“Where are the real men?” Where are the ‘good’ men? Dead, mostly

This has applications for men but it’s mostly women I’m reaching here. Quick n dirty explanation.

The most common complaint from redpill women is about the lack of real men. Even in movies, they’re rare. Now, SMV-wise, women have more to complain about in this century than men, because women aren’t the leading sex in general, we rely on men to lead the way and we support them in this. If they can’t lead, they won’t lead and everyone is aimless. I believe this is the other reason real women can’t stand whining MGTOWers – they still don’t get it, they still don’t step up to the plate (even exclusively, selfishly for themselves) and expect women to act like Mommy with the apron strings and do his bloody laundry or something. To a woman, a man is either a lover or a son. We have a natural disgust, visceral disgust, for men who act like boys. Evobio could fill in the blanks on that one. Genetic fitness, parental investment and just being straight up pathetic etc.

Let’s get this out of the way: age group. Let’s assume young for sperm quality but adults. Immediately, a minority of men in an aging population. Basic education, more still. Can support themselves, getting slimmer. Not damaged/perverts/crazy, tiny group. Of this group, some will be gay, others will be already married or unavailable.

No! Some of you say reading this, There are more men than ever before!

And you’re right. It’s all about demographics. 

I am at one with the Miranda.

Go to any major city and it seems like there are more men than women. This is accurate. The crybabies are responding to a simple fact: the sexual marketplace is elastic. We know this from social disasters like easy contraception and abortion (about a quarter of UK deaths recently). The average woman has a bigger bargaining chip for what She Wants, than the average man. We can get jobs. We don’t need male support to have a basic living. This is new. So when you walk up to Ms Average, she probably isn’t being arrogant, she simply knows her value (which you hate) and your chip isn’t high value enough (because another man’s IS). You’re competing with the Invisible Man, who is at least her social equal. Women are social beings. She’s looking for a net contributor to her life. It’s the socio-sexual hierarchy. You need to be worth the effort, since women give up more (youth, fertility, beauty) by choosing to swim in the SMV. PUAs try to lie about their value which is no long term strategy and means you have to keep leaving like a con artist skipping town. Pretend you’re Miss Average. Let’s assume you’re a 5, nice, basic education, support yourself. Middle of the road on everything. When a man approaches you, why is he doing it? He doesn’t move in your social circle. Why not? He’s lower class. He’s even lower on the scale than you. This is literally the only way he can meet women. How should you respond? (Pity leads to clingers and stalkers). What if he’s fake, cocky and half-sneering at you, clearly thinking you’re beneath him, despite how you’re average, know you are, and he is no oil painting himself to need to be doing this?

Oh God I made eye contact with the social fuckwit losers.

This response.
It’s trying to avoid the mantrum of insults when you reject the fucker.

Note: mantrum = male tantrum, usually when you say no to anything he wants. It’s entitled, it’s like a little boy (see above disgust) and it’s inappropriate behaviour for an adult. Boundaries are normal and healthy and nobody owes you anything.

The demographics skew toward Asian men (globally and in cities like London), so white men are at a premium and have automatically higher value. Genophilia and human nature means the white women want white men. Nobody should be more pissed off about multiculturalism than the manosphere, specifically the EU ‘refugee’ migrant Crisis. Let’s ignore the violent possibilities. You see all those military age men? Millions of them? Which women do you think they’re gonna go after? What will happen to the SMV of Europe now, where all the white women at?

sex with actual women mgtow infight

Pro: Our value will skyrocket. Con: As will rape rates.

There are lots of socio-sexual issues of our time, I’m not downplaying that. One of them is delusions of grandeur from men raised on supermodels and porn who actually think they have a chance playing pro out of their league (forever, on a consistent basis, despite the rarity of those women IRL for similar reasons to marriageable men above). Yes, there are leagues. In Europe, we call those classes. It isn’t based on money or your passport, stop embarrassing yourselves bragging about being American or something like it’s exotic.

How many beautiful women are there in your country? How rare are they? How rare are you? The difference is the odds you have of getting one.

Women are suddenly responding to market demands in our favour for the first time ever. However, intersexual competition is ferocious, because the worthiest men are like 0.0001% or another ridiculous number. It’s like chasing a unicorn (at least men don’t have it as bad because they’re the sex that can make offers, imagine if you had to wait for that model to ask you out).

