Dawkins gets stabbed in the back


 “I am known as a frequent critic of Christianity and have never been de-platformed for that. Why do you give Islam a free pass? Why is it fine to criticise Christianity but not Islam?”

It’s almost like Christianity tolerates you.
Like Protestants were never the enemy.

to know who rules over you…..

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer asshole.
He made the monster, it’s eaten him.

Speaking engagements are their money-maker, FYI.
His livelihood is at stake, guys.


Dawkins on race, Lewontin

I’m here to crush dreams and drink coffee.

It’s past midnight, the coffee is gone.
I stare at grounds as black as my faith in humanity. Somewhere, a wolf howls.

Taxonomically useful = predictive. That’s the standard.
Forensics and the biomedical fields do find it rather important.

Source: Ancestor’s Tale

Enough salt to pay a Roman Army.

Genes code for many things, treating them like equal cogs or grains of sand is a category error, it’s Not Even Wrong.


‘Member that time Richard Dawkins defended pedophiles?


Yeah, I ‘member!

remember this when we're beyond all hope

I heard a rumour, which I am loathe to openly repeat so story time.

A long long time ago in a land far far away in Cambridge or maybe it was Oxford, a little boy called Dick was touched by a priest and vowed to destroy the Catholic Church, hating god ever after. The End. P.s. it made him a bit of a pedophile but like, only on weekends. Like demonic possession (h/t Vox Day for that metaphor) the urge never leaves them, regardless of whether they act on it.

Typical Islam/Atheism exchange


Leave them in the cage with their own pet, it’s so Game of Thrones.

You’re arguing with people who fuck their own 9yo cousins. The gene pool is shit. Look at the national IQs of their home country. Your Saint Dawkins redpilled Twitter on that HBD (see end). Stop trying to make goodwill happen. It’s never going to happen.

you're not being very friendly sarcasm mean bitch michael fassbender

They forget that atheism is only tolerated in Christian-majority countries.
Tolerance is a Christian value.

It's cute in a backward co-dependent way that you cannot distinguish self and subjective opinion

‘member atheism plus?

Where the Islamophobic stand side-by-side with the people who want to kill them. I wonder why that didn’t catch on.

Speaking of cucks, a gay Asian is defending the guys who’d throw him off a roof.


We’re living in Monty Python times.


They’re getting pretty based, let it happen, I’m surprised they haven’t drawn Trump targets on the thing since these digital jihad guys seem determined to trigger the next Crusade. A lot of atheists have been pointing out they’re the only religion with a teeny tiny box exposed to the open air as its centre (Mecca).

Not smart. One of Obama’s strikes, seriously. They’re still talking shit?

Meanwhile, the evobio guy…

read the comments

oh! the comments!

Putting these two claims together, you almost can’t help wondering something like this: “If you are so numerous, and if your science is so great, shouldn’t you be able to point to some pretty spectacular achievements emanating from among those vast numbers? If you can’t today but once could, what has gone wrong for the past 500 years? Whatever it is, is there something to be done about it?”

Anti-religion (atheism) cartoons


It’s always got one target, hasn’t it?

We’ll look back on Christophobic cartoon propaganda and Dawkins’ self-referential lies (most [1] of [2] his [3] material [4] is [5] like [6] this [7] if [8] you [9] really [10] look [11]) the same way culture looks down on Victorian cartoons now. If Dawkins snuffs it this year, I think the SJWs would lose it, because you know they can’t find another white man to replace him. He would burn very evenly in Hell, at least academic Hell, for lying about evobio, his own subject. He uses ancient ideas without citing them so redditfags think he’s a genius, then he only references opponents to trash them. Hardly anyone cited positively, meaning, most of his subject disagrees with him. Does that sound scientific, or didactic?*


There is no equality in religious protection.

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Referencing was invented to avoid that manner of lying. It’s an appeal to self-authority.
He isn’t an intellectual, he’s good with empty rhetoric and refuses to admit science has limits and is prone to human error.

nb* Didactic as in lecturing, from behind a lectern. Sermonic.