Roe v Wade misunderstandings

  1. It’s always been a state matter. While good, this isn’t much without actions to tighten up the loopholes to let this happen again,

Or the Left will try to open this up again. I’ve spoken to them enough to know the following will destroy this topic and bury it forever.

  1. Set age of consent at 18 across America, no exceptions. It’s an oversight to protect pedo politicians. You don’t need cannon fodder for banker wars anymore, children cannot consent or you’re a Satanist. No child brides in America, no minors getting married. This increases divorce risk anyway.
  2. You can marry independently at 18 and join the military, this matches, so there’s no excuse to bring cases pleading exception.
  3. Minors are not considered to consent under any circumstances, again, or else you’re a pedo. No slippery slope, no questions.
  4. Seduction law is enforced when a married party is induced and coerced to adultery. Civil law unless there is also rape. The innocent married party can sue the seducer, unless there is evidence of cuckoldry.
  5. The maternal death rate is higher for teens for under-development reasons, this would not be difficult to bring into law.
  6. Dating apps to require legal verification of age, immigration status, criminal record AND marital status. Marital status is publicly available and free to reference, to avoid unwitting adultery. No excuses. Adultery is a common cause of abortion. This is relevant. Also, no deadbeats.
  7. Child support payment refusal becomes a crime, but self-sterilisation becomes free at 18. No excuses this way, again. Causing children to live in poverty induces the choice to abort.
  8. Life must legally still begin after birth for the specific reason of natural miscarriage, which is semi-common and genetic. Innocent mothers mustn’t be locked up as murderers for a wide range of reasons from trauma causing abortion to pollutants in the water.
  9. No more opt-out organ donation, it’s CCP policy. Oh wait, the UK has that. How Repo!
  10. You automatically have a right to your body, the government can’t just take your organs claiming Communist greatest need. This is Satanic, a kind of transhumanism, because it violates the Bible, it’s anti-Christian to coerce people into handing over their still-biologically alive (viable) but legally declared ‘dead’ relative to be carved up like a turkey, as happens in surgical abortion. See? Relevant*. Otherwise they’ll rule all fetuses to be dead legally (non-alive) and chop away. 3D print organs. No excuses, it’s a type of necromancy to body snatch. Christians need their body for Resurrection.
  11. Speaking of, ban minors from taking chemical abortions including the Pill, due to medical damage, permanent stunted development (from stoppered hormonal-genetic interactions) so young and unknown long-term side effects including cancer and water pollution. Make it widely known how the Pill works so both parents feel shame for reckless fornication (maybe make that a law? depends if you’re really conservative) and bring back the stigma again, its function is chemical abortifacient. It cannot work any other way to prevent pregnancy. Unless you’re also abstinent (true cause) and have an obscure proven medical reason to need it.
  12. Close all brothels, including strip clubs. Is America Christian or not? The Bible says these places are to be stopped entirely, there’s no little bit pregnant or little bit Sodom. This reduces trafficking and hence, aborted babies.
  13. Showing proof of age to view porn. According to UNICEF studies, children as young as 3-4 have viewed it, thanks to groomers evading this by saying “it isn’t illegal to let them see”. This way the pedos can claim the kids are sexually “active” (not MATURE) and thus can consent to child abuse. These children are attacked and the girls fall pregnant. Sensing a theme? Halt the chain of causation early on to stop the Satanic pedos. Also, make grooming an outright crime again to stop the SJWs who want to ‘just talk to your child about sexuality’. It isn’t education, it’s corruption. That used to carry the death penalty, make it do so again. They need to know how babies are made in biology, that’s all.
  14. Children can disavow their parents at 18 or upon earlier proof of abuse, violent or sexual. Stop giving pedos the “right” to access their victims because of blood, even when the child is an adult they can cause legal problems slanderously, claiming they have an alleged “right” to be seen/”visit”, as if the child is a concubine slave owned in perpetuity because of how they were made. Children do not choose their parents and sometimes a parent is your worst nemesis. Let them break free. The child receives no money from that parent going forward to prevent false claims. End the cycle of abuse. This will be considered a human right and there is no stigma for disavowing an abuser. No “But he’s your father/mother!” No, they’re a predator. Rapists don’t get to re-visit their victim for old time’s sake.
  15. AI on every phone (no server) to filter sexual pictures on the phones of minors and Christians can choose to apply this filter so they don’t see some creep’s dick pic. Make that a crime as digital flashing, they didn’t ask to see that. There’s a right not to see porn, it causes brain damage. Bring back the film code. Hollywood will hate it.
  16. When consensually made, both parents are legally responsible for the infanticide and justifying it in a public court, on record for both (in case they marry someone else). In surveys, women usually get abortions because the father made them, by refusing to marry them. So it’s either this or shotgun marriages. Mutual accountability would be great, right?
  17. Rapists have no parental rights, as a matter of human decency. The victim did not consent to babymaking (consent is a positive claim and must be proven). Women will be less likely to abort if they never have to see their abuser ever again. Nobody mentions this. It’s common sense. Nobody wants to see the person who ruined their life and most will do anything to reduce that risk. Make it clear that rape is also a theft of a woman’s fertility and allow her to sue for this, like medical bills. It deters rapists because rape is an extreme r sexual strategy! They don’t want to pay!
  18. No anchor babies. No double passports (Cabal sign). A house divided cannot stand. If you ruin this country you’re stuck here. Let them fear the Mob. No escape by plane and magic paper.
  19. The incestuous parent who conceived a rape baby with their child (or step-child) must be a death-penalty offence, no exceptions. Duty of care to a child (even adult child) is sacred. No “they’re an adult they consent” that’s grooming talk. End the cycle of abuse by the rope. This works.

