Video: Reddit degenerates and the manosphere’s diversity problem

Strap yourself in. Topics: idiots on speed, birth rate lies and the manosphere’s fatal stupidity. 3k words. This will explain the connections of several disparate topics of Issue we commonly kvetch over.

People assume that 4chan is cancer but actually, it’s reddit.
Reddit is where most of them congregate. They also blame their personal problems on made-up problems like ADD/ADHD (malingering) when that’s actually the PC speak in psychiatry for a low IQ, sparing the parent’s blushes (it was politely referred to as “dyslexia” before that, since IQ test failures are blamed on attention and focus on the words, The Spectator had an article). Everyone scores better on tests when you give them speed, that’s literally how drugs work you fucking numpties. You could give a monkey ADHD meds and they’d do better on a picture recognition task. It IQ boosts a fucking chimp, your successes are not yours, they were bought by a pill. Technically, it’s cheating. It should be banned as a performance enhancing drug, like any competition. This would happen in a patriarchal society that prizes masculine, fair competition, especially for something as life-changing as grades. It alters your whole life course, cheating is unacceptable and should lead to prison time. This is why college grad men are lower in quality this past decade compared to before, the tards on meds are taking the places instead. They’re chemically synthetically intelligent, it bumps them up to a midwit level. This is why they ‘burn out’ as an adult because they’re useless druggies (like dope heads needing it for motivation) and the brain nopes outta there eventually, resisting the drug. All drugs wane in efficacy over time, leading to the concept neurologically of a gateway drug due to habituation of the receptors. It’s molecular. They never had the genetic talent. The drugs were a fig leaf of transient performance, leading to the artificial teen prodigy phenomena seen in America, and no actual geniuses…. literally, no actualised geniuses like a Tesla or hell, a Newton, something. Nothing of that ilk seen for a century of pharmaceutical meddling, yet rising degeneracy as the r-brain seeks out stimulation after being primed for it from infancy. Reddit is a chemical side-effect of a broken society. They also got rabidly angry when I posted about nutrient deficits (K) that reduce concentration in any human, when logically, if one is suffering truly, you’d welcome news of a non-drug cure? Something to explore? Unless of course, deep down they know they need the drugs to cheat on tests and anything that threatens that, they screech like Planet of the Apes: Ritalin edition. We need to stop bailing out the low fitness with head meds and just let em fail in the real world. They are chemically sheltered, inducing those midwit delusions of superiority. It’s the fake environment of free resources (in this case, medications). No woman would marry or breed with them as they are, so they need those drugs to become sexually competitive as well, but this is a closely guarded secret. Like the bipolar girls or borderline girls who are insane off their meds, it’s the exact same thing. No sane man would stick around meeting the Real Them. This is why they reee. Thankfully since the likes of Pfizer is about to go bankrupt (tell wallstreetbets) due to mass fraud, this might actually happen and I for one, welcome the social advances of letting losers finally lose.
Mother Nature owes no man nor woman reproduction opportunities. Big Pharma is not your pimp.

Leading to this kind of situation, culturally. They are a small pocket of extreme r, kept alive as an act of false empathy from a sick society that needs some tard to feel better than. What cannot last, shall not.
The worst of posts is upvoted on reddit yet flamed on the chans (most of em).

Exhibit A through Z is just this post. You can see why more patriarchal eras only treated these men as potential cannon fodder rather than special broflake individualists. The last thing you do is feed their ego. Men are designed to be disposable in a military society and this is a feature, not a bug.

Tell me you are a net drain on society, without telling me.

Objectifying your own daughter as a whore certainly counts.
Any man who objectifies family or random women is clearly a fake K.
Then there’s the birth rate bitchers, who slut about then complain there are no kids, as if they wouldn’t demand abortions if their own rampant fuck-a-thons resulted in such. They really sense a finite resource (nubile white women, globally) and this panics r, they don’t really care, it’s a vice signal. They can be useless fuckers in this decayed society and nobody bothers to stop them, since women are relieved their genes are not breeding and the real K men don’t know they’re closeted pedos, planning to come after their pre-teen daughters for enslavement (especially in a prepper scenario, ask them). They are decoupled mentally from the fruits of their actions, obviously reproduction as a result of sex. Delusional dicks. If a woman offered to marry them on the spot in exchange for kids, they’d backpedal so hard with excuses there’d be smoke. R hates kids, they are thinking of future sexual conquests with entitlement, from presumed objectification (see above, why would a well-raised daughter sleep around? illogical) and entitled hippy availability (they hate religion’s encouragement of chastity, their so-called principled stance against religion is based on sexual weakness). They think a stable culture of saying No is oppression* (= most opposition to MeToo, when obviously there are plenty of predators who should be held accountable, especially immigrants targeting white women for genocidal reasons). There is a duty of protection there, but their patriotism never really happens. They also claim the male gender role is protection yet women are supposed to magically grow a set of balls and DIY for the first time in human history, as if the men are redundant. As if the men are all dead. Then they bitch and whine that men are treated as redundant when white women are told (by them!) we are not owed their protection. Then what’s there to respect? Cowards used to be shot a century ago. If women don’t actually need men in this present year of postmodern dangers, then historically we never did, idiots. You’re proving the feminist point! Are men replaced? The boats aren’t full of women. are they? If women can get by minus men, which is the more valuable sex? Oh, go wank to miscegenation porn and play some vidyah, sigh. I’m sure that’ll convince them to become barefoot and preggers for the future of the white race, inspirational that. This is why the Left laugh at you but not people like me, whom they fear, profoundly. The BBC won’t speak my name, nor will the Guardian. I came for them several times. Your issue is hypocrisy. Hypocrites lack moral authority so doing the reject men with podcast thing is pure cringe. Women don’t exist to smile in the street and wipe your arse. These guys are mental midgets. They call fellow lefties cucks but wouldn’t raise a hand to stop their own sister being gang-raped. What’s the male gender role anymore? They’re gone.


