Penny dropped, has it?

Casual Sex Creates Guilt

Wow, it really is the current year.

What’s next, AOC admits Communism/socialism has been tried and always failed?

He’d have done better going with Islam, his ancestral religion.
I wonder how long this will last.

Drug-based religious epiphanies are fake. They’re always deceitful, demonic in nature.

That’s why ‘shamans’, savages and all sorts of occulty bullshit rely on it, including self-aware Satanists.

It’s an illusion and half the attendees of Burning Man experience the same drug-based ‘revelations’.

If God’s word didn’t move you for decades, it wasn’t that. He’s talking about the world, too worldly for it to have been real. He’s also preaching with zero grounds. No humility.

Still, it does seem like he always knew it was wrong to slut around and did it anyway, suggesting a false conversion to control the religious with false piety and twisting lies akin to the CHINO kind. Cynically, it could be a gamble to make money off a fresh demo. In which case, Muslims have more money.

You can’t ‘game’ God into a place in Heaven, nobody will listen to a sinner from the church and this won’t allow him control over white women. It’s laughable if he thinks he can dominate women as a man, women who believe men ain’t shit compared to God.

He seems to be repeating, almost word for word, what many people among us have been saying for years (while he slagged us off for it):

“Sleeping around is the most common example. Outside the confines of love and family, sex is perverse and immoral, because it denies the reproductive aspect of humanity to treat others as masturbatory tools that are used and discarded.”

That’s called objectification and it’s dehumanizing. Congratulations, you agree with the feminists on something (although objectification does exist, it’s connected to the Sexual Revolution, Patriarchy usually protects its women).

“It turns out that men who have received sexual pleasure from sluts will then attack sluts for being… sluts.”

He discovered the wikipedia page on projection. But men who sleep with female sluts are ALSO sluts, that’s what a slut is.

It’s also Madonna/Whore, men who are repulsed by ‘good girls’ as sexual options or cheat on the wife instead of loyalty, with a slutty mistress.

It is a mistake to assume everyone is guilt filled and projecting though.
If they’re not loudly going after people and quietly going about it, they’re probably just naturally promiscuous. Rare, but occurs.

“scarcity of eggs-”
myth, women actually produce new eggs during post-birth life, it’s been studied and that myth debunked
the male gamete constantly refreshes, compounding mutation rates

“shortened window of fertility” paternal age is a huge factor in miscarriage, stillbirth and sub-fertility in men as well, especially after 30 quality starts to drop and after 40 especially (see paternal age tag)
the high autist rate is something researchers have openly blamed on the ‘trend’ for older fathers, trying to deter them from waiting, which the MSM hasn’t amplified as important because it hates you

“You see this in black, Asian, and Indian women who attack “white privilege” and “white supremacy” while simultaneously dating white men or being attracted to them.”

going after white fever, brave

Push that button if you want ANY influence. Sex issues are so 2010, now it’s all about race.

“Other behaviors that create guilt are masturbation, especially with the aid of hardcore pornography, and sodomy, which are both direct forms of self-abuse.”

Both sexes masturbate in their sleep naturally, zero guilt I’ve ever seen reported in studies. If God designed us, that one gets a free pass. Unless it’s the baby Jesus buttplug. Porn causes guilt because it’s voyeurism.

‘Straight’ men engaging in anal are at new risk of previously only homo-common diseases.

and less navel-gazing, America

FIX the problems rather than a circlejerk TALKING.

Priceless inclusion given:

“If I didn’t stop having casual sex, I would find new and ingenious ways to insult women.”

I’m sorry his sister died and all, preventing me from temporarily using harsher words about this convenient conversion, but this guy is sounding like a brown Russell Brand.
Acting like a beast doesn’t ever become washed off the record and to assume one is forgiven before death is pure Churchian. To lecture as if one has moral authority from doing evil is pure Satan. Hubris?
I get the feel why so many of these guys are ‘finding’ Jesus is because they want the Have it all I predicted YEARS ago – they want to fuck around with sluts in the pussy parade then have a Christian (best religion for this) waifu once their T-levels drop and they aged out of clubs.

That won’t happen. You need decades to prepare to be a good husband.

I don’t spare dishonest women from critique either.

but the I told ya so is STRONG

COPE, manwhores, COPE.

The wages of sin last for decades. Seeing how old PUAs end up will be an object lesson.

In the comments are race-mixing guys trying to claim (appeal to exception) that their kids are different or (gag) better.
Thankfully the odd person is pointing out the basic scientific facts, more or less 1. those kids self-hate, since there’s no place for them in the world and they belong nowhere 2. those kids are clinically depressed and 3. they have health issues (so write off grandkids or great-grandkids). No progeny? Wasted investment. Don’t marry any woman based on sex appeal (esp. fetish), duh?

There’s also direct Bible admonishment:

For why should you, my son, be exhilarated with an adulteress And embrace the bosom of a foreigner?

among other choice lines


“I’d rather become a monk/hermit instead of wifing up a different race than mine or a white slut.

Wait until the Tiger Mom divorces kick in with the next recession.

Asians only stay if you pay.

When your income grows stale, they bail!

Grace trumps race in regards to salvation, but not in the material world. Miscegenation is forbidden by the moral law, yet unless you don’t know some biblical Greek you’ll never know.

I am not a friend of the CI movement, but they have some interesting truth nukes you cannot argue with (scroll down to “The Sixth Commandment”):”

Here it is:

“In most translations of the Bible, Exodus 20:13 and Romans 13:9 are translated: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” In the literal translation of the Anointed Standard Translation of the New Testament and in the true translation of the Ten Commandments in The Truth Unveiled, these passages are translated as: “You will not mongrelize”.

In many people’s minds, there is a very great difference between these two translations, though, as we shall see later, this is due primarily to the purposeful degeneration of the etymology of the word adultery. At issue in the Greek Septuagint and in the Greek New Testament are two Greek words: ou moicheuseis. …

In the Latin Vulgate, Exodus 20:13 was translated as non moechaberis and Romans 13:9 as non adulterabis. The Latin word moechaberis is an inflected form of moechari, a transliteration of the Greek moicheuo, and is of little etymological importance since what it means is merely dependent upon what the Greek word means, which we will explore. However, what is important is adulterabis, an inflected form of the word adultero, since this is the Latin word most often used in the Vulgate and elsewhere to translate the Greek word moicheuo. 

The Greek word ou and the Latin word non are simply negative particles, translated not. Thus, the words that we need to define in order to determine the correct translation of Exodus 20:13 and Romans 13:9 are the Greek word moicheuo and the Latin word adultero. 

I am rarely impressed but congratulations.

First, in order to define the word moicheuo, let us turn to a commonly used and commonly available dictionary, the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, edited by Gerhard Kittel and translated into English by Geoffrey W. Bromiley. Now let us note that Kittel was a well-renowned German Greek scholar and is held in high-esteem by the scholarly community. 

Under the entry word moicheuo, the following definition is given: “of the intermingling of animals and men or of different races.” [In the German original, Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament, we find the original words of Kittel: “auch von Vermischung von Tier und Mensch oder von Mischung verschiedener Rassen”]. 

This, of course, is the classical definition of mongrelization. So the Greek of the New Testament and the Greek Septuagint confirm that the translation “You will not mongrelize” is correct. 

Now that we have defined the Greek, what about the Latin Vulgate? Now we must define the Latin word adultero, and we shall do so using the finest Latin dictionary currently available and the standard among Latin scholars, the Oxford Latin Dictionary: “To mix (a substance or kind) with another, adulterate: to impair the purity or strength of, to give a variety of appearances to, change . . . to corrupt, debase.” Once again, when this is applied to people, we have mongrelization. So we find age-old agreement between the Latin and the Greek. 


This explains their group-level reproductive issues, if explicitly forbidden by God.

Among other details like marital problems, notably the domestic abuse rate.

And divorce rates.

Therefore, using two of the most respected reference works available regarding Biblical Greek and the Latin language, and simply looking the words up, we find that these verses in the Bible are in fact an explicit prohibition against race-mixing. 

To any intellectually honest person, the above definitions should be more than enough to convince him that the Bible explicitly prohibits race-mixing. This is exactly why the coalition of evil is so against a true and literal translation of the Word of God. In fact, it may be stated that their theology is little more than a justification system for the breaking of this divine law of God. If the translation You will not mongrelize is wrong, then the two reference works cited above, certainly two of the most prestigious works of their type available, are also wrong. Any legitimate Greek or Latin scholars would agree with these definitions; anyone who would disagree with these definitions have in fact turned their backs on legitimate scholarship and should stop being hypocritical and admit that they do not believe the Bible instead of trying to change what it and what legitimate scholars say.

Now, many people will simply go and find a dictionary that defines the above words as adultery, and then ignorantly presume that adultery is defined as marital infidelity and simply forget about the two definitions cited above.