This is all conservative and will increase birth rates. It won’t punish proper family formation.

If you fail to close these, completely, this will happen again.

*see tags

Principalities, not people

I don’t like the idolatry of any man, politician or actor. However, this one has a good point.

Then there’s the culture of child grooming masquerading as ‘education’

Interesting that he blames the women for degeneracy when men are doing the pick-up shit. Gen X are so degenerate and forget about lad culture. I doubt they really forgot. Prior to Gen X, being an alcoholic slut was considered deadbeat behaviour, because it is. It was unmanly. Watch the comedies, we mocked the French as slutty alcoholics. The WW2 and silent gens looked down on Gen X (I remember) the same way we look down on lefty Boomers. Now Sargon is trying to conjure a double standard, when you can’t have a hetero hook-up culture without both sexes being involved. Are men accountable for their actions or not? Gen Xers are not a moral arbiter for this reason, they’ll always claim “the buck stops here” and that it was moral in THEIR day. Nope. Still degenerate, just a little less. If virginity is sacred, the men should keep theirs too and refuse to take a woman’s. We need to bring back stigma, but modern men are too weak to be shamed, they get angrily triggered at the mere suggestion. Don’t enter Pleasure Island and complain about becoming an ass. But Gen Xers don’t want tradition, they want the louche 80s back. It was still Culturally Marxist, it was mostly aimed at the gays. Still present. I remember seeing things about lad culture in the 90s and early 00s and hoping it was over by the time I grew up. It has only gotten slightly worse. All the men sneering at women throwing up in England? They’re only there because of the men. It’s still lad culture. If you want tradition, close every nightclub. They’re an 80s invention that emulates gay clubs. Gay as in gaiety? Gen X raised Gen Z. How dare you blame their sibling gen.

Gen X think their childhood was traditional. Gen Y laughs at that. Zoomers will learn to.
If you attack Gen X about lad culture, they’ll get defensive then sneer like a Boomer how their childhood was better than yours (implying you are only jealous, when that’s an admission you’re right about them). Gen X were Frankenstein creating key parts of degenerate culture applied to straights, now they’re daring complain about the hideous monster they created.


Many Millennials have been verbally abused by Gen X or Boomer relatives that we need to ‘get out more’, not to go out-out, but to get drunk and sleep around. That’s why we hate them.

Sorry we don’t want liver cancer?

Gen X is really heavily invested in bashing Gen Y.

Sorry for being less degenerate? Seriously??

Older gens hate the self-improvement trends in the young, because they have no excuse.

Nobody is forcing Gen Z to watch tiktoks for four hours every night. That’s laughable he frames it like oppression. Are you oppressed or are you just lazy?

Depp is a red herring from the truth

But these guys think they’re so smart eating the shit of a civil case that has never actually mattered.

The ego of two Hollywood tarts, who cares? The simping is off-putting. Literally a show trial. These people are literally actors. Amber gets mystery money and Elon changes sides like a bloody chameleon. It’s fake!

It’s a soap opera for bitter men. Tyler said you’d never be a movie star. Stop living vicariously in this e-series. They did them about Austen novels too, it was a trend years ago.

The manosphere is full of controlled ops helping the MSM, who are also in on it. This is why they never condemn immigration (helps companies), international ‘sex’ trafficking (Hollywood) nor race-mixing (the Beige People plan). They’re trying to redirect white male rage at the genocide with literal clown shows. They’re far left-wing from about ten years ago. Keeping just in the lines and noble loser cuckservatives going on about muh redpill when they’re solid blue, it’s just that blue has shifted over the years to absorb them. When the MSM is force-feeding you clips, you’re blue son. Youtube doesn’t ban it, so it’s censored or fake. They pushed these clips to 3 million views in days, all rigged! Look at the thumbnail.

Now, which is more important to our civilization?

