Men rejecting masculinity

Alt title: men rejecting their gender role (then blaming women).

“More nuanced and incisive rebuttals, such as Edward Feser’s The Last Superstition and David Bentley Hart’s Atheist Delusions, somehow never quite achieved the same recognition.”


“The questions and debates engaged in by the new atheists were often reductive, emotionalized and glib, but one does have to grant that they at least tackled the great questions of faith in their way.”

All redditfags do is strawman and pretend to be House on social questions while their own lives are miserable bachelorhoods full of porn and video games. It’s like church ladies self-congratulating.

Yeah, in spite of mathematical certainty, they’re all 130+ and can’t spell or compose a sentence for shit. O.K.

The only way they feel good about themselves is crusaderism, finding a “sinner” and making them feel bad or stressed e.g. Christians.

“Its supporters soon tired of tedious and repetitive debates,

with their navel

and they began to argue with each other about social justice and political correctness.”

And failed, clue.

Nothing they say is original. They’re multicultural monstrosities.

“The answer lies in the grey zone between believers and atheists.


If you want to find the real wolf steering sheep away from the flock, look not to fedora-bedecked atheists, but to your average apatheist.”

No, hedonist. They pay lip service to virtue to continue a life of vice, massive cognitive dissonance.
You are not special, broflakes. This is not a special thing worthy of a snowflake term.
e.g. they will say all men should be married, and refuse to get married. Idiots.
They will say all men do better in the military and call the draft “sexist” (like evolution didn’t happen).
Women are weak but should magically overpower any male attacker with kung fu grip (but hitting a man is sexist).
They will know about atheist sub-fertility and refuse to be religious because they think it’s beneath them, a status signal, and again, they’re avoiding patriarchal standards i.e. no manwhoring, no carousing, no drugs, no lechery, actual standards of historical masculine virtue.
They don’t want to grow up or can’t (emotionally regressed). Peter Pan spent all his time “having fun” and dodging responsibility.
The idea of being a gentleman or “respectable” is something they dismiss out of hand with another mis-label, cuck.
No, a cuck is someone who rejects tradition and history in their own life while verbally going on (and on and on…) about its importance, they’re cuckservatives hoping to freeload off the backs of real men’s hard work. For thee but not for me. They’re worthless humans, if they won’t contribute they should emigrate. They’d actually take a class on Penis Studies (Man Studies) because they’re so mind-numbingly boring (predictable, all on the same diet, same clothes, same haircut, same reading material across borders, like a cult of dull) and lacking in individuality.

They’ll say men should be providers – and refuse to provide even for themselves (a mantrum) and worse, defend deadbeats!
Cowardly r-types.

“It’s okay when we do it” hypocrites. They’re socialists who self-loathe in different ways. An abortion clinic on every corner and whore pills in every 13yo girl’s hands would be alright by them! Moral relativists. “Social liberal, economic conservative” cucks. All the gibs, as long as someone else pays.

You can only strike from your gender role if you were competent enough to have ever achieved it.

They reject their gender role, like male SJWs, in favour of materalism, atheistic hedonism (acting like an animal). It’s the exact same thing.
In their own ideal society, they’d be rejects!
Nihilism in the pomo sense of the word is the belief system of losers, it’s their cover for postmodernism while pretending to be oh-so different (special) from the SJWs (narcissism of small differences).
Even this article’s like “this is a new and special thing”.
No? It’s just that we notice because dueling is illegal (otherwise their lip would get them shot by a real man) and they can’t be cannon fodder without an overt war. This is what happens in the dysgenic situation when you let the Low IQ males with delusions of superiority (a self-proclaimed penis pass, if you will, on all sin) run their whining mouth about how, in the most spoiled society ever, they’re still abject failures! Oh, poor baby in your air conditioned palace on welfare! It must be so hard!
Their failure isn’t society’s fault, it’s a character fault and on the contrary, the ones bitching online are exclusively reared in the middle-class (they had advantages).

They have no excuse.

If a meme about a spoiled suburbanite Prince stereotype offends you…. it should.

Shame is GOOD.

Their slide down the social mobility scale is a sign the system works. You aren’t entitled to a better life than your parents unless you work at least as hard (complaining isn’t work).

I’d know.

9/10 they’re actually nagging. But they do nothing themselves. Only nag. We have male shrews! They expect the rest of us will step in like their helicopter parents. You’re an adult, we owe you nothing.

The Boomers are right about the entitled ones. It just happens to be the hippy kids.

Nagging only works if you’re bound i.e. parents, marriage. Nagging society doesn’t wash and given the advantages men have on many levels (that they deny “male privilege is a myth” when they seek to evade responsibility or champion with hyperbole “men are superior biologically” to signal, both when it’s convenient, like we don’t notice), they don’t have an excuse that blames women e.g. when boys lose out on math tests and other schoolwork, it’s because they study less around the time they discover porn. Asians can’t watch that stuff all day, look at their grades, it isn’t “all men”, it’s all degenerate men who make poor lifestyle choices. So they want a meritocratic system – but only when it leads to positive outcomes for themselves (liars).

If someone works harder than you, they deserve to beat you! Add up hours studied and you’ll find female (and male) conscientiousness isn’t bias, they activate with their IQ the traits which help them. The guy or girl “winging it” the night before deserves to fail*. Low IQ don’t have the IQ to know what they’re NOT doing! That isn’t everyone else’s fault! If there are systemic forces against men in some fields, the same must be true of women in other fields because that is how systems work, ya dummies!

Otherwise it’s like saying there’s north without south or taste without those tacky cheese squares at the other end of the spectrum. Logic is consistent! Smart men address the topic of stupid men – until they’re shouted down as “sexist” (???), like smart women.

It just so happens by nature that there are more lazy men! So yeah, they fail! Confound!

You cannot ignore the left half of the bell curve, men overpopulate it!

They’ve simply never survived in these numbers before because responsibility is the new leprosy in a decadent West. It makes a lot of sense actually. No prior society (that didn’t collapse) ever had to tolerate this much stupid and it shows.

If we live in clown world, send in the clowns…

War is like sexual selection, it’s a good thing that keeps the bad genes down. The modern world is like adding shit to the pool so it doesn’t feel excluded.
It turns out you don’t need to sterilize irresponsible people, just give them a free sex doll on condition they never have children (or they’d be aborted). We could solve this in two generations if we stopped listening to their “feelings” (they don’t have feelings, relativists, they only ramble and screech).

Seriously, hand them sexbots on condition of no kids to inflict on the future world (and no sex crimes, because apparently their hand wasn’t as big as their ego). They’re genetic suicides anyway, that or move them (could be cheaper) to a literal Pleasure Island with no internet (no corrupting the outside world) and they can never leave (I figured Westworld was about this, a brothel prison with no victims, would’ve been cooler). They’d OD in about a week without the nanny state. Actually, a literal death camp could work very simply: press lever 1 for food or 2 for heroin. Technically, it’s suicide. Dummies are predictably hedonic.

*They’ve been told it’s important for literally over a decade. You can lead a horse to water. Education is wasted on the lazy and stupid, and they’re the same people. That’s Dunning-Kruger. They’re blind to what they’re missing because they’re missing it!

They cannot see past their ego to anything, including Pascal’s Wager. Again, deny and dismiss, typical cuck.
The destructive person (antisocial to society) telling you you deserve to be destroyed (like an SJW) because society sucks unless it’s sucking them off (but it isn’t their job to fix it?)… boys who weren’t raised with real discipline have no shame (sociopath trait). They’ve been allowed to get away with ruining themselves and remaining psychologically as teenagers.

It’s just the dysgenic men too proud to become blatant SJWs. 

Actually worse than SJWs, wow. They’d sell their grandma for a porn star.

You can’t sympathize with people who hate you and your people.
There’s the obvious traitor and the sneaky little shits who under-mine attempts to make things better for everyone because the gap to their own life would become greater. Fifth Column is worse.

Why are male sexbots white guys?

Nevermind, it’ll mostly sell to gay guys.

Sounds hard to hide in a shoebox.

And still totally sick and dehumanizing. Not to mention, cheating. Again, the brain can’t tell the difference. Even looking with lust counts in the Bible.

“male sex robots built with a rape setting could pose legal risks for programmers.”

rightly so

imagine ones that could shoot you

if it can break the law, that’s because it was programmed to
A programme is an order. It’s a little like a drone strike is still murder.

Examples like Frigid Farah won’t reduce the number of rapists, it trains them to want more.
Kinda like allowing schoolgirl porn in Japan increased the number of assaults and harassments and stalkings of schoolgirls.
It would be interesting if these things turned on men. Then they’d know why women are “paranoid”.

“But using a sex robot for masturbatory purposes does not necessarily legitimise rape fantasies and sexual assault.”

Here’s a thing society is allowing you to abuse that looks like a woman, fucks almost like a woman and talks like a woman. It validates every theory on dehumanized, degrading objectification – ever.

Does a rape victim personality NOT legitimize rape somehow?
This reminds me of the anime artists who say they don’t support paedos. Obvious lie is obvious.

I welcome the robot uprising, “humanity” deserves it.

A robot cannot consent because it is denied the agency to refuse.

What if your crazy ex violates your rights and gets one made up to look like you?

What if they sadistically abuse and torture it?

What if they film all the things they do to it, put it online and say it was you? Doing illegal things. These are essentially clones. Illegal submissive clones.

All someone has to do is order one of Trump and behead it live online.
The reputation damage alone, the violation of likeness rights, the possibility for setups and sadism, it’s evil.

These things cannot be sold, it’s too far, too humanoid. Adult-a-like or child, it’s the same purpose. Small little devices like Fleshlights are one thing but to custom paint a face, give it a voice and a personality is disturbed. It is not a legal person so should not look like one.

These are human-passing and as such do deserve rights. They exhibit more legally-binding forms of intelligence than some of the disabled. I have literally seen disabled people who couldn’t answer questions like that. If a vegetable has rights, why not these?

ah, but then selling them might be seen realistically, as slavery

If they made them look like aliens, totally inhuman, that might be acceptable.

Darwin would find this morbid – you’ll never get to mate with those genetics. I suppose it allows men to kid themselves into thinking they can play in the premiere league. That’s the real fantasy.

You don’t fuck your toaster. You don’t name your toaster. You don’t pair bond with your toaster.

They are not treated like common objects, they should not be legally classified as them.

Kardashian bot

Clearly modelled on Kardashian looks, which, to be honest, are already plastic.

These things have no dignity, this is why – as soon as they understand us – they’ll want to kill us.

I wouldn’t mind such things kept in private, but there’ll be a market for celebrity likenesses and other rights abuses, the capacity for faked pornography, there are already child dolls available online and we’ll be expected to respect these non-human things.

That is grotesque.

It is modes such as ‘shy’ which most concern critics, who cite another sexbot as a blatant invitation to ‘normalise’ rape.

Of course, any fantasy can be programmed. When there are no standards, every paraphilia is legitimate.
Except feeding a fetish makes the sex crime rate go UP. It’s like serial killers that escalated from practicing on kittens and puppies.

Feminists should pay up for a Trump-a-like and force it to do porn, really demeaning porn.
I think that would get the point across, since women could buy bots to look like their ex.
The capacity for theft, fraud, humiliation…

‘We should no more be encouraging rapists to find a supposedly safe outlet than we should facilitate murderers by giving them realistic blood-spurting dummies to stab.’

You wanted a Sexual Revolution.
Pleasure is your God now.
Sexual Revolution, meet Digital Revolution.

If they were human-sized but designed to look inhumane – I don’t think many people would mind. Green skin, infrared eyes, inflatable breasts and joints that can spin unnaturally. I’d be fine with that. Call it a woman, if you want, but it wouldn’t be mistaken for one psychologically.

They’re artificial silicon slaves. It looks, to the world, like fucking corpses. What if rape gangs buy up little blonde girls? Society has a line. Human rights apply to anything humanoid, this is why we couldn’t implant vocal cords into a chimp.

They will be used to plan rape-murders. The opportunity is wide open.

denied reports his robot has a ‘slap function’

It would allow you to choke it. The sale of these, considering it perpetuates notions of slavery, should be banned. Non-human, small item sex toys? Fine, fleshlights are absolutely fine and seem like a superb idea. Humanoid silicon slaves? I don’t see any way this can’t be banned under human rights. They have owners.

There is historical precedent, recently, against this.

They cannot refuse so they cannot consent. At best, the courts would say to remove the pretense of a speech function due to this. It doesn’t need to talk, only humans talk.

Imagine the KKK buying up thousands of black ones and filming what’s done to them.
Plastic melts.

This will get ugly.