However, most women don’t want SMV. We want MMV. You don’t wanna be that dumb bitch who wasted her best decade ‘waiting’ for her ‘boyfriend’ to propose, she bought a lemon, it’s a sunk cost. It used to be that MMV skewed male (see video Economics of Sex), because men were rare, thanks to all those pesky things called wars culling the populations. Wars used to be eugenic. Let’s take a closer look.

Prior to World War, there were no exemptions. If you were young, you didn’t stay home. They threw you out there. Sink or swim. Then exemptions crept in with rich cowards, liars and people faking injuries. I heard that the bravest men who ever lived died on the battlefield, blown to bits by grenades or gored on barbwire and this is true, we’ve all heard the stories, their family got the accolades and Victoria crosses to prove it. What does that mean genetically? What happened to their line? What happened to the line of the men who stayed home while the others cats were away, surrounded by lonely wives? I’m guessing a lot of cuckoldry for the brave men who did make it home. It’s like the people who ask Where did the British Empire go? The men who made it died protecting it. When they died, nobody wanted to fight anymore by default, so it failed. It just stopped.

It’s faster for me to quote myself for a moment;

He’s right that the quality of men dropped before the quality of women. I feel the manosphere forgets there is another half to the equation. Post-WW, the few surviving men lived it up. Then the Sexual Revolution just happened on by shortly thereafter because women felt left out and wanted some of the attention. Men lost their motivation because sex is practically all they want from women and…. yup, that’s pretty much it.

Men gave up first. They gave up on the white picket fence for a few easy lays. They made their bed. They ruined women (and themselves) for marriage. They continue to ruin women’s MMV. If you contribute to the problems caused by sleeping around, by sleeping around, you don’t get to complain about the karmic consequences that affect you later. You ate the cake. Cake is gone.

The manosphere mocks women for saying “Where have all the good men gone“? Answer: They’re Peter Pans at home playing video games and watching porn, the Lost Boys, which hardly reflects well on men as they think it does, while all the time most of their discussions feature “Where have all the good women gone“? without a trace of self-awareness.

Either Husband Material doesn’t exist (statistically unlikely) like a unicorn or he does exist, he’s incredibly rare but he expects his social equal at minimum. In socioeconomic terms, the assortative mating of Upper Class to Upper Class.

These whiners who acknowledge their value in their troubles never have a high value. They can’t swim in those waters. Can you imagine them at a formal dinner? For an hour? They’d probably get drunk and ask how much the host makes. They have no class. They think James Bond is made by the cut of his suit or his bloody watch. You could put James Bond in sackcloth and he’d work it into social graces (with men too). How many of these losers could, while going on about insane confidence? How popular are they with other men?

What women are bemoaning is the number of decent men on their social level. They know the competition is too fierce for the few clustered around the top that remain. They pine for the Olden Days when there were a larger pool of decent men, likelier for them to snag one, who actually made an effort and men for whom their private life was not also their public life. They had class.

It’s all about class.

You watch a romcom and look at the most popular. What is their class level? By apartment? By income? By lifestyle (not debt)? They’re always beautiful people (high SMV already), youngish (fertile), educated (not stupid), who are well-travelled and well-spoken. It screams good taste. It’s lifestyle porn. The romance is just the plot. How many of those films would succeed if the guy was a dropout doing drugs and playing video games? Do you think she’d be swooning to a swell of orchestral music then? Really? 

Likely, he’s already hit the Wall. Bitching about the drop-off in attention – to younger men. What have they got? Hustle? Women value class over experience. Especially when that experience is self-destructive binge-drinking and game marathons. Who wants to marry that? Can you imagine them as a patriarch? 

The Disney Princesses don’t marry the manservant, do they? The clownish side kick, does he get respect? All these manboys are discussing their Princess, which is sweet in a clueless way, failing to realize that even if she exists, even if they met her, she would be well within her rights to reject him, because he ain’t no Prince Charming. 

Hell, he can’t even manage the charming part.

p.s. Charming is a trait that applies to all. If you are a man who cannot charm your fellow man, you cannot be charming. It’s grace, it’s etiquette and breeding. It has nothing to do with being nice or a pushover. Their social prowess alone is intimidating.

The Wall and male peak, or, 32

About 30, yep. 30-35 if they age well physically (look at most guys your age).
Look up a testosterone level chart for further details, the female Wall follows the oestrogen levels. But too much (like by supplement) will throw your levels off and cause problems (premature balding, for example).


A closer examination of this theory, however, shows that many other variables are at play for determining a man’s real-life results, and that the common man may be better served securing long-term partners before waiting for his supposed “peak” to arrive, especially if he doesn’t practice game….

cracking up dawn french

So, most men most of the time. I’ve been saying this the whole time. There’s nothing like talking to burned out former players (in their 40s) about their regrets to drive this home.