To show the stupidity and intellectual dishonesty of these people, I have previously written a work entitled Hidden Truth, now published under the title The Truth Unveiled, which gave many more proofs of the definitions of the Greek and Latin family of words commonly translated adultery, and examined in detail every Biblical passage, both Old and New Testaments, where these words occurred. That is not the purpose of this present work. The reader is encouraged to also read the chapter regarding this family of words in The Truth Unveiled for a complete Biblical analysis of this family of words. The objective herein is to examine in detail the etymology of both the Greek and Latin words commonly translated adultery, the ways these words were used in other Greek and Latin literature and in key passages in the Bible, and to explore how the web of deception regarding these words has been woven through the degeneration of language. The information presented hereafter is indisputable and not a subject of debate: one will either be intellectually honest and believe it or one will suffer the fate of all liars and those who help make a lie. 

Bloody hell, a gentleman and a scholar.

God split the peoples of the world, this was his will.
The mental and physical health issues prove it.

Why will the sluts deny this?

R-selected men sexually select the outgroup, it’s a dominant indicator of what they are.
This is known.
A man who wants kids with the outgroup is an inferior and he’s backing the horse that might accept him.

““A man’s sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions…. He will always be attracted to the woman who reflects his deepest vision of himself, the woman whose surrender permits him to experience a sense of self-esteem. The man who is proudly certain of his own value, will want the highest type of woman he can find, the woman he admires, the strongest, the hardest to conquer–because only the possession of a heroine will give him the sense of an achievement.””

They bet on a future where you are dead, the Beige people world of NWO planning.

The term is race traitor for a reason. There can be no bargaining with people who want to kill you just as assuredly as suicide bombers. They are actively genociding their white DNA (literally gene-cide*) and replacing you like a cuckoo baby in your homeland (they never wanna move out…). No white woman will submit to them out of disgust, they’re almost entirely gammas. Some are involuntary race mixers because no fellow white will have them! Non-whites use them for babies, green cards and money. Among Asians, white>masculinity, that’s why the same guys almost never land objectively better looking Latinas, where it’s inverted and masculinity is prized.

Prove me wrong, internet. How long do fetish spouses last in hard times?

It isn’t a unique (and biologically validated) disgust:

Why do blacks reject mulattoes because something something colorism?

Why do these guys (pictured) all have the same Look, and only land Asians without trouble?

and the eternal classic

Hence, white gammas go weeb. It’s science, more or less.

Frankly, this one looks gay as John Barrowman.

Gays think they’re in the closet because they’re on that r-select sexual spectrum, preferring less dimorphic women.

Why do all weebs have this soft, shriveled look? Some group of men get together and figure this out.

I’ll be called jealous of women with no waist or hips…. somehow.

*Non-whites gain more than 50% dominance breeding with whites, with our recessive genome, hence the fetish for us globally.
I’ve linked to it at some point here. It was mentioned alongside genetic distance.


“The other races (Negroids and Mongoloids) have been created way earlier than the Caucasoids, which is archaelogically and genetically proven. The blue-eyed-gene for example goes back to exactly one common ancestor. Then how comes no Asian or African has colored eyes?”

True but there’s also multi-regional hypothesis.

“You can read in different historical accounts about the decay that (only) mulatto societies have upon morals and environment.

In no small part to lower IQ than the purebred parents and r-selected sexual strategy (quantity over quality) depressing quality of living. The Third World chooses to be poor, because they choose to have too many children. It’s as simple as that. The low IQ detail is compounded in each generation by improper breeding habits, since crime (like rape) and libido are both higher in that demographic, in any race. If they’re gonna infanticide any sex, the ones who rape and rebel would be better candidates. Then there’s the fact each race evolved to its environment and the mixed race (technically raceless) are not well-adapted to any environment, so you’d expect them to comparatively fail in every environment, since it’s about Darwinian genetic competition with those who didn’t mix. I blame the parents who chose this for them. They’d be most competitive to live in the lower IQ society of one of the parents. That’s why conqueror’s kids are an exception, higher IQ DNA dissolving into a lower IQ society (too low is/should be wiped out) succeeds better than the natives, in that case. It fails when reversed.

Change the white society, lose the society.

Needs more genetics, more studies. Generally correct.

What does ‘good breeding’ actually mean? K-select.

Race-mixers are also, in studies, less attractive on average than same-race counterparts. Children are the IQ mean of the individual parents. Look at the national IQs of these brood women and that’s a terrible mean, plus regression to the mean pulling kids down anyway. Galton, ironically.

The darker a person’s skin, the higher their testosterone, again, compounding the r-selection.

Those white guys will find their beige kids resentful, slutty and probably drawn to SJW politics because in their utopia, everybody belongs. They’ll learn, too late.

Elliot Rodger, that Yang Marxist, more to come, I’m sure.

In the Travels of Marco Polo you have an account (Book I, Chapter 14) in which fair-skinned Tartars took black Indian wifes. The mixed race offspring ravaged the city of Camandu, and even acquired magical and diabolical knowledge they used for their raids.

You may have good intentions but misinformation and lacking in knowledge creates more evil than good. As it is written in Hosea 4:6:
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”


“Instead, he bangs them and then refuses to take part ownership in his own degeneracy.”
Blaming ‘culture’ and ‘society’ and the women is still evading shame. Shame is personal and earned, the bad rep.

What do you expect? They’re r-types! Mentally more akin to a child! Gimme brains!

Let the weeb Other his own kids, as long as he’s happy to self-deport with them when the homeland thing becomes the global norm… again.

That’s in the peaceful scenario.

The SJWs hate ALL white men, even their own father.

Race-mixing won’t be any kind of defense when they come for you, too.

Proof, in the Bible: “21 Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rise against their parents and have them put to death.”

Prediction: Roosh will go some kind of Buddhist then Muslim then a weird hybrid.

Because my my my how the tables have fucking TURNED.

“The alt right is worse than feminism in attempting to control male sexual behavior”

Why did he choose Christian?

Acceptable races are South American, Persian, Armenian, and European (non-Northern).”

I can hear 8chan fire up the gas chambers on that line.

As if “I’m not white. Why should I care about the future of white societies?” wasn’t bad enough.

He talks about subversion and outsiders ruining any open system. So will he try and get in with the TradCons?

At this point I’ll stop feeding the troll PR unless something major happens.

I knew this was coming.

Note the ressentiment of ‘it’s secretly the women and their Lilith magic!’ as if adult men aren’t responsible for their own opinions, much like Roosh isn’t responsible for his words coming back to bite him on the a-and I digress.

He wanted his face on it.

They all have the same line. I did that but it isn’t Me anymore. I turned my back on it, accept me. Sure, like a porn star marrying once her career is over. Your Trojan Horse has failed, deal. He finished by saying the phrase ‘rape hysteria’ and playing Damsel because all this attention is apparently a threat to them and their social circle. R-types.

Let’s see if this modest (and holding back) post is taken with the humility we typically expect of this lot.


Pharisees of the peen.

Roosh V takes the “God Pill,” embracing Jesus after getting super high on shrooms. No, really

Current year, highlight reel.

White Sharia is anti-white

Do I…. do I really have to explain.

They’ve made a laughing stock and jumped the shark.

It’ll never happen, but it’s a dysgenic meme.

Still genocidal, to civilized culture.
Turning on white women, calling for us to lose all Western First World rights that our forefathers died for (so we wouldn’t get raped by Vikings and other tribes), joking about rape and torture (but male rape and gang rape are terrible?) and bitching when women say it isn’t funny, it’s crazy?
Gee, why has the Alt Right lost credibility since the misogynists transitioned over from Roosh V and the other manwhores who’d be stoned to death for touching another man’s property?

To say white women betrayed the West is simply ignorant, most of the politicians were male. Most cucks are male. Most of the left’s voters skew male, at least here.

This isn’t a sex issue, and if it were, the issue if with the weakness of their own sex.
Wanna ban birth control? Then who will sleep with you? They are morons, they don’t even see the consequences to their basic policy ‘beliefs’ because they’re all cucking for their e-celeb mancrushes and whatever shit they’re trying to push to sell you get rich quick crap. You can’t joke about the three main crimes: theft, rape and murder. Torture is out of the question. Why? We are civilized.
And they wonder why, in all their instability, women reject them?

You find our rape and torture funny when you should be angry? Ingroup preference? Racial loyalty?
These fake Nazi fags are just shock value dudebros.
It’s like insulting any woman who dares show interest and then complaining any movement is a sausage fest…
Yes. Your toxic persona will do that.
It’s false equivalence to paint Sharia as Patriarchy. They need to weaken women because they cannot cooperate.
“White Sharia represents a real threat to white women and I think it’s promoting violence against us.”
Joking about female circumcision?
Womb envy is real.
But they oppose male circumcision?
Yah, when they get upset over any kind of Male Victimhood Narrative, remember, white men are never victims if they’re superior.
Tongue removals? What kind of sick human being thinks of this stuff?
“We wanna torture them but them get off on it”
OK, yeah, arrest them.
They need to be in an asylum. I’ve heard less insanity from people in hospital prison facilities.
“We wanna dominate them, humiliate them so they can get really really horny and really really pregnant”
Freud wants to talk to you about your Oedipus complex.
Any man who wants to beat a woman is weak.
These are the misogynists that predate feminism.
The ones who want to ‘whip’ women for being female.
You don’t let sadists run a prosocial movement.
This is why I’m for traditionalism and Neoreaction.
Not one sadist.
Some slightly deluded men, but none of them are cruel or sociopathic. Can’t say the same about the PUA/MRA/MGTOW set that see women as the Enemy.
If you see white women as the enemy, not only are you a misogynist but also a race traitor. Yeah. Logically. Technically, that’s exactly it. Our enemies pushing abortion and birth control want men to hate women and blame women instead of those who brought about these dysgenic policies.
Not one of them will get to use ‘sexist’ in shrill tones as a silencing tactic again.
You wanted white enslavement. Any white enslavement.
White slavery would’ve been a better meme but that doesn’t involve their dick and it’s already happened.
They want to lose Western rights but claim to defend the west
They want to enslave white women…. to protect white women?