But they encourage woman-bashing – only when it’s white, blonde, blue-eyed women. This is their Guy Fawkes. BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH, Who cares? It’s a dyke.
Even Elon’s an actor, you fucking morons. Avowed socialist, being a billionaire? Please. Banning unions?
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be in favour of white survival, fill up your attention span. Meanwhile, true horrors get little attention, modern child sacrifice to the Satanic one, endorsed by the church. More than one white woman though so the manosphere’s attention span won’t last. They don’t even have lingerie photos. Autists are easily distracted. They’re feeding the gender war, non-Jewish white women don’t give a fuck. Even about nuns and little white missing kids being raped. I wish we did. Conservathots don’t dare discuss it, do they? Brittany won’t mention it, the Jewish one neither, nor token black girl sponsored by a corporation, the half-Asian with Botox face. All controlled. Nobody is that conveniently stupid. Instead mewling milquetoast good old days talk, forever. “Can you believe this?*” Duh.
NOISE. Simp-bait NOISE. Mark my words, pol.

The irony he’s in this meme.

I’ve broken more Hollywood gossip blinds than any manosphere manlet.

Not a whisper.

But the Depp bullshit always pops back up whenever there’s Epstein-related data expected.

And only then.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. As RDJ said.

And mostly bot views and comments. Wake up.

In England, coverage of Markle has the same role. Covering for Randy Andy. This was the Royal’s plan. How did I know they’d move to America? It was all planned.

Depp? Anti-Trump.
RDJ? Anti-Trump.
Jolie? Anti-Trump.
Heard? Anti-Trump.
Franco? Anti-Trump.

You’re watching a movie.

River (UK Youtuber re Royals)? Anti-Trump.
Markle? Anti-Trump.
The Queen? Anti-Trump.

A movie.

New evidence doesn’t magically pop up years later.

It’s filmed at a later date, as needed based on suspected drops. Why go dark other than to drag this show out? Look at his hairline slamming those cabinets*, his weight, the curious inability to focus on his face like it’s been blurred but the cabinets at the same depth are in focus. Look at the age of her face in that footage. It was filmed within the past year or so, it seems. They’ve been meeting up for dinners together. They’re not enemies, you’re chumps. Interesting star on that mug. What necklace is he wearing? Ankh?

*Appeal to incredulity should not be a whole entertainment medium. Hour long rants are dumb.

*Who wears a hat inside their own house? To better hide the 2022 hairline, my dear.


I also called the pandemic being basically over by this month. Again, crickets.

EU wants to pass anti-Christian law to force abortions
Would be great if Vox could pick up news like this. While bemoaning birth rates.
Even so-called traditional countries like Croatia are pushing this.
Molech will be pleased.

Note: this includes chemical abortions like the Pill and the blood would be on the hands of both parents, the mother AND the father. The father seems more responsible for the death if you read the Bible quotes describing the death of the SEED.

Also, Macron calls for abortion (infanticide) to be made a human right, despite abolishing the death penalty. Wait, isn’t abortion a type of death penalty? For inconvenient unborn/pre-term babies? Satanists are inconsistent.


When you consent to sex, you are consenting to procreation. That’s biologically what sex is. Otherwise it’s called masturbation and no other human is involved, thus no conception is humanly possible. Left-wingers think of all sex as masturbation because they’re dead inside and cannot connect to another human being nor their actions to the natural law consequences.

How can anyone deny the genocide at this point? Is this being pushed on any other homeland?

They want to deny Christian workers the right to refuse to serve Molech/Moloch.
Thereby converting them to Satanism by complicity.

Whoredom means general promiscuity, money needn’t be involved.
So every promiscuous person sexually, man or woman, or those assisting them (Lev 20:2-5), is a whore.

Specifically, a Satanic whore. Whoredom is the Satanic form of worship. This is why they’re either kicked out or sentenced to the death penalty, according to Biblical law. The same goes for fornication (still whoredom) with single virgins or the already married, it earns the death penalty by stoning for whoredom. The Holy Bible is holy and consistent.

The death penalty is Christian, abortion is Satanic. It’s telling which one they try to ban.

Another Disney fucker

oof have I got a story for you fuckers —



Fun fact: Celebs often ban me from direct linking their posts so…. there we are. Take especial note of the hashtag he picked out himself:


From behind?

I understood the reference. Nobody else seems to have.

Quote from:

The Czech government has implemented many measures to eradicate child sex tourism but cities like Prague remain a popular destination for Western Europeans. While the number of incidents of children sexually exploited in the context of street prostitution has declined, there are still children being exploited in the country’s underbelly of brothels, sex clubs and private commercial sex establishments.

The persistence of child sex tourism is driven in part, by a “legal grey area” regarding prostitution and low age of consent, which is just fifteen years of age.”

These people are sick!

It isn’t sex tourism it’s rape of a child.

I imagine there are blackmail videos, which explains his weak-ass BLM post that didn’t even include the hashtag.

Now where have I heard that number before?


