Consider the sauce

{Hold the walnut}.

Consider the source:

Ah. Considering this woman is the subject of multiple dodgy CDAN blinds involving children that’s like Stalin calling you a stand-up guy. Thinking aloud on this one. Jolie has been filmed talking about the initiation ritual, I’ve posted it before but it keeps getting taken down. Jolie herself is abusive, snakes defend snakes.

I’ve largely avoided talking about him for personal reasons but I did post a picture proof(s) of him once playing guitar, years ago. So I’ve been within spitting distance. I’m not gonna doxx him, partly because we have laws about that and he has more money than me. Like, laughably. This is an info dump and I know most of it to be true personally but other things are filling in gaps. A friend took these for me:

2018, looking right at me

I’m pretty much certain he’s a Satanist now, but jury’s out on what he’s actually done. I suspected from the type of tattoos. Similar to Jolie, ancient-seeming and quite linear. That’s how invocations are written, it’s a type of binding. Some ancient languages or glyph are just shapes, including sigils.
Amber wasn’t entirely lying, and he even admitted to hitting her and attacking her on several occasions (in court). He’s also been recorded admitting it so I don’t know why people are disputing this point. One party needn’t be innocent for one to be moreso in the wrong. Mutual abuse is a thing. Both have strong Algol in their charts, as does ..Hillary. Hmm. You don’t settle for millions over nothing.
He also did the same thing to Kate Moss, which is why they broke up but remain ‘friends’.
Pathological altruism will cause women to defend their abusers. It’s to help cope mentally. Similar to when boys are raped but tell themselves they ‘wanted it’ because the horror of powerlessness is too much.
Note Vanessa never married him. You think she couldn’t? A supermodel? She didn’t want to. Awareness of scandal potential? Likely.
Here’s something nobody else has disclosed online before (from what I’m aware).
This is a guy who had a whole character written about him in the popular witch film Practical Magic. His homage character was an abusive alcoholic boyfriend to thin, waif looking model-type women (played by an Eyes Wide Shut actress from a known Satanist family), he’s a real piece of work who flies off the handle at literally nothing (male diva), very brittle ego (insecure, deeply controlling, rants pretentiously and incorrectly about books – which is just spot on), who seems vaguely Satanic (never specified but is described as ‘dark and unnatural’ and has a forerunner to the Death Eater symbol as a ring, which he brands women’s bodies with, sex-cult style) and has plotted and killed people (cough River cough*). That’s literally the whole guy’s character arc. Obviously JD turned it down so they found a guy who matched the closest in looks humanly possible and gave him the exact same very 90s haircut and extremely specific dress sense, including silver death-themed jewellery on a man. To my knowledge, he’s the only person known for that, to date. Silver looks better in moonlight and he was known to be nocturnal and prone to mood swings like a woman with hyper-PMS (wearing silver supposedly enhances this). How obvious has it gotta be? They call the character Jimmy, which was the closest they could legally get without being sued. He also loudly sings Elvis when he’s drunk (JD is a singer and used to do 50s style greaser roles), wears way too many waistcoats and obsesses over the woman he’s with, practically possessing them (read his ex’s experiences of him and tell me that isn’t codependent). People assume JD is slurring in his speech but it’s actually the depth of his voice, it’s almost like a purr. I’m not ruling out brain damage much later on from drug abuse but I know he’s had a face lift since (you can tell, note eye shape and brows lifted). So far, so him. It isn’t that every woman he ever met is crazy, he makes them crazy, he’s a crazy-maker. Domineering type, which scares them off. I doubt he grew out of it and I think he wants more kids. Plenty of women would oblige. Hell, I’d be tempted. It’d be a story. Probably horror but the charm

The PM character has similar, purring rumbles and the same swaying hand gestures to show off the rings (like Solomon, who had demons at his beck and call). JD is not stupid, it’s just that people rarely ask him intelligent questions and they’re fooled by the Southern twang accent. Genetically, he’s almost entirely English, with one or two Frenchies in the tree (name, possible bloodline connection if you look at their Louis-types) and apparently one black woman (<0.01%). That’s why he currently resides in England, he isn’t American at all and terribly un-PC (talking of Amber hitting the Wall and hating on Musk, he knows about the red-pill section of the net, aka my section). We also have stronger laws re divorce and reputation than America, which is more slippery.
Despite this, he is without a doubt one of the only actors I still like and enjoy watching. I think we can be mature enough to separate artist from art. It’s like listening to Elvis in spite of the pedophilia or frankly, most modern music would disappear.
I don’t think the man’s a Saint, merely a talented performer. Remember, a talented performer can trick you when they’re not ‘on’ at work. I’ve met men socially with good looks just like that (yes, they looked like John) and the charisma oozes out of their pores. I’m not personally swayed by it because it reminds me of the stare of a cobra. You fall for it and you’ll get hurt. Don’t dance with the devil because a self-destructive person will take you down too. Male damsels turn me off and brooding is just annoying. But most women (and even men!) lap that shit right up with a spoon like chocolate. Or Chocolat.
More men fall for him than women, indeed, because he is so masculine despite wearing more jewellery than me on a busy day and more eyeliner than my goth phase. Just be careful not to simp for celebrities, is what I’m saying. Men do it more than women now.
When he talks about his demons, he isn’t being metaphorical. He’s always had a haunted look. I wouldn’t rule out CSA (childhood Satanic abuse).
When he cries to MUAs that he’s lonely, well, snakes are very lonely when surrounded by one another, yes. Maybe he should give me a call, people never stop talking to me I’m that type. They go on and on.
But they, in some ways, also deserve it. They’re all cold-blooded. He feeds off the energy of the women he’s with, both psychiatry and the occult call this emotional vampirism. He literally cannot function without a woman. That’s kinda sad. Solar men need someone lunar, someone to reflect them. He keeps smashing the mirror. Look at his chart. The Algol makes him self-destructive but since it’s with Venus, he relieves that energy by hurting women and destroying his connection with women (including his mother, who was cruel too). I don’t mean fluffy handcuffs and BDSM type stuff. I mean actual, non-consensual cruelty. More like breaking their spirit. A woman like Amber presents a challenge, since she’s so rough she’s practically a man (and has strong Algol, he met his match and still respects her for it). You don’t have to believe me but it’s true. Some people are like that, pure Marquis de Sade types. That’s why they’re still meeting up for dinner, A+J, as a blind alluded a while ago (AGC has it?) and the simping fanboys would feel so betrayed if they knew. Anyone “Dame” Jolie defends is on my radar most particularly. Having known a few Satanists at close proximity, there are little tells like how one dodgy person defends another in the most unlikely ways. I’d be silly not to mention this or bring it to attention.
Naturally I hope I’m wrong because everyone I know loves him, and I grew up on his films, but to see the evidence stack up is something. He used to trash hotel rooms back when he was with Kate. You can’t blame Amber for everything. Cults defend one another and he passed Kate around like an ashtray (“open” relationship). He frankly doesn’t respect women or I’ve never seen evidence he’s capable of respecting anyone whatsoever. Some people burn very hot but burn themselves up in bad habits. He might’ve been the guy behind that alternative Hollywood Halloween party blind but I don’t have the contacts to verify that because it was another generation. Algol is Medusa, who was raped, and supposedly JD has a rape fetish, an escalatingly realistic one. Essentially running a rape party with unsuspecting female victims would seem very Kate. She could be bait so the women feel safe. She’s ice cold and detached. It would explain why the host stopped (legal threats?) so suddenly. Manson was at his peak so him and JD I could see. Don’t fall for the puppy dog eyes, there’s calculation behind them. It would also explain why Kate is defending his character because if he goes down, she does too. Getting drugs for his daughter sounds like a grooming thing so no wonder she’d defend him. He has a natural menace. There’s something cold-blooded about him and Jolie, you can see it in the film they did together. Like siblings. He fell out with River (allegedly) who then, mysteriously and suddenly, died.

