Why is there London social housing?

It’s the most expensive place to live in the world.

There shouldn’t be any social housing.

Nobody has a right to live there, specifically.

Diversity hire can’t be fired.

The inaction on crime is the reason they vote for him.

The Jew Goldsmith is at least good with money.

But Muslim now trumps Jew on the prog stack, lol.

Most Jews live in London so…. you made your bed.

It’s just a matter of time until a lot of people are put on trial for importing fake citizens and bribing those fake citizens – treason. Asians run a lot of mob activities while here including corruption when in positions and rigging the elections themselves. This also happened in General Elections.

It’s funny. Branson won’t let Virgin Airlines enforce the UK law by deporting people but word is he traffics a lot of younger people around his island all the time. I wonder if they help.

London cannot sustain itself, the productive people leave. Non-London taxes are funding them. I’ve posted on this before.


among others.

The immigrants are here to pay national debt (320k per house!). Idiots haven’t twigged that yet. When the NHS is gone, schools aren’t free and breeding isn’t a job, will they want to stay? Will they want to be drafted?

Pretty soon we can just wall off the whole thing and let it burn down again.

Americans giving Sadiq Khan serious side-eye

With White Flight, the English abandoned London.


He refuses to condemn them.

In Islam, that can mean one thing.

(btw, I’m open to him being a nice guy, if he renounces the terrorists, which he won’t, ever)

I love his agitation at Trump’s joy he was elected. Trump was right, this is a good thing. For conservative predictions and polling.

It shows the minorities won’t be happy living here in the West until they control you, rule over you, and they’ll use emotional blackmail of their fellow travelers to accomplish this.

Case in point


drinking lol glad that's not my problem haha

Now, when London has another riot or incident from welfare shortage or whatever, we get to watch him squirm and make spineless speeches.
Can’t blame the Tories now.

The truth coming out re Supply/Demand is killing the Left elsewhere.

More people, less space.
If you give EU people (who may be EU only in passport) the right to buy here, they will.
London is being called the safety deposit box of the world. Demand pushes up prices. There’s your precious equality.


They have no idea how this looks.
“There are people who say we’re violent when offended and easily offended. That’s not only untrue, but if you offend us further, people might get hurt…”

How is the not-so-thinly veiled threat of Muslim ‘backlash’ not under hate speech and incitement?
Because it isn’t enforced equally. Adequate justification to get it struck off the books.

By malice or stupidity, he’s a threat to national security.
Giving carte blanche to those listening to blame 3rd parties for their actions is typical Third World logic.
You can’t write off crimes with The Donald made me do it!