clearly this is the fault of women /s

None of them dares have this conversation, they have less than no gender role now. They’d happily befriend immigrants while claiming to desire deportations, permitting the immigrant to insult their race TO THEIR FACE and their women (even true religious ones are being lumped in with the whores now) out of sexist spite, meanwhile the immigrants mock them behind their back for the racial treason. Most of the pick-up stuff is pushed by Asians to cause a gender war among whites, to weaken white women from traditional support from our men. Women need support to continue to exist, simple as that. This is a religious war, against principalities. But they side with the foreigner telling them sweet lies, which the Bible warns against. Honour thy own parents, not some fucking rando with a tan off the banana boat. They assume from Satanic pride the foreigner will never outnumber them nor culturally overpower them when it’s already happened. The whip hand is no longer white. They’re slowly figuring it out and blaming Hollywood or da wimminz when it’s them, who you befriend causes a transfer of social power. This is why countries have borders, you idjits. This is why country clubs excluded Jews (you know, when they were good??). This is why history was stable when you didn’t mingle heterosocially. The diverse mingling of the manosphere (which defends diversity, immigration and anti-natalism, despite facts and all sane reason) is killing the West, nothing else. The so-called smart ‘redpill’ males refuse to pull their finger out, instead endlessly “commenting” on the degeneration problems like a curtain twitcher old woman. Is that not blue pill? They’re too busy going to strip clubs with their ‘Muslim’ ‘friends’ bitching about white women and in turn letting them drag whites openly (hey numbnuts that also means you), being too busy being anti-white (most white people are women!) and multicultural socially to ever, ever form a family and remove kebob. They are race cucks, proudly so. Apparently immigration is fine if you’re nice to them as their bloodline dies. Smile at their suicide. As their country is openly invaded by people pretending to contribute (see census data, Asians are tax drains with huge families like rats). According to them, and their reddit intelligence, we deserve it, for hippy shit that happened generations before we were born. White women never get credit for anything good, even higher rates of virginity, savings and lower rates of teen pregnancy. It’s the Asian import brand of misogyny that says women should dress ‘feminine’ to please random creepy ‘men’ but when we get raped suddenly the skirt is a problem. Is this the West?

How many people will read the whole thing? Two?


the option has been there this whole time
nobody is stopping you
go fight for glorious globalism
no women to blame in the military tho eh? mebbe suck on your thumb then
crying as if you understand women when you don’t even understand being a man

how bout no

that isn’t a man, that is an animal
patriarchy puts wild animals down

**I saw plates pile up for months, nearly a year because they’d wait for their mothers to visit and rinse a dish. It attracted flies. That is not a man. In the army, you wash your dishes. Asians are the epitome of manchild posturing as masculine when they’re overgrown dependents. Remove kebob, manosphere. Otherwise, you’re destined to wither on the vine as a laughing stock full of inbred immigrant tards waiting for mummy to wash their brown undies… in their twenties. I am not joking, it happens.

These white males are illogical cucks and dancing to the Pied Piper of the foreigner. Feminine women are not tempting, you are a man with expected masculine self-control, throughout history predators get the rope. Ah, but their ‘traditional’ signalling doesn’t extend to punishing MEN, does it? Curious, anti-redpill considering crime data, most predators are obviously male. Especially curiously eerily opposed to patriarchally punishing non-white men targeting white girls and women. Er, how? How is that in keeping with Western traditions, ever? How awfully convenient for the totally not catfishing as white PUA guys (called white-fishing), encouraging racial hatred in whites like mini-CNNs. Heap on more victim blame like Eve Teasing and Taharrush. Sounds so white, right? Most lynchings were responses to MeToo accusations and like most stories of sexual harassment by vibrants, the majority were observably true.

Swing, bitch, swing. Rapists get the rope in a real patriarchy. Patriarchy is a racial protection racket, religion is a scaffold. The Bible tells you not to have anything in common with darkness, come now.
Also, no welfare for your three cousin brides. You wouldn’t even like white patriarchy if you got it. They cannot be held to a manly standard let alone white standard, presently nor historically. One man working all hours can’t even support one family, let alone an Asian order of magnitude, with all the child brides, kids, cousins and elderly leeches clinging on. It’s basic maths. So the white man is cucking via taxes for the whole family of his fake friends, not the (childless) white women he is told to blame as evasion, it’s truly sick, it’s so disturbing to see they’re blind to it. You are not enslaved to white people, read the census data on children. Maybe they’ll get it when the Asians won’t let him retire? They’ll outvote you to confiscate your FIRE fund and ban retirement as white reparations, mark me.


Fun fact: most single mothers in the West do NOT have white kids, stop blaming white women. The manosphere is full of con artist influencers lying to you to take your money (blogging is NOT a job) and prevent certain questions being posed. Look it up. Even then, white supporting white is literally national socialism and is the same quantity > quality thing you endorse with the birth rate talk. As if we can nor should out-number Indians and Chinks despite our much smaller countries and infrastructure. Can you follow a single idea logically to its own conclusion? Doubtful. Must be the ADDs.

The manosphere is multicultural cancer, that is why it’s failing. All diversity ends in death. I repeat, all diversity ends in death. Yes, even socially. You are the average of your friends, this is the SJW fault too. If the ‘bro’ type never discover race as the true origin of fertile, healthy patriotism over empty social ‘bro’ signalling, they’re doomed. You cannot run a First World Society from a barren treehouse, manchild!

You permit jungle, you promote jungle. It’s that simple. Women cannot police a male space FOR YOU. Social entropy is a thing, note the SJW turning on one another. Manosphere does the same. Thanks diversity! Ever-reliable failure. Race is more important than sex. This was God’s design. Racial loyalty ends in fertility. Sexual loyalty ends in death. Your choice, bucko pal. It’s undeniable. FORM FAMILY OR STFU.

Who do they blame for this demographic death? DA WIMMIN. The stability of a civilization doesn’t happen in a fucking vacuum. There is no proof against this in God’s universe. And who mentions it? Precisely nobody calls it out. This is so simple I’m seriously reviewing the definition of retardation.
The manosphere is woke by its values system in every major way. It leads nothing and conserves less.


They have failed in all essential functions of patriotism, including protection of their women, on which rests the safe basis for reproduction in-race. They ragequit civilization, that was their choice, women are merely responding to those conditions. If it isn’t safe to reproduce, women won’t. If women are unmarried, they don’t want to become single mothers. This is hardly rocket science.


Back to reddit’s brand of degenerate for a round-up.