*I hope that’s how he paid for his fame (Viper Room, cmon) and nothing to do with kids (Hollywood Vampires? May as well call it Adrenochrome Pals). I hope he isn’t doing anything dodgy with the remote French village he owns or the Epstein-type island. My childhood would be ruined. Why did I suspect this? Since we heard about Manson and his appearance at Kanye’s show mocking a church, Manson being friends with both JD and Rowling, who hired JD… it fits. There’s a circle. Bit weird he’d choose to be hired as Grindelwald, who’s basically a Satanist obsessed with death magic. He could’ve cake-walked a nicer part. But no. WB sacking him would make sense if they knew more scandals could break. Replacing him with a guy who played several cannibals and did the one-eye illuminati pose in The Rake fits. Technically John has played a cannibal, if we count the guy who grew corn he ate over corpses.
I include the relevant astrology because people like Jolie openly talk about it. You can check up on me, see? Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. I just want the truth. If he’s actually the nicest person ever I’ll backtrack and eat humble pie. With Jolie on side? Doubt.

You can tell he was kinda lying when he praised Jolie (basically all physical stuff), which gives me doubt enough to pause. And he’s yet to follow her on social media, which is a snub. It’s perplexing. I offer up my findings knowing some autist will make better sense of it. Polina was a stripper (“dancer” is how they met) so… JD could just have bad taste. Stop marrying thots? He’s turning into the male Liz Taylor.
You won’t find your soulmate in a strip club, mate.

Meanwhile supposed POTUS has prion disease, that looks a lot like Parkinsons. JD hates Trump which is probably the biggest blow to him being Old Fashioned American Boy. (Practical Magic referenced a cowboy thing because he’s from Kentucky, I think? Like, it could only be him).

He’s selling off the village, that’s suspicious. Bug out no longer needed? No war.

I’d design it in much the same way but the art studio is surprising. Does he paint? That’s the only way he could get hotter. I really hope he isn’t mental.

The Great Awakening

Except wait until they discover the West has been in this cowed state for CENTURIES. I hope enough details are released. I’d like this echo chamber to be more of a stadium.

That’s a Scot I would vote for.

It’s like waking up from a nightmare to find you’re in an even worse nightmare.

My only concern is the extent of hyperinflation and how those I know on fixed incomes, barely scraping by, will pay their bills to remain housed and well… fed. The assumption is that everyone has savings or can have savings because they’re middle-class. I’ve over-extended myself helping family over the years, at great personal expense, but can do no more, especially if rent or food triple. A lot of people in this country were barely scraping by, there were no programmes to help them. Too white, you see.

Pissing in the wind but k.


People pay taxes the public servants do your job the people say no over 90% of us

They don’t work from taxes, they use central banker inflation usury magic printer to go bbrrrr and enslave your grandkids some more. By the time each generation figured it out, they were too old to rebel.

if you listen really closely, you can hear the sound of all the soldiers turning in their graves at the realisation they fought the nazis for nothing.

They wanted to kill off the white men to import the brown ones. Three to four generations slaughtered across a few decades did it nicely. Who sinks the ships?

This country – the birthplace of the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights and which led the fight against the rise of fascism – has taken a path I never, ever thought it would take, or be allowed to take. It’s quite unsettling how this has happened.

The scum of Multicultural Boomer entitlement. If you actually look into fascism in this country, it was really more demographic safety. The right to reject. To prevent rape gangs and genocidal replacement. That’s why the Marxists get vague on details, of the ‘evil’ fascist policies, their worst predictions and more have actually happened. That’s why we’re never taught what they thought, to reject it. We wouldn’t. It’s already happened. It’s plain fact. So we’re not allowed to learn our own history. Instead Marxist interlopers tell us what our history is, their revised version where Romans were black. Kick out the infiltrators first.

After all this, I hope the Boomer property market implodes – especially across the EU. They ruined this country so they could jump ship to France, Spain or Portugal with Judas coin. Fuck ’em with market forces.

Strategy requires premature action

Trump is a reader, he also has a prominent Jyeshtha. Considering he reads a lot about himself, I know for a fact he knows this. The Trump train and other elements of surprise like it require it. His inability to be defeated in debate is characteristic. It’s an open style compared to the sly linguistic trickery and cold deceit of Hasta people, especially the men like Peterson (where lunar energy becomes evil). This suggests what he’s doing. Waiting for the enemy to make mistakes, having walked in the cold light of the truth and thereby, defeat them. Like showing an opening in martial arts, make them think you’re not waiting for it. Mythology is fascinating, you needn’t believe in it. That’s why I didn’t bother memeing for 2020. I knew they’d try to steal it and he’d let them. I just didn’t expect it to take so long by the book but it’s all evidence and that fits. You prove your enemies are your enemies by showing the attack. If you’re premature, they have the strategic information to win instead. Ketu can enhance a planet up to 20x by the way, it purifies in a holy way whatever it touches, it’s God’s influence on our being here, who we are. The meaning of our birth. I have it with a strong Jupiter, so I know-know. In person, when I talk people listen, they sense the purity of the truth (albeit brusque at times) and it’s the same with him. There is righteousness and then there is apparent righteousness in the eyes of others. The People ultimately decide, who is on their side. The latter, apparent righteousness, has more political legitimacy. This is how Cabal kept winning by censoring, making everyone believe the propaganda with no alternative. The little guy gets screwed over if he isn’t strategic at all, because strategy is noble if dispensed correctly. Be wise as Serpents is the name of the Illuminati bloodlines book. A good quote. They went after him and now he seems out of the picture, their true plan is revealed going after everyone else. It would’ve looked cruel and mad if he hadn’t waited for that proof, giving future proves past wry meaning. Now everyone knows, oh, it IS personal. They are really after me, too. So nobody will wish to show pity or mercy to those who openly wished to enslave them. Devolution was his choice and depending on how long he permits those on very fixed incomes (the elderly, disabled on welfare) to suffer higher food prices they’ll eventually starve for, I believe it to be the correct one. Not everyone can afford gold, though. To assume this hedge is always possible is foolish. Pulling the cockroaches into the sunlight allows other people to surmise the problem. i.e. Not the person screaming about it.

