Britons little changed in DNA since Ice Age

Despite invasions by Saxons, Romans, Vikings, Normans, and others, the genetic makeup of today’s white Britons is much the same as it was 12,000 ago, a new book claims.

In The Tribes of Britain, archaeologist David Miles says around 80 percent of the genetic characteristics of most white Britons have been passed down from a few thousand Ice Age hunters.

Note the precision of language. That is a scientist.

Technically, there’s no such thing as British.

There was no British Empire, it was the English Empire. You didn’t see the Welsh fucking up anyone.

Despite all the Guardian articles trying to make out we were awful, the People aren’t fooled.


YouGov found 44 per cent were proud of Britain’s history of colonialism while only 21 per cent regretted that it happened. 23 per cent held neither view.

The same poll also asked about whether the British Empire was a good thing or a bad thing: 43 per cent said it was good, while only 19 per cent said it was bad. 25 per cent responded that it was “neither”.

Americans don’t understand how political and meaningless the term British is.

Since the collapse of the Empire, it’s been meaningless.

People are either English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish. Sometimes a combination.

There are also little islands like Jersey that have their own flags.

Cooler than ours but derived from England’s original Three Lions heraldry.

The British is typically, Great Britain, and the union of the four countries is incredibly recent (Union Act 1707, 1800). It’s a term about what the Queen owns, similar to the UK but without pesky parts of Ireland.  Jane Austen’s novels are older than Great Britain. England is a country in its own right, Parliament and the Queen are based there. It’s the central country.

The British Isles covers the most landmass. It’s huge. It’s geographic and includes a lot of tiny islands.

So again, if you’re discussing where a person is from, to say they’re from Britain is technically incorrect. At least, what Britain? Great? Isles? What? It’s like saying someone is European, unless you mean the continent (correct but vague) you cannot mean the legal construct (EU) because nobody’s DNA originates from a legal fiction. There is no such physical PLACE. There is no DNA for Britain, (sometimes ancient Briton, as in the study above) but it’s either English from England, Irish from Ireland, Scottish from Scotland or Welsh from Wales. British is meant to be from Britain but nowadays everybody has a British passport, a passport grants citizenship and financial entitlements it changes nothing about your DNA. To refer to blood, genes and ancestry, you cannot be British. It would be like referring to your occupation, it’s a legal thing.

Recently they’ve tried to claim dilution.

“Researchers have found 50 distinct genetic clusters (classified into broader groups) in Ireland and Britain”

That contradicts your headline.

SNP victory could split Britain

…To the SNP, the next general election is just a staging post. Winning a majority of Scottish seats would be an excellent start, but influencing the governance of the UK is of relatively minor importance. Any deal with Labour — or even a stage-managed week of negotiations — will be conducted with the 2016 Holyrood elections in mind. An SNP majority next year would bring the power to call for a second referendum. And if a majority of Scottish voters call for one, through an SNP (and Green) vote, how can Westminster reasonably say no? This is why so many Scottish unionists will vote tactically in May: it is crucial that the nationalists’ momentum is checked now.

Then comes Europe. Should Cameron lose the election less badly than Miliband and earn a second term, he is committed to a referendum on EU membership. While Scots are more Eurosceptic than the SNP allows (a third say they would vote to leave), the English are still far more likely to vote to leave the EU. If they do, and Scotland votes to stay in, the thirst for independence might prove unquenchable. (Equally, how would England react if Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish votes determined the outcome of the EU referendum?) Cameron’s European difficulties are another opportunity for the nationalists. And a reminder that the Union can be lost in London as well as in Scotland….

dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

Nationalism is contagious, mind.

Miliband squirming over imminent English Home-Rule question

Home Rule: The English MPs as sole voters for English-impacting political questions. Democracy, in effect.

Ed Miliband has been given until the end of next month to agree home rule for English MPs or be forced to vote against the plans in Parliament, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

The new pressure on the Labour leader has come from William Hague, the Cabinet minister who is leading the talks for the Tories to agree a cross-party solution to the West Lothian Question.

If there is no deal by November 30, the Conservatives will end talks and develop their own plans which will be put to a vote on the floor of the House of Commons before the general election.

…He said: “The end of November is a crunch point. This question cannot be evaded, or evaded or ignored any longer. It is absolutely essential to address it now.

“Are they really willing to go into a general election opposing the idea of English votes on English laws?

“What are they [Labour] saying [is] that permanently policies in England can be decided by votes in Scotland and Wales and the same cannot be said the other way round.

“This is the bridge that has to be crossed, this is the heart of the question.

“This is what some people find uncomfortable. But this is now the natural consequence of devolution. It cannot be avoided any longer.”

And the impact of opposition:

Dave Prentis, one of Labour’s biggest union backers, told The Sunday Telegraph Mr Miliband needed to articulate better a “vision” to win back more white blue collar supporters.

Mr Prentis, the general secretary of Unison said the Heywood and Middleton result was a “wake up call” for the Labour party, which was not doing enough to attract white blue collar voters….

He said: “I have always had this serious concern that Ukip could appeal to white blue collar workers if we could not get the message over about what Ukip stands for.

They are no longer the party of workers, white native people or the poor. A political party does not get to define its enemy.

As I predicted, here and here.

If Scottish Devo-Max happens, the English win

– and if Scotland vote Yes to independence on Thursday, we still win.

I love these games.

To be clear, this is not what will happen after independence, it is what will happen if Scotland decides to stay as part of Britain. Whatever the outcome of the referendum therefore, Westminster MPs will no longer be allowed to legislate on these key policy areas in Scotland. How then can Scottish MPs at Westminster expect to be able to continue to vote on legislation which now affects England alone, and not their own constituencies? Why should a Scottish MP be allowed a say on an English law but not vice versa?

The answer, of course, is that in all rationality they cannot. That is the conclusion of Conservative MP John Redwood, who says 100 MPs back his proposal to allow the Westminster parliament to double as an English parliament when voting on matters that only affect England. It would then revert to a British parliament when discussing matters relevant to the entire union. Scottish MPs would be allowed to vote on the latter, but not the former.

…Seismic upheaval for the way English politics works is now guaranteed after Thursday’s referendum. A Yes vote means complete de facto devolution forced upon England. A No vote means England would surely have to answer the West Lothian question [my link] once and for all, finally preventing Scottish MPs from voting on legislation they have no mandate to have a say on. For English democracy, this is surely a good thing.

I love it when a plan backfires on the stupid, karmic law, whatever you wish to declare it, I love it!

UK students think £9k fee/pa isn’t value for money

Well duh, anything offered under socialism is poor quality.

Meanwhile Scottish students pay ZERO in fees.

Welcome to the Real World your very teachers avoided.

welcome to the real world of poor decisions and povertyI’m looking forward to the point where the scales tip over from unpaid debt and the entire system comes crashing down. It’ll happen rather soon by my calculations, too many students simply aren’t paying.