Link: IQ and standard of living

We need an update.

Take the data, Trump. Publish it. Far and wide.

The State already controls how you reproduce. It takes money from the barren to pay for another’s child.

Taking child support from a non-parent is illegal….?


The biggest Dem weapon is the welfare cliff.

Never listen to the dregs

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Why would you listen to drags on anything, anyway? Majority of modern men are shite, that’s why historically 60% of our kind (and 20% women) never procreated during sexual free market of pre-agriculture, and that’s why we are so mad about forming hierarchies. But now, we are weak, spoiled brats, even the best of us. And of course that means that women are shite too. You can’t lower the standards for half the species; men and women constantly involved into mutual conditioning.

It is too easy for the boys. Boys must never have it easy, or they will stay boys forever.

We shouldn’t listen to the dregs and keep our banners high. They always back-rationalise their losership. “Women are not ladies, hence I’m not interested, hence the fact that they ignore me is ok, because I wouldn’t accept their attention anyway”. Yeah, right.

Women are no longer obedient housewives from 1950s, rushing to make you that sandwich wearing only an apron (you can remember your grandma, right? Was she ANYWHERE close to that?)? I hear you pain, pal, you being a man from 1950s, who muddled through Great Depression with a wife and three kids, and now got back straight from your voluntary shift on Normandy beaches with a shrapnel in you hand only to see no decent women around!

Weak; and soft; and spoiled; and bitter; and entitled. All of us.

I finally worked through my backlog of comments from pre-hols. Another few slipped through the suspicious net.

The majority were lovely but the few crazies Missing The Point remind me why I hate the internet. No test for use. It’s always the posts about psychiatry and abuse that bring out the crazies. Never post about BPD or ADD or domestic abuse or sexual harassment unless you’re prepared to confront true cray.

It’s worth it for the smart ones.

I commented: They refuse to accept the duties with maturity. Adulthood means parenthood. Ready to screw, ready to follow through.


Well, The Pill and abortion tipped the balance here.

But then again it only applies if you are a “tis not fair!!!!!1!” kind of … ma… male.

My thoughts on this: men rarely have any deep ambitions of our own to follow and mature on the way. Most often, we have to be pushed by our needs, maturing during interaction with harsh environment (i.e. mass-poverty until 60s or so) and by fulfilling enforced obligations (early marriage as a social expectation; caring about your elders and siblings – and of course of yourself).

But now there’s nothing of it left. What’s in place though is:
* parental support well into late 20s – because your parents only have you – and maybe one more, but not 12; and they can afford to work in their 60s. Mine kicked me out of the door at 15 (to Uni), and stop paying my rent at 19, when I took a part-time job.
* sexual liberation: she’ll put out for nice set of pecs and abs; you don’t have to really be masculine, just apply some masculinity make up – fake self-confidence, learned ZFG attitude and ripped muscles from local gym. She’ll see through it after a month, sure, but you’d be tapping next ass by then. All in all – no commitment have to be paid to acquire sex. Girls screwed the role of being the gatekeepers to sex with nice “if you want to be a ‘housewife’ in your 30s, you’ll have to start with ‘ho’ in your teens” model they’ve been provided with by “society”.
* massive welfare state that picks up the smithereens. People are bailed out of the consequences of their bad choices – so they keep doing more o them.

You need to add some real stress to the system to change the pattern. And it will probably take a few decades.

A lesson on authenticity from the Catholics

Unusual post considering I’m not Catholic, but I do think Protestants have abandoned too many of the solid principles in the rush to escape the yoke of a power-hungry Pope (ofc, we’d never have that problem now, perish the thought).

Interesting self-improvement applications. I’ve been looking into grace as it may be channeled by humans, the best ladies are said to possess it, it’s like female charisma, so if anyone else has good resources give us a bell.

“Attendance at Mass, regular confession, spiritual exercises, fasting, and prayer are wonderful vehicles of grace but if we think pious activities will sanctify us, we will only appear to be holy on the outside like the Pharisees”

Recipe for Salvation When You Don’t Really Mean It
step one: adopt three African babies, no more, no less than these, but three is the number of the Trinity
two is too few, four is overboard
three will make thy Lord happy

and so it is written, in my headcanon Bible.

“However, man cannot transform himself into a holy being. As my Irish grandmother would say, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

I was told it means you can’t make bad people good, because they closed that door a long time ago.
Nor can you improve the quality of people without their consent, a concept familiar to those who’ve been to a therapist.

“we are basically trying to save ourselves with our religious works.”

The CHINOs never cared for their posterboi Jesus, as you can tell by the gaudy memes, let alone the Big Man. Politics is always #1 in their hearts. They’d wear hoodies with God is Good, totally forgetting all the humility schtick.

“In fact, self-appointed spiritual disciplines that are not inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit are self-centered, not God-centered. To put this thought in more shocking terms, when we try to perfect ourselves we are stealing Christ’s job of redemption and sanctification.”

Beware of false prophets on Youtube.
*cough cough Whores of Patreon cough*

““You’re working for satan, not God.” I realized I still had not allowed Jesus to justify me. I was still relying on good works to earn God’s approval.”

