Comic: European identity and multiculturalism replacement

my edit, riff off it and use elsewhere, it’s the far Left’s original attempt to meme on this issue, pre-internet

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the piss out of Captain Euro and it’s high time more people knew about him. The overt rip-off of the early 90s Action Man cartoon style. Read a few of the comics, read his Twitter (@captaineuro) it’s total cringe. They’re meant to be politically neutral. How is he not a re-appropriated meme for the Alt Right yet? He’s like Superman, a classic white male protagonist hero. Comics are sold to schools.

Funny how they use the image of Ubermensch strength, in this and Commie propaganda, while denying hierarchy and liberty that leads to it. The SJWs should start a petition calling for Captain Euro to be replaced by an African Muslim lesbian. It’s been three decades.

BTW the Eurokorps already exist, for all this talk of a federal European army.

Cropped version for stealing

How’s that for a ‘conversation’ starter?

Comic: Illegal immigration is theft

Theft of a future, too.

Not to mention the genocide angles of depriving natives. Tragedy of the commons, outgroup favoritism has a time limit.

I’d love to see an EU/Euro and a GB/£ version of this.

It’s r-selection in practice.

Le Pen’s loss and the death of civic nationalism

It simply isn’t enough to appease the workers anymore.

Le Pen didn’t win among her core for cucking to the EU on the Euro (look it up) and softening up her father’s policies before taking the title in nepotism (ew), that’s why she left her party shortly before the election. If they knew she didn’t win for being too soft, the Guardian et al would NOT be celebrating. She represented civic nationalism, and its day is done.

It’s either another Revolution or bust, quite literally. They have no money.
They’re spending like a billionaire on a middle-class income.

They deserve to fall.

“In short, precisely because of its turbulent political history, France has developed a series of barriers against radical change. A leading sociologist, Michel Crozier, described it in 1970 as a ‘société bloquée’ — a ‘stalemate society’. Of course, much in France does change: but the price of political stability is that certain fundamental rights and privileges remain untouched. Advantageous retirement rights and pensions. Certain influential professions. Farmers, sheltered by the Common Agricultural Policy. People in permanent employment, protected by laws penalising redundancy and limiting hours of work. The public sector — in French le service public, significantly in the singular — is the core of this system: schools, public hospitals, railways, universities, local government, the post office. All are arms of the state. Think of le service public as the NHS multiplied by five. The politics of its workforce, combining a real sense of public service with a jealous defence of rights and privileges, explains why France is the most anti-capitalist country in Europe.”

They deserve what they get.
Politics isn’t enough to reverse their damage anymore.

Their pensions are basically the most indulgent in the EU behind Greece and Italy and aren’t they doing well?

“Even in the 1980s President Mitterrand lamented national ‘moroseness’. Bookshops have long been piled high with works by economists, politicians and academics warning that France was in accelerating decline. Young people emigrate, over 200,000 to London alone.
On top of this chronic malaise has come the tension between republican secularism and Islam, sparked off three decades ago by a row about girls wearing headscarves in a provincial secondary school. It is a fraught mixture of cultural difference, social deprivation and historic mistrust, but none can doubt its brooding presence, hugely inflamed by a series of terrorist attacks. Had I risked forgetting this, I would have been dramatically reminded a few weeks ago when in a quiet street in Paris I walked into a 25-man military patrol in full combat gear.
None of these observations is unique to France. Characteristic of France, however, is the seeming inability of the political system to do much about them, even over many years.”

People get the Government they deserve. The French people now know that the Left is the enemy and will rally against their false opposition to prevent democracy, if it doesn’t go their way. This is valuable information for the fall of the EU. If the new French citizens didn’t have a vote, Le Pen would’ve probably won. Again, useful information on how the Left engages in racial replacement.

“Marine Le Pen thunders against free trade and ‘unfair’ competition. The very word ‘liberal’ has long been a political kiss of death: we shall see whether Macron is immune. So there is widespread dissatisfaction, but no accepted solution.”

She’s a socialist, no wonder the bitch wasn’t endorsed by her own father. Corruption is rife, they’re like Greece. French culture’s been dead for decades.

They cannot survive outside the EU without a capitalist.

She has added to her nationalist agenda vehement denunciation of the European Union as a foreign capitalist plot. Nearly the whole French establishment unquestioningly accepts the EU as France’s historic destiny. The Front National’s denunciation makes support for it a shibboleth of progressive values.”

They deserve this.

The EU is full of Communists. Literally, European Parliament is stuffed with former Commies.

“Polls indicate that two thirds of conservative voters still support him. How many of the other third might defect to Le Pen?”

Her final polling? About a third.

Lower turnout than the last election. Workers on strike.

Many of the right abstained because she could only be considered right-wing in France.

“Emmanuel Macron, will win in the second round. This would gain him goodwill and authority — for a time. But his, and France’s, problems would not be over. He is committed to liberal economic reforms likely to arouse widespread and even turbulent opposition. He is a one-man band, and established politicians of right and left have an interest in his failure. He himself will have won only because people who dislike him have seen him as a barrier to Le Pen. She will probably get a higher vote than ever and will continue working inexorably towards the next election. A French friend recently said to me, ‘I am not voting for anyone. I’m only voting against.’ This is the depressing mantra of French politics today.”