Yet predators side with other predators, they love diversity and suck its corporate cock (the multikulti Brotherhood shit in the manosphere, replacing nationalism) and hate hierarchy (since they’re natural losers). They only want female babies, they’d happily cheat by erasing all younger male competition via abortion. This is why sexual selection belongs to women, in God’s design, because these particular males are insane. They are the biggest proponents of white genocide, the greatest enemies of our race (turncoats) – they just want free pussy in the future, too. They don’t want a high birth rate among homogeneous white nations if the women are all financially stable enough at home to reject them. Ask them: do we need more female or male births in this rate and why? Ask, test the degenerate. Faking K like a paper tiger.
*Nobody is oppressing you by rejecting your useless, slutty ass. Your dick is not special. It’s feedback.
They ‘ruin’ both themselves and more women than a decadent French king did in his lifetime, yet have the sterile balls to complain society enables their useless rutting?

Above: proof I invented the NPC meme in 2018. Blow me. Dare you to post that one Vox. You could always rip it off for a ‘savage meme’, as if people like me didn’t get there first. Years earlier.

Socialist breadlines still exist, now they’re rebranded as food subscriptions. This is the future of hedonic individualism. From men who can’t remember to buy a razor. Pre-portioned food like a baby.

Subscriptions…. to FOOD. If that sounds like Marxism cum world war rationing, you’re right.
They don’t even do most of the labour, which is the point of paying for the convenience. It’s selling the illusion of independence, of being an adult with choices and the magical ability to eat food before it spoils. Wow, what a heavy responsibility! Better outsource a basic hunter gatherer function to vegetarian recipe writers?! Do they even know preservative chemicals actually cause weight gain? Spoiler, they do.

Meanwhile immigrants have caused more national debt than two world wars.

Multiculturalism: NOT EVEN ONCE.

Reddit’s hate-on for astrology

I haven’t spanked reddit in a while.

Loves: astronomy, Elon Musk, popular sci-fi books, telling you how smart he is.
Hates: using google, research, empirical studies, bigoted people who dare disagree with him, history books.

Reddit Greg’s Greatest Hits:

“Snowflake PTSDs aren’t real but my ADD is”,

“Essential oils are bad for you but smoking pot makes you smarter, as you can see”,

“There is no scientific benefit to being Christian, they’re all so angry, at least when I talk to them”,

“Morality doesn’t exist but I’m not a psychopath”,

“SJWs get offended by everything, that’s why I post every time they do something that upsets me”,

“We don’t need to study atheists like a separate group, just trust we’re superior to you”,

“Conservatives are literal Nazis, they aren’t even human”,

“I can’t keep my wife happy so monogamy is a social construct”,

“My multiple divorces were caused by feminism, I’m a great catch, a real…Nice Guy…”,

“Cheating is just biology… unless a woman does it… unless a woman does it with me…”,

“Women shouldn’t breastfeed in public, that’s disgusting. Lingerie ads are capitalism and fine around children”,

“Women trick men into asking them out, dating them, proposing to them and marrying them”,

“My next wife’s gonna be Asian, all women are lying whores”,

“I don’t have a haltlose personality disorder because I think I’m fine”,

“Porn is safe, I just need to strangle women to cum naturally“,

“I’m not gaslighting you, you’re crazy”,

“What does creepy even mean? I never creeped out myself therefore I cannot be creepy”,

“If you hate me, you must hate all men, I am logical because I am a man”,

“If a man lies about a woman’s sex life, it’s a joke and it doesn’t matter, get over it but if a woman lies about a man’s sex life she might as well murder him because it ruins his life and career and she has no heart”,

“MeToo is stupid, victims don’t matter, they’re probably faking but men get raped and nobody even CARES, where’s OUR movement?”,

“Single mothers are evil but deadbeats are flawless little angels, even when they murder their kids it wasn’t their fault, it’s feminism”,

“I don’t have anger issues, the world makes me angry”,

“I have tons of scientific evidence about this important social issue but if you dare ask ME for any references I won’t give them to you and call it obvious, it’s just obvious”,

“That doesn’t count as assault because it’s something I’ve done, that’s how laws work”,

“I am very self-aware and actually very deep, nobody has ever experienced the same problems as me in the entirety of human history and I’m entitled to get whatever I want as a reward…. social justice is cancer”,

“I don’t hate women, I just hate everything they say, do and are, lol”,

“I can tell which men are hot and how women think but I’m not gay”,

“Threatening rape is a joke, that’s why men do it to one another”,

“I want to have tons of promiscuous dangerous sex but I’m a gentleman who’ll treat a woman right,”

“Women expect Prince Charming is gonna rescue them, I just want a virgin with a religion I don’t share who’ll let me internally damage and degrade her”,

“Women are supposed to bleed that much, scar tissue isn’t real”,

“LOL what a cuck… except when I’m cucking my wife, totally different, that’s consensual humiliation, my consent”,

“Women are shallow – no fat chicks, no one taller than me or who makes more money”,

“My masculinity isn’t fragile, my WW2 vet grandfather would’ve spent thousands on e-books about it too!”,

“But masculinity is in danger because of feminism, not toxic though!”,

“Women should work and pay their equal way but magically stay at home and never leave, leaving the Man to make ALL the money, the way it should be – why do they ignore us?”,

“It is totally my business what is happening in happy marriages, this isn’t weird”,

“Hello discussion of uterine cancer. Equality is a myth but WHAT ABOUT MEN?”

“Men age like a fine wine, that’s why I’ve been taking risky testosterone supplements from the wise old age of 21”,

“Testosterone supplements make your dick work better, that’s why they’re $12 a jar!”,

“Testosterone makes black men more violent so all white men need to take more testosterone and be like Africa, famous Matriarchy”,

“Women are regressing but wanting to fuck random teenage girls the rest of my life is healthy, not a fetish”,

“Age 29, a woman’s ovaries poison her to death like a gremlin after midnight, a doctor friend told me”,

“Reddit isn’t a prison for people who’d make the world worse, they’d make the world better – if only they could quit the site”,

“Rape gangs don’t target boys so living under Sharia would be fine, it isn’t like they castrate the conquered”,

“What was the virgin wearing when she was raped?”,

“Men and women are different but women should be more like men… and less like men… but more like men… but not those men… “,

“Idiotic women blame the Patriarchy for rape, but I’m smarter, I blame feminism”,

“Abortion is evil but rape is normal, just get a gun and get arrested for having a gun, then get raped in prison!”,

“Men don’t have to defend women, women should defend themselves with their weaker biology because I’m a coward”,

“Abortion is evil but fathers are not responsible for the life they made, no matter how many times they fuck without protection”,

“Boys will be boys but muh male on male homicide rate, be sad”,

“Women vote Left, because the Left said so, and they wouldn’t lie about that”,

“”The Pill has made women whores, let’s keep it legal!”,

“What was the rich guy wearing when he was mugged?”, (I wish)

“Patriarchy is a good thing unless I have to earn money for my gender role.”

