Feminist Society renames itself Ugly Girls Club

I cannot mock this. Literally. There is no wiggle room.


When Royal Holloway’s feminist society put a stall up in their university union to campaign about consent, they heard one ignorant man snidely refer to them as “the ugly girls club”. Obviously bothered by the ridiculous label this ill-informed guy had given them, they managed not to dwell on the wholly uncalled for insult, and instead turned their frustration into something amazing.

This is the level of delusion we are dealing with.

Changing the name of their feminist group to ‘The Ugly Girls Club’ on Facebook, the society’s members began taking stereotypically ‘ugly’ pictures of themselves pulling hilariously unflattering faces, and hashtagging #uglygirlsclub.

That ugly picture trend only works if you’re attractive and provide both photos side-by-side.

Here’s the twitter page. https://twitter.com/RHuglygirlsclub
and the Society page http://www.su.rhul.ac.uk/activities/society/feminism/
I’m familiar with this group of feminists, they’re really left-wing. Like, really, notoriously. http://www.su.rhul.ac.uk/activities/society/leftforum/ They go to a lot of London stuff. I can’t state specifically of course, but you see a lot of the same less-than-alluring faces around.

Went through contacts and this post seems to be the infraction. Get over it? No no no, that would be grown-up and they even lied about when and where they heard it, typical.

We even know what they were wearing, because beauty standards are evil.