For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.

I’d say Your ways are not My Ways, your thoughts are not My Thoughts.

Worth listening to.
Audit every state.

I do not put my faith in men, only God, but this is promising. These reports are well worth checking out and quite a whitepill, frens.

Tinfoil Corner

I thought of a new conspiracy. Well, honestly, it isn’t much of a conspiracy, per se, more the only explanation of the facts (and my pedantic love of occult history) which makes sense at this time of dismay, hopelessness and confusion.

Be not afraid and read Matthew 6:27. ANYWAY

I wrote this in a comment to Anonymous Conservative too, since some of his words and research helped me piece this together (I don’t keep up with blogs like I should). I hope somebody with more time can piece more details or corrections onto this, it’s a good foundation for grafting. This did occur before (like, January) but I held back in case I was right. Give them ample time to get the goods. It’s been like a splinter in my thoughts. It’s time now, I’d wager:

I’ve been thinking about Warp Speed. What if the NSA has been tracking it this whole time? What if Q went quiet to conceal this fact? It would make more sense. To silence all doubt once the sealed documents are opened. Sudden public interest. Globally. What was all that about? They haven’t managed to destroy those documents, and there’s the Pentagon denial thing with Robo-Biden. I think they played a shell game with the !vax and maybe it was only intended by Trump for the most vulnerable, because it could be better for that group only compared to the horrors of the bioweapon America funded. This later came out, somewhat confirming my theory. We must know SOME long term consequences and they must be gruesome. Initially denied to avoid a panic, it since came out that it is a bioweapon but… no info on outcomes. There have been male sterility studies connected to it if you search engine. He said it shouldn’t be given to kids, which, makes sense if it’s intended to prevent infertility. The RNA method could indeed cause it in a developing body (orchitis?). Either that or we’re all doomed but then – why the audits? How long until the audits are done to bring Trump back or call another election? Why the sealed docs? People have been shown a horror movie, a dystopia. Nobody would doubt the evil plans they had for us now, a la the trailer for Gray State. They could’ve tracked the lies and cover-ups re Warp Speed, because it was a TRUMP programme! That gave him jurisdiction to make other calls re HOW it was brought about. Nothing else seems to fit the evidence. Also, anyone know how quickly enough audits can flip it? They’re panicked in a way that’s speeding it up so now, everyone sees it (would’ve been drawn out over years, Agenda 2030) and forcing it into kids now (UK, BBC) based on false safety claims and I hope this is undone before September. Warp Speed made it emergency use so people could refuse. Otherwise we know the FDA would’ve approved based on small rigged studies under Biden asap. Am I crazy to notice this? It’s like stars aligning. We’re watching a movie. A horror movie. We know they’re lying about uptake or there’s a timing issue and they wouldn’t be so scared of something (ADE?). The NSA having recorded the removal of death data would be one thing. That’s what I would do. Hollywood still seems to hate him, he’s not one of Them.
If Trump had led a coup, it would’ve validated Biden’s phoney win to the world. Allowing him to go to NATO, Britain especially, and maybe also China under the hat of the UN (responsible for child abuses). Invasion of America versus fake pandemic? Which would cause less harm. Especially an EMP prior taking out the elderly and disabled. No justice. Justice requires a tipping point where people see the tyranny. Civil war would’ve destroyed America, what they wanted all along (since Lincoln). The virus is the Marxist tyranny and people now see it. The mutant in all its hideous, wicked glory. (Beast system?) This has also made fence-sitters into K-types.
(You can use whichever parts make sense to you. )
The UFO thing can also go either way, like releasing some of Tesla’s FBI file a few years ago. Either they use it to look like all religion is false (evil) or they expose the ancient serpent cults and how they worshipped based on things such ‘aliens’ (demons) told them. It’s the only thing which fits. They believed they were being watched and had to make sacrifices. Aztecs, Druids, Canaan… all impossibly similar (but some Druids* were okay). Why destroy one of their ancient altars in a museum unless someone was after them? Cults are extreme. Transhumanism is about becoming more like them. “To serve man” hints at these connections. As well as “They’re made of meat” sci-fi story (written by a cannibal?) and the false equality of Harrison Bergeron with tall poppy syndrome. Culling people smart** enough to resist them eliminates all competition, the rabbity dream. They don’t care about population (let alone da planet!!), they’re resource hogs. Nobody is superior to them, in their mind. A major Q proof would be releasing all the Rockefeller cancer cures. Who could deny the evil has been around for so long, then? Which Lefty would say no, especially if that’s a side effect of the jabs? I remember they had a cure for cavities in a mouthwash that targeted the bacteria safely. It never came to market. Things like this.
If I’m mistaken in any particulars, please correct.

I noticed as a kid, I only went really, really quiet (like silent) …when I was recording someone.

Proving corruption re this would give adequate grounds (with rapt public interest) to keep digging back and back and back. OPENLY. The Left would feel duped and be horrified at what was planned for them (useful idiots). What ensures unity better?

Why else would little details like the clots come out early and the saline cases? Cracks in the veneer, a chink of light. Darkness to light.

If America funded this research, we probably have a cure for spike damage in case the POTUS was injected/shed on. Makes ya think. JASON? Why would the NHS need to kill elderly people with Midazolam (and./or intubating young people) if the released version wasn’t switched for something less fatal? By making them rush, they had to do things like this and claiming flu deaths.

Trump already gave people the HCQ cure freely as information. It’s still available in many places. Bad Guys don’t do that. Looking over it like an eagle, it’s building to something. I know someone who passed on valuable information on a treatment that proved to be correct as well. They based it on an observation of mine (steroid use and flu). Old people can still get them, for … other maladies. Very common in their group. Nobody would question it.

*I know the Anglo Saxon Mission wouldn’t be the worst thing for my people but that’s why such villains are attracted to this country and they didn’t put a theme park over Stone Henge. I’d say portal, like a Stargate. It points to certain star alignments. The Vatican probably has our true history.

*spiritually, they wanted the bloodlines of the Druid. It’s naturally magic, or so I hear. This virus tends to leave Anglos alone, O-type dominant race. Some Druid they (allegedly) corrupted into sacrificing humans and cutting their hearts out (kinda like that scene of the White Walker made in GOT, who steals babies – it’s based on our history). This developed into the Witch Trial understanding of witches as Satanists, also in the Biblical translations, and really a Satanic cannibal, not what Druids used to be (spiritual hippies). Pagans worship trees, not the Devil. This has been a PSA on Satanism. Have a nice day.

nothing to see here

Why has everyone just LET THIS GO?

Of all the things to memoryhole.

These guys (like Jared Leto too) literally want a cannibal cult where women donate body parts.

In certain places like Germany it’s legal so a lot of travel to those places, and China due to the strong black market in organs. Any time a celebrity travels to China under weak pretenses it’s like spinning the wheel – pedo, cannibal or both?

I once asked someone who claimed to know a lot about cannibalism what humans supposedly taste like. I guessed chicken. Not like chicken. Supposedly like bacon but better. So the bacon meme of a few years past was supposedly originally their joke, like the pizza meme about little girls. Apparently modern humans are too salted in our diets so … salty. This doesn’t apply so much to children so they don’t need to soak the meat to take out some salt. I can’t un-know it so now neither can you. I was the Will Graham of this situation, full of nightmares about things I wish I didn’t know. But for context, I believe that girl completely based on the ‘pork’ rib bit, which is too random to make up alone. She’s telling people so he doesn’t kill anyone. Brave woman.

It is NOT a fetish because it isn’t sexual, unless you mean sexual sadism. In short, they don’t cum at the thought. Not a fetish. They don’t want to pretend a rack of ribs is a baby, they want an actual baby. There’s always an attempted normalisation with ‘BDSM’, which they’ve taken pains to make seem fun over decades, so women are pinned or captured easily, to be abused.


Red flags: They joke about eating you and ask if there is a part of yourself, like a small toe, that you wouldn’t mind giving up

Moving the goalposts, predatory tactic. They want the victim to offer themselves up, psychopaths enjoy the power.

Men will also brag about loving the ‘taste’ of women and make out it’s a fondness for oral. Yes but also no. Mentions of body parts being juicy, mostly T&A.


Somebody screen grabbed one of his tweets. It said something about his son pulled a knife on him when he said he (referring to son) was so cute he wanted to eat him up. Armie thought that was funny enough to tweet about it. That kid has seen daddies peculier menu choices.

Is he sexual with his son or, Occam’s Razor, it isn’t sexual, it’s literal?

The doctor is naive. The man clearly already has a taste for human flesh, they pretend they’ve never had it before to make obedience more probable. The victim feels more comfortable if they think they’re special. Similar grooming pattern to a pedo. Lookism is real. Ted Bundy was hot.

Cannibal: I want to eat people.

Doctor: Oh, metaphorically.

Cannibal: I want to know what human flesh tastes like.

Doctor: Oh, like a sexual fantasy.

Cannibal: I want her rib.

Doctor: In a manner of speaking.



This reminds me of why I never got the hype around cmbyn he played a 24 year old man who PREYED on an obviously immature 17 year old boy and it’s suppose to be “romantic”.

I’m sure his son is fine.

This is why I hate MRAs. Why does he get ANY custody? 9/10 the abusive parent is the father. Even after the toe sucking. They’re leaving boys and girls with abusers because they hate random women. Abusers want to continue the cycle.

Seems the good Dr. minimized this because some merely fantasize but haven’t acted (as of yet) upon verbal relating. If someone mentions a curiosity about the taste of human flesh, that is a definite red flag, that should be reported to a forensic psychologist.

The doctor has failed on this, if you cannot confront a horrific topic seriously you have no business being a therapist. For the sake of his children at least, do not jest. Imagine his kids will see this. I seem angry but it’s like, I understand this and it’s righteous anger. Some things we don’t joke about, giving random people PTSD is one. Humiliating your son in public another.

I’d ask what he ‘imagines’ people to taste like, you can tell pretty quickly who’s done it before, like men with rape or choking murder ‘fantasies’. They get oddly specific. If someone had a ‘curiosity’ for burglary and suddenly they buy a crowbar to ‘see how it feels’…… that is premeditation and preparation. Curious people do not have preferences e.g. body part, cut of meat, preparation. Psychopaths are big on rehearsal. I knew a guy who’d buy cow parts and randomly practise butchering them, calling them like people, noped the fuck out of that situation I can tell you. He’s tall and handsome and many moons later, still single. Wonder why. That isn’t even my top ten weirdest friend. But he was in the arts. One art display in a public showing had an eyeball. He did not warn me about this. Like, an actual eyeball. He’d made it look human. Apparently his parents supported his ‘art’. He thinks it’s deep. Same exhibit had lots of food including grapes. I still can’t eat grapes because he proudly compared them to eyeballs. No words.

comments I found elsewhere

He also said he cut the heart out of a living animal and ate it while it was still warm??? Hollyweird

Coming of age ritual?

If you go to his IG back to may 2014 he has a photo of a license plate that has a sticker he’s showing that says ‘id rather be eating human flesh” on the sticker. These weirdos always leave a post somewhere on their social media trying to fly under the radar

oh yeah, he’s NEVER done it before…..

a song to wait on sealed documents to

Most people are using this time as an excuse to seem classy, expensive and sophisticated.
They’re learning to lie about luxury designers, Mozart and Moet.

Me, an intellectual:

I like to think the Romans all looked like Fabio Fritelli. Don’t crush my dreams.

His face looks like every Chad meme before the Chad meme. RIP.

Yes, I indeed have range. Quite a range. Shooting range.

the strange case of grimes

I grudgingly like her, we even look something alike. Maybe somehow related, she has some type of bloodline thing going on – listen for the hesitation re grandparents. I’ve done that so it’s a tell for sure.

aphrodite, i wrote your constellation
into the sky

s s s s s sa
suns at night

im out late, at 4am,
he says how’s the weather baby how you been
ur gonna get sick
u don’t know when

i never doubt it
at 4am

4am 4am
fallin down again

context: Some of the Satanists call themselves Luciferians and worship Venus in the sky. Why do you think Princess Di was named after the Huntress?

And naturally the huge PR push for ‘just a videogame’ is intended to alter public opinions, aka make chipping cool.

we are not the sheep we were made to rule

You can tell it’s HBO-descended direction –

Deus Ex walked so 2077 could run.

Potter gossip

h/t Vox, I hadn’t seen this blind.



“Our former actor said there were only a few older actors who took part, but they were some of the worst.”

I know two things.

  1. Ralph Fiennes is a monster. He also raped the young teen daughter of that theatre hag he shacked up with, and later lived with her as an adult. Pedos exploit trauma bonds. Listen to him talk about and act in the deflowering scene from Invisible Woman, he knows an awful lot about virgin teens…?! He also hates kids more than Planned Parenthood.
  2. David Thewlis has nothing to do with this, imho. Yes, he’s lefty but he’s nice, realistic PC. Yes, I’ve met him. No creep vibes whatsoever. Very protective of his daughter. Just seems to wanna do his job and go home.

My guess for the boy is the Draco guy. He’s a douche IRL but semi-good in music.
Jason (played Lucius) is a cryptoJew and creepily, smarmily nice, so take that as what you will. You never hear a bad word about him (weird) and he openly despises Trump for no reason. No reason at all. Watch him on Youtube. I think Jason protected him, but maybe enabled others to be…? They’re eerily close. Jason was also in Peter Pan as Hook. A weird choice.

I said this didn’t just happen to girls, pedos are usually bi. They’re opportunists, boys usually fight back more. I wonder if the pedo-defenders will try to rationalise this? I guess not.
I know people who worked on Potter, as extras or otherwise. Extras travelled in packs.
PACKS. I swerved being an extra myself. Could have.

“Please not Gary Oldman.” Could be, he’s violent. He beats defenceless women. Is friends with David, though, as he told me. Maybe professional friends?
Chris Columbus has always been a massive notorious pedo. that’s why he wanted Ralph. Also zoomed in on Harry’s pain scenes.
Ralph famously made a weird comment you can find online about “humiliating a boy”” in his graveyard scene.

Chris Coulson is gay but I don’t think it’s him.

“As for the “older men,” my heart sinks at the thought of Alan Rickman being part of this, which seems quite possible.”

There was Philosopher’s Stone footage online where the boys were oddly discussing rape in a joking tone before an age where we learn what sex is in school.

“Kenneth Branagh, Richard Harris, John Cleese and a bunch of others.”
Kenneth is very fond of the backdoor, slept with Hiddleston didn’t he?
Harris, no idea.
Cleese, no. I don’t believe that. They cut his screen-time in later films, he is not favoured.

Rowling is friends with Marilyn Manson and uses a real demonology summoning circle as a kid’s necklace. I covered this.
Depp used to be friends with Manson, I think that messed him up. I don’t think Depp is one of them, just a mess. Know people who met him entertaining kids for free in hospital (all above board, parents present). Seems to be trying to feel better about involvement in that industry. Just loves the job. Creepy band name though. Then again, I like rock and posted a photo of him here once, so I can talk. He moved to England very recently, I know exactly where. The actual house. He wants to avoid Hollyweird. Maybe they threatened him?
Hurt did a lot of work on kid’s films, like a LOT, including for the BBC (Merlin) and I believe Doctor Who (I suspect anyone who worked on Who). Who conventions are full of kids and I know at least one former Doc was being creepy to attendees (a 18yo girl I knew but still).

The crossdressing Oscar Beasts guy is 100% gay but also loves his wife. IDK how. Premium beard?

Pretty sure Daniel was raped but he’s Jewish so could’ve been family-approved. Anyone who gets naked on stage has some issue. It should be illegal.

Rupert could be the one, nice bloke but hates acting now. Did lots of kid’s films.

“And depending who the other “older men on the set” aside from the actors were, maybe because they aren’t suicidal enough to name names.”



Is that enough naming names for you? Weird incesty fucking family, like Jolie. I heard rumours the only woman he’d ever love is his mother.
He’s called Ralph the Rake by other creeps (boys will be boys bullshit) and orders random theatre workers to fuck him during intermissions. Claimed to be a ‘sex addict’ that one time (no such thing). I think he is actually possessed. I don’t think he’d mind.
These people piss me off muh ‘nobody naming names’ we DO you don’t LISTEN. And unless you were there you can rarely prove it.
Did any of the kids say ANYTHING nice about Ralph as a person, literally EVER?

Did any of the adult cast? Or did most of them seem scared?

By process of elimination….

Does Hollywood love the guy? Does he keep getting plum roles? Is he friends with Harvey? In Epstein’s black book? Did Spielberg praise him as ‘sexual evil’? WTF does THAT mean?

In addition, sometimes the women are among the worst. ‘Blind’ said ‘adult’, not men. Mostly men, sure. I know HBC famously shagged Ken.

If ‘Rafe, actually’ wanted to suicide me by now, he would have done.

Mostly I just avoid plays he’s in. They’re shit anyway. Diverse cast.

p.s. Emma’s feminism is sincere, she’s trying to stick up for the boys.

I refuse to watch Stranger Things because it’s based on a murder case.


I covered the Crowley passage that talks of young boys.

~waits for Qfags to catch up~

“At his death penalty sentencing hearing, Echols’ psychologist reported that months before the murders, Echols had claimed that he obtained super powers by drinking human blood.” possession

Winona defended this guy. Johnny hates her.

Do it Tara

Do it Tara, become a legend.
I believe in you.
comment “Imagine going down for MBB! If you’re gonna risk it all pick a looker at least.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Count Jerkula is Henry. Weirdly defensive of all pedoposting?
“She probably purges to stay skinny and pretty, so no gag reflex. Just open throat, if you can reach it.”
…How would you know?
[also, HC couldn’t reach it]
>also calls the solid 5 MBB ‘pretty’… er no
“English antique dealer i knew did a vagabond around the world trip when he was 20, in 1968”
Based in England. Your broker dad or one of a thousand male relatives?
“Would be the only reason to visit France, other than to conquer it
Only an Englishman would say that.
“Ugh. Being slandered by someone who doesnt even understand the words they are using. Sad start to a Saturday.”
Denies definition of pedophile as adult attraction to minors.

Also reads like the spelling and vocab of his social media posts, he always likes referring to the weekday for some reason. Drops his capital I’s historically but retains the full stops.*
Typical rapist’s virgin shaming but only when calling for anti-pedo justice:
“If i was in my 40s with an intact hymen, i’d also be bitter about a rich 16y/o catchin dick like shit catches flies.”
She was 15 at most, nice goalpost move. Still illegal, still a pedo. People aren’t jealous of pedos or bitter about their victims, you sick “hebe” fucktard. But Cavill’s a literal psychopath so he would rationalise it…
It is you, isn’t it hen? He thinks 40 is old (for action films) and keeps getting insecure about hitting it, increasingly paranoid. The Botox is making him look like a waxwork.

Did not comment on the Tara blind (legal reasons…?)
nb Millie is often referred to as an ashtray (especially by people like Cavill) and your Youtube comments to that effect will be removed…

Would like to point out, I got there first.

Sometimes I best Enty. Not often but… sometimes.

*and too many dots, I do the same thing. Old IRC habit. e.g.

“In this here photo only one of the Cavill men was a father. Now…. a few years later, only one isn’t!”

Please never breed, you pedo rat bastard.

In a cover family he’d probably rape his own daughter.

bold – Also calls people ‘bitter’ instead of jealous, thinks it makes him sound posh.

Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg a pedophile?

Well she wanted all the same things (legalized)….

Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg A Pedophile?

1. The age of consent for sexual acts must be lowered to 12 years old.

“Eliminate the phrase ‘carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife, who has not attained the age of 16 years’ and substitute a federal, sex-neutral definition of the offense… A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, . . . [and] the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old.” (p. 102)…

Prostitution must be legalized: it is not sufficient to change the law to sex-neutral language.

“Prostitution proscriptions are subject to several constitutional and policy objections. Prostitution, as a consensual act between adults, is arguably within the zone of privacy protected by recent constitutional decisions.” (p. 97) “Retaining prostitution business as a crime in a criminal code is open to debate. Reliable studies indicate that prostitution is not a major factor in the spread of venereal disease, and that prostitution plays a small and declining role in organized crime operations.” (p. 99)

(reliable) studies

“Current provisions dealing with statutory rape, rape, and prostitution are discriminatory on their face… There is a growing national movement recommending unqualified decriminalization [of prostitution] as sound policy, implementing equal rights and individual privacy principles.” (pp. 215-216)

4. The Mann Act must be repealed; women should not be protected from “bad” men.

[coughs in Rotherham]

