Anonymous UK for Independence Day

Anonymous hackers have thrown their weight behind Brexit in a scathing tweet blasting European elites who put wealth over people.

As millions of Brits cast their votes in yesterday’s historic EU referendum , the secretive global hacking network took to Twitter to pledge their support to the Leave campaign.

Using the hastag #VoteLeave, the Anonymous affiliated account @YourAnonNews insisted that a vote to exit the European Union would send a clear message to “neoliberals” whose trade agreements put wealth first.

I have a lot of work ahead. In the coming years, especially the coming months.

This is going to be exhausting.

Posting may be patchy. I may go missing for long periods of time again.


Queen and country come first.

It comes after Anonymous unveiled its plan to take the political system and remodel it – with the help of its own party.

Although previously targeting politics from the outside, THumP is intended to help Anonymous get into the political world and change it from within.

World stocks headed for one of the biggest slumps on record, and billions of dollars were wiped off the value of European companies.

Excuse me while I staunch my bleeding heart.

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Why did Remain lose?

SJW virtue-signalling tossers, that’s why.

EURef twitter

That isn’t even remotely accurate maths.

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I have no problem admitting I have cried.

Wept. Pure tears of joy.


I like to think I did my part and converted, oh, a few hundred thousand at least.
And that’s just this project I got going for me. Others have a vastly wider reach.


Tally ho, chaps!




p.s. if you could stop calling us the United Cuckdom now, that’d be gravy.

They know how you vote

Votes can be traced by matching the numbered ballot paper to its similarly numbered counterfoil; the numbered counterfoil also bears the voter’s registration number from the electoral register which is hand-written by the Polling Clerk when the ballot paper is issued. As all the ballot papers for each candidate – including fringe candidates such as Sinn Fein, communists, fascists, nationalists, etc. – are bundled together, anyone having access to those documents can speedily trace the name and address of every voter for such candidates if they wish.

…claimed that the South African government knew the identity of everyone who voted for the Communist Party of Great Britain – thanks to British intelligence using this simple vote-tracing procedure. In any event, the notion that we have a secret vote is very misleading.,,-1051,00.html

Instead of writing over with pen, they’d just reprint your slip and write in what they like.

You could do it with a home printer.

Vote Remain or the puppy gets it?

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“The EU Remain campaign has issued a stark warning that millions of household pets could die if Britons vote to leave the European Union in the June 23 referendum, potentially leaving a generation of traumatised children unable to forgive their parents’ decision in favour of Brexit.”

I’m speechless.

YouGov: Brexit nudges a lead, Left panics and buries head in sand

The rhetorical equivalent of This doesn’t count.

  • Our latest EU referendum voting intentions are 37% Remain, 38% Leave, 25% Don’t know or wouldn’t vote

Some of those Don’t Knows are lying Shy Tories, as happened with polls on GE voting intent.

In the Alternative Vote referendum in 2011 early polls showed a very large lead for Yes, but opinion shifted decisively towards No in the last two months.

The early polls were rigged.
From now on, they’ll double down on lies and fearmongering. If we Leave, England will sink into the ocean-type rhetoric.

Social media is ignoring it, despite reporting plenty of Left-favouring YouGov polls in the past.

Link: What would Brexit look like?

The possibilities are limitless, the freedoms available make it hard to pin down.

‘So what’s your alternative?’ demand Euro-enthusiasts. ‘D’you want Britain to be like Norway? Or like Switzerland? Making cuckoo clocks? Is that what you want? Is it? Eh?’

Could hardly be worse than how we’re doing now.

So when every non-EU territory from the Isle of Man to Montenegro has access to the European free trade area, which model should we follow? The nations arguably most comparable to Britain, being neither microstates nor ex-communist countries, are Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. All three prefer their current deal to ours: 60 per cent of Icelanders, 79 per cent of Norwegians and 82 per cent of Swiss oppose EU membership. Who can blame them? Norway and Switzerland are the wealthiest and second-wealthiest nations on Earth.

What if we’re dumb enough to vote to Stay?

Many European federalists actively campaign for Britain to be given an economics-only relationship — what Jacques Delors calls ‘privileged partnership’ and Guy Verhofstadt ‘associate membership’. It would allow them to push ahead with a European army, a common tax system and so on, while Britain led an outer tier of some 20 European states and territories, part of a common -market but not a common government.


Why would they need us so badly?


We’re the most powerful military country in Europe.

Who’s the competition, against a Federal Europe?


Yeah, America. This is your problem too.

If an EU referendum were held today, Britain would LEAVE

Some 46.6 per cent would vote “out” while just 34.3 per cent would vote “in”, with 19.1 per cent undecided. Among those likely to vote, the gap was starker, with 48.8 per cent opting to leave, compared to 34.7 per cent wanting to stay and 16.5 per cent undecided.

Those wanting to stay can leave as well.

“The British people are clearly fed up with picking up bills for EU institutions that remain unaccountable to them and do not act in their best interests.”

The survey also found that turnout ina referendum could be as high as 90.1per cent, outstripping the 84.5 percent in September’s Scottish vote.

Unsurprisingly, Ukip supporters are most likely to vote, with 71.7 percent saying they would “definitely” turn out.