White therapy for ‘White fragility’

White people aren’t rioting and making hysterical rhetoric in the MSM…. they aren’t breaking immigration law…. they aren’t causing nationwide antisocial issues….. they aren’t terrorists….

See the frame here? White = evil? Possessed with demonic whiteness that must be exorcised?

As if being born white is a crime, or some mental illness, something wrong with you. Bring out the HBD on that please, make the topic socially acceptable, please.

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Anti-racist is now openly anti-white.

It is genocidal, by definition, for reducing the standard, quality and ability to live a life with human rights (including Article 8 of HRA, right to privacy, unobstructed family life and freedom of opinion).

The scientific way to train white people to stop being racist

Look up a series called Agreeing with liberals for the wrong reasons.

In one episode it covers how these types of HR therapy sessions actually have the opposite effect in reality (but they do it to make themselves feel better and self-fund) because reverse psychology is people exerting their free will and freedom of thought. They oppose dominance attempts and control (actually abuse, sensitivity training is in fact abusive, just fire them or STFU) and humans defy claims of incompetent authority, they refuse to conform (Milgram’s objectors). People become angry and less tolerant, so bring this on. Please, bring it on. Everywhere, especially politicians and Government workers. Nothing will accelerate K Shift faster.

This shows they’re losing the battle for hearts and minds when this is the beginning of re-education camps and gulags. They’re getting insane with desperation.

Logically —

If white people’s opinions don’t matter, why do you wanna change em?
If whites will become a minority, democratically, they become powerless?
If whites are the minority, would you give this training to shut up and take it to Hispanics/Blacks/whoever the majority happened to be? Are you going to give this training overseas to black Africans about the white minority?

Oh, just White people, wherever they are?
Racist, and illegal because of it.
Those people running and funding it should be blacklisted.

The law says white people can be victims.

If white people are, by definition, fragile and treated as such, we can’t be held as accountable for crimes. Including precious microaggressions, because it’s in our nature. We were Born This Way. If white people are fragile, we have a right to minority representation. If white people are inferior, the coded meaning behind fragile, we have a right to political activism and representation based on our race and issues surrounding the concept of whiteness.

If whiteness doesn’t exist, you can’t aim brainwashing sessions at people who are white-passing, you racist. All a white person would need to do is identify as trans-black and they can’t be forced to go, because race is a social construct and doesn’t exist, right?

Agree and amplify, people, let’s get this over with.

This video, I decided to link it because it’s 10/10.

It would redpill millions of liberals. They couldn’t pretend to be naive or independent. This training works by outgrouping, something psychologically distressing and damaging for liberals, it irritates their amygdala.

Link: The 10 Common Myths about Emotions

I was reading about SJWs and the Victorian Cult of Sensibility that kicked off their ostentatious, lachrymose over-sensitivity and it occurred to me that most people don’t understand emotion altogether.


  1. . I can’t help how I feel

    Emotions are forms of judgment……

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Video: Anti-SJW sentiment rising, college censorship backlash

Yeah, they are.
They are laughing at that.

Excellent, outgroup the extreme r-types.

If you’re not on Twitter, or Tumblr, or the very liberal Universities, EVERYONE is laughing. Because everyone is tired of this shit.

Among probable (real) liberals even.
We need to redpill them hard on what their ‘fellows’ are actually doing.

It’s not that it’s annoying or funny, although it is funny because this shit is …just insane.

He unknowingly references the anti-logic Standpoint Theory at the end of the clip.

Psychiatrist: fuck feelings


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Adults who want to be handled with kid gloves can indeed fuck right off.

Say you’ve been to therapy, or bought a self-help book, or thought about doing either of those things. You may be wondering, “Why can’t I be happy?” “Why do I have such bad luck?” or “Why is my boss so unfair?”

One shrink has a novel solution: “F–k happy. F–k self-improvement, self-esteem, fairness, helpfulness and everything in between.”

Because if you can set aside all of these obsessions, you might be able to simply accept that there are lots of things you can’t change — and get over it.

Grow up.

That’s the message of the new book “F*ck Feelings” (Simon & Schuster), whose authors combine different skill sets for what amounts to the Ice Bucket Challenge of self-help books. The writers who would like to dump a gallon of ice chunks all over your confused little skull are Dr. Michael Bennett, a Harvard Medical School-trained psychiatrist, and his comedy-writer daughter Sarah Bennett, who used to contribute to the improv act the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. So if the book doesn’t fix your life, at least you may get a laugh out of it.

Whenever you have an insoluble “Why?” in your life, the Bennetts offer, the solution is to stop asking the question. “The answer you’ll get from your Maker, when you finally meet Him or Her and get to ask why,” they write, “is the same one you got from your mother when she didn’t know the answer and didn’t want to waste time — ‘because I said so. Now go make yourself useful.’ ”
And don’t expect anyone (except your mother) to pay attention when you’re describing your pains and sorrows.