I expect other people to rip off this interpretation minus the mythos when the audits flood in. Brilliance lies in the avoidance of fucking up. It really is like chess. Joke about 3d underwater snorkel chess all you like but Trump is a billionaire and you’re not. He started from scratch several times. Boris could never. That’s real merit v. puppet.

It isn’t a torch-wielding mob….. yet.

Pro-mutant propaganda

But not everyone is consenting. People are being held down, including children.

Which version was Trump suggesting people take? Which version did Warpspeed approve? Any ingredient changes are totally illegal.
He said freedom to choose. Did the people forced have freedom? Collateral damage. Only adults can legally consent to be in clinical trials.

IF Cabal has cures to most disease, wouldn’t that include most caused by ‘jabs’? Short of death and stroke and brain damage, I mean. Well, I posted before about amino acid types and brain damage/IQ. So maybe not that last.

This vaccine damage, like all the others, for decades, reminds me specifically of the Extremis plotline in Iron Man 3.

Remember, it alters your whole body. Genomic therapy, not genetic. Genetic is smaller. Genomic is modRNA.
And in the trial phase, in that film, it killed the people they gave it to.
Then in Endgame, the depopulation ‘debate’ in pop culture over how great that would be for ‘The Planet’.
Surprised nobody has covered the angle through Marvel films, considering Disney CEO is/was a Satanist. Lots of Disney shows abused children. How many kids have gone missing at the parks? All the bodies they keep finding in mass graves, do you think there aren’t any for them? Why build random abandoned ‘parks’? Why build over old buildings?

re Aktion T4 – they went after kids too. I hope abused children sue their Karen parents who forced them, too. Even the disabled ones. God knows they’ve gone through enough. Oh yes, people forget they’ve pushed this onto disabled kids in the UK. Now, with proven murderous intent, what will they compare it to? What did I compare it to? T4.
Long-term effects explored: possible sterility. How many doses needed? Are some doses ‘contaminated’? Do we have the full ingredient list? Has the WHO developed an antifertility vaccine in the past? How often does it require injection? 2-4 times per year. How many times do we supposedly ‘need’ boosters? …
Why inject the elderly first? What if the different batches do different things? Fatal for care homes, fatal for disabled kids. Sterile for everyone else. Unless you’re their enemy. Why was I invited back in March? I’m young. They lied and said my age group was only permitted in past month or two. This is a lie. Others I know, still younger than myself, were offered same time as I. Commonality? Enemies of Cabal. How? GP appointments. If they know when and where, and you don’t know the person administering it personally, what’s to stop a plant administering a more fatal form? [nothing]

A number of years ago, I posted about network infiltration. It was random. Similar content?

Fire SFX no coincidence = Hellish.
Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. The meme? Well that’s genome, as in Human Genome Project. Not genetic, a smaller scale.

“not just a nanotech virus but a subtle genetic upgrade which makes it seem more real and even more threatening since someone with a virus can look like anyone walking down the street” – read this in 2021, OOF

Turning people into weapons against the People.

Did you think years of injections were planned to do nothing?

Why did Trump and military need alternative treatments and other versions? Which versions did Cabal test and try to release? Like the ones confiscated for contaminated batches? What’s in them?

STUNNED nobody has drawn this parallel yet.

And the Arab stunt was FAKE.


p.s. when this is all over, my life is gonna feel reeeeal fucking boring. Maybe I’ll marry an eccentric billionaire or something. Buy a lot of designer handbags. Make cheese. Something. Probably lots of things to replace this fun.

All-Seeing Eye – blinded

Put this at the foot of the Freemasons. Name the Beast. This will be like watching Sauron fall, slowly at first.

Anti-fa is China’s Beast but FMs belong to the Cabal central. All cults must be forcibly dismantled. Upon entry, FMs must forsake God. This is signposted. Why? All religions have a version of Thou Shalt Not Kill and FMs are a death cult. See who had ‘Freemason grandads’ and watch how they conveniently moved to the countryside to homestead shortly before the pandemic. Freemasons are familial. You never stop being one. It’s like the Mafia. They thought war. They moved beyond the reach of nukes, away from meltdown towers in nuclear facilities. Not a coincidence. Nobody is discussing this yet. The Gray State exposed the FM connection, they could not afford it to be released (UK). Read the comic From Hell, note the mapping of all Freemason ‘Temples’. Those are Temples of Satan, in plain sight. People will freak. Freemasons are mostly responsible for the Illuminati shit and military intelligence has blinded them. It’s Biblical.

Lodges are slightly different. They hunt people. It needs to be remote to have their fun long-range. Why does Parliament still have a gun range? A comedy recently starred Harry Enfield playing Prince Charles attending a meeting of the Church of Satan. He was possessed by Satan, which suggests someone knows something. What if footage or provable intel to that effect of Satanic attendance came out? Divine right of kings is based on religious legitimacy, i.e. Protestantism. This is big. Knights of Malta, William is one. Why is Andrew the Queen’s favourite son? What is the Satanic form of worship (orgies)? I’ve been covering this for years. Do you think Philip lived so long from diet and exercise? What if adrenochrome was no longer available…? They get MRI scans every year, sure, but that doesn’t heal you… what blackmail material does Harry have on the Queen, so much the stress could bump her off? A woman photographed cruelly throttling a pheasant who’s been quoted as saying she isn’t as nice as everyone thinks?

You can find these people on Facebook by listing Freemasonry as a topic of interest. Note the names. They’ll probably end up in some legal trouble shortly. Why does every major University with tunnels, have a secret Freemason society? They’re not listed on the website [SU] but if you google Uni Name + Freemason it pops up. Even interviews with members. Gammas who feel important. They think they’re changing the world. I’ve met some. They advocate depopulation. They’re also Marxist. I covered how Extinction Rebellion is a death cult to Saturn (homophone*) by its own logo. Do any such FM Universities have tunnels to royal boroughs or royal living places? That’s a short list, isn’t it? Leverage + Blackmail. Many go into civil service. The power behind the political face’s throne. Wormtongue is King.

People wouldn’t believe a genocide in their time (neither did Rwanda) until the dehumanisation begins.
When people know relatives being pink-triangled and yellow-starred (or pink braceleted in the case of US military) people start being reminded of what we were browbeaten with at school.

Rs didn’t go after military because you can’t really fake combat experience. The frauds were selected from the lowly recruits and promotion material was either fabricated (read: grounds for dismissal) and/or the stories used were stolen from soldiers deceased or killed if they talked (read: crime, grounds to dismiss and punish).

When people are shown the camps, including videos of people working in them playing dumb like the French bitchute video I posted a few weeks ago, they will be horrified. It’s a necessary horror.

