Liberal heresy laws

Thou shalt not question liberal creationism. But sex/race is not biological, only sex-uality, somehow.
All inequalities are caused by individuals, but also systems, unless they repent.
Thou shalt not question the motives of any signalling nor its source.
Thou shalt be degenerate in thy sexuality, for the glory of herpes-san and the Glaxo stockholders.
Thou shalt corrupt thy youth, to better eliminate all possibility of traditional resurgence.
Thou shalt decry your inferiors as stupid, classism is encouraged. Thou shalt dehumanise the meek and poor, to protect them against themselves.
All disagreements are either ‘ignorant’ or false consciousness, a kind of evil possession by the spirit of Hitler. Thou shalt never consider the studies or proofs contra to the dogma. To be bigoted is good, unless one is ‘uneducated’.
Thou shalt support thy own destruction and advocate one’s own genocide by uplifting other races, level 1 Asian, level 2 African and level 3 the raceless, as your genetic and cultural superiors.
Thou shalt deny religion while adhering to cult-like tenets and never oppose its dogma.
Thou shalt call all virtues a vice, an oppression.
Thou shalt publicly proclaim the godly goodness of political correctness.
Thou shalt push secular dogma as normal and desirable conversation topics with strangers. Convert all unbelievers or else, shun them.
Thou shalt envy and beg the government punish them for the following sins;

  • being attractive,
  • being sexually pure,
  • being moral around the immoral, aka common sense, and thereby shaming them by negative example,
  • being hard-working,
  • being traditional
  • and blaspheming against these tenets with the unforgivable sin of original thought.

Thou shalt advocate eugenics, such as killing babies or the feeble and old, unless expressly described as such.
Thou shalt also proclaim the equality of humans as a species without laughing.
Thou shalt support the welfare cliff, to secure votes.
Thou shalt support white country colonialism, to secure votes.
Thou shalt oppose rape, unless it be corrective by a Muslim or a Jew.
Thou shalt push for freedom, via government surveillance and organ ownership.
Thou shalt censor the thoughts and thereby, the spirit.
In the holy name of futile usury, Amen.

inspired by Charlton’s Thought Prison.

old but gold

A melody for NPCs

the dog runs from the chinaman,
although it has the rabies,
he’s scared to see corona-chan,
xenophobe! he blames thee

you must be a bigot,
a supremacist, a Nazi,
to flee from the street-shitters
and ban them from your country

how could this have happened?
nobody saw it coming
that diversity of palette
gave hbd a fucking

who cares if it’s the military
or dog paw soup or kitten’s whiskers?
the jews of asia are coming, silly
to purge the boomer and mongrel babies

you cannot narrow your eyes
or you’ll be killed for racism
don’t ask your kids to hide
it’s a crime against the Marxism

Bill Gates said ten mill
but the guidestones beg to differ
so avoid the Israel shill
and the manjaws bringing sniffles

coof coof oy vey
it’s hit the Holy Land
let the yellow fever play
did the Muslims hatch this plan?

won’t somebody save the Asian community?
the global r-type majority?
who could’ve benefited from this?
as the cryptos switch to Plan B

welcome the wu-flu
welcome the plague
welcome the foreigner
and on your knees, his slave

you don’t wanna hurt his feefees
so suckle on his viral peepee
they’re so much more civilized than We
long live the cult of Asian supremacy!

one can never say no to the banks
the preppers don’t look so foolish now
the stock brokers will building-plank
and the Indians will have a cow

hey, what did the degenerates do?
to infuriate the Lord, our Father?
was it the sodomy or whoring their daughters
or the immigrating hordes, he’s after?

they all say the same thing in Wuhan
as piles of bodies are going down
we wish we didn’t vote for the left
Mao doesn’t look so bad now

lock down the smug urbanites
shut the London city down
rich Princess syndromes fly around the city sights
and swerve on every brown

it’s a matter of time, fren
until the invaders are rounded up
with the politicians, the typhoid chans and anti-Western cucks

remember your history
think hard and long, whitey
Asians spread disease
gave San Fran the plague last century

dance like it’s 1904
and show racism the door
chow down on hooker sushi
but it can’t transmit thru anime porn

pandemic par-tay bitches
it’s gas mask time for you
you were long warned by me
clutch dearly to your waifu

replicate partially or totally wherever, it’s a meme

Some people can’t spot satire

Is it mean to point out many of them would fit the stereotype for autism?
White, male, middle-class, high-school educated, does less well at college so hates colleges, straight but scared of gay men, has trouble with women for some mysterious reason that has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that they laugh at the existence of EQ and SQ, genuinely believe themselves superior to everyone forever, therefore incredibly gullible (to things like honeypots and borderline women) because they think if something’s easy they’re not missing something, it’s just their natural awesome brains coming out.