“A rich man who marries is asking to be divorce raped”, (that was pure troll)

“Women need to earn respect but men deserve respect for existing creating war, usury, genocide, rape, various crime statistics….”,

“Women are useless, that’s why mothers are so important to us, in the kitchen, keeping us alive”,

“Women are crazy but let’s hand them a set of steak knives and take a nap”,

“Men are geniuses, that’s why I can’t name a single living one from the past century”,

“My delusions of male grandeur say yes, the national IQ of Russia says no”,

“More men are alive than ever, that’s why the world is in such great shape, look at India!”,

“Celebrities are cancer but the cult of Musk is life”,

“War is coming to teach these women a lesson but no, I’m too ____ to be drafted”,

“Womyn is stupid, just say woman, what is wrong with females?”

“The death penalty is fine but child support is cruel”,

“I’m not a soy boy…. but soy sauce doesn’t count”,

“Women are gold diggers, I asked a woman to go out with me and she expected me to pay! She should be grateful I made the offer, I didn’t offer to pay too!”, (check this one)

“I deserve a good woman, whether they want me or not“,

“Promiscuity is good for men, look how well-adjusted manwhores are from middle age on”,

“Stupid Boomers are paying for their years of ‘free love’, glad that won’t happen to us!”,

“I don’t want to get married but have all the reliability and loyalty of a wife, because I’m me,”

“I don’t want to rape you but I insist on getting you so drunk you can’t fight back”,

“I’m avoiding all women, by spending every hour of every day bitching about them”,

“They’re calling him a rapist without a trial, but he doesn’t want a trial!”,

“It’s assumed she wants it until she presses charges”,

“Women are so stupid, that must be why they reject me and I want them”,

“Men can’t be beautiful so I can’t be ugly”,

“Fuck character, women want huge muscles because the guys at the gym said so”,

“We can study everything without censorship but looking into the life outcomes of slutty men might hurt their feelings”, (Hare did it)

“Old men are happier than old women, free, they even die earlier, ultimate MGTOW!”,

“What causes so many male suicides, we’ll never know! Smith & Wesson retirement plan FTW!”,

“Bachelors die sooner but that doesn’t make it unhealthy”,

“Deadbeats don’t harm their kids but girls get periods early”,

“Studies proving low IQ are real until you get to the political implications for low IQ white men, who don’t exist”,

“Communism is impossible to sustain but socialism is fine”,

“Marx was a man but all lefties are women”,

“Social science isn’t real but the mental disorders I claim to have online are valid”,

“I don’t believe in r/K because a pattern throughout species insults me personally”,

“There are obvious brain differences between left and right wing people, if only we had an evolutionary theory that tied this all together!”,

“Political persuasion works but I’m a materialist, everything about the mind, including consciousness, has a biological explanation”,

“My child IQ score allows me to sit on my ass all day judging others instead of contributing to society”

“My parents paid for this expensive education that clearly did wonders, that makes me right and you always wrong”,

and “Vaccines are safe, I had them and my autism is total coincidence. You should trust pharmaceutical companies even though you can’t sue them for vaccine damage but Big Pharma wants to kill us all, they want us all stupid. Drugs are bad unless I bought them from an illegal immigrant involved with child slave rings, then they’re good for you! Oh my non-existent God, don’t you know how bad smoking cigarettes is for your erections?”

I’m taking the piss out of everyone, if you can’t tell.

New Yorker: Trump as literally Hitler

hahaha fuck you

drive-by bitching today

“plausible” – they keep using that word a lot…..

snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

“reverse the New Deal,” correct me if i’m wrong, …but that sucked?

I was taught at school it basically saved the West and these same textbooks were wrong on plenty of other stuff once you read around them, as almost nobody did.

“decades later, the world is ruled by fascist powers.”
unlike the EU
“A year later, the show’s second season has arrived amid a resurgence of real-life white nationalism”
[citation needed]
“As a man with a vocal admiration for authoritarian leaders is about to be sworn into the White House”
if the words hurt them, imagine the guy who comes after Trump
the force of the full pendulum swing might kill them
Pence is the real Republican and Trump knew he’d be competition in a future election, the man is not dumb, he pretends to be, like a less cuddly Boris Johnson, better thought of as the snake of Westminster. 
>The past is not the present, this reality is not sci-fi. Stop.
you must be new here
These people are academics??????
ffs this is why they lost
everything is Hitler, shares in Hitler memes, buy buy buy
they tried really hard to make the nazis look bad in that show, like – they have cameras
but the modern internet is worse so…. nah
no crime, no disease, but they have cameras, goys
“non-Aryan people, and their culture, have been eradicated”
I am a lady and I won’t rise to that bait.
omg why no facepalm god ugh wut
The urbanites really hate the idea they’ve been replaced, huh?
Your politics are not relevant, guy in a studio apartment.
You can tell they’ve been getting their politics from comedians for too long.
“shows Americans adapting to fascism with an alarming smoothness” idiots
implying all americans are white and xian
true, but idiots
shooting themselves in the foot
like in every white man, a Hitler crouches, waiting to spring out
….like, I wish they had at least one ball…
anything but a weeb, basically
Hitler is really just this century’s Napoleon anyway.
“Tuesdays, they burn cripples, the terminally ill,” he says. “Drags on the state.”
…..this person either knows nothing about communist state murder or chooses to ignore it
and if they’re terminally ill, that’s euthanasia, which they support
“For those not targeted for elimination, the show suggests—for nice young white men like Joe Blake in particular—the American Reich would not be terrifying at all. It might, in fact, look a lot like the America we already know.”
I demand 50 privilege points for this gif.
Harry is the epitome of white privilege, he is literally magic and saves the world with Saviour Complex.
the 2nd season was just banal, tepid, so-so
the death potion scene in fantastic beasts was fucking disturbing and that’s a kid’s film
“Yet it becomes worryingly easy to overlook his atrocious misdeeds,”
>heroes must be spotless jesus figures, implies the jew
they dropped the brackets trend pretty quickly when it revealed their power levels, didn’t they?
“an expert emotional manipulator who terrorized subordinates and innocents alike” 
that's enough stop please karen will and grace
-all the judgemental stares for that vacuous comment-
a competent, intelligent white man with no vices is now satan
how far has popular culture sunk
even superman is killing illegal aliens
if Trump turns out to be milquetoast, all bluster, will they hate him more, or less?
” In another year, the show’s insistence on humanizing fascists might have seemed like a provocative choice”
dehumanizing people IS fascism
fascists are people, human and capable of love cos this isn’t a fucking disney story, it’s reality
“when it is more urgent than ever to distinguish right from wrong, real news from fake, and differences of political opinion from the dangerous undermining of democracy”
things the vatican would say for $200
“the dangerous undermining of democracy”
people voting for someone we don’t like, this undermines my right to win, somehow
still think trump is controlled opposition
the jewish line is too hard and pushed too hard
the resistance to socialism is often full of shitty people, they can’t be both pro-state and rebels, these bloody signallers
“moral desperation, a loss of faith in anything but self-destructive violence”
“unavoidable complicity of living “normally” under empire”
bull-shit, son
nobody has a choice there, it’s live or die, until you can vote in someone new
the hero never has a family, cos he wouldn’t risk them for his ego
“a novelist—an eccentric inventor of alt-histories who served as a stand-in for Dick himself”
is that an allusion to alt-right
is this like the new voldemort
you don’t pronounce the T, it’s silent, so it’s really alt-rye. we are big on gluten.
all-aryan heritage grains, really, which is germinatedly superior
artists step out of the politically correct because it’s morally wrong
*mic drop*

