’t insist he go back to school and sit the IT GCSE exam?

When he was 17, Michael decided he would learn to drive. His mother was delighted and offered to book him lessons. No need, he said: he had signed up for an intensive two-week course.

Violent but let’s give him a license to something he can use to kill people. But still – no GCSEs.

Thirty seconds later, he had over-accelerated into another car and written his off.

Psychopaths are notorious thrill-seekers.

Michael told his mother he had news – and she wasn’t going to like it. He was going to New York. “I just collapsed on to the sofa. I said, ‘This is insane – what the hell are you on about?’” Lynne asked her GP and local mental health services how she could stop him.

At that point you cut him off from the family. As an adult, you don’t have to enable them. No longer your responsibility, get his father to stop him.

He was forcibly given a drugs test, because the police thought he was high. In fact, he was having a meltdown, and was sectioned overnight. But the hospital discharged him the next day, and he continued his two-week trip in a rental car.

This whole article is a car crash.

Psychopaths hate authority and get very energetic when confronted with police.

By the time Michael returned home, he was a wreck. “He just broke down and came out with this…” Lynne shudders to a stop. “I can’t say ‘tale’ or ‘story’; I’ll say ‘version of events’.”

Chronic liar, check.

“He was terribly, terribly distressed,” Christine says. “He said that, unbeknownst to us, between the ages of 16 and 18, he’d had a girlfriend, and got her pregnant. He said they’d had a scan and it was a boy. And the day after Michael’s 18th birthday, this girl was killed in a car crash. He said that after this he’d attempted to commit suicide twice.”

Michael told them he had a new girlfriend, who had recently moved back to America; but when he got there, a friend had texted to say she was in prison on a drugs charge.

Why did she want to be with him? Probably the psychopathy and abuse.

Psychopaths are whorish. An Aspie couldn’t have casual sexual relations like that nor keep a whole life secret (that’s why barred from the flat, he planned the whole thing to have sex). Cut him off.
Not mature enough to do exams, mature enough to have sex. Sounds legit.

Drama queen vaguely threatening to self-harm if you don’t bail him out, check.

but says Michael had no history of lying to her, and no history of psychosis.

She pauses, and says there was one incident when he was eight and convinced aliens were coming to get him. “He was shaking and cowering, and we took him to hospital. It was like he was possessed.” But nothing since.

Welcome to my life, where 99% of people are retarded.

But he couldn’t save quickly enough; he asked his grandmother to mortgage her house.

So. Many. Signs.

Entitlement? No? No bells? He wants to make his grandmother homeless to fund a crackwhore.

He said, ‘I’m going to have to either commit suicide or turn to illegal measures.’

Sweet innocent autistic child.

Quite by chance my mum came into an inheritance. Her sister had left a reasonable sum of money, which Mum was going to split four ways: her, me, Michael and Jessica.” Christine and Lynne agreed to forfeit their shares and pay for a year’s rent for Michael in New York. It was a last resort.

Pathological altruism includes enabling complete scum.
They should’ve left the whole thing to the little girl who wasn’t an utter failure refusing to get a job. Those people deserve nothing.

But Michael never came.

Breaking promises.
Should’ve taken him to court for fraud, would do him the world of good.

He told his mother there was a warrant out for his arrest in the UK (he had left a few utilities bills unpaid). Lynne contacted the police, who assured her there was not, but Michael said he believed his source rather than her.



Lynne asked him to show her around the flat, but he refused.

there’s one group that hates drugs more than autistics, and that’s OCDs

But he told them he’d got a refund on the outstanding time, and preferred the new flat.

On 17 April, he told them he’d been kicked out of the new flat, and needed money for a hostel. His father had been sending him £60 a month, and Lynne and Christine sent what they could.

Are we sure this story is real? It’s a clusterfuck of every possible bad decision.

Liberals are actually this retarded with people in their personal lives.

They begged him to come home. “He said, ‘I can’t – I’ve been very ill and run up lots of medical bills.’”

In that case, he’d want to come home because he’s ill. No empathy in his excuses.

My son, headline news for something so awful, and something just so not him.

Going purely by this article, it seems totally him.
Same reasoning of the mothers of serial killers.