This A+/A list mostly movie actor has been going to a “spa” every night while out of the country. He chooses from a lineup of women and sleeps with them. Usually he sleeps with more than one at a time. I will say the age of consent in the country is 15, and definitely have girls that age working there. 

October 2020

‘Member that date. Also, ‘has been going’, as in currently.

And they normally arrive a few weeks prior to filming, which explains related blinds from September. Especially if a quarantine is needed legally. It normally was from America to Europe, due to high American cases back then. So the person must be in the EU, not South America.

One person guessed Seb Stan but was shot down due to an omission.

Enty usually calls him alliterate but that might’ve given it away on this one. He seems the lawsuit type. Also, a title role in a Disney show could temporarily boost to full A-list or A+ because Enty goes on name recognition.
I previously pointed out that it probably wasn’t JD because the age of consent in Brazil is 14, not 15. Enty would not make that error. Therefore, it must be a different country and a different person. I sincerely wished it wasn’t JD because I like JD, despite his faults. His many many faults so can we get this out to JD’s manosphere supporters as opposing evidence, please? Otherwise I wouldn’t pick at such an old blind like a scab.

It was bothering me.

I don’t want the wrong person being blamed for something as sick as pedophilia.
And in light of recent revealed blinds…. which nobody else picked up on… I’d be failing as a reporter if I didn’t spill this observation.
Note: age is NEVER mentioned, which is unusual. Very unusual. Not ‘woman’, which implies possibly minor.

Dianna dumped him for that reason…
If you read the comments on their relationship.
Or she found out their age….. like the other one (Once Upon a Time woman).

So I went digging. Boy did I strike gold!

nb AM has the women, not SS. Odd, right?

nb Age not mentioned, guarantee there was proof (pics or HD video).

Count Jerkula chimes in:

“Light Fairy looks like she was freshly taken from her village, passed around gangsters until her will and anus were broken, then put infront of a camera. So fuckin hot.”

“As for her porn career, Light started performing right at the beginning of 2020.”

She looks like a kid.

Super sus. How would Jerkula know? And why brag? Unless it’s him

If Count Jerkula turns out to be him this whole time, we must riot. He is from a vampire country, after all.

On the top blind, CJ comments about the literal minors:

I hope he was kind and gentle with the wetties. Save the advanced activities for more seasoned whores of 19-25.

Seb Stan, is that you? Find it here:

Fond of short blonde hair:

Also CJ’s most recent comments are weirdly pedo-leaning…

Fugazi Enty thinks women are incapable of consenting to sex until about 45.

Blame men for womens poor decisions? That happens all the time in these blinds. “I went to his house and he sexually abused me. Then the next time i went to his house, he did it again, and he kept doing it for the 3 yrs we were dating. He threatened to stop being my boyfriend and buying me things if i didnt let him. I am traumatized.”

Marilyn Manson is the topic here.

Yeah, there was a blind about a rock star that was the same thing. I triggered a few when i said that if ya show up again after the 2nd time, consent is implied.

Not how it works. Like, you might work together and be contractually obligated to show up? Being in the proximity of a man is not consent. That’s brothel logic.

His page is a treasure trove btw.

If i had any wealth, i would have sealed PVC pipes buried in the yard with a kilo of blow, a kilo of meth and a pound of heroin. Then i could could be like Jabba, sitting on a throne with a couple whores chained to it, when society collapses. Good hedge against the dollar.

If you havent thought out a plan for a societal collapse, then you resign yerself to being the chaff.

Wont need it. After the junkies loot the opiates, benzos & dick pills from CVS, I’ma saunter in and scoop up all the psych meds, birth control/morning after pills, and blood pressure meds. They will be the best to barter for sex.

Sure it is heartless to have a young lady prostitute herself for pills to keep her daddy alive, or kill the fetus inside her, but when fiat currency is only useful for home heating, there is no middle ground between Predator and Prey.

That’s slavery. Like Eastern European slavery. No definition of young given. Noted.

That’s coercion, not consent.

So he moved to Memphis to be where hebephilia was socially acceptable?

Mentioned In The Ghetto. Elvis aint a Jew.

re Chicago, he slanders the pizza.

Why would i go to a place that is known for being a 2nd Rate City, its Awful Pizza and Uncontrollable Gang Violence/Gun Related Homicides?

Meaning he must live in New York. Pizza recently on the brain.

“came along with still warm pizza”

“I have stopped on the NJ Turnpike to take a leak in a rest area. I see the 12+ people line at Starbucks, and walk right past it to the A+Plus Mart, get a coffee, pay, and walk back to the line that hasnt moved.

I raise my cup and take a sip as i pass, and everytime, someone will get out of the line to see where i have been.”

Famous NYer. They weren’t looking at the coffee. In New York.
Trouble with capital I, like his insta handle. I am forensic about this shit.

I am on tmobile now, with my Sprint Unlimited data contract. Free Hulu, 60gb of hotspot. If my internet bill lapses, i can run my smart tvs off the hotspot. F’n wonderful.

