What type of woman does a psychopath target?

You’re supposed to hold them at arm’s length whenever you’re seeing someone new.
Background checks and shielding assets. Don’t tell them anything about your finances, or lie downwards and watch them skedaddle. Why would they need to know?
Thwart them once on a minor thing and see if they lash out like a little bitch.
They want to move you like a pawn, hook you and emotionally keep you in the basement. Stockholm Syndome.
You can’t fix or change a bad person. No, you can’t. A professional can because of professional distance, but nobody else can. Plenty of romance stories are wrong.
They have broken pair bonding from promiscuity and an insecure attachment style, so they will go for women with a secure style and suck that affection like a dying leech. If they feel insecure on a feature of life, such as class, they will seek a woman with the traits they lack e.g. they’re rude, they seek the meek and polite or the classic case of the ugly guy inside and out who thinks he’s entitled to hot women.
Look at the average PUA behaviour and realize those guys are for real. Was the cravat on an American not obvious? Their perception of beauty is warped to destruction, e.g. whereas people who like metal do like skulls, it’s like a roleplay. The psychopath pretends to like these things ironically to cover their death worship. Too much goth stuff without the music is a big flag. They tend to think of the music as ‘girly’, and yes, in their mind the worst thing a person can be is often female. Their insults veer misogynistic, 9/10. As a red flag, that is a good one.
They will always side with a criminal whatever the evidence e.g. recently we had a footballer charged with rape of a minor and he admitted it, his fans defended him as the victim. The more similar the criminal to them demographically, the more emotional they’ll get. This spirals into anger and domestic abuse over time, which they will deny to police and try to gaslight or defame the woman in the courts for daring correct him. They can’t stand being corrected (the narcissism) because they are Obnoxious Signalling Smart Person in the Room e.g. if you have to tell people your IQ, if they can’t tell already, it isn’t a valid IQ measure and you should be retested as an adult. Speaking of, intelligence is not IQ per se and intelligence is not a single number (it’s an academic thing, like an A+, it’s purely comparative to the sample). People over ~135 get this, it isn’t hard, it’s basic statistics. They normally say 160-170, despite how unlikely a person in that range would fail at life time and time again (psychopaths cannot commit but everything they try, they mess up) and fail to commit to anything, i.e. a job. The best job in the world, they’d get fired. A fun thing to do with this prick in a social setting is challenge them to prove it, forbid them a choice because that’s biased (framing lies), then watch their face drop as you pull up an IQ test question on your phone and watch them fail again, and again, and again, and again. They work themselves into a hissy fit explaining the test is wrong. Yes, the test is wrong, sure.
Spins emotion into ‘secret’ displays of logic (rationalization, wrong). No, this makes no sense, you aren’t imagining it.
They target sweet naive women who put up with their BS, mother figures who will baby them like a little boy, while resenting their own mother. They will tend to think the Madonna/Whore thing wasn’t a literary metaphor but rooted in fact…

well leaves nope no go leaving

Better to keep a distance and see how they treat other women. If they can’t have female friends or say it’s always the woman’s fault somehow, get out.
Best tactic is to hold off and deny them, if you frustrate them for a few weeks to months, they’ll move on. Better they think you’re boring than become a stalker. Playing dumb is their big weakness because they already think you’re dumber than them by default.
Gaslighting: crazy people project and call you crazy. Finishing move: say you should both go to a couples’ therapist (at the same time, so they can’t lie behind your back) and watch them back off and make excuses. If you were so crazy, they wouldn’t want to be with you. Common sense. Invite them to go or STFU about it, making deadlines triggers their panic button because they have a huge complex about abandonment (when they don’t deserve a relationship, being so selfish). They won’t leave because they need you, women fail to realize, so they’ll spend their manipulations trying to convince you the other way around, since they’re needy babies emotionally in a man’s body.

Some good ways to psychopath-proof yourself: Set firm boundaries and don’t let anyone cross them no matter how much he is guilting you; listen to your gut and don’t override your instincts out of an eagerness to please or to have your last chance at love; do not dismiss or minimize red flags such as lying, cheating or abusive behavior; do not take responsibility for someone else’s actions, even if that person is doing his best to blame you. And most importantly, realize you can’t change anyone, and that your mental, physical and emotional health is more important than keeping a relationship together no matter what.

If someone’s guilting you, shouldn’t that be a slight hint?

All that comes down to Don’t Be Desperate and leave if you aren’t happy.
The rule should be, why rush if it’s real? They’ll try and rush the process to hook you, they’re a very pathological r-type that feels smothered if they get you, it’s pretty funny with distance.