Subsequent reports suggested Michael had a thing for guns. Lynne says this is misleading

Yes, at one point he had camouflaged his bedroom and hung replica guns on the wall, with help from his father

“Michael said, ‘Someone had to stand up for America,’ and was going on about how dangerous Trump’s policies were

but he’s literally a foreign terrorist tho
they should give him lethal injection, I don’t care that he’s white, he’s got more in common with IS

He didn’t seem to know what the consequences were, what he had been charged with. He thought it would blow over and he’d be home soon.

Psychopaths think they can talk their way out of anything.

“I think this was his way of getting help. He was always a bit of baby on the physical side of things, so I wouldn’t think he’d choose to be shot. I also think he would have sent me a goodbye letter.”

At this point, I am speechless.
They are not stupid, it’s too grandiose a term. They are potatoes.

Did they ever suspect he might do something like this? No, she says. Apart from the verbal outbursts, he has never been violent. “

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

His other friend Jack went on Facebook and said, ‘I want to tell the world Michael isn’t like that.’”

He literally IS the profile of a serial killer. This is insane.

All she hears is a crackling and beeping like a fax machine. She knows it is Michael. The detention centre has told her there is a technical issue with international calls.

They’re recording it.

She has been told he is on three medications: for anxiety; to help him sleep; and for hallucinations. “He’s hearing voices. He said in that call, ‘I just want to come home and get psychiatric help.’ Obviously I can’t condone what he attempted to do, but he was not in control of his mind. Yes, a sentence by all means, but a sentence over here where his family can visit him and where he can get the help he needs.” Lynne has been warned that US courts are not sympathetic to mental health problems; it is unlikely to affect his sentencing.

That doesn’t just happen. It starts in the teens. Probably triggered by drug use (my money’s on cannabis) and he likes druggie ‘girlfriends’…
He was totally in control of his mind, if you have that random thought to jump off a cliff, you aren’t obliged to do it. That’s why the US courts ignore it, you’ve been going on like he’s so mature and smart – well, that means he has control, duh.

Mental illness made me do it is the new Devil made me do it.

Fighting for her son is the only thing keeping her going; she has launched a CrowdJustice page to help with legal fees.

Did I say I was done before now?
No, I have ascended past done and into I hope someone stabs this fucker in prison so he doesn’t ruin the life of his baby sister. He is literally not the victim. But they’re not just choosing to defend him, they’re choosing to take time and resources and good memories away from that little girl.

Do you really think he didn’t verbally abuse the sister? Was he ever left alone with her, that’s what I wanna know. She must have traumatic memories of him and the mother didn’t want to get her a passport to visit him.

In a way, she says, she hopes it does go to trial – so a jury can see how helpless he is.

“He was extremely distressed, and begged me to get him home,”

You should have laughed and reminded him of what he said about being a mature adult re school. “If you try to kill someone, you deserve to stay there and rot” any decent human being would say. Do you honestly think he’s safe around anyone now? He won’t actually kill himself, the past 2 supposed attempts have no evidence and even with one there will be medical evidence. Psychopaths are a super-low suicide risk although they can die by instigating fights from being cocky enough to think they’re immortal (delusion).

Begging Mummy to bail him out, what a snivelling r-type.

I don’t even like Trump but damn the guy would deserve better than to be taken down by this worm. Maybe he can finally get his GCSEs in prison.

Abuse, rage and SJWs

Minor points. I saw a woman having a particular problem and this is an expanded version of what I told her.
Rage is a choice to hurt others because one’s feelings are hurt in a perceived slight. There is no such thing as ‘out of control’, you are not possessed. We may feel an urge to jump off a cliff, but it’s just an urge.

SJWs are not offended, they are outraged. Narcissistic rage, to be precise. If Trigglypuff were a 300-pound MMA fighter, would her tantrums be harmless? Funny? This is not funny, whoever exhibits this behaviour. It is very serious. Even children are capable of crime up to murder. This should be mocked but not tolerated and never considered harmless. It’s antisocial behaviour. It’s verbal abuse and all sorts of other related things, including intimidation, an attempt to control by threats (in this case, to lose their rag).

It is entirely conscious, and in fact, planned.
They plan to do these things, and hence, when thwarted, seek revenge.
Common sense: You don’t seek revenge for accidents.