She’s basically running through a list and shows no signs of nervous distress, her tone is mocking and sarcastic.

If these men can’t see that, it isn’t Da Wimminz that are dumb.

I’ve noticed their way of insulting real SJWs differs. A female SJW is insulted because she’s a woman, what do you expect? Women are crazy bitches with all the power that can trick men with their evil vagina magic… but also magically stupid and inferior. A male SJW is insulted in spite of being a man, so they ratonalise he must be an inferior man, rather than very clever but evil, for example. They also don’t really know what a beta is, but claim to love evolution…..

Classic aspie logic. Anything to preserve the ego as superior.

The Guardian: Global warming is totally a lie liberals tell to distract us from their commie agendas

It’s funny because they expect telling the truth won’t work.

In full, my bolds;

If the fact that we’ve just experienced the coldest spring on record isn’t enough to sway you, I’ve got other anecdotal evidence that should be plenty convincing.

Everybody is talking about global warming. Clearly, it’s got a great publicist. My guess is it’s the same one that Amy Schumer uses. However, unlike Schumer – whom I have on good authority is real – Global Warming is a big fat lie.

Now, before you spit out your fair trade coffee and start yelling about carbon emissions, let me assure you that this is not a conclusion that came easily to me. I thought about it a lot. Just this morning I was in the shower for a good two hours debating the pros and cons of dating someone with a giant global footprint. Once the water went cold and I dried myself off with a hair dryer, I knew I had my answer.

This so-called “environmental Armageddon” is a fictitious construction cooked up by the left so we’ll spend all our time (or at least a half hour a week) changing out our light bulbs and flattening cardboard and completely overlooking their pinko/commie/socialist agendas. I’m on to you, liberals! You’re trying to be heroes to humanity. You want everyone to pat you on the back and say, “Oh, look who saved the planet!”

Carlin on saving the planet.

Well, I have news for you. The planet doesn’t need saving. After all, it’s been around for almost 2,000 years. It was fine before you got here, and it’ll be fine after the apocalypse destroys most of humankind for the sins of homosexuality and shellfish consumption. God hates Shrimp Scampi, but He doesn’t seem to have a problem with littering. (Leviticus 10:10)

Please can this be a new thing for them. Dare them to write one on immigration.

I wish people would stop incessantly asking, “Don’t we care what kind of planet we’re going to leave our children?” First of all, I’m pretty sure any child psychologist would agree that leaving a whole planet to a kid is an appalling idea. I wouldn’t dream of spoiling my daughter with an entire planet. You don’t have to give your kids the world; just spend some time with them once in a while. That’s what they really want. That, and a Mercedes SUV for their sweet 16.

Conflating energy consumption with climate theory. There’s no logical reason to do that.

I wish scientists would stop blaming us humans for causing global warming. This is patently false, since global warming is not real! If the fact that we’ve just experienced the coldest spring on record isn’t enough to sway you, I’ve got other anecdotal evidence that should be plenty convincing. For example: my sister went to Greenland and never saw any polar bears stranded on tiny ice floes. In fact, my sister didn’t see any live polar bears at all, so there.

Most polar bears live in Canada.

But the most telling sign that global warming is not an actual threat is this: the Republican presidential candidates aren’t trying to scare us with the prospect that we’re all doomed to die from toxic air and scorching temperatures. And Republican presidential candidates love scaring the public. It’s their passion. If they could put a gun to each of our heads individually and say, “Vote for me or else you die”, I think they would.

rabbit projection and revenge fantasy

That’s why, despite the numerous scientific claims and all those hockey-stick graphs showing the sharp rise in temperatures, I don’t think there’s any truth to this whole global warming thing. At the very least, the declarations are exaggerated and we have nothing to worry about for at least a decade.

None of the predictions have been correct.
Not a single one. They were all wrong.
Each one saying The Sky is Falling! Decades later, this ain’t Waterworld.

Video: Professional Victims vs. Real Gamers, #gamergate

Signal Boost, you beautiful woman. Add it to #NotYourShield, peeps. We want ethics.

game moriarty manic
Send them up. Take. Them. Down.