If you hear a sob story, any sob story from anyone ever, ask if they’re seeing a therapist and watch ’em flinch. Higher powers offend them. Although they do love misreading and misusing Freud as if he’s still relevant to the 21st Century. He was unfalsifiable (gaslighter’s preferred mode of argument). The SJWs also love Freud because he confirms their beliefs, Freud is generally a joke 9/10.

An impressive list of trashy, d-bag/fuckboy behaviours

This is unusually well-informed, it’s like a comprehensive list of most issues I’ve heard that turned out to be red flags and dealbreakers for women. We see a lot of dealbreakers for men (standards for women) but rarely the reverse. I know there’ll be some butthurt guys sour we’ve noticed but you’re meant to be about self-improvement and that includes relationship errors.


Men always say ‘We don’t know what we’re doing wrong, just tell us!’

Except when we try to tell you, you don’t listen. And then we’re the nag, apparently. They don’t correct the issue by changing their behaviour (if they had the empathy to do that, there wouldn’t be an issue), they want to make excuses as if that fixes things and it’ll stop being a problem. We aren’t your mother. If you don’t fix the issue, and worse, make excuses for treating a relationship like dirt, it won’t be swept under the rug. We can and do leave, often on what appears to the dense male as ‘no notice’.

You get to control a dog, not a person (they are still a human even if you’re married, one of the few divorce reasons even for Catholics is abuse of spousal power for good reason, nobody has carte blanche when coupled, the entire point is considering and compromising with another, an act, not empty words). If the terms of exchange are disagreeable, it isn’t the injured party’s fault for going. It’s the selfish person who expected their desires came above another’s needs or set ridiculous (petty, irrational) double standards based on a trashy temperament (antisocial, narcissistic, borderlines etc). Any man who ponders marriage should make sure he doesn’t commit resentment-inducing errors that might deservingly end in divorce court (btw, this list also applies to women, because this is how you should treat a human, especially one you love). This is a list of disrespectful behaviours you shouldn’t even tolerate from an acquaintance or friend. It’s inhumane, degrading treatment, the calling card of fuckboys, and their daytime form, douchebags.

You can’t put a bandaid on a crack in the foundations. The whole building will come down. Excuses are for schoolboys, women raise problems so the man will be masculine about it and act, it’s a challenge to his masculinity and you’d better not fail e.g. “the spice rack isn’t hung yet…”.

If you think this would turn into a row, congratulations, you’re a man. All he needs to do is say “I’ll do the thing on (day)” and then actually keep his promise. Shocking, I know. Women are such complicated creatures.
If you think it’s actually about the spice rack instead of being about the man performing in his masculine role (or not), congratulations, you’re a thick man who gets into a lot of arguments with women and doesn’t know why. I guess women are ‘crazy bitches’ because anger is never justified from a woman you promised shit to.

In this case, an experienced wife would treat the man according to his emotional age and give him a taste of his own medicine by usurping his role if he won’t fill it, by crossing his line of sight with his tools when he has time to do it, making like you’re going to do it yourself, and letting him ‘show you’. This isn’t manipulative because sometimes, as the DIY death rate shows, men are the dumber sex. Men do the exact same thing when you act like you can’t operate the washing machine but a 2-ton car is a Man’s Job TM. Yes, we’re canny to that too.

Translation, of such a simple sentence about a spice rack: “You said you’d do this 4 months ago, this is the fifth time I’ve mentioned it and if I do it myself you’ll whine and pout for another month, so just hang the bloody spice rack, please. I don’t enjoy telling you to perform your role in this house, you signed up for this. I’m doing all my work and contributing and so well, in fact, that you don’t even know what it is.” When a woman brings something up and she’s irritated, it’s because she shouldn’t have to bring it up.

A woman doesn’t like to remind her man that he is a man. She doesn’t enjoy making demands of him because as an adult he should already know. If they married (non-married, there are no real commitments but it’s vague) then he signed up for a series of duties and responsibilities, and so did she. I saw a great post about how Wife is a job, not a title.

Well, it goes both ways. You married each other, the man did not marry a maid/cook/whore/mother/whatever and she has to settle with a lazy fat lump on a sofa making demands like she’s his mother. Settling doesn’t mean that. Settling is a good thing where you agree to perform gender roles for a life together, that you equally enjoy.

Husband is a job, not a title.

Men with happy marriages are not overbearing, cruel or come up with stupid hoops for the woman to jump through. They listen as they would to a sister and respect her as if her mother.

