Right not to see degeneracy

We have one.

Cinemas still have age-restrictions, this is no different.

Sites like google put porn in totally innocent homework searches.

Child porn addicts:
In the UK, PornHub was the 35th most visited website for children ages 6 to 14 in 2013.
Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report (2014, October) (p. 232).


Dead link now, weird that.

Check yourbrainonporn.com for addiction and neuroscience information.

Child locks on ISPs have always existed, nothing is banned. The UK shouldn’t be producing this stuff. America won’t stop.

What would they say if children were smoking? They used to.

Let’s go back to this bullshit because Sargon doesn’t want to verify his age at the off-license ONE TIME.

You do that every single time you want to drink or smoke but this is clearly a bridge too far for the responsible lefty adults with muh freedoms.

Don’t BOTHER bringing up the fact this policy will cease enabling child addicts.

Don’t even BOTHER. Because you checked, right? You know?

And the clear social message? Yeah, what deterrent? This degeneracy should be underground, I don’t wanna see that. What about my rights? Children shouldn’t be able to view things online they cannot also legally view in person. They can’t go to strip clubs or BDSM shows, they shouldn’t be able to attend virtually.

I love how libertarians assume most people in society are degenerates. No.

Kids are also grooming one another on school wifis and encouraged to groom more kids in a cycle of abuse by adult pedos. It happens.

The latest report:
They don’t really look into it, weirdly.

“Around one in five 12-15s (22%) who opted to answer the question said they had been contacted
online by someone they didn’t know, and one in ten (9%) said they had seen something of a sexual
nature that made them feel uncomfortable, either online or on their mobile phone.”

Mentally scarring a pre-schooler (other studies asked younger) is nothing to mildly inconveniencing Sargon one bloody time.

If you wonder why soaps and TV are so bad, we removed restrictions on theatre, film and TV for (((no reason))). Covered that UK theatrical statute before, there’s a right not to see this shit. Or at least be warned, which current numerical guidelines do not (I want warning of full nudity and specific acts before paying to see it, as consumer choice).

There’s no such thing as a hooker, Sargon*, that’s what Rotherham social workers say when women and little girls are raped. The psychiatric outcomes of prostitutes have also been studied, there is no excuse for this with Muh Consent because consensus morality doesn’t exist, that’s moral relativist bullshit. Humans don’t have owners, even if you call it a ‘pimp’. Neither is a profession, sex slave owner or sex slave. It’s an affront to human dignity (illegal under the human rights you claim to know and love).

Filming it doesn’t make the situation acceptable, it’s up there with the theatre’s constant abuse of ‘nudity’ scenes**. If adult people wanted to put that adult material online, they’d do it for free! But why do the prostitution/white slavery rings want children to be able to view it?

It’s a good question, innit?

To groom the next crop of recruits. Children have no context to understand, dismiss or deny adult themes. Bobo dolls. They lack the brain development to question what they see, consider it normal and COPY IT.

*(who’s currently triggered at the prospect of protecting children from Silicon Valley pedos and protecting non-addicts by default)

**Apparently public nudity is illegal unless you’re charging and on a stage. WTF. That’s prostitution. This is why we censored productions. It isn’t art. We censor plenty of ‘art’.

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Nurture theories clearly demonstrate that porn is propaganda. It changes the otherwise healthy way you view women, family, babymaking into Hollywood’s push for resentful soullessness. Why don’t Americans wanna breed anymore?

Brain damage during a closing window of critical biological development is abuse. If we let Google groom kids, we’re enabling child abuse. There’s no such thing as a free lunch or free porn. We know addiction operates by escalation, including, ironically, to watching child porn. What about other kids watching it, viewing the rape and molestation of other kids?

Nothing else permanently alters the brain like viewing sexual content. Even Peterson had to point this out.

It seems to be ruining T-levels in men but propping up Viagra sales! Great for the Israeli companies making it.

It’s the ultimate r-selection tool. I have a right not to be exposed by default, same with not tuning into the radio with the BBC blasting crappy rap songs, same with not attending strip clubs and massage brothels, same with public nudity being illegal because the public doesn’t wanna see it and same thing with needing to consent to pay and prove age to buy a cinema ticket to view what’s effectively a gradual push of softcore porn into even PG kid’s films.