Signal boost the documentary which needs funding to expose these people:

There are ethical questions about people [DS: ‘journalists’] that we feel need to be addressed. …We knew bringing this project out …would also put us in the crosshairs.

Parody video up top was referencing this hypocritical BS, if you want to avoid giving Anita any more attention;

Game Review: Slut Quest by Puerarchy

Found at

4/5 would bang

This inspirational panfeminist masterpiece transcends vindictive patriarchal norms as the player is immersed into the daily struggles of sluthood. The programming is a retro homage to the ways liberal women in STEM are kept repressed by masculine computer languages, under the jackboot of The Man, crushing cosmopolitan worldviews underfoot and burning the Third World for oil. Sensitive to the denizens of Tumblrina victimhood masturbation, the trigger warning at the outset was a refreshing respite from the pain of playing videogames, which no women have ever enjoyed ever because Goddess Anita said so.

The gameplay was rich and the protagonist vibrant and fierce, like my Caribbean poolboy. It addresses the super-serious notion of privilege in a sensitive way, without scaring off the hipster iMac user. When will men learn they are to blame for every single problem in the world? Especially when it involves women. We don’t need men, we just need their help and money. I don’t play many games, but I know exactly what the industry needs to do, endorse this magnum opus or else I’m gonna write more scathing reviews on the internet and maybe start a Twitter war.

The points system provides the validation every player needs. You get points for being a rabid bitch, it’s a dream come true for those of us who find FPS the living face of evil. If anything, this game was too short, like my patience for happy straight, educated white men. Transformative. Wow, just wow.

-1 needs more attention-whoring.

UK Shocks to the System

Inspired by the thought experiment from the ever-excellent:
I really like this idea and am kicking myself for not having thought of it. Mine is more topical.


  • The Sierra Leone volunteer in the Hampstead Hospital spread Ebola via the air to a single NHS worker by random chance, who hopped on the Tube to get home with millions of other people, some of which are on their way to Heathrow Airport and ports unknown?
  • The reason the BBC conspired to hide evidence of paedophilic entertainers is because they recruit victims with their casting for children’s programming?
  • There was a single vaccine for every disease in existence, but it killed 10% of its users horribly? Would the Government fund its use or make it compulsory for the Public Health?
  • When the inflation rates rise, millions are made homeless and Jew-owned banks repossessing were blamed in a conspiracy?
  • A single London borough declared and enacted Sharia Law? Would it be a separate state? A declaration of civil war? What if it were voted in democratically by immigrant voters? What if it began expanding?
  • Sex education in state schools begin running more practical lessons?
  • Public sector workers destroyed the robots who replaced their jobs, including ambulance workers?
  • The NHS hospitals ground to a sudden halt in London due to decades of embezzlement?
  • The London Riots started up again, targeting native Brits for ‘racism’?
  • Tasty food was banned thanks to the Nanny State, and bland food the only option? Non-alcoholic beer/wine?
  • Food prices sharply spiked and many in urban areas were starving?
  • Negotiation failures with energy suppliers cause rolling blackouts across the country, during a cold winter?
  • The coal runs out?
  • In 10 years, there were two parties: the Islamic Party of Great Britain and some further-right version of UKIP? The former kept winning by vote-rigging?
  • Demographic changes turning London minority-majority call for permanent reparations from the rest of the country?
  • Prisons move underground to save space, or out into the sea?
  • Human Rights were completely abolished?
  • Freedom of Association were outlawed as prejudice?
  • The European Union orders euthanasia of all those above a certain age and below a certain health level, because they are a drain on the environment?
  • The private sector was taxed at 99%?
  • A new form of multiculturalism arises, where the country is divided by culture, instead of borough, each with its own customs?
  • There were no borders?
  • Our official language becomes Arabic?
  • Every second citizen is placed on benefits paid for by the other half and Labour wins every election hence?
  • Marriage is banned as a symbol of patriarchy?
  • The Monarchy is abolished and we gain a Presidency?
  • Votes are counted by computer?
  • ID cards are embedded in our hands at birth/infancy as proof of citizenship?
  • Parenting is deemed too important to leave to the natural birth parents, and The State demands to raise all children until the age of 18, released on good behaviour?
  • The next PM was a black, Muslim lesbian who listens to Dubstep and shoots puppies?

And finally,

  • We run out of tea.

Must be off, going on a tea run.

game moriarty manic