I’ve seen the manosphere point to comedy and whine that the woman is a shrew and the man lazy. These two behaviours are connected, but they refuse to admit this because they’re allergic to industry or equal standards and this is the reason they’ll die alone. There was a study of the hours a housewife works, keeping the house alone and caring for children alone and it would be deemed illegal if she were paid. The man gets off hours a day, the woman hardly any. Yet they say “why are you stressed?” Honestly, ask every housewife you know to tally the hours she works a week and on which tasks and prepare to be shocked. We don’t complain proportionate to the labour, we get on with it.
Women used to have support networks and/or maids to have the same working hours as men. Our time is very cruel to women, expecting us to Do It All. The economy too, demanding dual incomes, mean women work longer hours with all the fun side effects, like aging faster on the face and cortisol weight gain. It is impossible to ask these things of one person, and as I like to say with the obvious example, raising small children – if it’s such fun, I challenge the men complaining how ‘women have it easy’ by either doing a swap (a la I Love Lucy) or volunteering around small children for a week, say, in a nursery. See how long you last (and those kids can’t interrupt you sleeping off the exhaustion, you aren’t legally responsible for them really and they can’t break your house). No? Don’t want to work with kids? Then quit complaining that it’s easy when you are blissfully ignorant of the requirements, it’s like a champagne socialist talking to factory workers. All talk, no man.

Men have been mis-sold a fairytale from 50s advertising that they can be Kings over their wife. Those advertisers were all men so no prizes for why they had no idea what women were doing at home. Actually, Kings have about the same authority as their Queens and treat them with respect. In many cases, the Queen has more power and the man is in fact Prince Regent, inferior. If you cannot afford nannies and servants, don’t have aspirations above your station (where lifestyle and ‘free’ time are concerned). Money causes most rows i.e. the man isn’t making enough and being The Man but if the woman tries to help he gets prissy. We cannot win and this is unfair on the woman’s side (yes I know the economy is bad too). However, it must be made clear, marrying a woman isn’t buying a slave at market to mistreat. It’s agreeing that you’ll be The Man, forever. To her. Whatever happens, sickness, poverty, aging. Whether you feel like it (lazy) or not. It’s a partnership and one side can’t steer a ship. Don’t like it? Go your own way. This is the way relations between the sexes have always been. The American Dream is literally impossible without equal participation. This isn’t feminist, it’s a team effort. There are no individuals in a marriage.. This dates back to cavemen. Everyone’s work is important to support the tribe. The man is not automatically higher although he leads (and the greater burden for screwing up is on him as last word). They’re both running things, ignore the Idiot Box’s lies, this isn’t a competition (but statistically based on working hours, men would lose) and any man calling a woman out on this will soon experience The Strike. This is entirely passive and hence, feminine. She’s just showing you the consequences of a life without her help, as she was defamed. Where she does the thing you accuse her of (doing nothing, laziness) to show you her value in the house. This starts a row because the man refuses to admit he was wrong before. Pride has wrecked many a marriage, it isn’t as if anyone else is going to hear him and again, he isn’t an individual, he is a husband talking to his wife. Imagine one coworker refusing to admit his colleague did any work, it’s ridiculous. Male eyes tend to gloss over while women are working, the fools can say it doesn’t “really count”, bringing the Strike on themselves and this is why some women draw attention to their efforts, hoping for acknowledgement from the man they love e.g. I did this, I’m doing that, I’m going to do that next, I do everything around this house, nobody appreciates me, look at this thing I am holding or pointing at as I ask you a rhetorical question about it. Sound familiar? She wants your approval, idiot! She wants affirmation from the only man who matters in the world to her, it’s a gesture of love!

It’s like a dog giving you the puppy begging eyes, but even more obvious to a third party.

Then it’s “why is she angry? I did nothing.” Yes, that’s the literal problem. A man who fails to engage with his wife (import of communication) won’t have a happy marriage. Women need words. Words you mean (honesty). Reputation in the house (reliability, a classically male trait) for keeping promises is as important as business rep.

You don’t get to sit around doing nothing being waited on, especially when you’re a prole. That happens on TV with the big houses for ‘working class’ characters and it’s also the reason the ‘man of the house’ is the object of the comedy, because he isn’t the ‘man of the house’ at all, the woman is having to pick up the slack for her failure of a man. You must contribute to the running and keeping of a house even though it is the woman’s domain and she has the last word there (hence bringing up your failure there just like a performance review, is also her job). Women enjoy lengthy discussions assigning specific responsibilities and making these things clear but men fear them. Sloth. You should’ve agreed this stuff before.