In the chapter “F–k Self-Esteem,” the Bennetts mock the idea that feeling good about yourself is “an essential vitamin to take before you can gain control of your life.”

All it does is create r-selected Little Emperor sluts (inc. men).

Forget that: “Enjoy bursts of confidence when you can and take credit for your hard work, but beware making confidence a goal, because that implies control, responsibility and blame when you can’t make it happen . . . Instead, assume you’re stuck with s- -t.” So do your best to survive, try not to add to your troubles, and behave as if you like yourself.

A more pressing problem no one is doing anything about is ESE: Excessive Self-Esteem. “It would help humanity a lot more if those suffering from ESE adjusted their self-admiration to more reasonable levels,” the Bennetts write. If only Oprah would do shows entitled, “You’re not that great!”

Useful as the book is in counteracting therapy-speak — it amounts to a nourishing slap in the face for those who need to be shocked out of their crybaby habits — it’s really more important than that. Because the way Americans think about civic life is as flawed as the way we think about our own lives.

The book supplies lists of “things you wish for and can’t have” contrasted with “things you can aim for and actually achieve.” For instance, you wish you could have a “an improved heart free of hate, envy, fear and general ugliness.” Fat chance, buddy. What can you actually achieve? “Act decently in spite of the way you really feel” and “bear the pain of living with ugly feelings.”

I vaguely recall a book being written on this subject already. How to be a good person with a life of meaning.
I believe, now, don’t quote me on this, but I believe it was the Best Selling Book of All Time. Or something. Called The Bible? I think. Maybe.

If Americans ever reached that stage, it would be a natural next step for everyone to think: Hey, other people have feelings I consider ugly. I guess I’ll have to deal with that instead of trying to shut them up, or pretending I need a “safe space” where I can retreat from, say, Christina Hoff Sommers. Sommers’ speech at Oberlin last spring, in which she said “rape culture” on college campuses is overstated, caused a tiny tantrum among infantile students who warned of “toxic, dangerous, and/or violent” people, as though the scholar’s speech contained arsenic or bullets.

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TLP, is that you?
Game recognize game. 

Even more important is the chapter, “F–k Fairness.” Sure, watching bad guys suffer makes for great entertainment, but the Bennetts warn about “the amount of evil you can cause by pursuing fairness.” You can’t undo all of the bad things that happen, at least not in this life. “You need to know when to accept the fact that you’ve been f–ked and know when fighting will get you further f–ked,” is the colorful way the Bennetts put it.

Rumination is toxic for the body. I’m not playing. It really is.
This books sound awfully stoic, I may need to add it to my list.

That is sound advice when it comes to your personal life — sorry your Daddy hit you and you didn’t get to hit him back, but there’s nothing you can do about it now. But it also goes for your existence as a citizen. Putting your psychic energy on a politician who promises an end to all the bad stuff that’s happened in the past, or who heralds a new law that is going to prevent bad stuff from happening in the future, or creates a sparkly new agency that is going to protect you from your own stupidity? F–k that.

Yeah, this is going on the list.
Anyone above the age of about 10 who believes in magical solutions should be legally ruled a minor.

Personal sensitivity (special snowflakeness) might be genetically varied


In a breakthrough discovery, Duke University researchers recently identified a specific gene variant linked to “orchid” children who are highly sensitive to their environments and are particularly vulnerable to stress. The genetic marker is part of the glucocorticoid receptor gene NR3C1 that influences the activity of a receptor to which cortisol binds and is directly involved in the stress response.

The January 2015 study, “Can Genetics Predict Response to Complex Behavioral Interventions? Evidence from a Genetic Analysis of the Fast Track Randomized Control Trial,” was published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

This study breaks new ground by identifying that a child’s level of sensitivity to his or her environment is somehow related to specific differences in their genomes.

The study’s lead author, Dustin Albert, is a research scientist from the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy. Albert’s current research focuses on the social, genetic, and neurodevelopmental influences on adolescents’ self-regulation and decision making.

Albert also studies associations between childhood stress exposure, epigenetic modifications to genes regulating the stress response, and brain structure and function in early adolescence.

…If left untreated, 75 percent of high-risk “orchid” children with the NR3C1 gene variant went on to develop psychological problems by age 25. These maladaptive behaviors include substance abuse, aggression, and antisocial personality disorder.

Why does it need to take all of this work to prove what millennia have done for us?
The traditional parenting strategies work.

If you indulge the hyper-sensitive, they get worse, it hurts them. Don’t be cruel, but don’t enable either.
Case in point – I used to be highly sensitive as a child. If properly channeled, it can be of great benefit.