You can see why it’s called the Jew Yorker, can’t you?
well if white identity politics is morally wrong, in a time of relativism, and jews are white, and not a race*, and up is down, every jewish person is literally hitler? #sjwlogic

blackadder I know sarcastic

*implies Israel/Judea is not anybody’s homeland, because those exist for races, not religions

The reddit rhetoric

They do the same spergy thing every damn time.

The Redditfag Gambit to terminate discussion that triggers their feefees.

  1. Papers! I demand papers because scientism! Calling a paper wrong is tantamount to disproving its concept! Show me papers I’m too lazy to look up so I can moan they aren’t sciencey enough in my superior opinion and furthermore, you cherrypicked them for me, how dare you!
  2. Tell me your qualifications so I can tell you they’re inadequate and feel better about not understanding and ignoring you.
  3. Fallacy fallacy. If I use this word often enough without explaining how it applies in specific cases maybe you’ll confuse me for a person with two brain cells to rub together.
  4. When caught on a point, I shall ignore it, for I have no faith, even bad faith. God himself couldn’t correct me. All hail Richard Dawkins, pedo be his rumours.
  5. I don’t work in this field but I’m pretty sure I know it better than the person using all the terminology correctly.
  6. I know all about this topic because I saw a meme once.
  7. Cliche soundbites I’m pretending I came up with.
  8. Off-topic reference, derailing impossibly ambiguous over-broad questions and randomly quoting you (like wow, just wow) make me look like I read the whole thing in spite of overt ADD.
  9. My feelings are hurt, you are wrong. QED. Also, you are terrible.
  10. Stop writing, nobody likes you because my opinion is gospel. Muh peer review appeal to standards uber alles, ignore the mass fraud, and blog posts should be held to the same standard as experimental papers. As in, a scientist never writes like a filthy normie or cracks a joke bc Sheldon Cooper.

Paper Strawmans, casual tone policing (well, the Internet is peer-reviewed, is it not?) and self-congratulation.

It’s like watching a dog eat its own vomit.

Why is scientism a problem? The ‘Appeal to Data’

I lurk on comment threads to get a feel for what is trending in the noosphere and I find some gems. Sometimes I get a bit stalkerish in my fervor for curating opinions.
I was reading a science article and I was way, way down, losing hope and I saw this.
I’ve been wanting to cover this topic for a while, I didn’t know what to call it but I felt I needed an example to mock first, since it’s easier to pull that apart than a possible strawman.

Thank you, Hobbesian________, I have a new name for this: “The Appeal to Data

He hasn’t read much of his namesake, why am I not surprised?

A man’s conscience and his judgment is the same thing; and as the judgment, so also the conscience, may be erroneous. ~ Hobbes

I was serious about the mocking part.

scientism appeal to data

You could say that about anything: What would be the point in interviewing Richard Dawkins, the Bible speaks for itself? What would be the point in interviewing climate skeptics, the UN papers speak for themselves? Why trust the Government on vaccines, the ingredients list speaks for itself?

Muh “speaks for itself” is the new “isn’t it obvious?” No, dipshit, or there wouldn’t be a discussion. That’s kinda the point when it comes to any scientific question, the debate never ends, nobody will pack up their bags and go home. We’ll just sort of come to a point of consensus naturally and lose momentum, like an emergent phenomena as the evidence comes in (from both sides). Until the paradigm shift, anon!
Humanities isn’t social science. Liberal arts isn’t a science. Social science is a science because it follows the Scientific Method. Merely, it applies the method to humans (social animal hence society). There are textbooks on this written for children. This is basic.

It’s a combination of appeal to popularity, and a subtle ad hominem that’s intended to outgroup you as inferior and thus, not worth listening to. It’s a rabbit trick. Look! A hat! 

The atheistkult and other redditfags seem to rely on this IFLS-esque appeal to ‘objective’ authority and clarity when describing nature; that the numbers can’t be faked, or wrong, or that various biases and errors (inc. the huge measurement error) do not exist.

Data isn’t objective because data is a tool used by people. You can flip a coin 100 times, get 100 heads and it doesn’t disprove the other findings. It’s added to them. We call those people using the data in their possession ‘scientists’ and they aren’t using the data, really. They are collecting the data (possession) and interpret the data (moving on to a claim), that is their training and their job, to make claims based on the data (the data is just there to show their workings for replication, like maths classes). We have a label for people who make claims not based on data, but opinion formed prior, a beautiful category is…..;

Oh look, it’s another bias. SI: You can use totally legitimate data to lie. Anita Sarkeesian does it all the time. She takes a legit study and makes those unsupported claims. You say X, but data says X-1. This is what they mean when they appeal to data, that it’s supposed to be free of false interpretation. Except – all data is interpreted. It’s a human impulse.