If you’re a man and keep letting the opposite sex slip through your fingers, see if you feel a bit offended at this list’s items (and most of it applies to dating, the lowest difficult setting of a relationship with the opposite sex).
Essentially, you should treat a future spouse with the most respect of anyone in your life, including your best friend and family. You’ll be spending thousands of hours with them a year. One sign a marriage is over is that the husband is nicer to the waitress he’ll see for an hour. Women need affection to show affection and it’s the man’s duty to lead.

It’s funny how the trashy men don’t know they’re trash and are often loudly bemoaning the ‘trashiness’ of random women (usually in the USA, as if American woman aren’t the global exception) with utter obliviousness to how repellent this is. As if we don’t notice how you speak about other women.

If you are offended, if the shoe fits and you treat people like this, any people, feel free to strap on that thing and strut, girl. I’m the messenger.

Relationships are a choice. They take effort and communication. Do you want to learn these things now or in post-divorce counselling?
If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Don’t stand around acting like it isn’t work, bitching.

Best ones imo, expanded;

Paranoid when you spend time with male friends, but when he has female friends, it’s fine, don’t be so paranoid.
Used you like a therapist (emotional pin cushion).
Thought he was smarter than you (regardless of evidence to the contrary, which was obviously a fluke).
Tried to pretend Yes All Men are like him when he behaves badly, blame-shifting.
Coffee snob (signalling prick).
Mansplaining – on topics he is ignorant on, especially if you know better. They double down for ego and wonder why the woman dumps/nexts them and this keep happening, “why don’t women like smart guys” – they aren’t smart, they can’t keep a woman. Meth addicts of 50 IQ points can keep a girlfriend. Smart isn’t like House where being an arrogant prick is funny or attractive.
Thinks intelligence or wit are solely the preserve of males, gets patronizing on their demonstration by a woman (slightly intimidated and insecure about it for no reason to feel ego-threatened, wtf) and wonders why only boring stupid bimbos are suddenly all he can attract.
Characterizes rationalizations as rational, logical, or being argumentative not as passive-aggressive and unhealthy but “playing Devil’s Advocate”. Devil’s Advocate is balanced, no emotion behind it or personal investment, it’s never cruel or mean-spirited to hurt the other person, that’s bullying.
Tried to control your appearance but the street was one-way, crazy bitch. His terrible hygiene is ‘au naturelle’ and his awful style ‘unique’ as if those are good things. Often talks a big game about self-improvement because dumb.
Undeniable human trash from an objective perspective (can’t commit to anything in his entire life, absurdly commitmentphobic of the word commitmentphobic). Generally a failure at everything he tries.

Attraction/repulsion cues vary less between sexes than r/K


dealbreakers vary minimally between sexes, and much more between short-term vs. long-term mating strategies. The research comprises six studies and over 6,500 single Americans.

just getting that now rlly slow on the uptake moriarty


I wonder who gets rejected by the LT strategists?

Link: The 10 types of guy you’ve ghosted on

and I’ll add why.


The girl who wrote this is somewhat self-aware but there are good reasons for every red flag. Nobody should get invested in a first date anyway.

1. What does Tweety say? cheap! cheap! cheap!
2. ugly/desperate, which is ugly
3. STDs and mommy issues
4. not an adult
5. too in touch with his feminine side
6. addict, need I expound?
7. trying to make a bad decision better, for both parties
8. probable sociopath
9. dumb
10. won’t like you either in 6 months

3 is only attractive to other promiscuous people.

1 is often a strange creature who bemoans the lack of traditional women (by denigrating all women, which is frankly offensive to all of us) despite an ignorance of his part to play in that equation. Namely, that a man who believes in gender roles has literally one job, and that’s to foot the bill. It isn’t hard. Odds are, he asked her on the date, and he chose the location and hence, cost. The girl’s duty in that equation is to be charming company, whether it works out or not, she is giving him a chance, eggs are expensive, and for that the least he can do is pay for one reasonably priced meal. That’s the way the world works and yes it may be unfair but whining along those lines will leave you Forever Alone. Traditional women imagine down the line like future flashbacks how impossible it would be to extract money for your children’s new shoes out of his vise of a wallet.

Nothing puts off a traditional woman faster than being not only a bad provider, but a grump about money too.

You know who that does attract, though? Feminists, who love footing their own bill. And then he wonders why he has a string of bad dates… and blames all women instead of his terrible decision-making. And the cycle continues.