Don’t waste your prime years:

The Wall refers to a peak in SMV and how everything after is a relative decline, the downslide, so really this is his way of guessing male Wall ages without telling his male readers explicitly what he warns them against. Clever.

That sweet spot will likely be in his mid 30’s, where he has a high level of resources, game, and social status but still maintains a hopefully youthful aesthetic that doesn’t turn off the most beautiful women in their early 20’s or even late teens….

Notice the bolded hedging.
It’s like 27 in a woman. You can tell whether things will bode well in their SMV future (or likely not) at these ages. If you look at the current male celebrities in circulation, a bizarrely high number of them are 32 years old. The female ones tend to peak in fame at about 27. It can’t be a coincidence.
Most 27 year old women have gotten fat. Most 32 year old men too. They start to lose It, their erotic capital or SMV. If they’re gonna go, let themselves go, it will probably have already happened by then. This is my personal theory about why both sexes wait longer to marry – to insure against buying a lemon two years from self-destruction.

Here’s a famous example I saw recently, and I was actually shocked by, to inspire me to look into it. Public figure and public pictures so I don’t feel like I’m being mean.

Tom Hiddleston age 32, in 2013.

Tom Hiddleston, age 34, in 2015.

I showed other women more recent pictures and they were like “omg wtf happened to Loki?
It’s been two years, since they saw him at SDCC. Women openly mentioned this brief time window in their response.
Even Tumblr has started to lose interest in the guy who was formerly Prince Charming of Tumblr. Which contains some of the most desperate horny women on the internet.

I’m sure this downgrade in female attention had nothing to do with his newfound feminist advocacy in 2014, age 33.

I think I’ve proven my point. Note: this applies in general. Of course there’ll be exceptions, have a cookie.

Even Roosh admits he’s bumping into problems based on his age (and the guy isn’t even properly Old yet, 40+).

The “men peak in their mid 30’s” theory applies if:

  • ….He lies about his age to women in the 18-25 age range since many of them don’t want a man 15+ years older.

…This constitutes less than 1% of Western men, and it doesn’t even apply to me….

…..I’ve since peaked. I’m getting pretty girls but not obviously hotter than the one in 2008 and nowhere near more quantity than in 2011….

I admire the guy for his honesty on results. Men deserve the truth on these matters. Although for ego reasons he blames the lack of approaches (something within his control – what a coincidence), which can’t account for the whole thing, surely.

When I got to this part I LOL’d so hard;

My most prolific year was 2011, when I was 32.…………

mean girls regina george that's really interesting sarcasm

Because I understood why. Oh, I understood completely. 

dean winchester supernatural evil smirk lol laughing amused

I physically and mentally can’t approach a high number of girls anymore.

See the T-level thing I said up top.

Most guys I know maximize their game effort in their mid to late 20’s and start dropping off in their 30’s.

Where in their 30s? 32, by any chance?

evil grin lol smile happy
I’m having way too much fun with this.

Warning: you cannot unsee this age thing now. I’m sorry.

For this second group of men, their peak will be in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

That wouldn’t happen to be about 32, would it?

Unless a man is paying for sex outright through prostitution or Russian-style “sponsorship,” his ability to get 18-25 year olds will begin dropping gradually after 35, while his ability to get promiscuous mature women who had their spins on the carousel will skyrocket.

Beware of suspiciously round numbers and factors of 5.

I just turned 36 and I’m so far from my peak that I am having trouble approaching even 10% of the girls I was doing just four years ago.

Does that sound 12 months off from the peak/Wall, tops?

In terms of the most desirable women of society, it will very soon become harder for me every year to attract the women I want.

Ah, entitlement. How sexy in either sex.

We now live in a time where girls in their prime don’t care about a man’s resources.

This is true. So why do you factor it into SMV at any age, for short-term flings? You can see SMV from across a room.

The denial in the comments is hilarious. The “I’m still hot!” self-rationalizations.
They’re all like: focus on other stuff! women shouldn’t be so shallow! and sound like feminists who think a man should be attracted by their CV.

With some sage words;

An excellent post. As far as age, by itself, most men peak in late twenties. The older you grow, the more you need compensatory traits to make up for the age gap. There is plenty of wishful thinking in the manosphere about male peak, but its obvious that it gets harder to bang prime age women every year you age past 30.

It’s fairly obvious that men peak about 27 in many dimensions.

