The State, school and stealing family life

It’s true, they rip off purpose and pretend to hand it to you in the form of servitude.

Why should you listen to teachers who barely qualify as anything else?

“As for families, I do know one thing; the State is the cause of most of their problems. Interference by public schools, interference in the economy, destruction of neighborhoods and communities…all of these things are created and exacerbated by the State. Interference by the State takes away the meaning and purpose of people’s lives, and tries to replace it with its meaning, which are generally bureaucracy, militarization, war and empire.

“Get ’em while they’re young” and teach them to love the slave-driver.

Government would never lie to us, Government workers love us – because they raised us…

Would any of them still be there if they weren’t getting paid?
These people complain about staff training days, let alone working over summer and other holidays like everyone else. They don’t care about the kids, they are the kids. School babysits the teachers, the literal children give them a pretense of something to do.

It’s very logical. Where to send the stupid people of no use to the economy? Back to school.
The kids won’t notice, kids are stupid and malleable according to Tabula Rasa theories.

On the other hand…

It’s intended to replace the family and foster a psychological dependence. In adulthood, you’re more likely to follow social norms because you’ve been trained into obedience – like a dog. They call that a school for a reason. You aren’t supposed to think, question, only repeat and obey.

We thinking folk have the thankless task of deprogramming their minions.

done with this shit downton

Think about it – most people will have warmer attachments to a randomly assigned public sector worker than a close genetic relative.

Math standards fall to new low in the West

There’s a ruckus in the UK as the most recent school-finishing exam (GCSE) in Maths had a question idiotic teens are petitioning about for being too difficult. I am not joking. Outrage.

oh come on my god why NO kill me now

Here’s the PETITION:

The C2 exam was just hard for no reason. You can’t just set questions so hard and still expect people to pass with good grades or don’t Edexcel know we want to make it into Uni.

I just want to ask the people who set the quetions for this exam, if this is how hard exam questions were when they were in College then i dont think they will be where they are right now.

You need to pity us students who have been revising all year just for Edexcel to set some bullshit exam. The fact that people are signing my petition just proves how difficult it was.

don draper crying baby wah wah wah

When I was at school, this was the material we studied at 11-12 years old, and we were average to bright level, and the GCSE is intended for 16 year olds to sit. They shouldn’t be allowed to sit the tests in the first place, can we please bring in IQ now to qualify??? Reminds me of –


Can’t do quadratics or fill in n in the example to test it? [good practice] Thank a teacher.
This is quantifiable evidence of the decline.

crying weeping sobbing belle disney

Worst of all? This was apparently near the end (harder) of the Higher Tier (hardest) paper.

Lestat laughter lol lmao haha IWTV film

And n=10.

toasting raising glass cheers leonardo da vinci congrats well done demons

p.s. I am reliably informed the next section of the question asked to solve for n, so my brain just skipped over the first section of the question when I initially solved it in about two minutes, triple-checked in my head. That easy. I am not even good at maths.
I’ll just leave this here without comment: