It’s a man, man

Before it’s news:

Operation Charlemagne, The Silent Ones, and EyePyramid. Italy’s role in Framing Trump! #Spygate #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Re dramufags
If Neon were a woman, and an Englishwoman to boot… I would know.

We put Blackadder references.

It’s laughable they’re trying to make that stick. Of all the shit.

Is he gonna face reveal with a fucking make-up tutorial?

I’d love to know how he does his base, bae.

I wish.

Maybe it’s the love of graphical pink? Marble male torsos? I never met a woman who loved 80s synth aesthetic though so that’s another miss. Also, no hate but those t-shirts and hats were clearly designed by someone with a dick, no feminine beauty whatsoever. Do they know England isn’t one thing and it is heavily divided by region e.g. North/South, county, council and class? Then there are thousands of towns where most people live. I have seen nothing regional or rural, culturally. Nothing pings. Nothing has ever pinged.

He could be gay?

Doubt it.

And MI6?

What, like Jane Bond? Is Neon gonna be the diverse, vibrant new cast member?

Smashing patriarchy with a pistol whip.



Credit: Stop being a pleb

You need to stop.

The shill playbook tried the genderflip on me as well, it doesn’t work.

Art composition, anyone? 

Board missed something. At least, I haven’t seen this mentioned. So here it goes.

I’ve witnessed enough artistic directors, photographers, poncy types setting up shots to know when the angles are odd at a glance. It made me laugh. Truth be told, I’ve signed things with compositions myself, it’s an obscure classical technique to make a robe drape like an initial or the overall piece spell an initial letter in negative space. One art buff to another. Visual communication? Look to paintings.

If you know any classically trained chefs, you also know some of their unusual practices. Stations must be kept clean at all times – no crumbs – and you must stand in front of your work to avoid strain, elbows in. That is an unnatural pose especially for a chef and I’ve waited on it long enough to comment.

This photo says Shots fired.

You only sign work once it’s done, traditionally.

Art composition is a well known communication device among artsy people.

“We’re using the famous Mona Lisa painting to illustrate the role of balance in a painting, because while it is mostly a balanced composition, the positioning of the figure is slightly off-center, or off-balance.”

An element of chaos. You have seen but you did not observe.

If you’ve had your photograph taken for the press, you’d know they direct you, the competent ones, at least.

I just think it’s funny. My eye is too well trained not to spot it and hat tip if I’m right.

I did not initially see a man in a kitchen.

What I instantly saw was this:

Art people do not perceive things like normies.

Interestingly, an argument could be made from the article focal point, this:

Or from the subject:

Nice puff pieces.

Fits very well with my meme from last year. Are those just desserts?

I just want a photo of him at the dinner with the just desserts, sweet baby Jesus.

Did he serve Macron bread or something?

They all expected Q to be this uncivilized boor, perfect cover.

Game recognise game. I read Machiavelli too.

And meta-Machiavelli:

And now, a poem:

hon hon
ma baguette
the guy with the crumbs
is a chef

[I’m like this in person, by the way. You can’t fake this level of personality disorder.]

NeonRevolt’s QAnon posts banned from Facebook

I was personally sent a screencap about linking this, it was immediately removed from public view as spam.

That has never happened to this guy before, even on 4chan material.

There was no text, only that link listed above.

We live in a public square.


SO many lies you’re not allowed to read it.

They must think 100% of people who read it, will believe it.

Reading about the Papacy, you never picture your group as Galileo.

Video: Hollywood’s false remorse

Blood red carpets.

It reminds me of watching serial killers try to act normal.

Flashback blinking, head bowed in shame but no disgust.

Face touching, frowning, head bobbing signs of personal stress – not grief.

Fear – for the self.

“My wife, my co-star, my love”.

Funny love comes last.

Complete denial, MK Ultra denial. Over-sold.

I think he witnessed it.

“It’s illogical, there’s somewhere, that’s a part of me that went”

This is why the drugs are forced on them, makes memory manipulation easier and testimony hard to stick.

“The fireplace”

That pings to me.


Grips jaw tightly, doesn’t look at interviewer, partially covers mouth.

“Concern about protecting the film, as much as we could”

From what?

Repeating “unbelievable”, something liars do compulsively.

Their subconscious is saying it.

Nicole: hmm, hmm, hmm.

Disapproval of topic, keeping lips practically glued shut.

Tongue click, then “shock” (fake) and “I didn’t believe it”.

Yeah, they saw it. It, an event.

“I didn’t want to believe it, it just seemed…. (vacant expression) wrong.”

Thinking evil. No other reason to pause like that.

“Didn’t seem like the right time”

They do all expect to become sacrifices.

Right time?

Pressing her eyes to provoke tears. Women know that one.

Lip licking, sign of stress and agitation, her eyes would be bone dry. Those are opposites.

Pressing both eyes like a tic, pressing the lips too.

“Shut up” to self.

The expression at 7:13 disturbs me.

This is the facial expression his death brings back.

She saw it.

7:17, seconds later after dramatically wiping a tear.

She looks like Starbucks put too much ice in her tea.

That’s a Stepford Wife look. That is freaky.

“It’s fine”… Yeah. Yeah, it is.

7:21, more muted shock.

Presses eyes, loud sniff.

11:09 Manly P Hall page.


Supposedly murdered.

Illuminati population control


Enlightened ones?? There just scum who keep ancient knowledge hidden from the rest of us so that they can dominate and control us more. That’s what all those secret societies are all about.

There are others, one mentions the psychopomp of death, the owl.

Secret society is pretty much code for lawbreaking gang with better PR, or else why be secret?

I would say that reading a book isn’t the same as being intelligent and it pre-supposes the books are 100% truth, unlikely.

Enlightened ones is overt PR.

Don’t question their IQ.