You can’t do shit with data itself anyway. Those 100 heads results aren’t going to go anywhere. They’ll stay in a drawer, unpublished. For the researcher: They don’t change the data (unless crooked or naive with poor method design, a priori) and they aren’t meant to influence the data (so many ways under researcher bias), but they are human.

In social science

After the data are collected, bias may be introduced during data interpretation and analysis. For example, in deciding which variables to control in analysis, social scientists often face a trade-off between omitted-variable bias and post-treatment bias.[10]

This is why we need philosophy of science taught in schools.
We learn biology, chemistry and physics but we don’t learn what science is or why all those things are science, let alone how science is actually done. But sure, photosynthesis…..

Identities protected but putting the name of a philosopher in your screen name doesn’t make you smart. They keep doing that (redditfag signature) when it’s a clear appeal to authority, again.

Here is the first result on google for “scientist stock photo”

Sure, I’d trust that guy, who doesn’t even wear goggles. They buy into this, like the memes. Oh Christ, the memes…. 

It’s very Aspie to think all scientists are perfect, morally virtuous men in white lab coats, pristine as their soul, and they’ll never do anything like lie, or cheat for a promotion, or steal grant money, or… I dunno…. fake most of a subject….

Statistically, most of a subject. Literally. (Me being topical)

They have some wonderful cognitive dissonance here because they believe experts are liars (I blame Gen X), but the data the experts gather is pure as the Virgin Mary.
The data is sacred! bc Humans are flawed!
Who do you think made the data? ET?
What we see are the actions of a narcissist (they wouldn’t dare lie to me!) who cannot conceive of systemic deception that would persevere against their imagined intellect. Con artists find these people easiest to fool because they have no guard. There is no guard to let down.

As much as I dislike this website, for example the name (isn’t debunking something also a denial? and why is denial/dissent wrong, given Burden of Proof?), there are many statistical fallacies in the public arena, from people who are meant to be defending science like it’s a lady’s virtue:

TLDR: This thing is like that thing because I said so.

TLDR: p-value fraud is rife.

You could find many things which are statistically significant, for example — and false. This is where correlation/causation truly comes in, the claim is beyond the data e.g. if I find murders spike with ice cream sales, ice cream doesn’t cause murder. The third hidden variable is the heat and the frustration it produces. A good method design will eliminate extraneous variables, and in most social science, they don’t do this. That’s why it can’t be replicated – shitty design. Copying the shitty design just doubles the number of shitty experiments in the world. 

Method design is mostly intuition. Redditfags deny this. They should pick up a book on it, seriously – the first thing you’re told is Make Stuff Up and the rest is just refinement.

The appeal to data is treating a chart of values like the Bible. Yes, I went there.

Torture numbers, and they’ll confess to anything.” – Gregg Easterbrook

Working example:

Conclusion: Let’s go with the Appeal to Data. If I ask 100 people whether you are worse than Hitler, and 51 say yes, the data is there. The data is sacrosanct.
It’s an appeal to popularity dressed up in a Halloween lab coat.

btw I appreciate the turtles reference at the end

it made me laugh

oh you dean winchester

Manosphere /fake MGTOW claim: Women can’t do science or Women can’t invent


wrong dr house urgh shut up idiots

I think this claim in particular is ruining the manosphere. This post will be logic and science-heavy. For satirical reasons, and because I’m a little troll at heart with the other chanfags, I’m largely going to use resources written by men. Deny that, bitches!

Fake MGTOW still reading this:

The plight of stupid neolibs everywhere

I’m seeing this picked up increasingly by the sort of insecure moron who couldn’t invent a new form of toaster with a gun to his head. I would own them at robot wars. You can tell they don’t have a job in science (no, IT doesn’t count, tons of Indian women work in it ffs) and have never been to a single conference with their bitchy attitude. Example;


You know they’re desperate to prove how edgy they are when virginTOW is in their screen-name, Tyler Durden would be more original, or Mr Robot now I guess. MGTOW is being beset by the same sort of loser that drowned Reddit and Atheistkult, with the equivalent male virulence of SJWs to anything exposed to their entryism, and it’s no wonder the movement is now drowning under their dead weight. What’s the rule here from Greene’s Power book you need to heed?

It was written by a man so you should pay attention.

Aaron Clarey, another man, was right about these types (for those who don’t know to whom I refer);

They’re beta-omega bitches who feel the need to put women down to feel like men. That’s weak, it’s the reverse of what the feminists do. You shouldn’t need women for your ego as a real MGTOW at all, this is simply an inversion of the pedestal idea. You’re no less needy and I don’t like bullies full stop, feminist or virginTOW. Your sex, like your race, sexuality, whatever, is never a Free Pass. #meritocracyftw

Disclaimer for the whiners: yes, I know the feminist programmes are annoying. Insulting. Patronising. Unfair. They also don’t work, even in Norway. So it hardly matters, realistically. Remember, most women aren’t feminists (by self-report). We won’t do something we don’t want to (like take up extra maths classes). Don’t accept the feminist frame that what they want is what most women want. They don’t speak for us. That’s their Big Lie. Don’t hand them authority by treating them like one (vague TLP reference).

On the other hand, don’t excuse them. Don’t blame phrenology (you’re so scientific) for their dispute of agency, they have a choice to be bitches. They want that excuse, you’re handing them a victim card to play against you. And if you were up on your neuroscience, you’d see that while women have fewer brain cells, thanks to our smaller overall body size btw the ratio balances out, we have more connections. Guess what corresponds better to intelligence?