27 for men if they have low quality genes and start to age up really early, yes. Otherwise, too low an estimate, if you take care of yourself. Men have thicker skin among other traits, so their aging happens to be delayed in the face.

Video: How to destroy the world

Stefan is knocking it outta the park recently. Highest quality redpill stuff.
Who turned him onto us? Anyone know?

wow omg likey

TLDW: Social engineers are child abusers.

In one word, it comes down to Legacy. The legacy is the future.

You either have one, or you don’t. You eat the cake, or you keep the cake.
But it doesn’t last forever. Never kick the pup because the pup grows up.
We are reaching that tipping point. I saw a comment, I think it was on Vox Day’s blog, pointing out that by recreating the conditions of Weimar Germany in every system, it’s predictable what would happen next. But neolibs don’t listen to history, they’re on the Right Side… *snicker*

I treat you as a sentient intelligent lifeform. Objections?

He’s right that the quality of men dropped before the quality of women. I feel the manosphere forgets there is another half to the equation. Post-WW, the few surviving men lived it up. Then the Sexual Revolution just happened on by shortly thereafter because women felt left out and wanted some of the attention. Men lost their motivation because sex is practically all they want from women and…. yup, that’s pretty much it. This causes the economy to tank eventually and we’ve been building up bubbles ever since (look at the time you went off the Gold Standard to cover for it, LOOK) because men buy most of the shit needed for a family from a position of surplus and women, while easier to sell to, must buy on credit.

The manosphere mocks women for saying “Where have all the good men gone“? Answer: They’re Peter Pans at home playing video games and watching porn, the Lost Boys, which hardly reflects well on men as they think it does, while all the time most of their discussions feature “Where have all the good women gone“? without a trace of self-awareness. Answer: Pump and dumps, pretty much. Not Asia. Not S. America. You chucked them, or some other guy did, and now they’re psychologically ruined by it.


Maternal instinct isn’t a myth. It’s much like paternal drive in men. Some have it, some have it strongly and some do not have it at all. Women are dumb enough to freely admit where they lie there, oblivious to how it affects their long-term value: are you pro-choice? They can only answer for themselves and only the women who state the rape/cancer exception are permissible.


Gold Standard in America: 1971. I’m sure that’s a maaaa-ssive coincidence.
UK: 1934. WW1 made us broke. However, we had similar problems:

The crisis was seen as a national humiliation.

Disturbing trend where abusive manboys use redpill as their excuse


Saying things like “all women are children” and “need to trained” is old-fashioned 4chan sexism.
It’s terrible when feminists physically/mentally abuse their boyfriends too. Duh.
They’re polluting the movement. It’s a disturbing trend because eventually the rot will overcome any movement, and these are emotional abuse tactics from narcissists getting off on the control and outright sociopaths latching on to PUA tactics that won’t fly in court, as which point they’ll point to the likes of us for philosophical grounding.

This is our reputation they’re ruining.

Interesting comment;

As a man, I find the red pill kids pretty amusing. It’s pretty obvious it stems from resentment, bitterness, and probably a feeling of loss of their gender identity now that the sexes are becoming more equal. If your identity is dependent on how others treat you, and they change, you’ll be lost.

Similar happened in the 70’s as a response to second wave feminism, where guys started celebrating machismo-ism and misogyny. It’s why popular comedians at the time were misogynist assholes like Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield, why a lot of guys thought getting drunk and living hard made you a real man. Even truckers became a celebrated thing, as a modern version of the cowboy. A very popular book at the time was “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche”. Well they were fools, because quiche is delicious!

What the red pill kids don’t get, ironically, is if you must define yourself thru others and how they treat you, then you’re not a man, in either the classic or modern sense. If you must act “alpha” and need others to treat you as such, it is because you are not “alpha”. Being a man, being an adult, means no one defines who you are but YOU.

What they don’t get is that their ancestral males deserved respect and showed it to women. Who returned it by choice. Trying to revoke female choice demonstrates your low quality, it is Affirmative Action for weak men, thinking a Patriarchy could get them laid (quite the opposite, it guards women and you’ll be lucky to get one woman, a wife).
An alpha male isn’t a dick.
He isn’t a user or abuser or a loser. 

There are two types: the bachelor and the husband.
Neither is a prick. If you can’t get a woman by being yourself, if you need to copy other men, you are not a man. You’re a boy playing dress-up.