The GPs in the UK have already accidentally on-purpose ‘leaked’ that they’re building lists. Why? To pass to whom?
The military has also been spotted at some supermarkets and testing sites, normalising their martial prescence.

In the UK, they also mentioned briefly in a news clip I’d linked that the army was going door to door intimidating people into disclosing their medical status. So papers please comes to you! This Australian BS about being a good little duckie under house arrest is while they tool the mega prisons, the concentration camps. That’s why I’ve covered them. That’s why I’ve mentioned the genocide angle (genetic or otherwise) for so long. Purchases can be proven, intent!
The way they’re rushing to ready the concentration camps can be proven in military court.
Body disposal en masse (crematoria?) + medical facilities (lethal injections, experimentation) prove plan. Global plot. Which drugs do they buy? Likely lethal injection ones like Midazolam. At killing doses. All meds are sold pre-dosed. Did the NHS buy those doses per head too? Look at the plot of the Island, China already piloted butchering camp members for clean organs. No spikes = clean. That’s why camps and no insta-kill.
Countries like Canada were encouraging relatives to rat on one another.
I told you for years to play the game ally or snitch. Who would keep your secrets and who would betray you?
This is important now. The Needle Nazis, as I called them, is not a mere meme. I was being quite literal.
The ww2 propaganda at school was to suspend belief that ‘it couldn’t happen here, we had so much education!’ hence the ‘Holocaust’ statue in London now…. except we never had a Holocaust in England. Sargon was smuzzled, smug puzzled, why this was needed. They cry out in pain as they strike you. They laid out the rule book, I’ve linked books where they openly talked about killing off so-called Aryans and we’ve all seen Marxists use the white genocide meme seriously and celebrate higher death than birth rates. The mask is slipping. Synagogue of Satan? Now, are some genetic Jews okay? My question is who cares? Investigate all the treason and find any rat who was part of this scam. Satanists may be a branch of Judaism, we know the Talmud includes pedo-bait and Kaballah is popular in Hollywood but honestly, I do not care. I care that they’re injecting kids with poison and tooling murder camps. That is reality now.

The immigrants are the intended guards. No loyalty to this People. Years of brainwashing to hate and blame us.

My only concern is that Trump’s slow movements will leave Australians and English in the cold. These camps already exist, they just need some fabricated grounds to begin round-ups. The guarded hotels near airports are a cold run. A …pilot test. Evil has a wicked sense of humour.
I have faith in God, not men, but second to that, Trump was in my area shortly before he left office and I feel a natural calm when thinking on whatever he told fake Buffoon Boris. “You can do this, but not that”.

I’ve posted about hyperinflation and deflation literally years ago.
I can see some pieces on the chessboard but even if it weren’t above my pay grade, I’m not writing it here.
Fear God and have heart. We fight principalities.

And to any rogue agents watching – following orders didn’t work a lifetime ago, either. I suggest you repent. They turn on their minions to hide the evidence. YOU are the evidence.

*Pronounce Saturn repeatedly as fast as you can. They don’t worship a planet. The r- is not used in English. Ss-ah-tuh-uhn. STN like a sigil. SAAAHTUUUN. = Satan. They’re telling you they worship Satan. That isn’t Roman paganism, is it? If someone tells you they do occult work and rituals for Saturn…. a planet doesn’t require ritual sacrifices, does it? The Bible prohibits misusing frankincense and other incense not for perfume but Satanists connect burning it to their rituals. Also musk because it’s the fertility of a mammal. Castration is Saturnian – limiting, denying, restricting. It works well with Ishtar fertility energy. Medieval scholars hated the associations of that planet but a cloud of dirt is not that energy. It’s a cover. Why does Hollywood pronounce it the Saturn way instead of Say Tan? It’s Say Toon like Amun Ra. The ooh sound. Sound is important.

re the German “Royals” IF Charles and William can be proven in on it, but Harry, being military, is not… and Harry has military contacts to track and record people he knows…. he could bump himself up the line of succession. Way up. That’s the plan, I’d guess. That’s why I predicted they’d move to America. Different military. Queen has no power there. Prosecution is done by the Queen here. Would she prosecute her direct lineage, for something she may have done also? Play the Big Cards now, Harry. By the time that book comes out heavily edited, no one will care. Queens don’t lawyer up over nothing.

A world without Cabal

Future proves past*.
Read: plotting*. Malice aforethought. Paper trail > trial.

“I’ll show them a world… without you.”

People forget that the red pill in my tagline is a medical metaphor.
And pills need studies and proper data collection because they can be cleared for safe release.
The Medical Metaphor is lost on most.

The question that tickles me is, would anyone have gotten the injection, if I hadn’t said anything far in advance about sterilisation tech?
I could’ve been a liar, people didn’t know either way due to the anon thing.

[I don’t lie. My religion prohibits false witness. Still. Just the same. You couldn’t know that.]

People firmly believe, however easily led, that they’re in control of their life. They must believe, to avoid depressive realism. Psyops debunk this notion, gently (with personal consent, by researching ‘conspiracies’) or harshly (Governments across the world all flouting their legitimacy of rule simultaneously with a lockstep plot*/collusion).

Still my favourite film of all time. Trinity’s love saves him.

My sense of things as they stand, not that you need listen to me:
What if I told you, the NWO cult religion was supposed to be ushered in by a False Awakening? I don’t mean mere miraculous forgeries, the Bible warns of those. I mean something like an inverted psyop? They hate being pipped to the post and cut off before they can execute the same stolen choreography. Very Bring it On. Maybe ETs, maybe more. Age of Aquarius bullshit. Aquarius being the Marxist sign of collectivism, rejecting Capricornian traditionalism. A higher Saturnian (they believe, Satanian) form, both signs ruled by Saturn (Satan, they think) in the Vedic system. Saturn reaping lives with his scythe. A god of Death and malady.

Construct logic. In 1999. The ‘peak’ of human (Western) achievement and civilization.

Yes, they plan in decades. The concept of an avatar. Social media? Social medium. Control network.
Parasocial relationships hinted. Humans as antennae, programmed. Even plugged in – most people were not online in that year.
What if the internet (read: interconnected network) could be used to wake people up? Their weakness is our strength.
Ah, you haven’t heard that one before, have you?

I’m just playing around. Aren’t I?

“No one has ever done anything like this. – That’s why it’s going to work.”
What is the Matrix? “Control.” (Not a thing, an idea, a meme. A sterile meme is dead).
Battery, think battery farm animals and the inhumane concept of Human Resources.

