From the looks of it, Fifty Shades is purple pill

On the male side;

  • rich
  • powerful
  • commanding
  • lustful

But then the fact a woman wrote it comes in with the ugly weak female lead. I want to introduce this girl to undereye concealer, maybe they’re copying the Twilight makeup too. Or it’s just the trailer lure since the actress normally is quite the looker (hard 8?). I still think they should’ve stayed with the old male lead, but I have a thing for blonds.

Blue Pill Media: Girls & Boys by Good Charlotte

I’ve been reviewing old material I grew up with in light of the realities of the world and it’s surprising to see how obviously some people flirt with the truth and never quite get there. This is called Purple Pill. I may do little pieces like this from time to time and point out things that stick out.

These guys had fame game, they knew firsthand how shallow women can be but how many of these dumb women sang along to songs like this without any idea they’re being insulted? Like all the absolute munters singing along to Sexy And I Know It? Now if we could recruit middling influencers like this, red pill could take off in a huge way in a short space of time. It may not be perfect, but a wry take inoculates the movement against backlash.

In short, you can’t parody a parody. You can’t satirize a satire. It’s a wonderful technique to expose propaganda.
Just an idea.