Calls to take away the rights of women are really nothing more than an affirmative action program for weak and beta men. Desirable men don’t have a problem getting married. source

PUA is a con against omega males buying into a cheat code for sex.
> never trust a woman
> girls were mean at school
> be “too smart” for Ponzi schemes and Get Rich Quick
> read PUA material
> there can totally be a cheat code for sex
> with any woman
> in the world
> because women aren’t people
> what free will
> who could resist you with the magic spells in PUA
> utter the words
> practice the words
> ignore myths you like e.g. men’s looks don’t matter
> buy expensive courses and books
> become a douchebag
> still be ugly, but now on inside too
> repulse normal women
> attempt to treat average women like free hookers
> come up against shit tests and bitch shields all of a sudden
> all women hate you
> don’t worry, it’s really a test
> they can’t really hate you
> you did what the course told you to
> and the course runner has such a great marriage
> oh shit moment
> never get a good woman
> double down in desperation
> never have a hope in Hell of keeping a woman for a serious length of time
> be emotionally broken from a head full of lies
> be emotionally abusive as if you own a woman
> she leaves
> this keeps happening
> wtf guys moment of doubt
> other guys lie and say it’s working for them
> get angry
> be alone
> get worse over time
> blame women
> women made you like this
> you didn’t have a choice
> the world is against you
> the system is against you
> you’re so lonely
> considering rape
> because never trust a woman
> hate women
> end up social pariah or in prison somehow

The illusion of Alpha and the Socio- in Sociosexual Hierarchy


PUAs HAVE to move on after a certain time with a woman. The lies come out about needing to move onto other women from novelty or the bare-faced lie of leaving a woman better than he found her (while admitting that promiscuity is self-mutilation, for women only to them).


And why do they obsess about AMOG? (Getting bitchy with a man like responding in kind to shit-tests with a woman, which is also bitchy gay behaviour, but they seriously think giving it a different name will make it appear less feminine).

In a State of Nature, you don’t AMOG. You get into a fight. You probably die if you do this repeatedly. Most of these guys wouldn’t dare AMOG someone who looks like they could take them out. Herein lies proof of their cowardice.

Their sexual power is up for debate, since the Wife Material women (women, not immature girls) run a mile at the slightest whiff of their tricks.
Their social power is non-existent. Some would argue actively repellent. 

Think about it – what is the motive, for investing emotional and social time in somebody who either wants to use you physically without remorse (like a free hooker and all the insult that implies), or use your friends and yourself as if you’re objects to get to the women they want to use up and discard?

The 21st century allows a nomadic culture for these bastards. In any other time, they’d be murdered. Nowadays, shunned. THIS is why they must continue travelling. Like Gypsies, because we know how peaceable and well-received they are wherever they go.

No motive at all to accommodate them. Urban areas don’t allow for as much social proof requirements before social mingling but they correct too. Considering the overt grandstanding you can see from the other side of the room (I don’t mean peacocking, I mean their invasive body language and intrusive rude mannerisms or lines), is it any wonder they’re avoided?

And think of the excuse they give for being isolated (typical narcissists). If it’s a woman, she suddenly becomes an ugly bitch. If it’s a man, he’s a jealous beta. .…Riiiiight….

arrogant smug uhuh aww yes yeah mhmm sexy bamf hugh jackman

….I bet he doesn’t have chlamydia though. The really nasty kind that’s untreatable.
HPV, maybe? A ripe Africanized versions that’ll practically definitely give you cancer at some point?

It’s a game to them. It’s a sad little game. As kids, I bet they were the type to rack up points, spending all their money on pointless games without proper skill, and actually thought reaching the leaderboard was an accomplishment, instead of something to be ashamed of. A gargantuan waste of time. Conservation of energy applies to life direction. If you waste your energy, it isn’t worth anything.

Based on observation and much discussion with other people from a range of backgrounds, even with club promoters (who see these people as easy marks and cash cows for pandering to their delusions)…..

This is the internal response everyone has to socialize with this type (and word gets around fast).

omg shut up stupid dumb idiots argh ahhhh hiddleston facepalm deep blue sea

They bitch at the men, smart enough neither to hit them (not worth it) and to score points with EVERYONE else by letting the loser wind down on weak ‘lines’ and think he’s won so he bloody LEAVES, the response you’d give to a CHILD. They puff out their chest, walking like a gorilla and rolling on their feet like a clown. We just wish they’d go away. The rest us can then continue to enjoy a quiet drink without fear of being drugged, dance at a party without getting sexually assaulted or socialize, like normal people, without an instrumental goal in mind like a penny-grade-psychopath. Talking, just talking pleasantly, without being verbally harassed for numbers. And they bitch about getting fakes? No wonder they refuse to believe a “No” is actually a “No” – it’s spergy.