The Masons aka The Architects, look at their symbol. The failure of Enlightenment rationalism, false light. They have to hint to you the truth. The ability to suffer and sacrifice is no fault, it is God-given with our ability to love (pain is the cost of love) and our reason for being by the only Creator that matters. IF God were a programmer THEN to call a feature a bug is dishonest. Agency is no failure, it is no mere detail of the body. It is irreducible to electrical circuits in brain or board. Agency is a quality of the sovereign soul that inhabits the body temporarily, by choice. We could kill ourselves any day of the week, as Camus observed. Humans are made of sterner stuff. To crush agency is impossible because the soul, minus consent, is untouchable. Inviolable. God’s Will is sovereign. That is your design. Why else would false acts be necessary? They must convince you, tempt you, persuade you to make the wrong choice, deep in your gut/conscience/heart/soul knowing (faux gnostics) it is wrong. To sin is to step from God’s path and we feel this in the tread. We KNOW. Know, Will, Dare is their credo. Know it is evil, Will to do it anyway, Dare to rebel and attempt to overthrow, in spite of Revelations and the Blood Field of Apocalypse. The Gospel of Judas is a good read and not exactly incompatible with other parts of the Bible that otherwise make little sense (i.e. asking who betrays, Jesus ordering Judas to go quickly – literally no sense in it otherwise, whatever they try to posit – Judas chose to take the piece but was literally possessed). HIS Will be done, God’s prophecies come to fruition. There is still choice. Mortal choice. Jesus chose to go to the cross, Judas Iscariot chose to obey the order by taking the bread after being told what it meant. It was still his own sin. His own choice. The sin to kill himself was out of bad faith, that Jesus was utterly dead, despite the promise of return. He should have believed he was redeemed in the death of his Saviour as a disciple. He saw the works, the healing. Christ means the Anointed One, a healing title. He had little faith in The Christ. He chose to betray him twice, second time was killing himself against God’s will to end our lives. Theoretically at least one of the disciples (another one, supposedly, who oddly refers to himself and validates his own testimony…) might have been immortal. Humans make choices. Knowing it is a violation of Higher Law and God’s perfect integrity. God is Good, to place one’s faith in men is idolatry, fallen (im)morality. Men are mortals and can save no one, including themselves. Pluck thine own soul from Hell, Satanist. Who runs this world? Whose domain is this place? Not God’s. …This is the beta test, as it were.

Again, Trinity saves him. Everyone is you pushed out, a mirror of your present state like spiritual tuning forks – that much is true. If you only attract evil, what does that say? Do good people like good people? Does a field of rotten fruit attract flies? When Jesus healed he said, go forth and tell no-one. They’d bring you ‘down’. Where is down? What is evil? What is corruption in the physical, corporeal plane? Sorry to get so meta.
But her embodied (the physical is feminine, the non-physical is masculine) love (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) saved him, so he might save her in faith. He was permitted that connection to higher things via Trinity. It’s so on the nose.

“We have only BITS and pieces of information-” LOL

Singularity pridefulness.

Except the soul is a spiritual battery for entities that would feed on it. Ties that bind, binding spell. This has been explained with the Crowley demon post. This is known historical fact and part of the official record.
“Human beings are no longer born, we are grown”. A farm.
“Watch them liquefy the dead” – 2021 America. Bitchute already blew the whistle on that, go look see.

Freemason tile opening. Good and evil, powers and principalities, God’s long chess game.

“He knows more than you can imagine” – from a limited system of permitted experience.
You may take the ticket or the red (pain) pill. I know those who made the wrong choice.

Alice in Wonderland was a pedo book about a child’s sexual awakening and is used in Monarch programming.

Thought stop reference, 1984 and …Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Also spiritual conditioning in many world religions, like the mindless braindead trances falsely called meditation (means thinking in Western definition).
Controllers: only those who don’t think are enlightened, it may not be technically correct but we make the rules of state, thereby it is politically correct!

The Big Lie. Doublethink. It isn’t coming, as smarter men like Bruce Charlton noted, it’s been here for a long time. Weaponised politeness. Kill them with their own kindness. The French king began etiquette at Versailles to control the court. Again, documented fact. Along with purple bath rumours and children going missing in Paris. This is bigger than any of us.
We are always and never at war with Oceania.
“An example of doublethink in George Orwell’s novel 1984. The totalitarian government of Oceania is constantly at war with one of the other two totalitarian superpowers that dominate the world: Eurasia and Eastasia. The objective is not to win the war, but to maintain a constant state of war in order to keep its citizens under control. When it is at war with Eastasia, the government declares that it has always been at war with Eastasia, that its people are an eternally hated enemy that must be destroyed. When the sides change, the same thing is said about Eurasia. It is considered every patriotic citizen’s duty to believe both statements are true.”

Recommended on the right bar:
We were not the first. Alpha testing. People saw through it.
So WW2 was used to eventually kill those off. A crop lost.
They lacked in communication to spread the truth.
“Adherence is based on three concepts: individualism versus collectivism; trust versus fear; and willingness to obey social distance rules. Jay Van Bavel opines that some countries tend to be more individualistic,16 and therefore more likely to reject rules and ignore attempts by public health authorities to “nudge” behavior change with risk messages or appeals for altruism. In collectivist cultures, people are more likely to do what is deemed best for society. Trust and fear are also significant influences on human behavior.17 In countries with political division, people are less likely to trust advice from one side or the other and are more likely to form pro- and anti- camps. This may also undermine advice issued by public health professionals. The last and most difficult to attain is social distancing. Human beings are social animals with bodies and brains designed and wired for connection. A pandemic, in many ways, goes against our instinct to connect. Behavioral psychologist Michael Sanders argues that if everybody breaks the rules a little bit, the results are not dissimilar to many people not following the rules at all.18”
I researched this ‘pandemic’ a great deal as a child. I was curious as to why highly social men who hated doctors, like Tesla, survived, while others who entrusted the doctors and their needles, including young, fit soldiers, perished. This mask refusal seems to be a recent addition, I found no proof of it in any book or online document while I was researching growing up. It’s possible I might have missed it. Possible but implausible.
Speaking of genetic collectivism, I have only seen Asians continue to wear masks. Good luck spotting who is the enemy in case of mandates. Who would dob you in? Who would hold you? Who would be ally or saboteur? It couldn’t be more clear. CCP says Operation FEAR. They continue to ignore Western governments and their laws. We are at war. An invisible war. A war for the future.

re Public Health Professionals, SAGE is mostly occupied by behavioural psychologists. That’s right. Behavioural psychologists and also Marxists. Know thy enemy. They are covering this up. How much longer?

If only I had a way to prove my conspiracy ‘theory’ into some documented, published fact?
Perhaps Sage publishing? If we only had it from the horse’s mouth…
The SAGE Handbook of Marxism
First edition due November 2021.
When does Boris try to get his emergency dictatorship extended? October, wasn’t it?

“The past decade has witnessed a resurgence of interest in Marxism both within and without the academy. Marxian frameworks, concepts and categories continue to be narratively relevant to the features and events of contemporary capitalism. Most crucially, an attention to shifting cultural conditions has lead contemporary researchers to re-confront some classical and essential Marxist concepts, as well as elaborating new critical frameworks for the analysis of capitalism today.

