Science says Multiculturalism is great IF they live apart…

study here

…Or they try and kill one another.

“Our analysis supports the hypothesis that violence between groups can be inhibited by physical and political boundaries.”

Science makes complete sense, it is people who are wrong!

Bonus: the innocuous tag “Civil War


Science says the brain evolves, Microcephalin, ASPM and intelligence: the most excellent of correlations

full study here

h/t to the ever-brilliant hbdchick


“At the population-level IQ and Microcephalin correlate significantly (.790 and .847) [incredibly high]

Microcephalin significantly predicts population differences in IQ [duh, league tables for IQ]

Microcephalin significantly predicts infectious disease burden [survival of the fittest]

Vice versa in the case of Microcephalin

Microcephalin increased disease-resistance allowing access to new cognitive niches [European genius stereotypes]

Everytime I see genetics and brain studiesSocial construct that away, bitches.


Science says: Intelligent people contribute more to the economy

No shit, study here.

It doesn't take a genius to notice

The Middle Class fallacy: extraordinary people come from ordinary circumstances.
If only Jr. went to the right school, and studied the right degree, he’d be a genius!

Money doesn’t buy creativity or genius.

Science says: Self-control is biological, hereditary

research coverage here;

“people who are genetically predisposed toward aggression try hard to control their anger, but have inefficient functioning in brain regions that control emotions.

In other words, self-control is, in part, biological.”

It’s a very good article.

I looooooove being right, with appropriate datasets ofc