Synaptic plasticity of connections. So pipe the fuck down on that front.
It would be just as specious as claiming women are superior because we have more absolute DNA material. (We do, the Y chromosome has decidedly less and is smaller than X). We have this for the evolutionary purpose of carrying children of both sexes. Group differences don’t make you better as an individual. This is basic statistics. You might have an average male IQ, but that doesn’t mean you’re smarter than every woman you’ll ever meet. Statistically, that would be implausible. Individual differences conflict more than group level because the variance is higher. Since a man invented IQ (Binet) I assume you’d take the prospect seriously.

keep being cocky, see where it gets you

While on the topic of scientist misogyny, most of STEM isn’t. Modern STEM. You aren’t being cool by claiming something as the common opinion (women>suck) that anyone in the industry knows is a MSM lie, it’s as bad as fake gamer girls. Feminazis have finally turned on the Valley, all those Asian and Jewish boys, to try and score some of that sweet sweet VC money. They’ve failed, on the whole. Laughably failed.
Historical scientists usually had a single bad experience they allowed to colour their lives (e.g. Kant Kant Kant Kant Kant and KANT  – talk to women). They were high on a personality trait called Psychoticism, good for their work but awful for their personal life, so it didn’t go well for them and they never tried again (source on genius written by two men, doubleplusgood).

Playing Subject Monopoly is petty. “They” have that subject, “we” have this. It’s the Robber’s Cave false opposition all over again (famous study by a man involving all boys). At the end of the day, it doesn’t mean anything. We’re all working to improve society, and that helps everyone. It’s a social good, it cannot be selective. My monarch is a woman, it doesn’t mean I had anything to do with that. Tesla was a man, the men reading this had nothing to do with that. Have icons for certain, but sex isn’t like race, there isn’t enough genetic connection throughout the group as a whole to claim kinship to accomplishment (HBD reference, check out Jayman, who is yes, a man).

Role call anyway. Subject Monopoly. You feel lucky?

joker DC smile smirk evil grin lol haha

Composers. – Male. The greats were pretty much all male. You win that round, I was discussing composers on a bus once with all-female music students and everyone agreed. As you can imagine, no one present was offended nor a feminist.

Does that make you feel better? It shouldn’t. Modern music is shit (see example comment above). Relative quality isn’t the same realm as absolute greatness.

Exploration – Male. Women usually weren’t allowed out of the house without an escort when places remained for the picking but sure, I’ll let you have that one. But the Vikings got there first, by thousands of years, and half of those were women (they traveled as one unit, look it up, archaeology and history). Are you descended from Vikings? I am. Does this mean I have more claim to that success than you, likely American man? Identity politics by sex is a bust whoever is doing it. By race, with a level of genetic relatedness to claim ingroup status (male science!) it might be supportable, still a big May-Be.

Still, so what? Does that improve the life of any man reading this? Inspiration shouldn’t be used in place of your own accomplishment or ambition (see fandom crazies). That’s co-dependent bullshit. It’s an excuse to do nothing with your own life.

Research … about even. Scientists? Well, until about a century ago women couldn’t get degrees. But still, women now dominate in biology and medicine, which the manosphere complains about, although there are fewer high IQ women than men for sample availability reasons, but also because of this more low IQ men than women. Feeling especially stupid because the male sex contains more retards? 

Thought not.

The modern average researcher is Asian. By simple data, they far outnumber us crackers. The average MGTOW is a middle class spoiled white bitch. You have less in common with him (HBD, genetics) than you do the women in your country you complain about.

Men are better in physics and materials, aka the Harder Sciences instead of Life Science. This is a fair, gendered difference. Ok….

snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

I’m waiting to see how playing to a sex’s strengths for the common good of society is somehow a bad thing? When the manosphere claims that is the Way Things Should Be. (See the Is/Ought guillotine, by a man). Women in the more caring, nurturing roles? Men in the more technical, mathey ones? It’s almost like they’re suggesting women should be blocked from all roles of responsibility, but we already have a shortage of doctors and scientists in the West (Asia outnumbering us again) and if you’re ill, dying in A&E, would you really reject the assistance of a doctor based on her sex? Would you do the same to a black man? Or would you just want a Doctor, any Doctor, now-now-now? That’s the weird thing about positions of responsibility, they are also positions of trust. The tort of law, the duty of care, which sex do you trust to be more caring when your life is on the line?
If your argument to do this female career block is Muh Meritocracy, I’ve already told you why that’s BS. Were you smart enough to see it? If we tightened the requirements based purely on merit, men would suffer more than women. Because more men are retarded from the original population group and hence, by that logic, blocked from professions, than women.

Unintended consequences;

There would be more female scientists and more female doctors, purely based on the starting numbers from IQ.

You didn’t think this through, did you?

eric ooh aah umm uhuh play dumb smile laugh evil grin

Now I get to the meat of this argument, the crux that really pisses me off: Invention. It’s a subject most people (and the manosphere) don’t understand because they believe MSM and Hollywood. They’ve probably never met a real inventor (not Hamburger Headphones types) in their entire lives, yet still feel qualified to discuss the group. I was actually discussing inventors with Henry Dampier in private once (yes, he’s a man, cool guy) and he knows a lot of them, without quoting him without his permission, his opinion was favourable and he appreciated the variety within the occupation (realistic, not the crazy hair crazy men film trope based on Einstein, not really an inventor either). Ask yourself, redpills, how this MSM lie conflicts with the real field full of real people you’re insulting, some of which blog here or know people who blog here (hi!) in the reactosphere.

When did you ever see a film about a female inventor? How many have you seen about male inventors? Compared to the fair hypothetical assumptions prior to evidence of a 50/50 split, or a biased one of 25/75, there’s something odd going on here (and we all know Hollywood is run by Jewish men, they admit it). We certainly know there are high IQ women in existence, it is possible and they must exist. Yet they aren’t in the media, it doesn’t fit Narrative (Einstein was a Jew, remember, his position in Hollywood tropes is no accident). Since the MGTOWER commentator wanted ancient examples, Hypatia is the best, estimated (by men) to have an IQ over 200, a true polymath. She was raised that way deliberately – by her father. This suggests the sexes are highly plastic in their epigenetic potential. Isn’t the manosphere begging for more geniuses? Would they reject the World’s Greatest Genius if they turned out to have a cracking pair of tits too? How would that not constitute actual, real misogyny? Does that polymathy of Hypatia make a random feminist smarter, or you, individual male readers, dumber? Of course fucking not. Cut it out. That’s magical thinking. I won’t tolerate that in a discussion on science.

that's enough stop please karen will and grace

Opposite example for fairness: Ada Lovelace was a smart cookie. No doubt. High IQ. But most of ‘her’ accomplishments were actually those of Babbage, she was the PR for his ideas, that’s why he hired her, yet the feminists are doing the exact same thing with the sexes inverted: rejecting the Great Computer Genius – because penis envy. Don’t be like the feminists, please. You don’t need to put anyone down for something they couldn’t help e.g. sex, which is determined exclusively by the fathers btw. Lovelace frequently discussed Babbage’s work with credit for example, don’t turn on her either, one of the people trying to contribute to the world we all have to live in. Focus on the correct enemy, the people who lie, the talentless, the professional whiners.