The SAGE Handbook of Marxism showcases this cutting-edge of today’s Marxism. It advances the debate with essays that rigorously map and renew the concepts that have provided the groundwork and main currents for Marxist theory, and showcases interventions that set the agenda for Marxist research in the 21st century. A rigorous and challenging collection of scholarship, this book contains a stunning range of contributions from contemporary academics, writers and theorists from around the world and across disciplines, invaluable to scholars and graduate students alike.”

Truth is stranger than Satanic fiction.

“You feel it, you’ve felt it your entire life, There’s something wrong with the world, you don’t know what it is but it’s there.. like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad…. DO you want to know, what it is?”

Cultural Marxism is warfare. It always has been.
Give them the rope to hang themselves by. Ideally, sell them it (Silicon Valley logic). Then hoist them by their own petard. That’s the English way. That’s the way we’ve always done it, and it worked.

“The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work. When you go to church. When you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”


“You are a slave, Neo.”
Neo in numerology re-arranges to one. One is oneself, alias, anon, (You).
You are a slave, !Neo, YOU.
You, the witness.

“Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison you cannot smell or taste or touch.”
Debt bondage. I think they’re slowly realising that fact.
And eyes turn to the “Banks” and the families who run them.
“A prison for your mind”.
Free schooling isn’t free.

“No one can be told… you have to SEE it for yourself”.
Spiritual choice – know your soul’s reality and face the consequences or deny it, and the same happens, later?

Rabbit holes – tunnels, for trafficking or evading nuclear war. Again, parts of this are established fact.
Russia has the best tunnels, supposedly.

“Nothing more (than the truth).”
Salvation sold separately.

Remember, a Renaissance may only occur after a pandemic natural culling of the idiots. The Black Death came from Asia. That one was real, and gave them ideas. Central banking was only enabled to expand because of it. History rhymes.

2:53 Vox Populi
4:16 DARVO

He killed the cats.
No sane machine or man would sympathise which that level of cruelty.

Sanity? Go to Rotherham and tell me of sanity. White men are content to permit pedos as long as they only attack girls.

*Pre-planned misery.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR or Industry 4.0) is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. Large-scale machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the internet of things (IoT) are integrated for increased automation, improved communication and self-monitoring, and production of smart machines that can analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention.[1]

Integrated by 5g, the skynet (satellites).
Self-monitoring – sure, everyone will sign up for it, no omissions. That’s how humans work.
No human intervention, no mercy. The word robot means slave. They are replacing one slave for another. A hardier slave. Easier to programme. Seconds, not years. So what happens to the disposable model?

The Second Revolution was admittedly purging factory workers, hastily murdered in the Brother War, ww1. This is established fact. The Third was intended to end in war, culling all post-WW2 generations. This did not occur. The Third is, in fact, a myth. There has been no development. No, software doesn’t count. Neither do rounded corners. All such Boomer technologies, if you check, were actually established before their birth. In many cases e.g. electric cars, long before (Edison tech, Victorian era, Gilded Age based on usury before another stock pump n’ dump). We already live in augmented reality, beginning with augmented history. By all means, check.
They don’t need you (well, most of us) anymore. Men have replaced themselves, believing they’d genuinely be allowed to ‘retire early’ on a beach because some ticket-taking blogger played pied piper and was never, suspiciously, short on funds, after pushing anti-natalism on white men, now spreading among so-called Christians like a mental STD. And Mister Tiddles went to live on a farm.

0:45 Conquered Western Europe, 2015.
Say, when did the Calais invaders begin arriving en masse?

0:55 The League of Humans, 2018.
Tell me Hillary wouldn’t head that shit.

1:05 China, 2018 – sure, China saves the world. Okay.
China and UK/USA were working together. Sure.
1:42 Africa is weirdly void of… Africans.
1:44 That part is true.
1:56 UN Combined World Fleet. No shit, that’s what it says. One World Government, basically.
Caption: Operation Dark Storm initiated.
Me: How about a Light Storm? God’s light.
2:02 nano dispersal – k.
2:15 China. [brave music] F.U.
2:40 Dark eclipses light.
2:50 France, 2023.
Then US troops in Germany, 2028. Caption: Kill them all!
3:03 Russian and Asian Forces. 2031.
Me: I did tell you so.
Here they play with the timeline.
3:54 UN High Command nuked all of Eastern Europe, 2085.
Not 25/35? Why?
4:01 Last human resistance (to? which system?) in UK, 2095.
4:14 China, 85% destroyed, 2115.
But you just said-
4:34 America falls.
But you JUST SAID-
4:45 A massive viral Holocaust (it actually says that) 2165.
O rlly?
Then US troops over-run.
5:04 Caption: slavery of Man.
Standing in what appears to be a magical demonic summoning circle of Hellfire.
5:06 Viral Holocaust in Australia – NOW – wait, scratch that, 2179. Supposedly.
5:18 “Zion” hospital beds. These people are sick. Literally. Years of inbreeding add up.
5:56 Human-Machine Interfaces exist now. I’ve seen them. You can find videos on Youtube. Human Resources in principle. Humans AS resources.
6:27 A robot holds a red (poison, Eden) apple. Caption reads: UN HQ, 2199.
7:04 There shall be no peace! – actual quote
“Hand over your flesh and a new world awaits you”. – NWO.
So it was a mere vessel for what? Soul.

What’s to say the robots aren’t possessed by demons? Singularity = Legion. Prove me wrong.

Why else would they care about your bodies?

Alternate clips:

Top clip: “I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin“.
I warned you all about China. People called me crazy. I continued to warn you, piece after piece of this process. I’m not entirely sure what happens next, it depends on the People. They gaslighting naysayers are strangely quiet. Who would be jealous of ugly people? Am I jealous of SJWs too? Please.

They’ll never admit to sexual or cultural* treason. Cowards never do.

Dodge this bullet of travel restrictions while you’re calling me full of shit. Gaslighting patriots is treason.
BTW, file the GP data exemption soon if in UK:

*Asia is NOT successful, money printer went brrrr in China first. In 1850, 1950, 1970, would you rather live in Japan or America? Asian appearance of success is temporary and based entirely on usury. Reversion to the mean: HAPPENS.

White pill

Went out this past week and there was a change in the air. It was palpable. A sea change of energy, people waking up. I remember that time for myself, it was so long ago. A frisson like a renaissance, of sorts.

BTW: wore no mask, didn’t die. So far, so good.
Will report if any unfortunate jabee sheds on me.

They fear the control group

Now the CBs have no more countries to play Monopoly money with, pump n dump, prey and run away, the bankers are learning the longest of cons (usury as money) isn’t going to work anymore. Remember China won’t fall for it because China invented paper fake money. So they KNOW.

I hope the real reasons behind historical cycles and stealing the tech of people like Tesla (lab fire, sure*) comes out too.

*then why shut the Tower project? If it didn’t work, why sell off the parts? Who bought them? Where are they?