Women aren’t ‘flaky’. They hate you. It’s called passive-aggression, you prick. It’s our version of a punch to the face. You can see our phones in our hands, right? It’s a choice.

Women aren’t slot machines. You don’t keep trying your luck on one thinking you’ll get a different result. That’s the definition of insanity. If a woman isn’t interested, she will say so. Move on. That’s it. It isn’t up for discussion, it isn’t a negotiation, there is no way to “win”.

Women don’t like being treated like horses either. Where you try to get one, it runs away, and you go through the whole lineup hoping for a response. You know what that looks like to everyone? Desperation. Like a woman going around begging to be loved, this is the male version, begging for free sex. Such a DLV. Continue to laugh at the fat girls who’ve done nothing to you, we’re laughing at you guys when you’ve left.

And they say women are narcissists! And they abuse the term solipsism, which to me is far worse.
A woman who isn’t interested in fucking a random loser isn’t self-involved – she’s smart. You could be a serial killer. One day, you might be. All serial killers report pent-up sexual frustration combined with narcissism and a tendency to use people for instrumental gain.

All normal healthy humans are programmed by evolution to be averse to this type.

There’s nothing wrong with them.

Blaming other people is the action of a child.

In short, the mature true Alpha responses are the mark of a K-type. ALL Alpha males are K-types. They do not need to “rack up points” to prove anything to other people or their ego – they get the best woman and keep her. PUAs and other extreme r-types are INCAPABLE of this. They’re as bad as the virgin MGTOWs who are truly misogynistic, try to hurt women out of sadism, and say women are the Devil and marriage is a deal with one. This is why they’ll end up lonely old men creeping on college girls, as pitiable as the militant feminists they mock. Men hit the Wall. After 40, less nubile women will care. After 50, cougars. After 60, have fun gaming the old folk’s home. Old “players” don’t have burnout, they ARE burned out. By women. The sex with sexual choice.

It’s a fate worse than feminism.

What Men Think Women Value vs. What Women Actually Value (SMV)

Test: Were these two charts made by a man or a woman?

From the laddertheory site. You can click through. Notice on the female it says attractions to avoid the ego blow of listing looks?

From the laddertheory site. You can click through although most of the detail is bullshit.                             Notice on the female it says the super-vague attraction to avoid the ego blow of listing looks?

I covered the male delusion that women don’t care about appearance here: https://disenchantedscholar.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/women-care-about-looks-stop-deluding-yourselves-guys/

I’ll use the same values as the male chart for the easiest demonstrative purposes.
It should be eye-opening. This is all short-term strategy obviously.

The male version for lolz;


Drumroll please;


The truth, it burns.

This is bare minimum, remember, it isn’t the same process as long-term deliberation and wife/husband material.

Women care about looks, stop deluding yourselves guys

We care AS MUCH, sometimes more. The manosphere needs to get over itself on this one. Everytime I hear a man bitch that women don’t care about looks online, you can tell he’s an ugly motherfucker. It’s like a feminist whining about attention paid to pretty girls, it’s pathetic. Stop. Is/Ought.

oh really am I supposed to be scared angelina jolie wanted big man uhuhO rlly? *I’m* the little bitch if I’m the tenth woman in a row to turn down your offer?
It’s almost like people don’t like giving away their valuables at a loss.

Sperm = cheap
Eggs = expensive
Sex = valuable to men, women? Not so much. The one who cares less holds the power, right?

Research: http://psychologyofattractivenesspodcast.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/overconfidence-when-we-think-were-more.html

You’re swallowing what your grandmother told you – “looks don’t matter” (to women) and passing it off as your original belief because it serves your ego in sheltering you from the reality. It’s in the same category as JBY (Just Be Yourself) for advice that requires a disclaimer about a book long and a series of asterisks listing exceptions longer than the Game of Thrones book series. If random people keep pulling this weird, twisty lip face when you discuss dating, you’re probably ugly.

hmm uhuh o rlly really ah sure thing

Don’t take my word for it, do the damn work and find out your number: https://disenchantedscholar.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/an-easy-way-for-men-to-find-their-10-scale-value/ You’ve got a range of 1-2 based on external factors and the desperation of the prettier party.

This doesn’t make us women shallow anymore than not fancying landwhales makes you shallow. It’s nature. Everyone fancies attractive people. It’s evolution, it’s health, and it’s about the health of potential offspring.

