Are modern artists, con artists?

You be the judge. This has been going on at least a century.

In person, ordinary lighting:

More like Princess XXX.

See also:

“Critics of modern art will at least applaud the irony. The Tate Gallery has paid £22,300 of public money for a work that is, quite literally, a load of excrement.”

At least they’re not taking the piss.

That’s this one.

Similar postmodern horrors at

You think the poo emoji is bad? They want to make an Emoji Movie.
You haven’t seen the like of Shit Fountain.

21st century. No flying cars, this degeneracy.

Some of it is self-aware in a good way.

“Seeing your ideas live on in the works of others”
If feminism were this witty, I’d be one.

I know that one by experience.

I see you rip-off merchants, and I won’t be blogging (here) forever. I’m getting tired of the meme thing and looking into other arts, one day I’ll submerge from this.
Good luck finding me again to pinch things wholesale when that happens.


Video: 5 signs you’re a regressive Leftist

They use the term Right to describe conservatives, so Leftist is more suitable, plus, they aren’t liberal. They’re bigots and fascists (they want to ban other opinions and control everyone, respectively). Bigots want to brainwash everyone into their faith (it’s a cult) and censor everyone who doesn’t convert.

Social engineering is the PC term for fascism. You will be a pig in their ‘social experiment’.

Remember, SJWs always lie, and they use the insults that would stick to them.

Regressive is a cultural thing, it doesn’t get to the White-hating demographic genocide heart of the beast. Useful meme but we need better.

5. You’re against freedom of speech. Hate speech is the tool of tyrants suppressing dissent in a legal gulag.
4. You’re extremely racist and bigoted. ‘Privilege’ is a form of mystical possession that comes with having the right to live in a country because your ancestors built it. “The soft bigotry of low expectations”, hmm.
3. Your arguments aren’t arguments. They work in thought-terminating cliches, emotional appeals and ad hominem. “Heretic, sorry, wrong century, hate speech!” they cry, piously.
2. You like banning things. They believe in the Devil, it’s you. They believe in God, it’s them. Everything they want is Righteous. They are self-righteous narcissists.
1. You deny reality. That is psychotic. That is insane. No, literally, the definition of psychotic. They don’t recognise it and act as if nothing happened, or as if their fantasy world is the real one. Narcissist rage awaits correction by people or reality. Tabula rasa started as philosophy, it’s used as pseudoscience.

These people are generally privileged middle class crybabies bullying other people to feel less incompetent in the world. They have a huge classist chip on their shoulder and hate themselves. This is the face of the Middle Class with a chip on its shoulder. The chattering class started barking orders because WW2 killed the upper class hegemony.