His Hulu show starts in days. I think he would wish to see it?

On the large TV shown in his insta stories.

Are there whores on the moon?

He played an astronaut.

“Early lockdown sucked monetarily, but my commute dropping from 1hr15min to 50min, parking all over Brooklyn and empty sidewalks was a nice & unique experience.”

Taking photos?

Indie donut shop, open 6-10am. And he goes on early morning runs (see The Cut).

Back to blinds revealed:

nb Age not mentioned, only occupation. Curious omission, unless Enty intended to un-blind it without being sued into oblivion by Marvel for lost earnings. They have bottomless lawyers.

Nobody seriously guessed him but there’s a picture, isn’t there?

Filming was broken up, so this refers to the time he was in Prague previously too.

On the original blind, CJ praises him.

Also adds this to another poster:

I pay em so i dont have to listen to hours of yapping to figure out how little self respect they have and what i can do to em.

Pretty sure it’s him. No comment on the revealed post (hiding in case we guess) and didn’t like the people who guessed him when it was blinded still. Count Jerkula liked this comment

but there’s nothing saying they were adult women. Nor here:

He also thinks prostitution is different from trafficking. Cognitive dissonance. If they’re threatened or starving upon leaving, it’s the same thing. So it is the same thing.

I am just jealous i cant afford to purchase a human. Maybe i could equity loan and lease one. How illegal is indentured servitude? A 5 yr catch and release contract may be doable, once sex work is legalized. “Sorry honey, Christmas to New Years gonna be all anal days….I cant carry em over, they are use em or lose em…Santa needs to know if you want PrepH or Tucks in yer stocking?”

No age mentioned. Why would he drop her after 5 years unless he wants pedo years?

When are these celebs gonna be prosecuted for human trafficking. I meet a whore in a Travelodge and the authorities would tack on the charge, but actually purchase a human and have it shipped to yer doorstep and that is A OK?

“I can sort this mess out quickly. Both of em should pull their pants down, bend over and spread cheeks. Prettiest butthole wins.”

Like taking Europe?

Sides with the legal = non-pedo thing they ALL use;

“He isnt a pedo. The whore was legal.” from

It’s actually getting it up to minors (<18). That makes a pedo, even in Prague.

The fountain of youth resides between the legs of young women, cause yer only as old as the broad yer pecker is in.

Good. Celebs shouldnt be allowed to sexually assault 20somethings, they should only do it to teens. I think it is in the union contract.

Piece of work.

Gets defensive about Eastern European child rape here:

“The horror”.

“That would be my move, if i was a superhero actor. Make sure my boner disrupted many scenes, so they would need a whore on staff to get the poison out”
Like a hired help to keep you out of trouble? (see below)

“Cara knows the fountain of youth is between a teen girls thighs” from

Must be bi, if so, because we’re pretty sure he was screwing that ‘friend’ for his birthday in Ibiza.

For those who guessed Hen, ‘fraid not this time although he is pedo-inclined… how’d I know? Well, frankly, he was around the area I live at this time. Or at least, that part of England. We talk about this stuff, naturally so I never ventured him as a guess previously.
Surrey is beside London. He lives in Kensington. Ask me how I know. It’s a Mew.

So it cannot have been him. THIS TIME.

Yes, Devil Mouse has several pedo-heroes, it seems.
DC has at least one. I have trouble keeping up. Man of Steel 2 never happened.

So The Hen was out.

Who was in, balls deep in-to minors?

shot Oct 6 to 23rd 2020

OCT 8th

I’d hate for this to be true, he used to be cute before he hit the Wall. ALAS-

the blind revealed about him was Oct 7th.
Enty likes to place like blinds and blinds revealed closely posted. To keep someone in mind when guessing, if he can’t post obvious details e.g. alliterative.
THEREFORE, I’m calling this one.
His fans are rabid SJWs so this should be funny. They tried to cancel his hooker PR GF for wearing fake tan and a kimono. In response, he blocked them so they doxed his home address in NYC.
I just hope he never gets married, nobody deserves a cheat. Especially a pedo-cheat.

After everything That Blonde put JD through, don’t let him go under, especially for something HE didn’t even (supposedly, allegedly) DO?

SS has a Romanian passport, meaning he would’ve been able to pass as a European in Prague, making it difficult to find him as a child predator slash ‘hebe’ and arrest him (since they look for foreigners and foreign passport holders), even if he didn’t have Disney protection.

Including specially hired persons to keep him out of trouble;

If he’s such a cinnamon roll, why would you need to literally hire someone to keep him out of trouble?
Out of what, exactly? It didn’t specify his supposed vice, did it? And this was before the ‘spa’ blind. Curiouser and curiouser….

do pedos have a leash? If not –

And what is a ‘bad decision’ for films that mostly market to teenage girls?