First stop: gaslighting the victim into thinking they’re abusive for reacting with boundaries. Called playing victim. It’s a version of playing dumb. It’s a bluff in poker terms. Turns into a game of Who Started It, as if that justifies any form of abusive behaviour (no, never). They are children emotionally. Do not pity them, do not help them. In fact, it’s healthier to punish them but by omission, cutting them out. Get the police involved, narcissists despise authority. Cut off supply, get justice the honest way afterward. Stop them victimizing others but do not gossip. Best done by law enforcement. This isn’t school, you need to snitch.

The violent toward those they claim to love cannot express love. They may not even feel it (psychopaths). They can feel relief from control over something external to compensate for their weakness, the power dynamic they ‘confuse’ for love, and also call their inner issues a matter of external cause (e.g. you made me hit you for misbehaving, as if they’re your parent instead of an equal). Rage is a red flag to do something. Before civilization, this meant killing the threat. We are not like other animals. We all have control, this cannot be denied. If you are an adult and have the privileges, like driving and voting, you have duties too. There is no excuse for abuse.

If they deny their agency with excuses, they belong in an asylum because obviously, they cannot take care of themselves and present a danger to themselves and others. 

Repeated provocations are common so they have a legal defense. Report these people for provocation and watch them run for the hills. I’ll bet there’s a long list of people with similar complaints, seek them out and file together.

Don’t play parent, you are not responsible for such people. They are adults. They need to stop leaning on other people and check themselves into some therapy. If they refuse therapy, it’s just another ploy to keep control.

There is no such thing as Magically Disappearing Agency. It doesn’t fluctuate, it’s there or not. Either you are responsible for ALL of what you do, or you should be in State Custody, in therapy or prison.

I thought I’d post this quick one before I go.

What type of woman does a psychopath target?
You’re supposed to hold them at arm’s length whenever you’re seeing someone new.
Background checks and shielding assets. Don’t tell them anything about your finances, or lie downwards and watch them skedaddle. Why would they need to know?
Thwart them once on a minor thing and see if they lash out like a little bitch.
They want to move you like a pawn, hook you and emotionally keep you in the basement. Stockholm Syndome.
You can’t fix or change a bad person. No, you can’t. A professional can because of professional distance, but nobody else can. Plenty of romance stories are wrong.
They have broken pair bonding from promiscuity and an insecure attachment style, so they will go for women with a secure style and suck that affection like a dying leech. If they feel insecure on a feature of life, such as class, they will seek a woman with the traits they lack e.g. they’re rude, they seek the meek and polite or the classic case of the ugly guy inside and out who thinks he’s entitled to hot women.
Look at the average PUA behaviour and realize those guys are for real. Was the cravat on an American not obvious? Their perception of beauty is warped to destruction, e.g. whereas people who like metal do like skulls, it’s like a roleplay. The psychopath pretends to like these things ironically to cover their death worship. Too much goth stuff without the music is a big flag. They tend to think of the music as ‘girly’, and yes, in their mind the worst thing a person can be is often female. Their insults veer misogynistic, 9/10. As a red flag, that is a good one.
They will always side with a criminal whatever the evidence e.g. recently we had a footballer charged with rape of a minor and he admitted it, his fans defended him as the victim. The more similar the criminal to them demographically, the more emotional they’ll get. This spirals into anger and domestic abuse over time, which they will deny to police and try to gaslight or defame the woman in the courts for daring correct him. They can’t stand being corrected (the narcissism) because they are Obnoxious Signalling Smart Person in the Room e.g. if you have to tell people your IQ, if they can’t tell already, it isn’t a valid IQ measure and you should be retested as an adult. Speaking of, intelligence is not IQ per se and intelligence is not a single number (it’s an academic thing, like an A+, it’s purely comparative to the sample). People over ~135 get this, it isn’t hard, it’s basic statistics. They normally say 160-170, despite how unlikely a person in that range would fail at life time and time again (psychopaths cannot commit but everything they try, they mess up) and fail to commit to anything, i.e. a job. The best job in the world, they’d get fired. A fun thing to do with this prick in a social setting is challenge them to prove it, forbid them a choice because that’s biased (framing lies), then watch their face drop as you pull up an IQ test question on your phone and watch them fail again, and again, and again, and again. They work themselves into a hissy fit explaining the test is wrong. Yes, the test is wrong, sure.
Spins emotion into ‘secret’ displays of logic (rationalization, wrong). No, this makes no sense, you aren’t imagining it.
They target sweet naive women who put up with their BS, mother figures who will baby them like a little boy, while resenting their own mother. They will tend to think the Madonna/Whore thing wasn’t a literary metaphor but rooted in fact…