Even when it comes down to the r-types, we have the Sexy Sons hypothesis. This overwhelmingly strong female attraction to appearance might dictate the bulk of their psychology, it’s that powerful. The stated exception is gold diggers, because plastic surgery is expensive and they’re rarely natural lookers themselves. The money overwhelms their disgust reflex and they’ve usually been around the block before settling.

Why do you believe women are special snowflakes when it comes to options? It’s ridiculous. Given two equally appealing choices, everybody, male female or alien would go for the more physically attractive. This was often swept under the rug because women had little historical say in mate selection (the betas and lower are the ones bitching about this now for that reason, they lost their power) and arranged marriages, complete with veil, meant if they knew they had a negative opinion of their husband-to-be, she had neither time nor purpose to point it out. It wasn’t as if women were expected to enjoy sex, was it? The woman’s sexual desire wasn’t a factor in the historical equation, so very little was written about it. Then courting came around, then dating and now hookup culture, where it’s plain to see if you pay attention. Look at any male model’s instagram account. Same as a woman’s, isn’t it?

Of course people care about looks when it comes to the opposite sex, that’s the difference between friends and more – do you find them physically attractive? It’s almost like boys in the manosphere haven’t heard the two ladders metaphor. This defines a big difference between male and female attraction mechanisms. If a woman fancies you, you’re on the prospect ladder. If she finds you ugly (that’s the brutal truth, it’s yay or nay) – you’re on the friend ladder. You ain’t never getting off, and the Friendzone is such a big deal online, because the boys in question refuse to believe women have eyes.

And dare to exercise a personal choice in whom to date.

You’re probably average, no shame in it, get over it. What do you think the Brad Pitt rule is about? Do you honestly think that guy needs a single bit of Game to have women interested in him? Pre-fame and money? Christian Bale met his wife when he was dirt poor and she traveled round with him. Any guesses why, children? [Clue: everybody has a personality, that doesn’t count as an answer.]

The starving artists stereotype is always drop-dead gorgeous. As is the hot nerd. And the hot librarian. And the hot businessman. And the hot gamer. It isn’t the context/skill/status that makes them hot, but adds to pre-existing hotness. And all pure stereotypes that appeal to women sexually, are already 10s….

What was I saying?

Gee, I guess that’s a MASSIVE coincidence…

You can’t convince women to be turned on by losers (genetic or otherwise), neither can feminists or SJW freaks. Attraction isn’t a negotiation. I’m saying this to help you. Women didn’t lie, your mother probably lied but she has vested self-interests, it’s usually the media who lied to you. The world has always been this way. Prince Charming isn’t the Hunchback, he’s a physical specimen of 10 like the Princess. The Beast turned into a hottie at the end to match his fiancee. Look at all romance plots written by women, the guy is never ugly.

Of course women are shallow, when it comes to dating, that’s all it is – being really, really shallow. Until you meet someone’s mutual standard of shallowness. One of the few totally valid PUA criticisms – they look at their actions, including external factors like income, and never pause to consider their physical league. If women seem to have a “bitch shield” around you, and you aren’t being rude, you’re probably swimming in the wrong gene pool. People with status abhor being approached by the SMV/MMV equivalent of peasants. This goes for men too, don’t start on a misogynistic rant about how all women are bitches and blaming them for your problems. If you were unemployed and walked up to random successful men in swish suits in coffee shops and in the street, they’d be disgusted too. You gotta have something to offer those people and bring to the table. What’s relevant in business? Contacts, contracts, money, skills. What’s relevant in dating? Looks, looks, looks, and a wildcard, like maybe you have a sense of humour like most people on the planet. You know that thing where everyone laughs at the hot girl’s non-jokes? It’s cos you don’t really see past the packaging, isn’t it? Women online are upfront about this, who they crush on and who’s the hottest out of XYZ options and men have the temerity to call us superficial…. nah, not gonna cut it, men discuss passing women in the street with the same lack of respect and when men have topless calenders and read lad’s mags at work, inappropriate doesn’t cut it either. We’re all adults here, opinions are okay. Alpha/quality males are serene about this and acknowledge quality women have options too and the non-quality proles of both sexes will daydream (few are foolish enough to try and play out of their league).