The same people in the manosphere who shout down Edison (a man) will demand all male invention is sublime and perfect in the next breath, if it means they can put down a whole sex in the breath afterward (women, actual misogyny). I don’t use the word lightly, it’s the whole 100% group without factual basis (in fact opposed to it) yet they think they’re being subtle! It’s that obvious, it’s becoming common and it reeks of keyboard alpha weakness and confirmation bias. It’s 100%, completely obvious to neutral outsiders what they’re doing, and that’s why normal people (including men who smell BS) are being turned off the manosphere recently. IMHO.

I could list Male Inventors versus Female, but that’s a red herring. It doesn’t account for qualification, expense, historical prominence, legend, scale, lives changed, just general quality. It’s a similar problem in the patent system at the moment and the world law (inc EU) is gearing toward changes intended to assess objective quality. Superficial comparisons like that go for the fame whores instead, like Edison. Who also hired women and wrote his name on their inventions too, since we’re so useless…

American Psycho is the best satire of the 20th century

I could take the easy ironic potshot and remind you that without Hedy Lamarr the porn star (cracking pair of tits) you wouldn’t have this WiFi to bitch about how women are incapable of invention.
And the Allies might have lost WW2 because the Nazis were ahead on signal science prior. 
These are facts.

You know what I think bugs them, the fake MGTOWs? In the realm of speculation here, admittedly.

– Equality of opportunity. 
They honestly believed that women were inferior on all flanks thanks to MSM erasure, so when the outcomes began to even out from proof, they felt personally insecure. Like the men returning from war and seeing their replacements in the munitions factories, the world didn’t end. They were replaceable. After the Hell of war, they realized their work was disposable as their lives. Women already have the innate capacity to create life so womb envy might factor in their desperation to the claim of machine-creation ownership, as if innate to their sex, as well (hey, I mentioned penis envy above, it logically follows if one exists, so must the other).


I’ll leave you by one crucial example to refute this fallacious claim. Really, it’s irrefutable without being logically incoherent aka lying.
Who is the Greatest Modern Inventor?


Say it aloud.




A lot of you said Tesla. Correct.
I assume you mean Nikola?

what wut robot stop eh hold presses a moment

It’s rumoured that Albert Einstein was once asked, “How does it feel to be the smartest man alive?”, he responded, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

This is a fair assumption and I believe it myself.

After all, Hedy’s work required electricity.

But what the manosphere and MGTOW overlap never asks, to cover this truth, is what Nikola Tesla himself thought.

The same man who thought that women, innately, without the corrupting influence of society, were superior to men?

“I had always thought of woman,” says Mr. Tesla, “as possessing those delicate qualities of mind and soul that made her in these respects far superior to man. I had put her on a lofty pedestal, figuratively speaking, and ranked her in certain important attributes considerably higher than man. I worshiped at the feet of the creature I had raised to this height, and, like every true worshiper, I felt myself unworthy of the object of my worship.”

“This struggle of the human female toward sex equality will end in a new sex order, with the female as superior…. 

His prediction is coming true. These weak manboys I’ve covered before are threatened by equality of opportunity, by more competition on the professional playing field, in the same way ugly men are threatened by the open sexual marketplace, where the women rush the best men, when previously Patriarchy would have guaranteed them sex – with a wife.
By keeping that larger, smarter (on average, see Doctor outcome) group from the meritocratic opportunity of the marketplace, they selfishly help themselves individually – at the expense of freedom (individual human/woman), self-actualization (psychological) and the common social good of the progress that competition brings otherwise (making them liars when they call for this improvement in STEM and ask whine it isn’t happening fast enough).

It is not in the shallow physical imitation of men that women will assert first their equality and later their superiority, but in the awakening of the intellect of women.

Through countless generations, from the very beginning, the social subservience of women resulted naturally in the partial atrophy or at least the hereditary suspension of mental qualities which we now know the female sex to be endowed with no less than men.

But the female mind has demonstrated a capacity for all the mental acquirements and achievements of men, and as generations ensue that capacity will be expanded; the average woman will be as well educated as the average man, and then better educated, for the dormant faculties of her brain will be stimulated to an activity that will be all the more intense and powerful because of centuries of repose. Woman will ignore precedent [DS: set by men] and startle civilization with their progress.”

what wut wtf shock surprise slow turn eh littlefinger pause got

Yeah, they don’t like to talk about that part. #bluepillpussies
Nor WHY. Why did he think this way about women, psychologically? He took no wife, no lovers. It must’ve been earlier than that. Childhood, from social learning theory. In Victorian times?! Who was this creature?!! The role model, the proof of concept (real POC, real MVP represent). Where did the genes come from, for his vital visualization skills?

The reason little Nikola went into invention in the first place? The reason we know his name now? Who encouraged him? Who raised him? Who he modelled himself after? If you read his autobiography, My Inventions, you’ll know. A fellow inventor, in his mind, the best inventor: his mother.

That’s right, a woman!

Going by his own, male account. I’ll post a few choice quotes by Tesla about Mama Tesla just to drive home the point:

When you hear these false excuses, claims that

  • Women can’t do science.
  • Women can’t inspire men to be men (aka mothers are useless).
  • Most of all, Women can’t invent.

Your idol says you’re wrong.
Don’t be a little bitch about it. Bitch is a verb as well as a noun.

Takehome: Read books on a niche subject before claiming to know diddly squat about it.

I’ll leave you with a quote about the woman, when it comes to claiming what you’ve no right to;

My mother understood human nature better and never chided. She knew that a man cannot be saved from his own foolishness or vice by someone else’s efforts or protests, but only by the use of his own will.

It’s alright, I won’t rub your nose in it. Then I’d be as petty as you.
Please just learn from this and quit lying.