The dragon is one of those costumes

Russia has a huge Muslim problem that China doesn’t though.

Russia and China have been in economic alliance growing ever-closer since 2014 and buying up gold.

China is just the new Japan, it won’t last.

Skyscraper Index?

Demographics being destiny, they have the same troubles as India – they fucked too much.

Now they’re fucked up.

And spending more on pensions?

Proportionately than America.

More on pensions.

That might be the death knell of an economy.

Greedy elderly.

Effect: dying society.

But can the Terminators draw cartoons?

No, you need a woman behind all the controls.

They believe if a woman kills them, the jihad was worthless.

I can see Russia having more fun with this in the future.

What’s next, pig fat grenades?

Fun fact: slurry from pigs is dumped on farms, as fertilizer, nobody wants it (and it’s natural, so the vegans eat it).

It would be one way to salt the earth.

Fliers of satirical cartoons air-dropped like WW2 would work.

Meanwhile, Peaky Blinders is renewed. TV trends clue you into how people feel.

The Post-American World PDF

These are not my ideas, they’ve been openly predicted for a long time.

The brilliant way I heard someone else put it was “they’ve managed to defeat America without a single shot being fired, because the Achilles’ heel of America is its credit card.”

I differ on one point: the West is already turning nasty to the mere idea of its dominance being challenged. I don’t think white people are the type to supplicate and accept second-class status among the people they donated to a ton of charities to help overtake them. The people who typically score lower on IQ tests, there are plenty of national IQ lists to prove it. How many of you would happily work for a stupid boss, compared to yourself?

p.s. ho ho ho