Because AGC pages is trying to make Johnny take the fall for this, and I’m not having it!
It doesn’t even fit the blind to be him! The age is wrong!

I can see why they snapped him (Seb Stan) in Endgame, despite greater character arc potential built up over several films with RDJ, if they felt he might have a big scandal around that time. Easier to drop him entirely or quietly hide him away if his arc was stamped shut, for a while. For transient good behaviour and accepting these measures, they gave him a series. Huh. And they built him up as the next Captain America (who has a secret kid, Chris does, but whatever) then randomly gave it to the black guy. Seb must’ve fucked up. I’m sorry, it’s the only plausible explanation.

By the by, somebody ask Count Jerkula why he’s called that or for good Eastern European holiday spots, for the extra degenerate.

I told you, these people skip jurisdictions. So he bounces between US and EU passports.

Is that not dodgy? In light of the trafficking thing above?
And a bachelor who’s about 40? Never married, in Hollywood?

Also, one of his childhood friends was recently sacrificed:

Possibly as a warning, to keep him in line?
Why else feel responsible?

But they didn’t give him the Chester B treatment. Making him a fellow traveller. He didn’t want to expose it, meaning there must be blackmail material. Now he’s doing a show about a leaked sex tape. Why? Getting ahead of it, in case they release his? They got Gaspard, didn’t they? He was younger and hotter.

And he’s had bigger roles ever since. That’s strange. Endgame, magazine covers and a whole TV show. Endgame was a huge hit, and who died for it? Ding ding ding, we may have a winner. There’s no follow-up to the next blind, so there must be hushing-up. What do they have on him, then? To hide his childhood friend’s murder? It must be career-ending.

In the best case scenario, he’s uploading blinds about himself, planning their reveal, to make it sound like he prefers adult women. Again, getting ahead of it. Like blocking that horde from Twitter after him. He refuses to join Twitter, smart man.
He has a secret TikTok, probably to pick up teenage girls. Prove me wrong, it all fits the evidence.

60gb of data would be a lot of streaming.

Someone link the tumblr fandom to this info, I wanna see what they do with it.

23 million refused the pandemic modRNA psyop


“As we can see from the above according to the UK Health Security Agency report, 32.4 million people have had a single dose, 29.7 million people have had a second dose, and 15 million people have had a third dose as of December 12th 2021. This means there are 23.5 million people who have refused to partake in the largest real-world experiment ever conducted, not just 5 million that has been claimed for months.”

As Vox calculates, that’s 42% of the population, hopefully younger, whiter and more Christian and nubile.



I said a while back if I were Q, not that I am, but if I were, then I’d do a lot of this stuff over the Christmas period. For strategic, safety reasons. White people mostly inside, unlikely to fall for riot bait. They already bought in a lot of food for the winter. Fat n happy. Not watching much TV. Shops largely shut up. Tourist areas empty. It’s ideal, really.
I failed to specify a year for this Christmas period.
Don’t go to outdoor gatherings for Crimbo this year. There will be blood and I’d rather it be Marxist.

As I’ve been saying and Vox is too:

“In other words, the pureblood percentage of the UK population is 42 percent, not 8.9 percent. The same is almost certainly true in every other Western country where the vaccines are being relentlessly pushed, such as the USA. Which, of course, is why they are doubling down on the media and corporate pressure to get vaccinated, which wouldn’t make any sense if herd immunity percentages had already been reached.”

So either he reads me or thinks like me.

“The linked article doesn’t quite reach the correct conclusions, however. Counting second and third shots as first shots means that a) the number of vaccinated people are overestimated, but b) the number of completely unvaccinated people is underestimated.”

I have also pointed this out, for oh, a year or so.
The lies are on both sides, you cannot trust any of their uptake data.
It’s propaganda, it’s pushing you to do something.

He’s also commenting on the China-Russia financial merge alt to SWIFT that I remarked on back in 2014 or so….
I believe my link was a businessinsider post. It was the best part of a decade ago, you go find it.
Read through my catalogue Vox, you might understand the economy better. I’ve tagged everything.
I also talked about overleveraged Silicon Valley, that’s ripe for mockery.

Currently I’m busy saving the world.

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The Masons aren’t pagans


They are ATHEISTS.
There is NO religion to them.
That’s why all the secrecy, the levels and the sign on the door about abandoning God to pass onward.

They are not a religious organisation at all, no.

Even in Victorian times, as this locket clearly demonstrates, there was no Devil worship!

Reminder: this was before the invention of Wicca in the 1920s.

So, what does that star really mean?

So, this locket should not exist. Hint hint. I’m not buying it but one of you might get a kick.

If the Masons were so important, we’d have evidence!

Consider the sauce

{Hold the walnut}.

Consider the source:

Ah. Considering this woman is the subject of multiple dodgy CDAN blinds involving children that’s like Stalin calling you a stand-up guy. Thinking aloud on this one. Jolie has been filmed talking about the initiation ritual, I’ve posted it before but it keeps getting taken down. Jolie herself is abusive, snakes defend snakes.