well leaves nope no go leaving

Better to keep a distance and see how they treat other women. If they can’t have female friends or say it’s always the woman’s fault somehow, get out.
Best tactic is to hold off and deny them, if you frustrate them for a few weeks to months, they’ll move on. Better they think you’re boring than become a stalker. Playing dumb is their big weakness because they already think you’re dumber than them by default.
Gaslighting: crazy people project and call you crazy. Finishing move: say you should both go to a couples’ therapist (at the same time, so they can’t lie behind your back) and watch them back off and make excuses. If you were so crazy, they wouldn’t want to be with you. Common sense. Invite them to go or STFU about it, making deadlines triggers their panic button because they have a huge complex about abandonment (when they don’t deserve a relationship, being so selfish). They won’t leave because they need you, women fail to realize, so they’ll spend their manipulations trying to convince you the other way around, since they’re needy babies emotionally in a man’s body.

Some good ways to psychopath-proof yourself: Set firm boundaries and don’t let anyone cross them no matter how much he is guilting you; listen to your gut and don’t override your instincts out of an eagerness to please or to have your last chance at love; do not dismiss or minimize red flags such as lying, cheating or abusive behavior; do not take responsibility for someone else’s actions, even if that person is doing his best to blame you. And most importantly, realize you can’t change anyone, and that your mental, physical and emotional health is more important than keeping a relationship together no matter what.

If someone’s guilting you, shouldn’t that be a slight hint?

All that comes down to Don’t Be Desperate and leave if you aren’t happy.
The rule should be, why rush if it’s real? They’ll try and rush the process to hook you, they’re a very pathological r-type that feels smothered if they get you, it’s pretty funny with distance.

If you hear a sob story, any sob story from anyone ever, ask if they’re seeing a therapist and watch ’em flinch. Higher powers offend them. Although they do love misreading and misusing Freud as if he’s still relevant to the 21st Century. He was unfalsifiable (gaslighter’s preferred mode of argument). The SJWs also love Freud because he confirms their beliefs, Freud is generally a joke 9/10.

Link: The false virtues of alpha male
“What’s troublesome is how far we take the analogy, even if we don’t particularly like the alpha males in our office, our circle of friends or our sports league. Because the power dynamic is reflected in the natural world, we’ve internalized the notion that dominance by an alpha male is the natural order of things. As such, we’ve come to recognize the characteristics of a classic alpha male as virtues. Though unseemly at times, we accept them as necessary traits for effective leadership.

I would argue, however, that they are not. While I recognize that our world needs leaders, I would caution anyone away from choosing the asshole lifestyle in the pursuit of alphadom. Because we are not animals. While this behavior may win you a momentary position of power, it won’t last.

Counters, and consequences;
1. There is always someone bigger than you, and they might kill you. You never know if the person you just pissed off in the bar is an assassin. They never look like an assassin, idiot. The loudest person in the bar is least likely to kill you. The quiet guy who doesn’t want any trouble? Buy him a drink and run.
2. Great way to lose friends who call you out and get surrounded by sycophants.
3. What all prisoners have in common for $200.
4. There are these things called rights and they’re legally enforceable.

Here’s a fact, most murderers and rapists begin as lower level abusers, domestic or habitual fighters.

Terrible link but it gets the gist. There are mathematical patterns to this.
They get a sense of invincibility from it and finally ‘graduate’ to murder or rape (both involve taking). They get a sexual thrill out of violating personal boundaries (hence the emphasis of this as a red flag). From medical accounts, they prepare for their future crimes psychologically (what if, but dark) and anticipate it, almost willing an excuse, and sometimes it forms a masturbation fantasy. TMI but true. Plenty of serial killers/rapists are compulsive masturbators. Drug use and alcohol abuse are also common, they like being out of it. Later this forms part of their legal defense.
They begin as antisocial, the clinical behaviours of aggression, and escalate. If they’ve lost one marble, odds are they’ve lost the rest, you just don’t know it yet. You don’t owe anyone your life trying to ‘fix’ them. That’s how you end up dead.

Uncontrollable anger isn’t alpha. Toddlers have it. I’ve yet to hear a single valid virtue of the alpha male that shouldn’t apply to all men (boohoo you aren’t special), and usually most people, in fact. But hey, the self-improvement cult on social media doesn’t care about pesky logic.

