Video: What is Socialism?

This is rather good.

However, as applied to Europe it ignores the lumbering elephant in the room of mass immigration. I wonder how he’d apply it then. Native parasites are bad enough, but is a foreign parasite an invader?

Surely if it’s between someone whose ancestors paid into the system e.g. NHS contributions, income tax, versus someone off the boat, and both are claiming family/child welfare, but the latter has multiple wives and kids they can’t support (the intended limiting factor of polygamy), they deserve different treatment?

I saw it coming and I still don't care, funny really

Also, blaming the young for not getting along is stupid. The generation currently in charge (Boomers/GenX) created this economic mess, we’re the interns. What are we to do? Buy a house? – wait…. can’t. Rent? -wait…. can’t. Get an education? – wait…. worthless. Get an apprenticeship? – wait…. rare as a unicorn that urinates German beer. Get a lowly job and work your way up? -wait…. immigrants took those.

Well, WTF are we meant to do?

Wait until the Boomers die off. That’s the game plan of practically all the young people I know. Wait it out.

Video: The injustice of forced redistribution

I can’t recall who said it (probably Uncabob?) but there is a sexual marketplace advocacy for this (rape) among supposed redpills despite how they also maintain that men don’t need women (sure) and he/someone dubbed it Affirmative Action for omega males.

That’s what all this is.

The entitlement of ‘positive discrimination’ based on victimhood claims. 

Ok, let’s assume the world is against you since your very birth. In every way.

-So fucking what? We don’t owe you anything.

Do you owe ugly girls anything? No.

If all the women stayed at home in the kitchen, who would the manwhores sleep with? If all the women became state prostitutes like the Nazi brothels, who would they have children with? They don’t even know what they want or what’s good for them, it’s such r-selected delusion we can’t help but laugh.

That’s why the manosphere will fail in changing the morality scales (men are already at an advantage in the SMP historically), victim status is like a game of dodgeball with razorblades and your opponents are self-harming emo kids. Add to that the practicality, that whining about your suffering makes it worse (rumination) and further lowers your social status (if you can’t fix your own life, why should we listen to you?) Measuring your life by the metric of notches is juvenile too. Like people are baseball cards. I bet the same guys calling for ‘free pussy’, in effect, also don’t want to pay for the consequences via tax. In fact, I’d bet they all minimize their tax contributions, illegally.

Think about it – cavemen had one woman. They were happy. It has nothing to do with masculinity. It’s a marketing gimmick to get you to prove something with signalling.

Footnote: It’s a little-known fact, but every British person can do a Victorian accent, sometimes a few. We practice them at school reading Great Expectations etc. aloud. I’m secretly hoping it comes back into fashion.