Fear the press release PR job


As the field of science journalism has contracted, the science PR industry has grown to fill the vacuum.  Consequently, churnalism is now common in science reporting too.  Its not just the private, profit-driven media that’s effected. Another speaker, Dr. Felicity Mellor of Imperial College, reported that even in the BBC up to 75% of science stories were sourced directly from press releases. But as long as good science is getting featured in major media outlets, is this a bad thing?

If you hold the BBC to an objective standard, it will always fail 100% of the time.

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So – hackademics, funded by the taxpayer regardless of public interest, are lying to the unprofessional media (BBC) also funded by the taxpayer, to justify their lies (propaganda)… allowing them to continue funding from the taxpayer?

….Isn’t this illegal? Isn’t this fraud? Criminal fraud.

Paper: Sex differences in emotional and physiological responses to Social Stress test

Cite: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17466262

PDF at: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Megan_Kelly5/publication/6364170_Sex_differences_in_emotional_and_physiological_responses_to_the_Trier_Social_Stress_Test/links/02e7e529fa98713d90000000.pdf
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Women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety-related disorders, and it has been hypothesized that this difference is related to sex differences in stress reactivity. Women typically report higher levels of negative affect than men in response to psychosocial stressors, but the evidence for sex differences in physiological reactivity to stressful situations is not consistent. The present study sought to expand this work by evaluating sex differences in reactivity to a social stress challenge across neuroendocrine, autonomic and affective response domains. Participants (32 women, 30 men) completed a standardized psychosocial stress challenge (i.e., the Trier Social Stress Test (TSST)), during which several physiological (e.g., cortisol reactivity, heart rate) and psychological (e.g., depression, irritability, anger, fear) measures were assessed. The findings demonstrated that cortisol reactivity and the magnitude of autonomic responding failed to reliably discriminate between women and men. However, women reported more fear, irritability, confusion and less happiness immediately following the TSST compared to men. The broader implications of these results and how they relate to sex differences in the etiology and clinical presentation of anxiety and mood disorders are discussed.

Sum: The lab-controlled experience of stress doesn’t vary by sex but women report they are more distressed than men by the SAME STRESSOR.



UK EU Immigration report released

Click to access SingleMarketFree_MovementPersons.pdf

The Government considers that now is an appropriate time to review the EU level rules with a view to modernisation and ensuring they are fit for purpose in the EU of today. The rules have evolved beyond the original scope as the EU has evolved and the interaction between rules on residence and social security coordination becoming increasingly complex. This complexity has led to an increasing number of challenges through the ECJ, creating uncertainty and, in the majority of cases, weakening the ability of Member States to determine how their systems operate. These problems are magnified by the fact that the EU of today is very different to when the rules were created. There are many more Member States and much greater diversity in how their social security systems operate. Migration patterns have also changed significantly, with much more migration than in the past, including more migration of non-working people including jobseekers. Without reform, legitimate public concern about how EU migrants access social security in other Member States is likely to significantly undermine support for the principle of free movement.~ 32.1, p57

It looks like non-EU is a bigger problem.

I wonder why they'd choose to come alllll the way over here?