Beware the betrayal of the overly polite

The Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics in Beijing (AMACL) just released their findings that those who are“excessively polite” are considerably more likely to betray peers or comrades than those who are not effusively polite. The researchers at AMACL engaged in an in-depth study of Diplomacy, a strategy-oriented game in which players simulate pre-WWI Europe.

…As it turned out, there emerged rock-solid examples of betrayal that AMACL observed in their report. Perhaps most shockingly, the scientists discovered one of the most predictable signs of imminent backstabbing is sudden changes in conversational tone. Conversations would morph from average or uneventful to contain “patently evident positive sentiment, structured discourse and overt politeness”.

remember this when we're beyond all hope

We always knew.

1. They Lack Empathy

2. They Lie All the Time

3. They Humiliate You in Front of People

4. They Crave Attention but Don’t Give Any

5. They Always Place the Blame on You

6. They Isolate You

7. They Blackmail You

8. They Never Show Remorse

Despite all of the bad things they do – and the frequency with which they hurt you – emotional psychopaths rarely show remorse. The words “I’m sorry” aren’t in their vocabulary, no matter the situation. In fact, they’re more likely to try and convince you that the problems in your relationship are your fault.

called gaslighting

9. They Have a Sadistic Sense of Humor

Everyone has a different sense of humor, but emotional psychopaths are on their own level. They find humor in things that most people find unlawful or disgusting. While it may only seem strange at first, it evolves over time and becomes creepy and disturbing.

10. They are Extremely Charming at Times

And they wonder why they’re single.

Psychopath tells

Since that porn star is being called a psychopath (I think he is), here’s what we look for.


They lack empathy and remorse and never accept responsibility for their action.


Do they lie a lot?

Uses aliases?

Lie about their age when they’re ashamed of it? [we like this one because we can verify]

Nudge the boundaries between their definition of fun and illegal?

Have little in the way of impulse control (gambling, drinking, drugs, sex especially)? …Really, just look at their sexual history, it’s never wrong.

Must they always have control?

Even over strangers?

Do they push boundaries repeatedly?

Do they say things they know will upset a person?

Just to get a rise? [antisocial]

Do they say explicit things to women that they know would get them punched if a man were present or addressed? [most are male and all male psychopaths are misogynists]

Is rape a literal turn-on? Does the mere mention of the word put a little glimmer in their eyes? Do they have many incredibly detailed opinions clearly formed over many years about why ‘it isn’t so bad’?

Will they target kind people or quiet people, minding their own business?

Do they leech off kind people emotionally?

Do they rotate their friend groups every few years because people get sick of them?

Do they lack direction in life, probably in the same place 10 years from now, doing the same things?

Do they expect others to serve them?

Do they hog the conversation? When they know nothing about the topic? [mansplaining originates here]

Do they belittle people over nothing? Including different morally neutral life choices?

If these things are reminding you of PUAs, you’re correct, things like negging, plowing, shit testing (which gamma males do constantly) without going into personal space violations and sexual coercion (that revokes consent later given, under duress) are all red flags for profiling. Basically, can they only get it up if they choke her? Sadly we can’t ask that question but it’d be 100% predictive.

ah who knows mystery shrug eva green pfft haha

Psychopaths, ingrouping and empathy

eric ooh aah umm uhuh play dumb smile laugh evil grin

jk I always knew

I wonder if AC has seen this;

Biofeedback can teach you all sorts of fun things. Murder, tantra, how to catch a bullet with your teeth…

He also denied that he was racist, insisting he was fighting against anti-European racism carried out by “the Norwegian media and the Marxist elites”. He said: “I am not a racist. I am an anti-racist.” Indeed, the Turkish-named owner of the local bar near the farm where Breivik constructed his bomb said that Breivik was friendly to him in a way that some locals were not.
…Sociopathy is not a mental illness and I do not believe that Breivik is mentally ill. Sociopathy involves among other things a callous disregard for the feelings of others. Breivik’s astonishingly callous behaviour in his killing spree, and his awful coldness in the courtroom are indeed shocking, but this armour of self-control has chinks in it,
…Breivik tells psychiatrists that his meditation dulls all emotions – “from happiness to sorrow, despair, hopelessness, anxiety, fear”

This is why you should never meditate, btw. The Buddhist non-intervention is a sweet veneer on callous apathy.

