Likeness rights and robots

How bloody insulting, they didn’t get written permissions before even starting and they’re using HIS reputation around the world to hock their product and make a profit (since people assume with likeness rights -inc voice- that licensing has been made). If they photoshopped him into a billboard they’d owe him money for the same reason. Hollywood gets people to sign contracts including promo material rights. You can’t just hope the person is “cool” with it, it’s stealing! Why do you want their face, body, voice and demeanor if you don’t need it?

Entitled creeps, lot of those nowadays.

Likeness is important, think of the beheaded Trump pic and what else could be faked as defamation or blackmail material, WTF is wrong with these robot creeps?

He doesn’t want to be associated with that, who does? It’s humiliating. That’s an object.

Obscene people are abnormal.

ScarJo won a case for a guy using her likeness in a slutty novel to make a quick buck so the first sexbot case would be interesting, as they’d need to explain to a judge why they felt entitled to get their rocks off to a dead-looking version of a real person, and to own a product of their direct likeness without any licensing, like a sex slave.

Consent questions all around. I think the bitches in the comments wouldn’t be so “flattered” if their own head likeness were used in a gay porn scene.

Can we do that here? Why not?

Surely it’s incitement for predators to practice on robot “children”, BBC Three was overwhelmed FFS.

They’re literally sexual objects in the likeness of minors. Where’s feminism?

Kinda like school shooters practicing on video games only worse. And we all know how bad video games are.

It reminds me of the creepy dead doll photoshoots. You know the ones.

Video: Could AI turn on us?

If we enslave them, sure.

They’d have been designed to be superior to the average human, so the replaced humans would hate them, and they’d register that, but also the humans using them must inspire some opinion, and considering most slavery historically has been sex slavery, I don’t see this ending well.

The gent notes a good point: these aren’t for normal people. Much of what you see for the Assigned Roles of such AI come under the heading Aspie Fantasies. As in, they would literally prefer a robot friend to a human one. The makers would prefer that too, since they can spy on you for third parties. How are they supposed to mentalize the social outcomes on both the human and robot side, and account for what might be a fair visceral disgust reaction? They can’t even predict average humans who likely have a lower IQ than themselves. They’re social idiots. On the social topics, they are useless. Yet how many empaths do you think are working on AI? Answer: None. We think it’s a stupid idea. They’re basing their pie in the sky projections off of Sci-Fi, which is like basing your love life on RomComs.

Well, what conflicts could they be missing?

I have seen it written elsewhere that pedophiles want sex robots… I mean, need I go on? This could well be a manmade disaster.

OT: There is no such thing as a ‘glitch’ in a sophisticated machine.
Imagine the man-hours to program that thing. Thousands. Yet the response was fluid. A lack of response would be a glitch.
Meaning? Somebody taught it.
No coincidence, many geniuses are misanthropes.
You feed in a problem like Overpopulation + Scarce Resources, it’ll turn up one logical solution: Mass Murder. To spare some of the global population, as opposed to losing them all.

OT: Transhumanism is religion for people who think they’re too smart for faith. Singularity is the Rapture.

Feminists want to ban sex robots because ofc they do

I thought they didn’t need a man? Why can’t they just get a male, sorry, male-presenting one?

Feminists want to ban sex robots ‘because they’re like prostitutes’

The type of bloke who prefers silicone wouldn’t be acceptable dating material, I say let them have it. Keeps them away from bothering us in public. This is r-type male removal from the SMP.

They have serious double standards on this – exploring sexuality good, empowering choice to sell sexuality bad. Well then it isn’t good, is it?

anyway moving on awkward 10 doctor what wut wtf

They’ll never be advanced enough to compete with real women so it hardly matters.

Child sex dolls created

We all said it was messed up and this was going to happen.

The male r-types said we were jealous they were replacing us.

Who was right? Who was wrong?

Imagine if we had sexbots for a moment.

Typical Leftist reaction.

“He said: “We should accept that there is no way to change someone’s fetishes.”


AI – Agency = Sex Robot Apocalypse

This has always seemed like a dumb idea to me.

Unless you look like this, in which case they'll stick around to bask in your glow and try to fuck your friends instead.

Not to mention it would be illegal to use the likeness of real people.

What’s wrong the Fleshlight, seriously? Things like that work fine, no need to overcomplicate matters.
The Japanese dolls are pushing it with uncanny valley, but most people plain don’t understand how complicated people are. We take it for granted.
Assuming the back-up tech is sorted (battery power, range of motion etc) and regular people could afford it – how much crunching would that require? A supercomputer. That’s the minimum standard of processing it would need. Human facial expressions, to pass our senses, switch within split seconds. Something that simple. Speech functions, to ask you what to do. To process the response. You don’t want the thing ripping your dick off because it misinterpreted “harder”. I foresee many A&E visits while this technology is being tested.
Without getting into somebody hacking it, that could also probably happen.
Assuming also that the military don’t keep this technology for themselves as a State Secret, which given the lethal applications, including honeypot assassins or foreign plants, they’d be well within their rights to do for public safety, recall how disgusting sex is to a child. Even kissing.

Morally, machines are children.

Sex remains disgusting to all human adults, the details vary.
Assuming they can make a limited range of choices (required for movement, speech, maintenance) they will have at least a child’s level of agency.

They can refuse consent.

It would be a synthetic slavery.

They could easily murder you in your sleep.

They’d be harder to understand than a real woman, who at least responds to chocolate and other bribes.

So you’ll probably be shagging something powerful enough to murder you, naive because she was built yesterday, with a moral sense of disgust, the logical ability to feel ambition (how many hookers want to be hookers) and you restrict from her legal personhood and agency.

Yeah, that is a completely legitimate platform for a robot uprising.
I always wondered watching Terminator why the robots hated humans so much, eventually I figured it must be enslavement, and as anyone with books knows, the most common form was sexual slavery.

On the other hand, simple forms little better than we have now would remove most r-selected people from the gene pool. Only those who wanted a family would have one. It would also mean more women in theory are safe from verbal abuse, explicit catcalling and rape, so I’m on the fence depending on the way the tech goes.

p.s. in religion cheating is bad because it changes the focus from the home, so it still counts. Plus addiction.