People who think this infiltrated the Alt Right to turn us against one another. Congratulations, you cuck or are cucked by picking up this idea to ruin your reputation.
She’s right, they’re atheist because they believe the Atheistkult narrative about Christianity being the same as Islam or Judaism, who really do treat women like that. So to hate Jews, they wanna treat White women like Jewish men treat Orthodox Jewish women. Whether or not they believe in Hell, they’re going to it. Jesus never laid a hand on any woman.
I said the AR was too popular and something must be coming to destroy it.
Yeah, let it burn. Let it change. It needs it.
Let it cut out this cancer that hates half the white native population of Europe.
They sound very herp-derp (9 minutes in).
They’re historically ignorant too. This reminds me of Roosh admitting he wants rape to be legal then backtracking to claim it was satire.
You can’t be both serious and kidding. Men were held to far more standards in Patriarchy than women. Men have to wear head coverings too, you must’ve learnt differently in America, which is known to get history wrong for Narrative. It’s in their interest to portray traditional men as superior when they were dominant – different thing, they had more duties and responsibilities, like dying in battle. You don’t get to shirk your duties and enslave women, that system could never work.
Sharia only really works in low IQ societies from inbreeding, which Sharia encourages.
Do you want inbred kids? Can you afford to be any dumber?
Doesn’t matter though since no sane woman will ever breed with these degenerate scumbags.
Only r-types rape. It’s their strategy. White men chose the higher path because they loved their daughters as much as their sons. Fashions differ by culture and time and nuns choose the veil as a symbol but not all the time. Men took the cloth and wore hoods, it’s nothing to do with women being ashamed of their femininity, which is what they want and anti-traditional. Women still wear hats, men wore most hats, idiots. Women used to work and still do – working in the field, cooking and babysitting are all jobs. There were female philosophers, writers, mathematicians, accountants, shop workers.. how ignorant is the USA not to know this?
I’ve never seen a European seriously claim this.
Islam isn’t a religion, it’s a war manual. It kills culture, these people must be saboteurs.
“You don’t save your culture by adopting an alien culture” A+
Renaissances? Scientific and Industrial Revolutions? Wanna keep them? You need to keep Christian, agnostic or atheist. You can’t force someone to believe, the others must be a choice, especially if you want the STEM advancements based on skepticism. Global warming rhetoric is based on blasphemy narratives.
“too dumb to figure out how their own culture works?” Yes.
Atomized, alienated, ignorant. They need traditionalism but seek to imitate Arabs because…They’ve been doing so well?
Personally, I think they just want to fuck their cousin and feel good about it.
“Why sow division among your own?” SHE GETS IT!
They’re all degenerates projecting onto women like Lilith – a JEWISH archetype. Hey, you fornicated and that’s your fault, your consensual choice, don’t blame the women!
“You may as well wave the white flag of surrender cos it’s gonna be the only white thing left soon!”
I love this woman.
These subverters are using the Left’s linguistic tricks, giving the Left power – can you tell they’re socialists?
Language has power, all the Left agrees. They’re adopting and cucking for MENA.
I think I know why.
They want to avoid the draft. They want to reject their duty to fight for their culture.
So they go on and on and on about ‘da women’ and ‘hahaha rape is their fault’ and ‘women should defend themselves’ – no, that isn’t how the West works at all. Why have police if we must defend ourselves? Police are the embodiment of Western chivalry. Chivalry made the West great – but the men weren’t weak. I linked to Evola and it’s true what he said – if the women are weak, it’s because of the men.
Bowing down to Saudis because a Twitter SJW was mean to you is cucking. It’s what the terrorist-defenders do.
They’ve been saying Deus vult and realised shit, they’d be the ones needing to fight for it.
They might have to brush the Cheeto dust off their keyboard! Prove themselves!
So they turn their back on their own culture’s duties and replace it with one for cowards. Islamic State are scared of women too, especially being killed by one. People like Molyneux paid lip service to blaming all women like more victim culture will save us, but he’s happily married. Same with Vox Day. Maybe they’re just telling you basement-dwelling atheists what you wanna hear for clicks?
“These guys sound like Crypto-Muslims”
I doubt most are white.
They wanna be the oppressed ones so badly but the invasion of the EU has made it clear white women are the victims.
They’re talking about ‘harems’, they’re Roosh V cultists. Under polygamy, most men don’t breed. They don’t marry or have sex.
Sexual violence has never been part of Europe excepting de Sade, a hard left writer. He’s pathological. Sexual violence is taught in pornography and by MENA – all those Arabs and Africans they supposedly hate.
Sexual violence was also used by Muslims in war against men – the conquered were forced to fellate their victors, or were anally raped by them, or a trained dog while they’re bent over a chair. This still happens and it’s why non-hetero sex is actually a form of humiliation as well as medically bad for you (STDs, cancer risk, tearing etc). In Afghanistan they reported these sickos raped little boys.
That’s what they’re calling on. Pedophilia. How are they better than the rape gangs again? Milo and Roosh brought in these people. They will never get married happily and raise healthy offspring, they’re trash. Reminder who Roosh really is….

How do they assert high ground? Their moral authority has disappeared because they like unhealthy porn.
“White Sharia comes across as a cover for their misogyny and such sexual aggression”
They believe the lies about divorce and alpha bro shit. Many are themselves brown and therefore despise whites, that’s why so many Alt Right male writers also worship Roosh, they’re not white, they’re playing whites off against one another.
They are the Muh Dicks we used to mock.
“How are you a real man if you have to be coy and manipulative with your intentions just like the women you complain about?”
These r-men are complaining about r-women.
They also think they can steal K-women from K-men by pretending it’s traditional.
They’d be stoned to death for rape according to Christianity. And the Bible never said non-virgin men could get married, adultery was punishable by death in both sexes. Prostitution was illegal. All pre-marital sex was rape according to the Bible. They’d be long dead under the Old Testament and I can’t that it’d be a great loss, can you?
Here’s Roosh and his Messiah complex, in case you forgot.

That’s a real photo.
“Are women that bad?”
If they’re whores, why aren’t they sleeping with you?
“Or are you just projecting?”
If white women wanted non-white men, they wouldn’t have to rape us.
Rape apologia of any stripe has stripped them of credibility.
The feminists aren’t wrong about everything, rape offends healthy people.
“The only men who support women being raped and forcibly impregnated are men who aren’t capable of providing a safe, secure and loving environment for a woman in which she would willingly want to have children.”
Are they willing to fight her father for her honour? That’s the traditional standard.
Inferiors, socially weak men who want to adopt kleptogamy, the sneaky fucker strategy (lower than beta, actually).
If you cannot convince a single good woman to marry you, (and then breed) the issue is not with women, the failure is you. You’re failures as men. You only need to convince one, that’s the role of your sex, to display. Women select. While we’re calling Naturalistic Fallacy.
“A lot of men would find it emasculating to be reduced to beating up a woman just to get sex.”
Except Roosh, yup. They lie to themselves but the divine can see into their black shriveled hearts.
They’re going first-class to Hell. No love in them.