…There were hundreds of thousands of such men doing this throughout Eastern Europe during the second world war – ordinary men who loved their families and had close friendships round the ‘staamtisch’ of their cosy local pubs. Sociopaths? – Not at all, because most had good working histories, long-standing relationships and many other features of normality which are incompatible with the diagnosis of sociopathy. If they became sociopaths, it was a context-specific sociopathy, an acquired disorder like a temporary infection that allowed them to behave with insouciant bestiality.

Oh look, the rabbits are projecting again.

Video: Hidden Psychopathy + Sherlock/Moriarty

I’m going to do something here I’ve never done online before. This is how I pick up on stuff.
A casual linguistic analysis, an excerpt from this video, transcribed by me. And pop culture comparison for fun.
Key: Bold and italic, by me too, note for tone. (round bracket) implied, covert or omitted. [sq., clinical note, overt presentation]

Of note, ~9:00 in:-

(serotonin amelioration explanation)
…so Psychopaths will get very angry but they’ll stay angry. …I said when I get mad, I don’t show it to anybody. I said I could be furious at you and you’d never know. I show no anger whatsoever. I don’t show anxiety. I said first of all, you’ll never know. I can sit on it for a year or two or three or five. But I’ll get you. And I always do. And they don’t know where it’s coming from. They can’t tie it to the event and it (seemingly) comes out of nowhere. And something dramatic happens in their life but I’m very careful, almost pristine about it, that’s a fair response. So if somebody does something [DS: note linguistic distancing] you can do a lot, you know. [DS: linguistic hedge, appeal to popularity/commonality]. You can say anything to me and I won’t get mad, really. [superficial] Those things don’t get me mad. [unique triggers] Somebody’s trying to get me [challenge, disrespect] , it’s like another psychopath or another (…) you know, someone’s trying to mess with me [perception of threat]. I have uh, I have a high (standard) threshold [pattern-seeking, repetition of slight required], so many things really don’t get me mad. You can just about do anything. I’m pretty cool that way. [rarely emotionally involved personally or socially] But if you really do [personal attack, repeated or major, provocation] then I always get even [balance scales, sense of justice] and I’ll make sure [intellectual control] it’s the same sort of intensity [proportion, category] that their initial damage (caused). …I can stay cool and it’ll happen (inevitable) and they’ll look around –
What happened with their job, what happened with their family, what happened [I happened. Person as event/God.] they won’t know. [stealth] And they both said that’s psychopathic. That’s exactly it. …..
Really when I saw Dexter, I absolutely understood it, because he was being fair, he was being fair to the universe [moral code, higher power appeal] and the world of ethics of the universe he was absolutely fair. Morality wise not so much [minimisation] but I could really understand [empathise] that behaviour. [decision-making process]
……..It was always the most selfish behaviour. ….It gets worse than that. ….It would extend to everything I was doing. [global traits] …Everything I’m doing is maximally selfish. (tries to change) I said you know I don’t really mean it. My wife goes I don’t care. ….I couldn’t believe it. I thought, you see, I had taken the whole thing of empathy and meaning beyond what people behaviourally are asking for [deep, higher processing, sincerity in social observance of norms] … people said you’re trying and that’s all that matters. This really blew me away and I really still don’t understand it [DS: it’s interpersonal respect, respect for observance of norms]….

This is the living example of a successful sociopath (non-criminal, prosocial psychopath).
BBC’s Sherlock, continually selfish, would also meet this (before they made him mushy and weak for the fangirls in Series 3).

a-friend-an-enemy-oh-which-one bbc sherlockMan, how many people do you piss off???

Despite the writer’s insistence they haven’t written one, he is. He totally is. They’re just reading sociopath as a criminal. No no, ‘successful sociopath’. Successful. High-functioning, almost. If you were to apply functioning criteria to this condition, yes.

And this bundle of characteristics, as it were, makes them so dangerous. Calculating, ruthless, precise. Think Moriarty. No doubts over that one, but aren’t they similar?

I listen in for linguistic cues and quirks like this at cocktail parties, with surprising results.
This is why successful sociopaths are best in business. It’s the ideal set of traits. Look out for these clinical markers I pointed out in conversations with high-flyer types. Sometimes I announce to them on the quiet that I know what they are. Good times, good times.

no one ever gets me bbc moriarty sherlockCome on, it’s transparent as a pane of glass.