If you dare try and pull that feminist shit like “we don’t like being judged, it hurts our feelings” – erm, how do you think we feel, being literally marked on a scale when we walk down the street, like produce? Which sex is more sexualised in the media? Again, grow up. Adults judge things all the time and it’s a good thing. If you fall short, that’s your personal issue, not the people judging you and finding you wanting. You didn’t bring it to the table. You weren’t tall enough for this ride, whatever. Offer rejected. Nothing personal. You’d be a glad of a “bitch shield” if it was your wife maintaining it, in fact, you’d rely on it. That’s what really gets us – you expect us to make an exception for you and turn around and complain about special snowflakes. Does that make your hypothetical wife a bitch? Nope, she’s a quality woman who doesn’t fall for that casual nonsense we call pick-up, you’re just crybabies that spitting certain lines isn’t like a cheat code for sex with any random woman.

Short-term, who cares, get rejected thousands of times for all it matters. I don’t speak to those guys who wanna die alone because it fulfills some mythic complex about Eve and the wicked temptation of women.
For long-term, you need to redpill and look at the data. Assortative mating. People end up (most of the time don’t anecdote me) with someone of similar attractiveness to themselves. Not higher. Not lower. Similar. This way, neither party feels like they’re losing out on the deal of the relationship, getting the wedding is the easy part, maintaining the marriage requires effort on both sides. Sure, she loses post-pregnancy weight for you, but you can’t get a beer belly and wonder why she keeps getting headaches. It’s an exchange, no woman will ever be your mother (a mother figure you wanna fuck, creep alert!) unless she’s a co-dependent drip you don’t respect or trust. Long-term it’s an exchange of genetic material, the most serious decision you’ll ever make, an Eloi with a Morlock is poorly matched and won’t stick around for long and no, celebrities aren’t a rule or proof for anything in the real world.

Nothing wrong with being average, it isn’t your spiritual worth as a person, but it is your real SMV and likely highly correlates to your MMV, male or female, gay, straight, bi or whatever. Better happily matched, once your ego is over the shock, than #foreveralone because you had the male equivalent of Cinderella syndrome. Notches aren’t alpha, that’s a lie from PUAs trying to sell their book/site/method by spinning out notch numbers (not accounting for quality), your life isn’t a video game where you score for your score and if you’re top of the leaderboard you’re Mostest Alpha Man; it’s getting the Best woman in a social circle (the socio- in sociosexual hierarchy) and keeping her is what an alpha male does.

Bonus attachment!

Redpill woman: Style Archetypes


I require a whole book on this. Looking back, most of my worst missteps involve taking on a Look totally unsuited to me e.g. tomboy, punk or boyish prep. I had no idea there were rules like the makeup/hair seasons, but looking back it is completely obvious because our body shapes and mannerisms differ too. A woman would also have somewhat neutral possibilities too so whereas mine involve the Dramatic and Romantic as most flattering, I could switch for work into Classic or another type which is neither good nor bad for me and still professional without being hideous matronly skirts and ill-fitting scratchy blouses.

I’ve often found reverse typecasting useful for this. For example, I’ve had comparisons to gamine women in leg/lithe limb length and Eva Green on the face, so looking back over their filmography you can readily identify the styles and cuts of their clothing that look best, and how they switched between chaste interviews and ravishing red carpet moments. I can’t go as stark as Eva though, I’m not French enough to pull it off.

jessica stam wink sexy

Millennial women rejecting feminism, long for hearth and home


…The increasing conservatism of the younger generation is not something that has gone unnoticed by the left and right-wing alike. Guardian columnist John Harris reacted with utter horror after meeting real young people all across Britain as part of the Guardian’sAnywhere But Westminster exercise in trying to find “real politics”, and finding them to be remarkably conservative – even if they didn’t self-identify as ‘big-C’ Conservatives. He said:

“I was reminded of another very modern syndrome: the fact that as you progress down the age range, opinions about the job market and welfare state tend to harden, to the point that droves of twentysomethings sound like devout Thatcherites… this has become almost a given. Quiz people under 30, in short, and you’re more than likely to hear echoes of the kind of on-yer-bike, sink-or-swim values that decisively embedded themselves in British life when they were mere toddlers”….

Like I said in Best Post, we aren’t falling for it. We’re women, not workhorses.

We’ve seen all the divorced, the spinsters and the bitter and gone –

Yet the Left don’t see these people weren’t brainwashed, they grew up in a time of Leftist dominance. They know they’ll be on the target list eventually, useful pawns for their ideology. They refuse to be further used. What has the Left done for us? Replaced our jobs with immigrants, shut down our lolz on social media, nixed our hobbies for imaginary offences, crashed our parties with people who refuse to grow up and we can’t get a decent savings account, let alone a car (insurance, all those safety regulations) or a house.