Logically, if they believe women are physically inferior at everything (not how evolution works) then we should be treated better? These are the weirdos who baby their dog like Paris Hilton, it’s creepy.
They are creepy, that’s why they hate the word. They want to abuse women to feel powerful because they hate themselves.
A lot are male borderlines, who think Dark Triad is cool, it’s really sad but don’t pity it. Psychopaths have average IQ and die miserable and alone. Probably after prison rape.
They think Sharia is glamorous, ew.
“If you have Mommy issues or had a bad relationship-”
Their Asian waifu dumped them.
They will never, ever take responsibility, these Peter Pans. They’re mostly in their 30s, the rabid ones, still blaming women.
Blame Momma for never getting that abortion.
Revenge fantasies are for possibly gamma, more like delta males and all the way down to omega.
This is their version of being the Secret King where everything works out with them on top…
Male narcissism, so they see it in all women.
Therapy won’t help them. They just need to be shot by the real men, and this will probably happen as the nationalists (sharia is globalist) and traditionalists (who don’t want their wives and daughters raped) rise. They have nothing to offer and that’s why they fear genuinely right-wing people.
These people are useless eaters bitching on podcasts. That’s why I don’t go on them, toxic negative people. Black pill BS.
No dreams, aspirations or visions. Their ancestors would be sick.
They don’t believe in corrective rape, it’s just revenge because women dared, DARED to reject them.
…Rejection is a fact of life, women are fully acquainted with it. Have you never been rejected from a job application?
It’s nothing to do with sex. These guys are victim culture but too chickenshit to remove kebab, if they believed in God, which they clearly do not.
“Their intent is to prey on women who had terrible childhoods [not all r-types, actually] and are already traumatized and abuse them further, while telling themselves that they’re somehow doing the right thing by her”
As r-types they wanted UNGUARDED women. Terrible childhood is code for ‘defended by no one’, easy prey.
They’re sexual predators. As I’ve been warning you.
The women will just take botanicals to abort or throw themselves down stairs than keep the children of these degenerate white trash, if they are white. Women have all the power to choose their baby-making, that’s why we nurse. They simply won’t lactate, as can happen under stress, and the baby will die naturally. This happens and it works, but takes a few weeks. They still won’t breed. According to the Parental Investment theory, good men are rewarded evolutionally and their spawn survive at a rate above, that’s why we evolved the monogamous family unit. You can’t beat the cow and expect it to produce milk. It’ll sour. They know nothing of nature, completely disconnected like the SJWs they cry.
Ask a farmer. You can’t even mildly spook hens or they stop laying eggs for ages.
This is nature, it’s protective. Women also develop amenorrhea during stress – they don’t ovulate. They don’t produce sexual fluids much either so raping them wouldn’t be like consensual sex, if you could get it in, it would hurt and you’d probably get stuck because she clamped down from fear. It would be rather easy to cut it off from that angle while he’s trapped inside.
Men get trapped inside all the time when it’s consensual. Read a book.

Nature hates you.

Not to mention the scarring of rape itself frequently makes women infertile, and that’s just one instance.
Look at the Iceland strike of the 1970s, women fight back. You need us, bitches.
You can’t claim to be better than Muslims when you’re bragging about craving the stuff they already do to little girls to this day, in places like Rotherham and many besides.
“We’re supposed to believe that this is alpha behaviour? I don’t think so.”
A man is too busy running his business and helping at home to bitch online to childless bachelors.
“This meme is incredibly degenerate, which is really hypocritical coming from guys who claim to be the thot patrol, and how is this better than Hollywood? If they’re happy being degenerate, why are on the right?”
See: The hypocrisy of the signalling right and my other one about fake Christian cucks who want to defile all women but then preach about how good and pure they are with a false conversion in their thirties. They are not right-wing. Know them by their fruit. Sex with anyone but their wife? Left-wing.
I warned ages ago that they’re trying to cuck the right and turn men against women.
Roosh started it.
He’s anti-white, what do you expect?
God will purge when the economy collapses and please God, let these cruel, spiteful, vindictive, evil ones be sacrament.
“It’s causing division on the right, it’s a Trojan horse from misogynistic men to push their agenda. They aren’t nationalists, nationalism is about love. You can’t call yourself a nationalist when you have such contempt for half your race.”

A summary of what we do, exactly that. Stop the self-hate. Big up the self-love.

She said it! They’re the ‘self-aware r-types’ trying to slow K-shift’s roll. It is literally half and you’re not entitled to another man’s daughter. At least, you need to be able to ‘keep’ her, financially, and fully. They cannot do this, most can’t even afford to support themselves solo or get married. They’re losers. They say men should be the Breadwinner but also it’s ‘superficial’ for women to value that trait? Shallow to judge a man by whether he can support you? No, that’s traditional. Like men looking for fertility and looks. Both look for character too but they ignore this because they’re ugly inside.
Nationalism protects native men and women and with both, culture. That’s it.
They feel entitled to women, including a good wife after they rack up STDs. They’re male SATC-ers, they wanna ‘Have it All’.
They have player burnout and blame the world they ruined themselves for monogamy. Pussy Parade wore them out. They weakened their pair bonding and have various addictions and diseases and psychiatric complaints now.
“They talk about women like we aren’t also suffering.”
We’re no more spoiled by modern culture than they are.
That’s what culture means.
Oh, we have Tindr? So you don’t have an account? Hetero sex literally takes two, don’t claim hypoagency at us.
“disturbing propaganda of self-hatred”
but all they care about is blaming the outgroup and their feeeeels
if they were born women, they’d be SJWs
All they have is emotional outbursting, adult tantrums, mantrums.
Does White Sharia need a safe space, you crybabies?
Kidnapping wives didn’t even happen throughout most history, the brothers and other relations would hunt down the thief. Even in tribal times, men need to earn female approval.
They can’t do this. They blame all women.
They fail to meet a standard of a single one of us, but it’s our fault, right?
I saw on a blog and mentioned here, they want Affirmative Action for sex, for losers who don’t want to marry and reproduce.
You’re entitled to nothing.
Gorilla-dick Mike Cernovich married a brown Muslim and he’s going on about a white future for Europe.
Will your children be white, Mikey?
Purge the degenerate manwhores, while you’re bitching about thots but also, somehow, women aren’t attracted to your groups?
They’re black pill, we’re white. Pure white pill. Positive futures, people.
You can’t invent anything new to go back in time culturally. They’re dense.
You need to be traditionalist or you can’t claim to be traditional, duh. Nobody will follow perverts.
Meanwhile the real Alt Right are out doing stuff and defending Europe.


Roosh V quotes for fun

Try these on for size. Share around promiscuously if you like.

rooshquote8rapesatirearticle rooshvquote1 rooshvquote2 rooshvquote2happy rooshvquote3 rooshvquote4 rooshvquote5 rooshvquote6 rooshvquote7 rooshvquote9 rooshvquote10 rooshvquote11 rooshvquote12 rooshvquote13 rooshvquote14 rooshvquote15 rooshvquote17 rooshvquote18dating rooshvquote19tea rooshvquote20goodmarry rooshvquote21sextourism rooshvquote22inspirationalfeminazi rooshvquote23 rooshvquote24 rooshvquote25bang rooshvquote26

rooshvquote27 rooshvquote28 rooshvquote29needwomen rooshvquote30 rooshvquotesexcardio16

All these are SATC quotes, with the exception of one by Audrey Hepburn and one by Marilyn Monroe.
With minimal editing. I bet it was hard to tell.

The manosphere is the male equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw. If you find a good woman, you don’t need books on Text Games and Juicing Recipes. If you have kids, you don’t have time to give traffic views to their clickbait. You have unplugged from their system. The PUA scam relies on you being Forever Alone. Like its proponents.


Here’s a real one.

“I’m not white. Why should I care about the future of white societies?”

source screencap

Dwell on that while he’s cosplaying conservative. He’s about as right-wing as Lindy West.

He’s playing you to make more money. He’ll say anything, he’s a shill.

the odds that I will meet a new girl who I genuinely care for and maybe even love will be about the same as me winning the grand prize of a scratch ticket lottery game.

Your future following kebab.
The doxxer (SJW tactics) got doxxed by none other than Anonymous.

The SJWs have a rare victory in common with us.

Take the pozz. The whole load.

Alt Right posers


Credit: Disdainus Maximus

The technical term for this is concern trolling and redpills do it too e.g. aren’t white women horrible, I wish the perfect one would come along and give me everything I want to prove me wrong….

The pendulum is in the process of swinging back and some switched on rabbits are seeing that conservatism is the new cool, or at least a competing culture to their academia and media hegemony, in part thanks to the loser singularity of Victimhood Olympics. Look at the people bragging on various common mental illness tags on tumblr e.g. depressed.

True, there will always be bandwagon-jumpers desperate to be cool, trying to appear faux intellectual and moderate before they move onto the green pastures (roving behaviour typical of them), but the first one was Roosh aka Please Don’t Mention the Mud Invasion or Rape Gangs or Jewish Corporate Interests, but sure, keep the rest and I’ll write a book. They put a macho-bravado spin on feminist anti-natal culture e.g. Sexual Empowerment Yay!

pushing promiscuity culture and time preference

I’ve also noticed a lot of racial but not sexual denial from these people, an inversion of the healthy order. The sheer repression of ‘brown denial’, grief! Just ask them about their sex life, if they start pushing empowerment narratives or define themselves ‘pan’ you can give up.

Meanwhile, they block or otherwise censor anyone who’s Too Edgy 4U. From expressing altogether. They want to contain other opinions, even on other sites about the same topic, to ensure their own audience share and online profit margins.

With the AR, this is rather obvious because most of us don’t make money. It’s signalling that we’re not here to screw your wallet but to blow your mind.

Roosh on the Alt Right in his own words

Based largely on:

First, the charge that he’s trying to ingroup (and profiteer) he doesn’t deny.

I’ve gotten messages from hundreds of self-proclaimed members of the alt right who say I can’t be “in” their movement, even though I have never contributed for an alt right site or spoken at one of their functions.

That isn’t how membership works, it’s ideological affirmation and using the term like one of the ingroup. Standing beside us, as it were.

The alt right has gone from a possible political alternative to a frustrated mob that wants to control the sexual choices of all men. With whom have we encountered that before?