I’ve largely avoided talking about him for personal reasons but I did post a picture proof(s) of him once playing guitar, years ago. So I’ve been within spitting distance. I’m not gonna doxx him, partly because we have laws about that and he has more money than me. Like, laughably. This is an info dump and I know most of it to be true personally but other things are filling in gaps. A friend took these for me:

2018, looking right at me

I’m pretty much certain he’s a Satanist now, but jury’s out on what he’s actually done. I suspected from the type of tattoos. Similar to Jolie, ancient-seeming and quite linear. That’s how invocations are written, it’s a type of binding. Some ancient languages or glyph are just shapes, including sigils.
Amber wasn’t entirely lying, and he even admitted to hitting her and attacking her on several occasions (in court). He’s also been recorded admitting it so I don’t know why people are disputing this point. One party needn’t be innocent for one to be moreso in the wrong. Mutual abuse is a thing. Both have strong Algol in their charts, as does ..Hillary. Hmm. You don’t settle for millions over nothing.
He also did the same thing to Kate Moss, which is why they broke up but remain ‘friends’.
Pathological altruism will cause women to defend their abusers. It’s to help cope mentally. Similar to when boys are raped but tell themselves they ‘wanted it’ because the horror of powerlessness is too much.
Note Vanessa never married him. You think she couldn’t? A supermodel? She didn’t want to. Awareness of scandal potential? Likely.
Here’s something nobody else has disclosed online before (from what I’m aware).
This is a guy who had a whole character written about him in the popular witch film Practical Magic. His homage character was an abusive alcoholic boyfriend to thin, waif looking model-type women (played by an Eyes Wide Shut actress from a known Satanist family), he’s a real piece of work who flies off the handle at literally nothing (male diva), very brittle ego (insecure, deeply controlling, rants pretentiously and incorrectly about books – which is just spot on), who seems vaguely Satanic (never specified but is described as ‘dark and unnatural’ and has a forerunner to the Death Eater symbol as a ring, which he brands women’s bodies with, sex-cult style) and has plotted and killed people (cough River cough*). That’s literally the whole guy’s character arc. Obviously JD turned it down so they found a guy who matched the closest in looks humanly possible and gave him the exact same very 90s haircut and extremely specific dress sense, including silver death-themed jewellery on a man. To my knowledge, he’s the only person known for that, to date. Silver looks better in moonlight and he was known to be nocturnal and prone to mood swings like a woman with hyper-PMS (wearing silver supposedly enhances this). How obvious has it gotta be? They call the character Jimmy, which was the closest they could legally get without being sued. He also loudly sings Elvis when he’s drunk (JD is a singer and used to do 50s style greaser roles), wears way too many waistcoats and obsesses over the woman he’s with, practically possessing them (read his ex’s experiences of him and tell me that isn’t codependent). People assume JD is slurring in his speech but it’s actually the depth of his voice, it’s almost like a purr. I’m not ruling out brain damage much later on from drug abuse but I know he’s had a face lift since (you can tell, note eye shape and brows lifted). So far, so him. It isn’t that every woman he ever met is crazy, he makes them crazy, he’s a crazy-maker. Domineering type, which scares them off. I doubt he grew out of it and I think he wants more kids. Plenty of women would oblige. Hell, I’d be tempted. It’d be a story. Probably horror but the charm

