Jordan reminds me of Jordan

The similarities are uncanny.

There is truth because there is no truth because there might be truth. WELL. I’m convinced!

Truth – what I believe
No truth – beyond me (solipsism, false*)
Might be truth – appeal to evidence* (perceptual bias)

Floppy beliefs, very difficult. He’s taken men’s ability to rationalize and weaponized it against them. Evidence is objective, beyond the self, you can’t deny things you dislike. Appeal to confirmation bias.*

There is no truth – paradoxical statement.

All attempted replacements to Christianity will fall prey to entropy eventually.

I don’t trust people who promise material deliverance without remorse.

It’s Fight Club rhetoric telling men they’re supposed to act like dogs. Antisocial shit.

Metaphor metaphor metaphor rebellion.

The metaphors are the lube.

When I saw people refer to a JP years ago, I thought they were referring to the satirical “guru”.

(awaken with JP)

This is how a psychopath feels, having no inner self (soul).

They see themselves as normal. There’s no conscience to correct the feeling. The narcissism makes them feel like they’re the true ideal, rather.

based on

I could be wrong.

A lot of psychologists are sociopathic, maybe not the full-blown thing but …traits. They enjoy the control over people’s minds. It’s like CEO positions select for arrogance. You can get them to admit this if you play your cards right.

Psychologists never study themselves.

Think on that.

The self-pity pill

Male borderlines. Suicide threats give it away.

Nihilists actually laugh, it isn’t an excuse. If you’re looking for meaning, making everyone else’s business personal or saying the world Should Be a certain way (just world fallacy) then you’re not a nihilist, you’re another entitled narcissist.

Most nihilists are actually sociopaths, completely cold and thrill-seeking. They’re chilling to watch and I say that from personal experience. It’s better to have many feelings than the reverse, believe me. There’s still some potential and human in there. You can’t cut out your heart however much it hurts to feel, there’s the connection to other people you need. You gotta heal it. First step it to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get the basics down. Get a good therapist if you can afford one too. Fix yourself, reach out to others.

Suicidal ideation occurs when you want people to care about you, the classic scenario is envisaging your funeral. You’re not empty, far from it. Worry when you’re numb! Wanting people to care isn’t weak, any more than caring. Self-care is especially vital for men given your weaker social supports.

Louis CK and self-pity

What an abominable defense. Still playing victim but the type of ‘man’ to say it’s okay to hit someone if they make you feel insecure. A real tell is the revenge fantasy playing out in primal times. Misogynists like to make up BS about the good old days when men could go around raping women without being murdered by the tribe. Because they feel it happened, so it’s real. That’s called delusion.

Specifically, it’s historical projection. Like how women were lazy and never accomplished anything. Sweeping statements are the only (superficial*) level they can think at.

Ignore all the evidence, including forensic evidence, to the contrary. They’ve bought the marketing myth of male omnipotence and they’re whining, constantly whining that reality doesn’t match up and women in bikinis aren’t flocking to their bitchy remarks. We don’t fancy gay guys who do the same, though, and they do it better.

Someone is ‘mean’ therefore you can hit them?
These little worms always have moving goalposts on their mean (it’s just a joke) and other people (how dare you politely say no when I had the courage to ask you out).

~What is that, delta? Delta male?

Where breathing is a courageous accomplishment?

If women are so weak, how could they possibly make you feel – like a woman? Let alone inferior. Logic doesn’t come into it, they’re a butterball of rotten entitlement.
This little runt wouldn’t last five minutes in an honour culture and have you noticed many modern comedians are terrible? It’s like listening to a constant fuck-up of a girl-friend complain about her bad boyfriend for the millionth time. We didn’t care the first time, we just felt obligated. Count how often they complain, it’s silly at this point how this passes for comedy. They’re emotional vampires, other men find them draining cry-babies. I really hope no woman is attracted to a cry-baby.

*Their notion of depth is random straw-grabbing and making up connections to the various excuses of why their life sucks. It’s never them.

If we fully enforced the defamation laws, they’d have nothing to talk about. Toxic people. There is nothing to like about them, they are hollow people and it induces them to act out in really spiteful ways. They wouldn’t pass any rite of passage.
Plenty of men are fine but there’s a definite skew to such useless toxicity in men. I think it might be the competitiveness with the capable majority of men, they feel threatened knowing how low IQ/EQ/whatever they are, how maladapted to the modern world (which is easier than ever) so they project this sense of inferiority and weakness onto women because they imagine we’ll never spoil for a fight as a result. The majority are gossips. We dislike that in other women. And what kind of person gets their jollies by punching down?

The opening bit “have you heard” is the male “did you hear?”

Instead we ignore them because women need to resolve conflict passively (being physically the weaker party) and they confuse any negative attention (like correcting a spoiled/stupid child) to be sexual attention, which fuels their entitlement looping (I want, I want, I want, like a baby). They called this negging so I’m pretty sure. It’s purely a weak ego and a dominant id. That’s all narcissism is. They are egocentric but self-centred is the better term.

“But what about me?” they ask, with the self-awareness of a turnip. You only think about yourself, that’s the problem! The selfish one who will screw everyone over, to make up some crap later about how he was defending himself behind your back and all the real men know it. You can smell it on them. It riles me up because they’re being made to represent all men in public by the (suspiciously) quiet majority of men letting them get away with it. The one waste of space who sees a guy happily married and makes a whip noise (passive-aggression) only to start bringing everyone down by complaining how lonely he is because no woman will put up with him. Shocker.

“He’s a really nice guy” his desperate friends say, to try and fob him off onto a sucker. If someone’s nice you don’t have to tell us. Women are the sociable sex, we know. We also know when a man pretends to be nice, which is most of the time. We do the same but with the purer intention of fulfilling our social obligations.

A worthless person mocks honour and decency and that type of pomo comedian is a large reason our standards are shot to hell. They tend not to mock certain groups – like deadbeat fathers. Constantly craving something to fill the void where your soul should be isn’t ambition. They always take on that faux superiority tone as well. It’s confusing to non-Americans and it’s so common to American ones. Americans don’t understanding how revolting that sneering is. They have the least reason to sneer, when they die everyone who knew them will be better off. By all accounts, they flunked on life. The compulsive lying tends to get them kicked out of male groups, the bullshit artists who tell you how some random woman who looked at them really got a good bang the night before. Nobody likes that guy.

Anyone who talks about the opposite sex like furniture is a jerk.

Claiming something is a joke when everybody reacts badly is the same childish feebleness of mind as trying to persuade them using ‘fun’. Grand Theft Auto looks fun, still not gonna do it because we’re adults and our decisions are legally binding.

Society used to send these dregs to die in wars. It’s the only thing they’re good at because it involves failure. It’s no coincidence they’re the ones that fear conscription the most. What does society intend to do with them now nukes have made war impossible? Since the responsibility falls to the good men, I’d put that question to them. You’re the boss? K. When are you cleaning house? Historical societies dealt with these people or they clog up the society with bad behaviour and asinine bullshitting.

The female ones simply didn’t breed, which has much the same effect.