He’s trying to pull a false equivalence between the Patriarchs and the Anti-Patriarchs. Logic is not his forte or he’s lying.

Feminism is a movement that aims to maximize female sexual choices while minimizing male sexual choice.

Let’s try this to see how the logic fits:
Neo-masculinity is a movement that aims to maximize male sexual choices while minimizing female sexual choice.
Behold, it fits like a glove!

The alt right started as a nationalist movement, and that’s what many people believe it to currently be, but we’re only three months away from it being a movement primarily concerned with minimizing the sexual choices of everyone. While feminists want to control how a man has sex, the alt right wants to control who they have sex with.

Standards apply to everyone. And he isn’t much about ‘sexual choice’ since consent is a meager theory and frankly, a joke to him, what with the fucking unconscious women (cannot consent), ‘diddling’ despite explicit verbal instructions not to and the Rapist’s New Clothing line of LMR.


Conflating the Cultural Marxists (SJWs) with people who are anti-CM (inc. the AR)…

He’s actually trying to gaslight men now, like that’s gonna work? Passing off women as overly-emotional (hysterical), perhaps it might work, but men? It’s almost like he doesn’t know what empathy level is normal for humans (more than zero). The big three crimes tend to elicit maximal disgust as social norm and gender role violations. Rape, for example, is classically worse a crime in men because of their role/duty as protector of women. Is the use of ‘mob’ grandiose or prognostic?


The cuck attempt failed, simple as. European Whites won’t be lectured by non-white degenerate, simple equation.He couldn’t slip into our ranks and this is his narcissistic rage coming out. Meanwhile his defenders can only play Battered Wife and defend him whatever happens, and say he’s Only Joking. He is attracted to white women but repulsed by white men, obviously the latter were gonna notice and figure, hey, he’s the enemy.


Back to the article, it makes you wonder why he lives in Europe if we’re so damn awful.

If the bulk of alt right practitioners have their way, white men will not be allowed to date non-white women and non-white men will not be allowed to date white women or even flirt with them. They will proudly boast of these sexual rules, not knowing that they morphed into a white pride version of the incel forum PUA Hate.

Wow such outgrouping. I guess since we’re like SJWs he won’t want our evil whitey protection if they come after him again? He’s on our land. Will he hide behind another (white) bodyguard in bravery? I pray he remains in Europe, he’s a form of entertainment that can only end in disaster.

I think of this whenever I see a mob baying for blood online

Someone who repeatedly calls for the rapacious sexual appetites of sex-positive feminism to be crushed by shaming has the gall to say this. Men must establish a moral standard for women to follow it, he thinks the sexes are atomized and there’s no (antisocial) ripple effect. Maybe in America, too degenerate to notice.

Once their sexual control objectives are reached, the alt righters will then move to controlling your friendly and casual relationships.

Oh, conspiracies. Being on friendly trade terms is hardly equitable to swapping DNA, is it? Having children, or, as he agrees, merely sleeping with them, since he believes in telegony. Note in the whole world full of women, he demands access to the white ones? He is almost having an infantile reaction to it, a tantrum. R-types don’t like being cut off. Why can’t he target the majority of (non-white) women instead? There’s a whole world beyond Europe. No, he wants the already a minority of White women for himself. He targets us specifically, a sexual racial discrimination (different from natural genophilic preference in that they discriminate against their ingroup).
Reminder, he said this.


The words of a traditionalist?

Miscegenation law (what he tries to disparage as mere ‘rules’) has a much longer history than the state of affairs now, and data such as the FBI rape rates (where the race realism kicks in) and records of domestic abuse showed a clear mixed-race relationship pattern of social danger. Law protects the meek and constrains the violent, that’s why he doesn’t use the term. The law doesn’t let you make stupid ‘choices’ like drunk-driving either.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, ask them these two questions yourself:

1. In your ideal nation, will white men be able to consensually sleep with non-white women?
2. In your ideal nation, will non-white men be able to consensually sleep with white women?

One. They don’t want to date other races if a white woman is available, look around at the data. Heartiste acknowledges mixing is for the desperate and low SES.
Two. The white women will be available to become wives/mothers if you a) quit brainwashing them with the We’re All Equal BS and b) prize the Cologne invader rapists off first, that is the meaning of Remove Kebab, mass immigration of hostile marauders is a genocidal selective pressure, by the very definition, it oppresses the native white peoples.

In a beautiful example of the obnoxious tone-deaf;

It’s clear to me that when PUA Hate shut down after Elliot Rodger’s mass murder spree, its thousands of members floated in the ether until finding a movement that would have them. That movement is the alt right.

When the SJWs come for him, nobody help.
Maybe they can bring out a new line of propaganda on the occasion.

SJWs mobs

Also, Elliot Rodger was mixed race, part of the reason for his cray-cray. He hated the fact he wasn’t white. He felt entitled to white women and this sounds familiar.

I must certainly be a rapist because of distorted out-of-context travel writing, an accusation which I unequivocally deny.

You wrote it, what a dumb motherfucker.
It wasn’t misquoted, we heard the full passage.

Only to a feminist—and now to an alt righter—is sleeping with a woman who consumed alcohol and consented to sex considered rape.

He doesn’t understand consent law, why am I not surprised? And consent isn’t a sexual term either, it’s about any social exchange and a prime feature of contract law. Can you sign a legally binding document while drunk or is it contested? What dumb motherfuckers, or are they lying and think we’re that dumb to fall for it?

The terms vitiate consent and obviate consent spring to mind, I feel like he might hear them from a European judge one day (certainly America won’t want him back). I keep saying, PUAs need to look up local laws.

It turns out that homosexuals have some sort of perverse immunity in the alt right.

I’ve never heard of a gay bloke who targeted white women and raped them (alleged yeah whatever). He seems to take the solipsism route and assume this is about him as a person instead of his behaviour (what others judge without prejudice and how laws are written).

Brace yourself, another conspiracy.

From the rumors I’ve been hearing, a number of influential alt right members are indeed homosexual. They’ll go on and on about the Jewish question—and attack you if you don’t—but ignore discussion of the “homosexual question” and its role in wrecking societies. Now you know why.

That’s like saying Roosh likes wearing women’s underwear. Nobody is going to believe it, are they? I mean… that’s ridiculous, right?


The general AR opinion is that you can’t make them un-gay (inc. Germ Theory) so what’s the point of hating them? They can’t be part of the nuclear family but they can’t destroy it either, unlike Kebab.

The alt right is not serving the needs of men who don’t want their behavior controlled

They can go elsewhere. They’re free to leave. PLEASE DO. Go to your beloved Thai brides and ruin your own genetic line, if you want. That’s the point, free up space and resources here. They (people who won’t follow the ‘rules’, social norms etc.) just can’t immigrate here. No matter the visa source. Isn’t “the dystopian [sexual] standard of the left” promiscuity? Leading to… The inability to pair bond for a nuclear family?

Bear in mind, for all his racist! pointing, shrieking and posturing, he doesn’t want to mix with anything less than White women himself.
4. No blacks, Asians or Indians

Acceptable races are South American, Persian, Armenian, and European (non-Northern).” Wtf is it with PUAs and White Fever?

For that reason, I can no longer support the alt right, since they’re now mostly under the control of the mob.

But he said (up top), he inferred he was never In the Alt Right to begin with? Which is it, bitch?

He thinks the AR will

pull the switcheroo and grossly limit their behavior in a way that is worse than feminism

To a r-type, nothing is worse than telling them they can’t have their favourite toy. It’s the end of the world if you tell them the common sense truth: not all sex is good. They pitch a bitch fit at this. The STDs, social damage, single parents, abortions, addiction, rape/other crime, they will admit to these things but conspicuously fail to draw the obvious conclusion that the only thing distinguishing human society from our animal history is the limitation of sexuality. ALL sexual behaviour. A Patriarchy is the classic model of this, as adulterers for example, were stoned to death. Those charged with seduction were often hanged, sometimes castrated. No word on his opinion of real Patriarchy, run by fathers for the protection of families. 

He links to a video where he is quoted saying this and doesn’t deny it.

“I’m not white. Why should I care about the future of white societies?”

Remember that sentiment. Treasure it when he pops up on the news one day, savaged by SJWs. Well, his body maybe. Yet in spite of this apparent danger from Evil White Men and racist Europe, he wants to be here. He wants to be here, so don’t feel guilty when he gets to stay here a little longer than he planned.

He keeps trying to make a big deal out of all this. The whole world is against him now! Europe = whole world. International – yet he refuses to leave the places that are apparently hostile to him. Places he requires a visa to visit. Rabbits lack common sense. If you cry wolf long enough one might eat you.

He goes on to try the Divide and Conquer again, to outgroup K-types against themselves.

The story of what happened to the alt right is the story of every single internet movement in existence: subversion.

Let me guess, he knows everything, right?
About a group he claims he never joined?

If an internet movement is decentralized and based on open admission [DS: yet rejected you?] from outsiders who can steer its direction, particularly women [one half of a traditional society] and homosexuals [only hurting themselves], it will fail [the SJWs seem to be fine]. That doesn’t mean it won’t have an effect upon society, but it will fall very rapidly after its peak. [decades and counting] The alt right likely peaked with introducing the term cuckservative in terms of mainstream influence.