“The Mann Act . . . prohibits the transportation of women and girls for prostitution, debauchery, or any other immoral purpose. The act poses the invasion of privacy issue in an acute form. The Mann Act also is offensive because of the image of women it perpetuates. . . . It was meant to protect from the villainous interstate and international traffic in women and girls,’ *those women and girls who, if given a fair chance, would, in all human probability, have been good wives and mothers and useful citizens. . . . The act was meant to protect weak women from bad men.” (pp. 98-99)

anti-natal, anti-national

they’re trying to feed this Cultural Marxist push to MGTOW now “legalize enslaving white women by (((pimps))) because muh gynocentrism” it’s just the same anti-white push as before

I can’t believe they’re openly trying – muh fellow conservative supreme gentlemen, sell your genetic future to predatory Jews as a legal transaction! for the good of your reproductive future!

If they enslave white women it WON’T be for white men, and then with nobody to reproduce with we all die, no death camps for white men necessary. There is no end to the global slave demand for white women and children (boys too).

It’s a special kind of stupid. Single people shouldn’t get to Vote on children’s issues. No Vote unless married with kids.

AC comments on his blog link:

You don’t just begin by chance happening to intellectually seek to turn back every law that makes sex trafficking of children illegal.

MGTOW is controlled ops now, it’s so obvious.

But muh did Epstein do anything wrong?

You begin thinking sex trafficking of children is a good thing you want legalized, (or you are told to defend it) and you then construct arguments for why each aspect of it is morally right, and should not be illegal.

Ginsburg’s problem may be she was a part of something which she now wants to legalize and make moral in her own mind for her own sanity. Or she has evidence out there that her positions were dictated to her by some conspiracy.


Already covered this, Jan 12, 2019-

Oh look, I pre-dated Q…. again.

A year and 9 months ahead is probably a personal record. #goodhairdontcare

Cabal shill about me: “I’d rather piss off Satan than that woman“. #stillnotdead

re ‘consents’, pedos and other rapists know it’s impossible to prove a negative




I’ve heard of ‘care home’ experimentation in this country, wouldn’t surprise me.

They’re opening up the flight logs, are they?

CDAN drop ‘guesses’, reposting from AC comments many months back.





repost https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/08/todays-blind-items-sacrifice-bohemian.html

Angelina Jolie Illuminati ‘Sex List’ Leaked Online

It never used to have a context box.

My ‘guess’ as to one of the men:


Causes supported include human trafficking.


Age of consent in Serbia is 14.


“I am not even including all the producers and directors who are making thousands of hours a year of child porn by filming it in countries where the age of consent is ridiculously low and doing so with the full consent of the film commission in the government.”

Remember this next time some pedo says “but it’s legal there!” who do you imagine writes the laws?


Nephew keeps trying to be famous and is pushed despite zero talent – and does one-eye poses e.g.

and just attended his first Met Gala.

The uncle was in one of “Jeffrey”‘s black books but nobody mentioned it.

Except for me of course.


A link to Meghan’s charity directed to Gold Digger.

Who would do that?


State grooming of children into r


I noticed “early” (forced, aka socially pressured by ‘Sex Ed’ teachers) masturbation triggers menarche from certain girls at school. We all noticed the connection in them. This is a dark reason to “abolish” consent age laws, the ‘if it bleeds’ way of pedo-spotting.


light reading


Zephaniah 1

Judgment on the Whole Earth in the Day of the Lord

2“I will sweep away everything from the face of the earth,” “When I destroy all mankind on the face of the earth,” declares the Lord.  3“I will sweep away both man and beast; I will sweep away the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea— and the idols that cause the wicked to stumble.”aWhen I destroy all mankind on the face of the earth,” declares the Lord,  4“I will stretch out my hand against Judah and against all who live in Jerusalem.  I will destroy every remnant of Baal worship in this place, the very names of the idolatrous priests—  5those who bow down on the roofs to worship the starry host, those who bow down and swear by the Lord and who also swear by Molek,b6 those who turn back from following the Lord  and neither seek the Lord nor inquire of him.”  7 Be silent before the Sovereign Lord,  for the day of the Lord is near.  The Lord has prepared a sacrifice; he has consecrated those he has invited.

I find the baby cult funny when they try to justify it with Bible. Fertility cults are pagan?

Which Bible are you reading?

No exemptions. Your line will die.