The PM character has similar, purring rumbles and the same swaying hand gestures to show off the rings (like Solomon, who had demons at his beck and call). JD is not stupid, it’s just that people rarely ask him intelligent questions and they’re fooled by the Southern twang accent. Genetically, he’s almost entirely English, with one or two Frenchies in the tree (name, possible bloodline connection if you look at their Louis-types) and apparently one black woman (<0.01%). That’s why he currently resides in England, he isn’t American at all and terribly un-PC (talking of Amber hitting the Wall and hating on Musk, he knows about the red-pill section of the net, aka my section). We also have stronger laws re divorce and reputation than America, which is more slippery.
Despite this, he is without a doubt one of the only actors I still like and enjoy watching. I think we can be mature enough to separate artist from art. It’s like listening to Elvis in spite of the pedophilia or frankly, most modern music would disappear.
I don’t think the man’s a Saint, merely a talented performer. Remember, a talented performer can trick you when they’re not ‘on’ at work. I’ve met men socially with good looks just like that (yes, they looked like John) and the charisma oozes out of their pores. I’m not personally swayed by it because it reminds me of the stare of a cobra. You fall for it and you’ll get hurt. Don’t dance with the devil because a self-destructive person will take you down too. Male damsels turn me off and brooding is just annoying. But most women (and even men!) lap that shit right up with a spoon like chocolate. Or Chocolat.
More men fall for him than women, indeed, because he is so masculine despite wearing more jewellery than me on a busy day and more eyeliner than my goth phase. Just be careful not to simp for celebrities, is what I’m saying. Men do it more than women now.
When he talks about his demons, he isn’t being metaphorical. He’s always had a haunted look. I wouldn’t rule out CSA (childhood Satanic abuse).
When he cries to MUAs that he’s lonely, well, snakes are very lonely when surrounded by one another, yes. Maybe he should give me a call, people never stop talking to me I’m that type. They go on and on.
But they, in some ways, also deserve it. They’re all cold-blooded. He feeds off the energy of the women he’s with, both psychiatry and the occult call this emotional vampirism. He literally cannot function without a woman. That’s kinda sad. Solar men need someone lunar, someone to reflect them. He keeps smashing the mirror. Look at his chart. The Algol makes him self-destructive but since it’s with Venus, he relieves that energy by hurting women and destroying his connection with women (including his mother, who was cruel too). I don’t mean fluffy handcuffs and BDSM type stuff. I mean actual, non-consensual cruelty. More like breaking their spirit. A woman like Amber presents a challenge, since she’s so rough she’s practically a man (and has strong Algol, he met his match and still respects her for it). You don’t have to believe me but it’s true. Some people are like that, pure Marquis de Sade types. That’s why they’re still meeting up for dinner, A+J, as a blind alluded a while ago (AGC has it?) and the simping fanboys would feel so betrayed if they knew. Anyone “Dame” Jolie defends is on my radar most particularly. Having known a few Satanists at close proximity, there are little tells like how one dodgy person defends another in the most unlikely ways. I’d be silly not to mention this or bring it to attention.
Naturally I hope I’m wrong because everyone I know loves him, and I grew up on his films, but to see the evidence stack up is something. He used to trash hotel rooms back when he was with Kate. You can’t blame Amber for everything. Cults defend one another and he passed Kate around like an ashtray (“open” relationship). He frankly doesn’t respect women or I’ve never seen evidence he’s capable of respecting anyone whatsoever. Some people burn very hot but burn themselves up in bad habits. He might’ve been the guy behind that alternative Hollywood Halloween party blind but I don’t have the contacts to verify that because it was another generation. Algol is Medusa, who was raped, and supposedly JD has a rape fetish, an escalatingly realistic one. Essentially running a rape party with unsuspecting female victims would seem very Kate. She could be bait so the women feel safe. She’s ice cold and detached. It would explain why the host stopped (legal threats?) so suddenly. Manson was at his peak so him and JD I could see. Don’t fall for the puppy dog eyes, there’s calculation behind them. It would also explain why Kate is defending his character because if he goes down, she does too. Getting drugs for his daughter sounds like a grooming thing so no wonder she’d defend him. He has a natural menace. There’s something cold-blooded about him and Jolie, you can see it in the film they did together. Like siblings. He fell out with River (allegedly) who then, mysteriously and suddenly, died.

*I hope that’s how he paid for his fame (Viper Room, cmon) and nothing to do with kids (Hollywood Vampires? May as well call it Adrenochrome Pals). I hope he isn’t doing anything dodgy with the remote French village he owns or the Epstein-type island. My childhood would be ruined. Why did I suspect this? Since we heard about Manson and his appearance at Kanye’s show mocking a church, Manson being friends with both JD and Rowling, who hired JD… it fits. There’s a circle. Bit weird he’d choose to be hired as Grindelwald, who’s basically a Satanist obsessed with death magic. He could’ve cake-walked a nicer part. But no. WB sacking him would make sense if they knew more scandals could break. Replacing him with a guy who played several cannibals and did the one-eye illuminati pose in The Rake fits. Technically John has played a cannibal, if we count the guy who grew corn he ate over corpses.
I include the relevant astrology because people like Jolie openly talk about it. You can check up on me, see? Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. I just want the truth. If he’s actually the nicest person ever I’ll backtrack and eat humble pie. With Jolie on side? Doubt.

You can tell he was kinda lying when he praised Jolie (basically all physical stuff), which gives me doubt enough to pause. And he’s yet to follow her on social media, which is a snub. It’s perplexing. I offer up my findings knowing some autist will make better sense of it. Polina was a stripper (“dancer” is how they met) so… JD could just have bad taste. Stop marrying thots? He’s turning into the male Liz Taylor.
You won’t find your soulmate in a strip club, mate.

Meanwhile supposed POTUS has prion disease, that looks a lot like Parkinsons. JD hates Trump which is probably the biggest blow to him being Old Fashioned American Boy. (Practical Magic referenced a cowboy thing because he’s from Kentucky, I think? Like, it could only be him).

He’s selling off the village, that’s suspicious. Bug out no longer needed? No war.

I’d design it in much the same way but the art studio is surprising. Does he paint? That’s the only way he could get hotter. I really hope he isn’t mental.