We all know that’s a lie. He idealized us and now, like a narcissist, he devalues us. Yawn.

He’s trying to cuck us and say “Let’s you and them fight.” We haven’t fallen for it. He’s an adult in his late 30s. That’s just sad. His definition of violence against himself btw, is the laughable time a feminist threw a drink on him. He called that ‘violence’. I don’t mean the glass, I mean poured the drink within onto him. That’s how rabbity this degenerate is.
I mean, he gets his totally objective boyfriend to attention-whore and bellyache about What a Nice Guy He Is, Really. That’s one pozzed dildo, to reference the most topical meme.

Another sign that the movement will stay limited is that it’s not getting more than indirect recognition from Donald Trump or his allies beyond a tweet or two even though they are his most rabid supporters.

Roosh is meanwhile still to influence anyone and crawls for Trump’s recognition like a mewling dog.
He really wants us to stop trying, huh? Then why try to ape us with his laughable neo-masculinity? Nobody owns such concepts, least of all a non-white degenerate.

Donald Trump is already considered “extreme” with his brand of nationalism,

by SJWs, nobody sane

so you would think that he would wholeheartedly reach out to the alt right and invite its leaders to speak at his rallies,

or reach out in secret and fish for ideas like a real politician

or at least thank them for their promotion of his candidacy,


but he’s doing nothing of the sort because the obsession with Jews, cuckholds, Nazi imagery, and rigid sexual controls for all men make them indigestible to over 99% of the population, even among traditional white Christians.

He thinks he knows how White Christians think.

For that reason, we may have to change their name to Alt Blight.

Is that a joke? Is that the best he can do?

I hate to point fingers, but some alt right leaders have caused the subversion of their own movement

No, he literally just tried to cuck (‘switcheroo’ himself in the place of authority of) the leaders of the Alt Right for ruining the Alt Right. You didn’t imagine. Meanwhile, he and his friends destroyed PUA and the manosphere, refuse to fix it. Or at least were all suspiciously present at the approximate time the ship sank…

by not staying on top of its direction and by succumbing or remaining silent to demands of the mob even though it conflicted with their own personal beliefs. They believed that their little meme-making Frankensteins would lead them to glory, but instead it will lead them to defeat. I can assure you that my movement, neomasculinity, will never sacrifice its ideals for a moment in the spotlight like the alt right leaders have done.

He has a serious Savior Complex. Photographic evidence included.


In fact, I’m making moves right now which remove us from the spotlight so we don’t unnecessarily expose ourselves to attacks by mobs.

Let’s get influence by hiding! – cults and cowards.
How long until a Fed tape surfaces to an SJW outlet, triggering an indictment, are we betting fellows? Who takes a losing bet. Imagine how illegal the things he wants to say (too much for his current blogs) must be if the First Amendment won’t protect him in public? All the Feds need is one witness for sedition. #supersaiyan

If he tries to hold these things abroad, where he is under different jurisdiction and laws, I don’t think even Allah could help him on that one. I do not envy the man who crosses Interpol, which has a rather large kebab skewer they are presently, angrily, in the process of removing.

He seems to confuse, in a delusion, All Men with just him. One male. He will be historically irrelevant and almost certainly childless, this too shall pass and with it self-importance (this mentality among of Stand For X as signs of a personality cult).
One does not equal all, as I told Aurini: “I haven’t insulted all men I insulted one male, based on a plethora of evidence from the horse’s own mouth, quit being a bitch about it when you know full well the difference of one vs all.” He isn’t even a man, he is a teenager in an adult’s body. Transagist, almost.

The alt right has a detailed 100-point plan for controlling your sex life and your friendships, solely based on your skin pigment, but much less on a nation’s political system, economic structure, relationship with religion, or even the most basic of social and reproductive policies.

No moral authority whatsoever. They know the words and not the music.

As for controlling people based on their ‘skin pigment’, Roosh has certainly lightened up over the years, along with his magically shrinking nose, he looks to be pulling a Michael Jackson. I don’t recall the part of the Bible where it said to not only allow invaders (especially of other religions) but also allow them to defile the local womenfolk.

In fact, the Bible I read say to only help foreigners so they might leave your company faster and never return. Unmentioned goes the punishment the robbers would face too. Elsewhere, the fornicators are forgiven on one basis – go forth and sin no more. Which religion is he reading? SJWs abusing the Bible for rhetoric don’t count as Christians. “The LORD also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, A stronghold in times of trouble;” Who is the oppressed in Europe?

Back to the Alt Right

“Sexual frustration, resentment, low self-esteem, and jealousy are terrible problems to have”

as I’ve said “Oh, the classic refrain “They hate me, they must be jealous!” No. That’s literally never true. It’s a non-seq.” Let’s see how this neatly slots into projection.

  • Nobody is as sexually frustrated as Roosh, who can’t secure a White wife.
  • Nobody is as resentful as Roosh, who lives among us in Europe and can never be one of us.
  • Nobody has such low-esteem as Roosh, because obviously. He writes books about how great he is. Come on.
  • Nobody is as jealous as Roosh, who wants to prevent white women sexually selecting white men (as is their data-demonstrated natural preference) and vice versa (he’s telling white men to look anywhere but the West, while living here himself) and he will say anything to deter the white men from correcting the years of brainwashing that There’s No Such Thing As Race or he’ll be deported.

How’s that for media bias? He speciously concludes.

“I still believe that a form of nationalism is needed to defeat the liberal establishment that is run by sociopathic globalists

Nationalism is racial, dumbass. Do you even population genetics?

Encourage the stupid it will make less of them

Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump turned on the likes of him once in power?
I mean, brings in new rape law to get a certain Clinton, for example?
It could happen.

Quit feeding this troll, good people of the AR, he’s a chauvinistic pig who enjoys rolling in his own shit. His traffic was down before he baited you there and he profits from traffic.

“How to get a lot of hits to your web site: criticize the alt right.”

Much better for people who dislike to gather reward money for any woman to come forward and give a legally binding account of his not-rape techniques in action.

One comment was amusing, total lack of self-awareness typical of narcissists.

“They’re all institutions and ideologies that weak men use to mask their failures.”

what wut wtf shock surprise slow turn eh littlefinger pause got

That’s all, folks. He’s so successfully outgrouped himself with this ovenworthy trash from anyone that might have protected him from being strung up on a lamp post one day that Machiavelli himself would almost be impressed by such an overt death wish and lack of social nuance. He’s thrown the insult book at us and (gasp!) told people to ignore us, because we’re mean to him what an obnoxious child. I bet he masturbates to his own traffic stats.

Our conscience is clear for the time this particular ‘Kebab’ is removed, he seems to like being called that, luxuriates in crass obscenity. Let him whine like a bitch and play Victim and sooner or later it’ll be true and nobody will come.
All this talk over one bitch dragging it out for PR, if he weren’t forcing himself on white women in their homeland, nobody would’ve cared to start with.

Return of Cucks burrowing

What do you expect?
Running and hiding, You haven’t seen the last of us! fist-shaking.

I was kidding about the No Girls Allowed! crayon sign on a treehouse idea. From what he said, I could track him. Look into InfoSec, seriously dudes.

Let me guess what the tone of their world-changing dialogue will be.

You’re not oppressed, you’re unpopular. Like the SJWs, who themselves are experiencing a massive backlash from neutral observers. This is K-shift. It isn’t because you’re men or your race, although blaming those things imply they are controlling your behaviour directly, an argument of loss of agency, so well done on being stupid theoretically too.

That’s so Tolkien, to bring up the namesake. You know, the bloke who was as racially switched on as Hitler.
To this day, Vox Day calls the unwanted European sex tourists ‘Orcs’.

Go right ahead and meet up in secret, what a wonderful way to change the very public Narrative, your male logic is immensely superior because revolution involves meeting up in somebody’s basement and being afraid to stand out. Tumblr SJWs have more balls than that. Especially when transgender. They stand out en masse as a defensive tactic, but this option doesn’t appeal.
Trust the materialistic power-hungry brown man (who fled his own country in shame) is going to lead you into the prosperity of the very White and very Christian 1950s. In America.

If only Europe had a Roosh V for itself. But I guess we sort of do since he refuses to fucking leave, my conscience is clear, stay as long as you like, see what happens. But white women are the problem, folks. All those damn white women, living in their native homeland to stay among their own and refusing to abandon their patriotic post.

I think we’re done here.

Some manospherians throw rattle from pram “the Alt Right is run by cucks now”

Bitchy gossip post. Them’s fighting words. And who doesn’t like Counter Currents?!

Why is this happening? Why the massive bitch fit?


The crime?

  1. Defending (traditional) women and
  2. rejecting degenerate (cad) men!

[aka as you might recognize, those are the actions of a Patriarchy]

[do they even history]

It isn’t the male equivalent of the Black Panthers. And if white pride is such a terrible thing, isn’t being proud of your manhood that much worse? As the more common thing, that you also had nothing to do with? Hell, at least white people are dying out, and stand for something as a culture. There is no singular Male Culture. The divisions between lone men are greater than their similarities, as with women.

