“My relationship status is ideal” narcissism


Explains the singleton cults of SJWs and MGTOWs.

“No one should be married ever, that’s evil oppression!”

Explains the baby cult of crazy married people.

“No one should be single ever, they’re just depressed!”

No such thing as common law marriage


NEWSFLASH: You want the benefits of marriage, you have to actually get married.

There is only living in sin.

Stupid is as stupid does.
You don’t have tenancy rights without signing a tenancy agreement.
Neither do you have employee rights without signing an employment contract.

You lost everything, years of your life, because not once did you think to fucking Google it? I searched this years ago and the Government did their job, it’s the top of the first page. You don’t just get to assume you have rights by the power of wishful thinking. Nah, I don’t buy it, you deserve to be miserable. You know who doesn’t? Any children, tiny tot ATMs.

That’s the real secret. Married couples have less rights to benefits than “cohabiting”.

The kids are still gonna be screwed up, the same as single parents.
Children need the security of marriage.

Room mates don’t have rights. It’s like claiming the town bike is cheating. Nope! They owe you nothing! A girlfriend or boyfriend owes no fidelity.

Marriage is literally a vow of monogamy. No legal right to the latter without the former.
Engagement is the fringe case with a verbal contract. Cohabiting means jack shit.

How many people even know engagements have a time limit? After a couple of years, specifics vary, the proposing partner can claim you never intended to get married, because you delayed and the verbal contract was rescinded. ASK A LAWYER.

Why do women take up more government resources?
Which sex is left holding the baby? Blame deadbeats, they ain’t paying for their little splunk junket. We are. Everyone else.

Bringing in bullshit laws would make modern marriage even more useless.
People need incentives. And price controls for wedding basics would help.
I was planning a wedding recently and OMFG. They’re just flowers. Stick bridal before something and the price goes up 50x.

For the scaredy boys?
Single male friends don’t want you to get married for the same reason single female women don’t want their friends to get married to quality either: less attention, less time. They are replaced as a primary social obligation in your life.

Married men are happier than bachelors, some are frenemies trying to put you off the Best Woman For You, like you’ll get a second chance. If she’s the best option, the prospect of fucking her repeatedly isn’t a trial.
Re-marrying? Having seen the stats? OK, don’t bother. If you couldn’t make it once, you can’t do it again.

It’s easier to write a sitcom doofus fucking up if there’s no wife to help him.

Video: Why do women seem so thirsty?

You got it.

Then there are the ones who respond to sexy like a bitch in heat.

You know the two people you should call sexy? A stripper and your wife.

Why? It’s their JOB.

This applies to men as well, I find it really disrespectful when people drool over a man and call him sexy. It’s a person, not piece of meat. Is this a porn audition? No.

Once a cheater, always a cheater says Science


And biology.

And common sense.

Like it isn’t a personal defect or a compulsion?

A list of the common ‘Devil made me do it‘s would be funnier.

..I had to? I was drunk? I didn’t know what I was doing? It was one time? It was your fault? If you loved me ___? This is normal? I did nothing?

never trust an r-type

weak pair bonds are literally a defining attribute

Nice guys win – Study reports women repulsed by liars and cheats


Once a cheat, always a cheat.

Who’d wanna invest in a relationship with that? Would they lend money to a druggie?

But it turns out that women do actually prefer kind, considerate and charitable men over rivals who may be better looking but have lower moral standards.

New research shows women who are initially sexually attracted to men start to lose interest when they find out they are cheats, crooks or liars.

But men who fancied beautiful women showed no signs of going off them, even when they discovered they were of dubious character.

It’s a massive case of projection. They don’t care so they assume women don’t either.

The findings, published in the International Journal of Psychology, suggest that ‘bad boys’ rarely get the girl in the end.

eye roll omg shut up boring bored damon ian drinking

Colour me surprised.

Genetic suicides.

The results showed that the women were then much less attracted to the bad boys – no matter how good looking they were.

What’s the point in nabbing a 10 today if he’s gone tomorrow, when the baby arrives?

But the men were still drawn to women they considered sexy, even if they were bordering on evil.

Manosphere in a nutshell.

Blaming us for their issues since Biblical Eve.

In a report on their findings the researchers said: ‘Men were significantly less sensitive than women to experimental moral manipulation.

translation: they were using a different head

‘Male attraction at first sight to a strange woman seemed relatively less permeable to moral factors than female attraction to a strange man.

‘It is likely that in women, compared with men, physical attraction feelings are less dissociated from moral and personality factors.’

Women’s conscience factors into attraction.

The brain is the biggest sexual organ, after all.

Nobody tell the douchebags and fuckboys, we rely on their bragging about their corrupt ways to screen them out. It’s like the people who brag about how much they can eat at a buffet – congratulations on your lack of self control?