Banks like BOE are private entities so technically we needn’t pay national debt as odious debt. The company, which has been stealing serf/slave money like income tax, can just go bankrupt, and the families of crooks running it can get a real job. We even have somewhere to deport them now.

These reports really are excellent.

Then again, England cannot have foreign rulers, as per the English Bill of Rights, ruling void all of Sunak’s spending and ’emergency’ powers of others, including Boris, who has foreign blood too. The Vaccine Minister is foreign born. Nobody has challenged this. His mere position is illegal. Mayor of London too.

Local councils are similarly full of inbreds from a particular continent who rig elections. All decisions on immigration, housing etc are voided.

Foreign rulers include the German princes fucking everything up with their cult of Marxism. “foreign princes

With the story of that shell company in America, what if British rule was never what happened? Remember, is the Royalty British or German? The soldiers were British. What if American income tax has been this whole time just a serf tax to the royals?

If England had lost WW2, the official plan of the Royals was to abandon us while they fled to Canada.

The Meghan shit is a distraction from Andrew. Who do you think paid for their pet projects?

I wish I’d gone the gold route but I had family to help out. No regrets but ouch. Hope God was watching on that one.

Like I said replying to the high IQ guy, they target white people first because our race is smallest so it’s a good pilot and also because white people will go Marxist Messiah Complex trying to help any other continent but our own, thwarting their efforts. We’re also highest Average IQ by race, as I’ve proven by adding up the scores of Asia. Asia is lying about their IQ to justify a reset. So by taking out the smartest ones, it’s smooth sailing.

Obviously, this activated the long dormant K element. Because they’re really really dumb.

White people are also the most dangerous race you do not want to piss off. Look at our civil wars. Riots are prelude.


Major channels on Youtube like Townsends have Freemasons. I pointed out one who was a blacksmith and then he covered his arm with the tattoo. Maybe Townsend is himself, who knows. These cults should be banned and all members investigated.

Well, then, if we’re so bad, let’s deport them all to Israel? No?

This is their sick sense of humour. Accusing us of what they’re doing, as they literally build concentration camps. The Germans and Austrians had MEGA PRISONS too.

Alex Jones the controlled ops shill is scaremongering to panic people to get the stab before September. One of those people being ‘warned’ would film it. Or have a CCTV camera. And if that were real, they wouldn’t be warned. Anne Frank was in a hospital facility.

They also have Cromwell as a statue, known traitor. Seeing that as a kid, I began to question things.
All the books said traitor. The People said traitor. Parliament said statue. So I welcome this.

Meanwhile, America is showing gay cannibal fanart.

From a fandom called Murder Husbands, so yes, it’s gay. What a time to be alive.


For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.

I’d say Your ways are not My Ways, your thoughts are not My Thoughts.

Worth listening to.
Audit every state.

I do not put my faith in men, only God, but this is promising. These reports are well worth checking out and quite a whitepill, frens.

Tinfoil Corner

I thought of a new conspiracy. Well, honestly, it isn’t much of a conspiracy, per se, more the only explanation of the facts (and my pedantic love of occult history) which makes sense at this time of dismay, hopelessness and confusion.

Be not afraid and read Matthew 6:27. ANYWAY

I wrote this in a comment to Anonymous Conservative too, since some of his words and research helped me piece this together (I don’t keep up with blogs like I should). I hope somebody with more time can piece more details or corrections onto this, it’s a good foundation for grafting. This did occur before (like, January) but I held back in case I was right. Give them ample time to get the goods. It’s been like a splinter in my thoughts. It’s time now, I’d wager:

I’ve been thinking about Warp Speed. What if the NSA has been tracking it this whole time? What if Q went quiet to conceal this fact? It would make more sense. To silence all doubt once the sealed documents are opened. Sudden public interest. Globally. What was all that about? They haven’t managed to destroy those documents, and there’s the Pentagon denial thing with Robo-Biden. I think they played a shell game with the !vax and maybe it was only intended by Trump for the most vulnerable, because it could be better for that group only compared to the horrors of the bioweapon America funded. This later came out, somewhat confirming my theory. We must know SOME long term consequences and they must be gruesome. Initially denied to avoid a panic, it since came out that it is a bioweapon but… no info on outcomes. There have been male sterility studies connected to it if you search engine. He said it shouldn’t be given to kids, which, makes sense if it’s intended to prevent infertility. The RNA method could indeed cause it in a developing body (orchitis?). Either that or we’re all doomed but then – why the audits? How long until the audits are done to bring Trump back or call another election? Why the sealed docs? People have been shown a horror movie, a dystopia. Nobody would doubt the evil plans they had for us now, a la the trailer for Gray State. They could’ve tracked the lies and cover-ups re Warp Speed, because it was a TRUMP programme! That gave him jurisdiction to make other calls re HOW it was brought about. Nothing else seems to fit the evidence. Also, anyone know how quickly enough audits can flip it? They’re panicked in a way that’s speeding it up so now, everyone sees it (would’ve been drawn out over years, Agenda 2030) and forcing it into kids now (UK, BBC) based on false safety claims and I hope this is undone before September. Warp Speed made it emergency use so people could refuse. Otherwise we know the FDA would’ve approved based on small rigged studies under Biden asap. Am I crazy to notice this? It’s like stars aligning. We’re watching a movie. A horror movie. We know they’re lying about uptake or there’s a timing issue and they wouldn’t be so scared of something (ADE?). The NSA having recorded the removal of death data would be one thing. That’s what I would do. Hollywood still seems to hate him, he’s not one of Them.
If Trump had led a coup, it would’ve validated Biden’s phoney win to the world. Allowing him to go to NATO, Britain especially, and maybe also China under the hat of the UN (responsible for child abuses). Invasion of America versus fake pandemic? Which would cause less harm. Especially an EMP prior taking out the elderly and disabled. No justice. Justice requires a tipping point where people see the tyranny. Civil war would’ve destroyed America, what they wanted all along (since Lincoln). The virus is the Marxist tyranny and people now see it. The mutant in all its hideous, wicked glory. (Beast system?) This has also made fence-sitters into K-types.
(You can use whichever parts make sense to you. )
The UFO thing can also go either way, like releasing some of Tesla’s FBI file a few years ago. Either they use it to look like all religion is false (evil) or they expose the ancient serpent cults and how they worshipped based on things such ‘aliens’ (demons) told them. It’s the only thing which fits. They believed they were being watched and had to make sacrifices. Aztecs, Druids, Canaan… all impossibly similar (but some Druids* were okay). Why destroy one of their ancient altars in a museum unless someone was after them? Cults are extreme. Transhumanism is about becoming more like them. “To serve man” hints at these connections. As well as “They’re made of meat” sci-fi story (written by a cannibal?) and the false equality of Harrison Bergeron with tall poppy syndrome. Culling people smart** enough to resist them eliminates all competition, the rabbity dream. They don’t care about population (let alone da planet!!), they’re resource hogs. Nobody is superior to them, in their mind. A major Q proof would be releasing all the Rockefeller cancer cures. Who could deny the evil has been around for so long, then? Which Lefty would say no, especially if that’s a side effect of the jabs? I remember they had a cure for cavities in a mouthwash that targeted the bacteria safely. It never came to market. Things like this.
If I’m mistaken in any particulars, please correct.