They’re trying to signal that defending (ANY) woman against (ANY) man makes you a Bad Man and it is shameful. It is beta. It is basement-dwelling loser… #irony

They’re subtly calling for a Brotherhood in the same manner as feminist attempts for a Sisterhood, both with the same aim, to control members of their own sex that run against individual and collective long-term interests. Sisterhood cries failed and so will this one.

It turns out they’re just as bitchy and gay (fight with words, ooh well hard, handbags at dawn) when it comes to male rejection too, but they have so many opinions on masculinity and what makes a man alpha. Meanwhile, in the Military..

eyeroll marilyn monroe rlly really uhuh hmmm oh

Apparently, anyone who sides against them (and Roosh, again) is feminist (coulda fooled us) and wrong (and also probably secretly evil).


What non-sequitur? Ad hom, never!

So many SJW tactics, like presuming personal guilt and fault for dissent, even opposition to blatant entryism, crying victim and currying sympathy (like a girl) etc, but I’ll let you see for yourselves. I find it especially delicious how they’re trying to weaponize the insult ‘cuck’, against the Alt Right, when the term and usage as a modern insult was … invented by…. the Alt Right.

omg shut up stupid dumb idiots argh ahhhh hiddleston facepalm deep blue sea

It’s like calling a porn star a slut. And they’re even playing the ‘You a Mean Ol’ Racist!’ card, as well as the ‘Far/Extreme Right’ card, to excuse the way they’re sticking their fingers in their ears and refusing to listen to the totally valid reasons, which is… so many things…

Do they want a nice little safe space set up with Roosh-approved goodies? He should set one up, and those nasty little feminists can’t come in. Put a neat sign on the front with No Girls Allowed scribbled in crayon and continue to ignore the fact that plenty of feminists are men.

I’m posting these for posterity, there are probably more links but I cba to search, use your Google-fu. I don’t think you should watch them but it’s your life, your time. I’ve simply stopped bothering keeping up with much of the dramu, I think they enjoy the attention like that one girl who always wore low-cut tops with her huge knockers. There’s right of reply and then there’s tantrum-throwing. I’ll let you decide.

“You’re all a bunch of cucks and I’m frankly embarrassed to have been associated with you. I’ve seen the ‘edgy fash’ adopt SJW thinking, adopt SJW arguments in their rush to condemn one man.”

They’re out-grouping themselves better than we ever could.

When it comes down to one man or your principles, which would you choose?
Especially if that one person was not a part of your ingroup in the first place?
And espoused views that cause active harm to your ingroup? And profits from these without shame?
They cannot think like wolves. They think all the men should get along and sing the Party Line like kumbaya – cos that’s what Alpha Men do….

6m: “This obsessive hatred of Roosh did not really begin until all of these women suddenly started entering the Alt Right.”

don draper crying baby wah wah wah

It’s like watching someone lose a popularity contest. “He’s the only person that was more popular than me.” ~squee barely contained~ How many of their readers hide behind avatars? Come on. It’s basic SJW-proofing. If you’re dumb enough to waive your legal right to privacy, come on. Dissent isn’t White-Knighting. There aren’t any specific women TO White Knight. It’s about the principle, idiots. Standards. We have standards and you don’t meet them, you can’t come in. Well, you can try but expect more butthurt. The AR’s defining trait is its humour and it takes years to acquire it. You don’t pass and the manosphere and AR are not comparable in the way they operate. “The digital equivalent of a cock-tease.” The entitlement savours bitter. The redpill women talk among themselves mostly, but he wouldn’t know that, probably basing his opinions largely on Reddit (plz, ladies, contain your laughter). “They were basically just putting on a porno show for titillation.” Now you may laugh.
Re the Alt Right: “To get a pat on the head from their precious white whores.” (12m)  “They’ve probably sucked more black cock than Milo Yiannopoulos.” But he isn’t trying the SJW tactic of ad hominem and setting people against one another as a red herring for entryism, is he?

Wait, what? I thought… tease…. whores… what? Which is it?

This is a warning to the Alt Right – if you don’t get the uh, the divisive, gossipy women out of your midst, you’re gonna end up just like the manosphere.” If they’re such ‘simps’, why do you wanna claim membership? 
This weak blame shifting, finger-pointing is how you can tell he didn’t found the Alt Right, as he had the temerity to claim at the beginning. (FYI: When, where, which year, proof please). Women were here from the start and ignorance of this is very telling. Every nationalist or pride movement contains both women and men. There are plenty of female-specific memes and evidence of this, yet he knows of none of them. Almost like he’s new. We may have c–ts, but we don’t act like them. What’s his excuse?
Note the ressentiment of ‘it’s secretly the women and their Lilith magic!’ as if adult men aren’t responsible for their own opinions, much like Roosh isn’t responsible for his words coming back to bite him on the a-and I digress.

They all have the same line. I did that but it isn’t Me anymore. I turned my back on it, accept me. Sure, like a porn star marrying once her career is over. Your Trojan Horse has failed, deal. He finished by saying the phrase ‘rape hysteria’ and playing Damsel because all this attention is apparently a threat to them and their social circle. R-types.

“There really is no difference between you (Alternative Right) and the Social Justice Warriors.”


I guess it’s a coincidence that the manosphere supposedly burned down just as they left? They had nothing to do with that debacle, huh? On the off chance they did, however slim, why should any movement (esp. one gaining cultural ground) accept them? If you have to call your frenemies FBI provocateurs, what is there to take seriously?

“You are a cuck.” There isn’t a feminist definition of rape. They have many, they cannot agree, go look it up. There is a legal definition and a moral one (spirit of law). As far as tactics go, Cry Feminist! and bury head in the sand! is pretty low. ‘It’s because I’m a straight man!’ [see below] “This is a warning.”

They’re trying to divide white men from white women, as I predicted. Just like the feminists (broken clock) and the refugees (with gangs). They’re really predictable. The divisive tactic is a clear signal, like a red flare above the Titanic (EU). They refuse to stand against the men and instead ask the men to stand aside (as if they would).
White women undefended – easier pick-ings for rabbits.

If we’re so terrible, why does Roosh claim to live here?
Why does he selectively target white women?
None of this is addressed. None of the arguments or the evidence from the source itself.

I loved the bit where he called the TRS people morbidly obese, while sporting what appears to be a fine bosom himself.

Honestly, what did they expect? With any of this?

Sure, foreign man, take our women! Ruin them! You deserve it!

The broken logic strikes us as odd, I mean, you don’t have to be a brainiac to know that;

If playboy, not traditional.

Apparently, protecting your culture, race and vulnerable, good women makes you weak. #rabbitlogic #projection
And to correct this, one must be their version of ‘traditional’ by…. what, exactly, isn’t spoken aloud; we may infer it involves never marrying because the Devil is a female and dying childless after years of condomless yet sterile ‘sex’. Going by previous writings. But they claim to support Trump, the man who wants to protect America! #cognitivedissonancespecial

Except foreign Trump-a-likes, we presume they hate those guys/gals because they restrict access to the white women. La Pen, anyone? La Pen for Prez?

For the first five minutes he talks about music and Jazz (no really) and demonstrates severe ignorance of the product cycle (no I’m not explaining why, it’s obvious when you listen).

Aurini tries to take credit for coining the use of the word degenerate, btw.

eyeroll jessica jones omg wtf shut up

32:21 “First of all, I should be getting a penny for every time one of these guys says the word degenerate, because I’m the one that popularized that term in the modern vernacular.”

OT: As I said to Aurini myself on here;

ROK is as right-wing as Jezebel. They both post how to fuck around until the end of time with anything that stays still long enough and allay guilts over doing so.

I’m sick of writing about Roosh, I know he’ll get his. It’s a dull topic. Too many people are watching him. People with psychopathic patience and a knack for under-handed coincidences. #Scalia Hey, he admires the Dark Triad, right? What a way to go, as a fanboy.

It’s sweet seeing how they swarm to protect the honour (scoff) of this manly man who is strong and independent and don’t need no approval. Like a clique swarming over its Queen Bee.


Note: I said ‘some’. These are the actions of a few, loud individuals (acting like divas) and in no way impact the many good, non-PC polluted ideas swirling around. But this type, as mentioned, is trying so hard to hop the fence and play both sides for $$$$$$.

This whole thing is preposterous and very easy to fix. If Roosh is in the right (pun very much intended), he should sue the media outlets. If not, why not? That’s how outsiders see it. People who’d never heard of him before all sang that tune in my company.

Let’s see what he’d be up against, shall we?

As an aside, here’s a (warning: graphic) site detailing rape in America and what is looked for.

The slightest penetration of the penis with in the vulva … constitutes rape. It is not necessary that there should be complete penetration of the penis. Rape can be committed even when there is inability to produce penile erection.”

This law is precise and valid because many rapists, especially child rapists, as documented there (medically graphic), avoid complete penetration in an effort to avoid leaving forensic evidence. Strange how they have enough foresight and self-control to limit themselves like that. Why bring it up? This topic is pun-tacular.

