Link: A Rabbit’s Take on the ‘New Fascism’

I love how they try to mislabel everything like scare quotes.
The world over, this is being called the Rise of the ‘New Right’.

You can tell by the name what he’s going to say. Reading further is somewhat superfluous.

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TLDR: Bad things happen to good people, leave Britney The Left alone!

It’s actually a very old Right. The ideologically consistent one that lasted for centuries unopposed.

Never let it be said I don’t allow opponents to air their opinions, especially when they are so demonstrably wrong and outright hilarious to anyone who knows history.

For example, he tries to paint fascism as something common to left and right. When all historical examples have a big Leftist government behind them, to orchestrate the mass murders. From Mao to Stalin. And he thinks National Socialism is a contradiction in terms…

Not really. Their logic, as anyone who paid attention in school will know was:

We made this stuff here = Nationalism

This stuff here belongs to us, all of us = Socialism

Notice the dissembling going on, the way he blends truth and his unreality, it’s quite masterful how they do it to avoid amygdala irritation, he even hits on key points like resource restriction (the Left acknowledges this because they believe the solution is Communism). He’s trying to avoid anything that may make him uncomfortable, like an admission that people are sick of the Left’s social experimenting and its effect even on Venezuela’s economy. Blame foreign policy for that one.

Note: the one word, the solution both neat, peaceful and with millennia of successful precedent that is missing from all Left critique on the subject – ‘deportation’.

Video: How to get revenge on the Left

#1-#1,000 pieces of advice = Don’t take pity on them.
Write it out a thousand times to get it in your head.

Turn your attention to your own and you will never run out of worthy people to help. Take pity on people who don’t deserve their lot, for the people who did the right thing and tried to be good. Save charity for good people. Bad people making excuses deserve the scorn of reality hitting them upside the face like a shovel, this is the ultimate justice and divine karma. Who are we to question the wheel of fortune? Exclude them, as rabbits fear this above all else, and mock them if they seek to emotionally blackmail you (how DARE they) after treating you like dirt when in power.

I would like to share a quote.

“And now, they find their Day is over! their power gone! and the throne of this nation possessed by a Royal, English, true, and ever constant member of, and friend to, the Church of England! Now, they find that they are in danger of the Church of England’s just resentments! Now, they cry out, “Peace!” “Union!” “Forbearance!” and “Charity!”: as if the Church had not too long harboured her enemies under her wing! and nourished the viperous blood, till they hiss and fly in the face of the Mother that cherished them!
No, Gentlemen! the time of mercy is past! your Day of Grace is over! you should have practised peace, and moderation, and charity, if you expected any yourselves!” ~ Daniel Defoe

Pick-up weakens men

…I’m not denying the need many men have to improve their communication and confidence with the opposite sex. This is a real need. But the approach that pick-up coaches take doesn’t make men better men; instead of increasing a man’s real strength and self-assurance, it turns him into a dependent.

Replacement Father figures.

This article is more of a warning than anything. The pick-up artist or dating industry is big business, and a lot of you may be spending money on ebooks and courses trying to improve in an area where you feel yourself lacking. This isn’t money well-spent. If you want to become more successful with women, the solution isn’t a virtual guru of any kind, and it isn’t a quick fix — it’s the long, arduous road to becoming a more successful, stronger, and self-reliant man. The development of the self must precede your success with the opposite sex….

Seriously, odds are they don’t know anymore than you.
If you aren’t willing to work on yourself first, why would average women look twice? Mind, the ones you target (and yes, target, like a predator) have options, or you wouldn’t be attracted to them.
Even if they knew how this works, a single valuable insight, could they understand the true reasons (instead of those they wish to be true)? For example, does a single part of their theory make them look bad? Oh, they’re saintly huh? Yes, how realistic. Cults of personality are never wrong.Could they impart in full what they have learnt? (no) How much is down to their circumstance, things they have that you don’t (e.g. handsomeness) and pure Lady Luck?
Men are literally better off going their own way and waiting for women to show more interest (if there isn’t more interest post-improvement you didn’t have a hope in hell).

I defer to this gem of a quote;


There is such a thing as too much experience with women. You end up running into a lot of terrible ones.

Sampling errors abound.

Women are disgusted by pick-up for the same reason men are by women who get surgery, false everything and wear tons of make-up, then try to take advantage of a rich guy. It’s a means of passing-off faulty goods.

On an evolutionary level, the junk genes are passing themselves off as superior, prime material (the natural Alphas aka real men, who don’t need hand-holding guides to teach them jack). Some (depends on age) of those real men get married (I think it’s Wolf Alpha, might be another type), because they know they want a family, they’ve become emotionally detached, player burnout exists, hedonic treadmill and won’t let a good thing go away (good women are rarer now more than ever in societal history, consider that).

This is why the “best” players usually move on after three shags. All that effort, it would be more cost-effective to buy a hooker (and a relief for local women, who get hit on all the time from desperate ‘player’ men who turn to begging, it’s pathetic, ‘bitch shields’ are just player shields). If they object to hookers on egoistic grounds, why do you need validation from the low class women who allowed themselves to be used based on a script?
If you’re lying to the good ones it’s a whole other kettle of fish, and those types must flee, a stressful life, before they’re ran out of town (inevitable, they aren’t nomads by choice) and likely beaten up or murdered. That is how the criminal sociopaths Alpha-types the PUAs look up to end their life. Before age 40. All over something you could’ve paid for. Hardly a long-term strategy, and you don’t see many players bothering past 40. The youngest women (without issues) start to get creeped out and the middle-aged pretend they’re not exhausted by pursuit and look just as attractive despite various physical signs to the contrary…

For all the posturing about being ‘lone wolves’… err, they don’t get any sex, they don’t have a mate, so they don’t mate. The alpha/beta distinction doesn’t exist in nature, that’s outdated knowledge from the 70s. Wolves find someone of their quality and mate for life, as elucidated in r/K selection theory. I guess PUAs can’t think of any sexy metaphors about being a male bunny wabbit.

The future of the UK

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Leftists (or at least Trotskyists, communists and many “progressives”) know full well that such mass immigration will help them destabilize the “capitalist system” (as they call it). Through such destabilization, people will become “radicalized” (they predict) into adopting revolutionary socialism – as offered to them by, say, the SWP. In other words, the riots and communal conflict which have already occurred in the UK, and which will occur on a larger scale in the future, are but a means to bring about the revolution which these Leftists so desire. Or, as the phrase goes, for a Leftist (as well as for a Nazi): “The worse things are, the better they are.”

As usual, the left inaccurately predict human behaviour.

Let us say – there is more rioting. A lot more.

Let us say – there is another English Civil War.

Who will the military defend? Taxpayers or parasites? The rich or the layabouts?

And who will the hungry, rabid proles flock toward?

The Left by definition cannot provide for themselves, let alone others. The Socialists of the “Worker’s” Party rely on handouts from the productive, which would cease in the event of violent unrest. They’d be too busy looting and fending off immigrant thieves to recruit anyone, even if people were to listen, and the design of Parliament is such that it deliberately cannot be surrounded (riverside). This is why squatting laws were passed. Because in that situation, the only thing they could’ve clung to was their council housing.

They are rabbits who will be torn apart when the wolves come.

Yet they laugh at conservative preppers.