Video: What Real PTSD looks like (formerly known as shell shock)

It is not a simple Fight/Flight reaction, as the feminists and other assorted liars claim. Everybody gets those from time to time and we learn to deal with them effectively. They call it other terms to make it sound better clinically; panic attacks, anxiety and other things to cover for their own controlling habits. PTSD has nothing to do with other people, or a desire to control them. It does not refer to the simple spike of chemicals that produce fear or agitation. Those are normal, they are nothing special. It is a simply the outcome of an oversensitive disposition which requires MORE stimulation (e.g. flooding or exposure therapy) for their self-created phobia or neurosis, NOT less.

As the adrenaline and fear response has a time limit, theoretically a person will eventually have to calm down and realize that their phobia is unwarranted. Flooding can be done through the use of virtual reality and is fairly effective.

Help a feminist today. Trigger and mock them.

It is a complex nervous condition.
Pills don’t do a fucking thing.
It isn’t a verbally expressive condition, unless you count crying, wailing or mewling like a newborn. Screaming for your mother is a distinct possibility, among other regressions such as forgetting how to speak.

How much is an aborted foetus worth?

Whole, it depends on the stage at abortion and whether there are any deformities (people with STDs for example, are usually screened out from the sales process). I’ve seen horses treated with more respect, for real.

Organ by organ?

Let’s see, in America the price listing for refined human RNA is;

$63 per major region (breast, uterus, penis, brain, umbilical cord…)

and it varies by purpose too. This was only one example of one type. Will they be testing the cell line for soft drinks? Perhaps using it in vaccine manufacture? Using the collagen in beauty products? [Seaweed contains collagen, there’s no excuse, but they oddly keep that ingredient fact of consumer choice off-label].

From that last link,;

“However, for those women who voluntarily elect for whatever reason do donate their aborted fetuses to science, we certainly ought not to discourage them. It can for many turn a gut-wrenching decision into something that makes them feel they have given something back to society. However, dialogue is necessary as to what sorts of uses those precious resources ought best to be used.”

There is a big cavernous difference between cancer research and Pepsi cola. One is science on the scalpel’s edge of ethics permissible for a higher end and the other is multi-billion dollar company profiteering R&D who can fund their own work without a problem.

Here’s a good review paper on the other side of abortion from the UK’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children:

Click to access exploring.pdf

Did you know for example, there is a branch of PTSD called Post Abortion Trauma? aka Post Abortion Stress Syndrome? It isn’t accepted by the politicized APA, but it’s treated by counselors and psychologists just the same;

“Nevertheless, any event that causes trauma can indeed result in PTSD, and abortion is no exception.”