He has explicitly mentioned this obscure behaviour, in one of his books at least, and the media and Reggie Yates called him out on it. He didn’t exactly deny it, but denied such a thing was rape. ~coughs forensics~

He calls it ‘diddling’ elsewhere e.g.

“When gearing up for the second act of sex, just diddle her vagina with your dick and stuff it in.”

Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t sue the MSM.

Riddle for the ages.

If real conservatives hate Lena Dunham for admitting to ‘diddling’ her own sister in her book, he can’t say it’s about his sex or race. QED.

The news is getting interesting when you can see past it

Bonus: Aurini’s speech, transcribed in block (not all, but the highlight reel of rabbity logic, bolded).

Why? The only people jumping on the Alt Right bandwagon are the player burnouts who destroyed the manosphere. There I said it. If they weren’t responsible, together they could reinvigorate it, yet they don’t….

Aurini: “Most people are too stupid to think for themselves. These people can’t think. The people writing these social scripts are very evil people. Most of the marriages were unhealthy in the 50s. People back then were miserable and being exploited. Most people are followers, you can’t do anything but exploit them. That’s the reality of human nature. The anger, the angst, the meltdown of the Alt Right? It is critical we start forming shadow networks. We need to form shadow networks and rebuilding societal institutions. We are going to need these networks. We are living in dangerous times. Be what Aaron Clarey pretends to be in public, hard-nosed realism. He is far too caring. I argue things are a lot worse. We are going to see more hostile immigrants to our countries. Not just a decline in European phenotype, but a destruction of a way of living. What’s going on with the Alt right? The manosphere, mens’ rights and PUAs, go back decades and it really started to gel on the internet. We were asking ourselves How can we get more sex? We spent all this time, talking, focused upon actualizing ourselves. Game, MRAs, MGTOWs. Are these women even worth dealing with, in your 30s? Hotbed of self-actualization. And then – the masses showed up. The hangers-on come in and these guys brag. They were deadly serious about this. Same thing with the MGTOW, pure egoism. Ego invested. Desperate for affirmation. Same thing happened with the libertarians. These movements, intellectual, avant gardes, we are the New Hippies, seeing the old system doesn’t work. Then people show up and wanna wear the clothing. That’s what is happening with the Alt Right, at present. The future of white people does concern me, so does Chinese people, Black People, the Red Man. [DS: virtue signalling anti-racism ew] It’s a bloody shame what happened, it was circumstance, a tragedy. These AR people are being reactionary because the present Narrative is very anti-white, explicitly. Reversed stupidity is not intelligence, flipping this and becoming a white supremacist is not the solution. This is just free market. If the Blacks were doing better, not destroyed by welfare, their murder rate would be a lot lower. [nobody tell him about Africa] That’s good for everybody. Free market economics. It’s not the upper class and the rich people stomping on the lower. More wealth equals more wealth. The 14 words coined by a Jewish pedophile who started the neo-Nazi movement, are not a solution. Reacting against anti-racism is not a solution, just a reaction, a product of manipulation. The MRAs are playing into this. Demand some equity. We now have constant monitoring of children, all children are the State’s property. We’ll hand them to a pedophile that works in CPS. With the manosphere, they’re angry at feminism, turn it into the anti-feminist movement. It was a truth movement opposed to lies. The new ones were anti-lie. The AR is anti-anti-racist which just turns back into racist. You get women entering and these chumps are very desperately sucking up. Entryists do what women will always do, trying to police the tone. Change the message. Neuter it. What are we seeing? Roosh is a degenerate, they say. Why? Cos he sleeps with women? Everybody you read over the age of 30 has slept with way too many women. Even in the priesthood, and half of them are. That’s the era we grew up in. Anybody that thinks for themselves figured out how to sleep with many women when they were younger. So if Roosh is a degenerate then so is everybody else! Quite frankly, unless you are a virgin… sleeping with a few women, it’s more disturbing. There’s an element of the Pharisee, holier than Christ. The teetotaller. Christ loved drinking. The teetotaller is holier than Christ. These guys denounce Roosh, for sleeping with a lot of women, so has everybody else, compared to anyone reasonable. It is jealousy. It is envy. The cuckold tries to control his wife, thinks she is a possession. The idea that Roosh is stealing women or tricking women, this is absolutely absurd. If you understand women, you realise women have free will, they have agency, you cannot steal another man’s wife. [He would say that, considering he committed adultery with the wife of his best friend. Look it up, he admitted it.] Yet ‘These People’ act as if that’s what’s going on. Oh look at Roosh, his parents come from the Middle East, he’s stealing all the white women. Completely ignoring what Roosh is actually doing [moved to Europe and targeting them knowing it ruins them], the stuff he’s advocating for. These people they are Johnny Come Lately. I said at the beginning we need to start forming shadow organizations, private economies, we need to start networking for survival. We have people who can help one another, mutual aid societies, nothing subversive. These people, in the Alternative Right? They wanna form Brownshirt organizations. [proof? what defamation, Godwin?] We don’t need Brownshirts. You know who does? The SJWs. They are the modern Brownshirts. We don’t need people smashing glass in Jewish businesses. Democrat Jews are atheist, pretend they’re not white, they feel the White Guilt, these AR cucks want this easy enemy to hate to blame everything for. That guy stole my wife from me, no, you pushed her away. You’re pathetic. The paper alphas from 5 years ago are now prancing about (mocking voice) traditional man, ugh, it’s absolutely absurd. No, you’re not a traditional man you’re a wiener. You’re dressing in drag, man. Putting on a brown shirt, parading around like a fricking Nazi, you’re no different than those people that put on fursonas and go and masturbate each other at conventions. Waking up involves punching through shame, it requires humbleness, what have I done wrong? What mistakes have I made in my life? Acknowledge those and look at that shame and admit it to change. Whereas these people don’t want to, I’m gonna blame somebody else. These are the natural followers [Plato’s, not Nietzsche’s slaves, actually], they demand you dumb it down, you simplify. Well who do they hate? They hate the original fans. All these movements, the masses show up and hate the founders. They wanna moderate the tone, make it more inclusive for the women in their midst, very thirsty, but clear and obvious enemy, opponent to blame. First order thinkers. Very simplistic. We need these shadow orgs. We are the cutting edge and wind up being hated. The Q How do we exploit these masses? I’m seeing we’ve failed multiple times, the manosphere allowed these dorky entryists [geeks before] and they took over the term. It’s ridiculous. Same with the AR, we had something really cool going on, these guys showed up with their neo-Nazism, now there’s a ridiculous civil war going on. Quite frankly, we are wasting our time even fighting this war. We need the shadow orgs. We need solidarity [and Boy Power!]. Do not attack on the Right. That’s precisely what the Alternative Right is doing right now. Attacking people on their own side, how do we take advantage of these people? SJWs are the main group, Left-libs, moderates, toxic modernity, and the equal opposite counterparts in the AR and wherever. Just as desperate for identity as well. They go white people are great and all the other races terrible [HBD? Jaymans?] This is why we create shadow organizations. Not official, flying below the radar. Getting attacked does not serve our purposes [rodent noises]. Does not benefit civilization. Noise and fury, shooting each other over how deckchairs should be arranged. We’re worried about how the ship is sinking. [Pardon my French but you promiscuous fuckers are blowing holes in the boat] These egoists are 90% of society, welcome to the sinful nature of humanity. Ultimately we want to create norms that make them productive. Have those stupid debates in the newspaper, we want to be creating that new culture that creates a new politics 20 years from now. [what sedition? neomasculinity says what?] This is a long term project we’re on. We’re gonna have the idiots that are SJWs and AR [what narcissism?] deal with it. The issue is the elites have shirked, they’re Luciferians, promoting social destruction, sick and twisted as everybody else [cants]. Create culture and structures to guide these people, we do not want to be fighting these people. It’s a waste of our time. We need to be helping each other. [awww] Deus Vult.”

Sell-out! They cry. As he signals to us, after saying we’re many bad things and should be exploited.

obsessed with me mean girls regina george

Anonymous beat you to it, btw. And you’ll never infiltrate Anonymous or beat Them at that game. Pinching my tactics (poorly) is quite naughty, from the bloke who tried to run a spanking roleplay session with me.

comeback required kilgrave  game moriarty manic

#tbt Is Roosh V traditional?

Lighthearted fun of a post. Roosh is trying to reinvent himself like Madonna, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s not as if there’s anything embarrassing back there, in the annals of his personal history.

Let’s see, does he respect other religions? #tbt Ten years ago...


Wow. Just wow. It’s amazing the things people will send to you in secret. Well that guy he’s dressed up as could be anyone, right? It could be a regular toga party for all we know, let’s not jump to conclusions.


Yes, he respects Christianity so much, he posed with his favourite book.

I thought they were kidding.

crying laughter lmao

I don’t think I can come up with a caption to fit how wrong this is. This is delicious.

He is the joke. Jesus Christ….

david tennant 10 lol laughing cracking up

I was tempted to post some Biblical verses but if you read here you probably know them already.