Don’t bother with the flag filters, they need a few more enrichments before the reality kicks in.
This is their new normal.
They are Malmo 2.

8-10 million illegals coming to Europe

Le Pen when?

In clear violation of the EU’s Dublin agreement, they’ll be spread all over.

Not to mention national sovereignty to set immigration controls will be flouted, that’s old news.

Notice how they’re calling most elections in the calm before the summer waves?

They’re still doing propaganda films about that kid washed up on the beach two full years ago, nothing about the dead little girl after the terrorist attack.

The latest plan involves creating SJW sockpuppets and posting a lot of anti-white material to speed up the Lefty’s antagonism. Since the trannies infiltrated a women’s movement, we know they have no defences against this false flagging. This roar of sentiment from actual lefties including the bloodthirsty media will shock Europe to its senses, awaken them to the plan of replacement and civil war before the numbers give the barbarians the advantage.

We’re circling the drain, speed it up so people wake up.

Casually mention Germany deserves to become Muslim. Countersignal the fuck out of this. You really cannot overdo this, countersignalling is the key.

You cannot countersignal a countersignal.

They have nothing.

Legally, you can’t be held accountable for a hate crime discussing your own group.

How will France vote?

I have been asked but it’s rather obvious at this stage, late in the game.


They cry out in pain as they strike you.

Going for the policewoman to shove and physically intimidate out of a group full of men, how brave of this entitled Somalian… woman?

That level of wailing, waving and shrieking would get one shot in America. Maybe with a tranq dart, but they’ve got the right idea. If you aren’t in your right mind, you’re a public danger.

The Guardian panics, turns on SJWs

They say no enemies to the Left, but when the going gets tough, they push one another in the line of fire first.

These hoes ain’t loyal.

They always beg a question with this rhetoric, critical theory never posits alternatives so you can never argue with an alternative.

And how, exactly, would a non-populist democracy work?

How? How would we count votes? Isn’t a vote like a beauty contest? This is absurd.

A selection of comments.

How else can Oxford law students tell welders about how privileged they are.
Identity politics is how the modern left got around having to deal with poorer people,class and economic inequality.
It was also about making the focus on themselves, their friends and not those beneath, whatever colour or sexuality etc they are.
It is a rejection of what the left was always about.

We were taught to value diversity back in the days when we weren’t overwhelmed by it. Now, the fear is setting in because we never thought that we, the majority, would have to sacrifice our own culture in order to help other people assimilate. I think the current problems are being caused by minorities who have not reciprocated by sacrificing a part of their culture to fit in with us. Yesterday, I noticed that the wrod ‘ADVENT’ has been replaced by ‘chocolate’ (thanks, Tesco). It seems we are no longer allowed to call advent calendars by their real name. I have always supported the multi-cultural society, but it’s gone too far now.

Edging towards some kind of argument about 15 years too late.

At last someone in this paper that gets it, sadly judging by the comments the average Guardianista still doesn’t and let’s be honest they never will, they’re not genuine left wingers, they’re more interested in virtue signalling than they are in actually doing any good.
The old left wouldn’t have supported staying in the EU and they wouldn’t have tolerated the harm mass immigration has done to the poorest, there’s a reason why UKIP could destroy the Labour Party.

Multiculturalism doesn’t work. Globalism is good for capitalists.

Utterly superb article that I am amazed to see on here, and which restores a considerable amount of my faith in the Guardian. So much so that I’ll give serious thought to contributing, finally.
Obviously I say this as the article effectively supports the position I’ve been setting out for years on here – I imagine many would disagree with this though. The problem for those people, is that they have no way to win power back with identity politics.

Oh no what a shame…

These people have never painted a room, have they? You plan your exit first, otherwise the expression ‘paint yourself into a corner’. Victory conditions, not that they read game theory. They probably think it’s the Scrabble rulebook.

It* was only going to work for as long as Labour held the working class.

The White working class.
You screwed over the white people and they stopped voting for you. Boo hoo.

They always beg the question, they presume their belief system is true and you agree with it, before speaking. Social Justice is a theory. So is creationism. So is astrology**. You can make a layman’s theory about anything, but the burden of proof is on you to apply that fantasy to reality. If you can’t, if you fail to FIX the problem and pontificate on about it (a Catholic term) then you lose. Leftists – all talk, no walk.

*Cultural Marxism.

**Yes I’m mocking myself. However, I did predict Trump based on an uncanny Regulus, making me more reliable than 90% of MSM. Even most astrology sites were gunning for Hillary based on a misread of her natal chart.

“Hold the working class”
“No way to win back”

much force and entitlement, the Left always becomes fascist eventually

They know exactly what they’re doing. The type of creature to flop on its back, expose its belly and plead for mercy, and then, once your back is turned, kill you ruthlessly. If Trump hadn’t won, what do you think this article would have been about? They want to start fights and beat people (up) without using their fists. Cowards. Who listens to a chicken? Especially when they go Chicken Little about the ice caps (fine), the polar bears (fine) and the poor gays (better than ever). They complained about victory so we gave them defeat.