Signalling is a sin?
Insincere signalling, I think.
Think of it this way, your salvation is out of your hands. Try to be a good person and do the right thing, the really right thing, and any God worth his salarium would be content with that.

“Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Scammers move on quickly so you don’t expose them, all those metaphors about light? Most people doling out advice are in it for something other than truth. Most overt being the love of money…
If you have nothing to hide from a God, why the guilt? Perhaps this is the reason Christianity allowed Europeans to thrive culturally, it taps into our vice weakness (the infamous white guilt) and directs it positively. I haven’t seen pagan religions achieve this, where records exist.

Know thyself, and thy inner jerk.

K-selected mating rituals

The filter is strong.

Tim Tebow recently split with girlfriend Olivia Culpo – a former Miss USA model – and the reason is said to be the former Broncos quarterback’s abstinence pledge.

Yes, that’s right, folks. You now live in a culture where a girl doesn’t want a man who respects her enough to wait until he is ready to commit to her, faithfully for life, and not just use her body for his own personal pleasure…..

….Tebow will be mocked by the rabbits, but he also likely won’t end up divorce-raped, stripped of his wealth, and forced to watch as the children he is responsible for have to cope with the consequences of a shattered family….

We know what we’re about, son.


She lacked the self control. Great game. Truly magnificent.

Protip: ask them about controversial topics. They’ll squirm because they want so hard to please you but also remain neutral enough to control you. They’re empty, hollow people really. Essence de la PC.

Wife selection: Choose the B Girl

Generally good advice, but consider the source. A man who doesn’t want to marry himself, let alone is enjoying a happy marriage. Plus, he speaks from the male perspective to other males.

It sounds like settling, if you feel you’re settling before the marriage, that grows into resentment afterward. The research shows happy marriages begin with idealization (and not living together first) and this grows within the marriage into a tolerance of faults. You must find someone who doesn’t expect perfection (impossible) but still tries (goes for both sexes). It’s hard in a Western society of convenience e.g. Wife isn’t doing it for me anymore? Find new wife! ~ DON’T DATE NOVELTY DUDE. Select the ones with a longer aim to match the expectation of a long commitment (where you give up certain things like novelty in exchange for the benefits of marriage).

Judging by appearance is the easiest to make, so I can’t fault choosing it as a starting point. However, the B girls simply have their value as a person distributed differently, and they aren’t inferior to the A Girls. He’s using a dating metric (short term strategy) in place of a courting one (long term). Nor does this explain how assortative mating means successful marriages are often of equals (by overall value) or one party eventually feels they’re being screwed and leaves so one (man) must consider his own value and building that up and sustaining it (he earlier mentioned the former but not the latter, since he never intends to marry himself).

The main question is: What sort of parent to my children would this person make?

Bluntly, if you’ll never have children, you never need to get married. It is a non-issue.

Many positive attributes in either sex are mutually exclusive. Life is a series of trade-offs. Instead of going after what you think you want, instead look at what you feel you need. Look at your past, your background and what you envision and write down the commonalities of what really made you happy. Bare minimum, it isn’t a personal essay of your value as a person. Make a Wife list (needs to have/be, vs. wants). You’d be surprised by how little you actually need, instead of the default entitlement mode of our culture that looks to Impossible Ideal As Shown on TV. Dating research has shown people’s self-reports mismatch to what they actually pick. You don’t know yourself, you have to look. You don’t want a practice marriage.

Essentially, you want to get past one another’s quality filters. That’s the biggest hurdle and the first. The love grows from that basic mutual standard (which, according to the research, should include filtering for similar politics and parenting styles, and similar abilities with money because most arguments are caused by it).  Try to see how you cope in stressful situations, the common advice to go on road trips is a stress test for the ultimate of children. If you can make it past the teens when they’re no longer children and you owe them little, your marriage will be fine. Your marriage needs to provide a teaching function to your children, as they will base their own relationships on its success or failure. Most arguments need to be had in front of the children so they can learn how to resolve conflicts. They note what you do, not what you tell them. Many commitment-phobes have divorced parents. They’re scared and haven’t learned the skills to keep a marriage (or even LTR) going. Both parties going into a marriage need to learn they have mutual responsibilities, for less obvious stuff like maintaining their own health (i.e. a healthy weight range excepting pregnancy or illness) or intimacy (i.e. emotional, men have an obligation too, some of the biggest failures in divorce stats seem to think they can stop trying when the ring’s on and treat their wives like a secretary instead of the closest person in their lives, don’t be that guy).

n.b. Never choose A girl to marry because everyone will age. You will age, she will age, and you’ll hate each other. Ask: Would I love this person when we’re both really ugly?

Essentially, neither sex should marry someone who peaked early. Never. They’ve ruined themselves on a glut of praise and arrogance that it would last forever. Peak doesn’t equal The Wall. It’s the best year of their life until now. If it was 19 or earlier, RUN.

For more info on LT life planning, I also recommend 30 is not the new 20.

The Third World catches up to Jews in the First World

Quality. Over Equality.