I noticed as a kid, I only went really, really quiet (like silent) …when I was recording someone.

Proving corruption re this would give adequate grounds (with rapt public interest) to keep digging back and back and back. OPENLY. The Left would feel duped and be horrified at what was planned for them (useful idiots). What ensures unity better?

Why else would little details like the clots come out early and the saline cases? Cracks in the veneer, a chink of light. Darkness to light.

If America funded this research, we probably have a cure for spike damage in case the POTUS was injected/shed on. Makes ya think. JASON? Why would the NHS need to kill elderly people with Midazolam (and./or intubating young people) if the released version wasn’t switched for something less fatal? By making them rush, they had to do things like this and claiming flu deaths.

Trump already gave people the HCQ cure freely as information. It’s still available in many places. Bad Guys don’t do that. Looking over it like an eagle, it’s building to something. I know someone who passed on valuable information on a treatment that proved to be correct as well. They based it on an observation of mine (steroid use and flu). Old people can still get them, for … other maladies. Very common in their group. Nobody would question it.

*I know the Anglo Saxon Mission wouldn’t be the worst thing for my people but that’s why such villains are attracted to this country and they didn’t put a theme park over Stone Henge. I’d say portal, like a Stargate. It points to certain star alignments. The Vatican probably has our true history.

*spiritually, they wanted the bloodlines of the Druid. It’s naturally magic, or so I hear. This virus tends to leave Anglos alone, O-type dominant race. Some Druid they (allegedly) corrupted into sacrificing humans and cutting their hearts out (kinda like that scene of the White Walker made in GOT, who steals babies – it’s based on our history). This developed into the Witch Trial understanding of witches as Satanists, also in the Biblical translations, and really a Satanic cannibal, not what Druids used to be (spiritual hippies). Pagans worship trees, not the Devil. This has been a PSA on Satanism. Have a nice day.

nothing to see here

Why has everyone just LET THIS GO?

Of all the things to memoryhole.

These guys (like Jared Leto too) literally want a cannibal cult where women donate body parts.

In certain places like Germany it’s legal so a lot of travel to those places, and China due to the strong black market in organs. Any time a celebrity travels to China under weak pretenses it’s like spinning the wheel – pedo, cannibal or both?

I once asked someone who claimed to know a lot about cannibalism what humans supposedly taste like. I guessed chicken. Not like chicken. Supposedly like bacon but better. So the bacon meme of a few years past was supposedly originally their joke, like the pizza meme about little girls. Apparently modern humans are too salted in our diets so … salty. This doesn’t apply so much to children so they don’t need to soak the meat to take out some salt. I can’t un-know it so now neither can you. I was the Will Graham of this situation, full of nightmares about things I wish I didn’t know. But for context, I believe that girl completely based on the ‘pork’ rib bit, which is too random to make up alone. She’s telling people so he doesn’t kill anyone. Brave woman.

It is NOT a fetish because it isn’t sexual, unless you mean sexual sadism. In short, they don’t cum at the thought. Not a fetish. They don’t want to pretend a rack of ribs is a baby, they want an actual baby. There’s always an attempted normalisation with ‘BDSM’, which they’ve taken pains to make seem fun over decades, so women are pinned or captured easily, to be abused.


Red flags: They joke about eating you and ask if there is a part of yourself, like a small toe, that you wouldn’t mind giving up

Moving the goalposts, predatory tactic. They want the victim to offer themselves up, psychopaths enjoy the power.

Men will also brag about loving the ‘taste’ of women and make out it’s a fondness for oral. Yes but also no. Mentions of body parts being juicy, mostly T&A.


Somebody screen grabbed one of his tweets. It said something about his son pulled a knife on him when he said he (referring to son) was so cute he wanted to eat him up. Armie thought that was funny enough to tweet about it. That kid has seen daddies peculier menu choices.

Is he sexual with his son or, Occam’s Razor, it isn’t sexual, it’s literal?

The doctor is naive. The man clearly already has a taste for human flesh, they pretend they’ve never had it before to make obedience more probable. The victim feels more comfortable if they think they’re special. Similar grooming pattern to a pedo. Lookism is real. Ted Bundy was hot.

Cannibal: I want to eat people.

Doctor: Oh, metaphorically.

Cannibal: I want to know what human flesh tastes like.

Doctor: Oh, like a sexual fantasy.

Cannibal: I want her rib.

Doctor: In a manner of speaking.



This reminds me of why I never got the hype around cmbyn he played a 24 year old man who PREYED on an obviously immature 17 year old boy and it’s suppose to be “romantic”.

I’m sure his son is fine.

This is why I hate MRAs. Why does he get ANY custody? 9/10 the abusive parent is the father. Even after the toe sucking. They’re leaving boys and girls with abusers because they hate random women. Abusers want to continue the cycle.

Seems the good Dr. minimized this because some merely fantasize but haven’t acted (as of yet) upon verbal relating. If someone mentions a curiosity about the taste of human flesh, that is a definite red flag, that should be reported to a forensic psychologist.

The doctor has failed on this, if you cannot confront a horrific topic seriously you have no business being a therapist. For the sake of his children at least, do not jest. Imagine his kids will see this. I seem angry but it’s like, I understand this and it’s righteous anger. Some things we don’t joke about, giving random people PTSD is one. Humiliating your son in public another.

I’d ask what he ‘imagines’ people to taste like, you can tell pretty quickly who’s done it before, like men with rape or choking murder ‘fantasies’. They get oddly specific. If someone had a ‘curiosity’ for burglary and suddenly they buy a crowbar to ‘see how it feels’…… that is premeditation and preparation. Curious people do not have preferences e.g. body part, cut of meat, preparation. Psychopaths are big on rehearsal. I knew a guy who’d buy cow parts and randomly practise butchering them, calling them like people, noped the fuck out of that situation I can tell you. He’s tall and handsome and many moons later, still single. Wonder why. That isn’t even my top ten weirdest friend. But he was in the arts. One art display in a public showing had an eyeball. He did not warn me about this. Like, an actual eyeball. He’d made it look human. Apparently his parents supported his ‘art’. He thinks it’s deep. Same exhibit had lots of food including grapes. I still can’t eat grapes because he proudly compared them to eyeballs. No words.

comments I found elsewhere

He also said he cut the heart out of a living animal and ate it while it was still warm??? Hollyweird

Coming of age ritual?

If you go to his IG back to may 2014 he has a photo of a license plate that has a sticker he’s showing that says ‘id rather be eating human flesh” on the sticker. These weirdos always leave a post somewhere on their social media trying to fly under the radar

oh yeah, he’s NEVER done it before…..