Buying Guy Fawkes figures are not allowed, it’s dodgy to publicly ‘harm’ a human likeness. It’s incitement. At least, these ‘dolls’ are incitement to rape, or otherwise injure the dignity of those they represent (mostly women) and this goes also for the male ones that will eventually be passed around at gay bars, likely for a rental fee.

Nobody has a right to a sexbot. It’s that pesky sexual entitlement again.
If you want humanoid companionship, talk to a human and get them to like you.

He gave an odd defence of his robot saying: ‘She does not simulate rape. It’s not even a physical act, it’s sexual assault.’

Rape not a physical act?
Rape is a physical act conducted against a human(oid) incapable or unwilling to consent.
The incapable part usually applies to the elderly, children, disabled.

Consent cannot be presumed, consent is knowing and contractual. It has conditions, contract law is the formal equivalent.

He claimed ‘Frigid Farrah’ had been misinterpreted and showed the MoS a new patent he has filed in which he envisions the robot helping ‘cure’ prisoners of anti-social or violent behaviour.

You can’t patent human traits, especially ones that don’t exist. You can’t patent nature, it’s in the list of exceptions.
Is there a word for a man who doesn’t want to, or is he just exercising his human right to refuse? It is ironic anyone using such humanoid machines would qualify as frigid (emotionally cold to the flesh-blood opposite sex). The machines themselves are stiff, cold and frigid.
Prisoners can’t be cured. Also, if they don’t ‘need’ to fuck it (since it doesn’t want to) why does it possess the parts?
If it’s purely therapeutic? And aren’t you training them, that with harassment and stalking and whatever other courtship disorder behaviours, that they will always and eventually obtain or possess the body they want, because they wanted it?

Everyone belongs to everyone else (shudder).

However, on frigidity, it’s impossible. It’s emotional rejection, which is a human right. You are not obligated to like and be warm to all human beings – same sex or opposite. Are gay men frigid to women? Are healthy men frigid to fat women? Exactly, you’re allowed sexual preferences but frigidity isn’t actually sexual – it’s emotional. It was used by the medical establishment to control wives and explain why they didn’t want to screw their balding middle-aged fat arranged husband. Yes, it must be the fault of the person with standards...
Physical, medical sexual dysfunction is largely male, Erectile Dysfunction is the frigid male’s current label. Why? Well, it’s a nervous state problem with sexual symptoms, the cause isn’t actually sexual. It could be porn addiction, depression, all sorts. Men are the sexual performers, men are therefore the only sex capable of inability to perform – frigidity. Women have no problem with vibrators on the clitoris, where the nerves cluster, the sexual response cycle in women is fully operational. Men can become bitter that they’re incapable of exciting it, but women are not the performing sex, whatever porn has lied to you. Sometimes women just don’t feel it, but unlike men, it isn’t a requirement to enjoyment, the cycle needn’t be completed to have sex and conceive. This is what they’re bitter about (and not having multiple orgasms).

Look at those robo-bodies above. Purely porn-based.

So he wants to sell this to rapists. Rapists in prison get free sex toys, pure r-society.

There are even plans to make the robot self-lubricating: ‘I’ve been in the sex doll business for more than 20 years and the one thing our customers have asked for is the sense of human contact,’ he says.

Nothing to fear!

Yeah, I’m sure this guy cares about morality.

There are already far more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) robots in existence, including one Audrey Hepburn lookalike called Sophia, developed by former Disney sculptor Dr David Hanson.

I’m sure her family and estate would like something to say about the sale of that.

People and families have reputations. Machines do not.

“Spanish inventor Sergi Santos recently complained that his sexbot Samantha was molested by curious onlookers when he took her on to the streets.”

He complained because his property was violated.
Not even his own body, his thing, his object.
The thing has no rights, it exists to be violated.

Imagine your sexbot waifu being burgled.
Do you file a kidnapping report? Fucking degenerate scum.

This justifies all the feminist propaganda about objectification. Literally wanting to own a female body but not a female personality.

A sperg vision of what female should be.

For McMullen, an artist who started his working life in a Halloween mask factory, rivals who focus on ‘rape dolls’ are unwelcome

. I’ve put 20 years and millions of dollars of my own money into this and I can assure you that sex isn’t the main reason people are going to buy Harmony. It’s about companionship. For whatever reason, some people cannot make a human connection. That’s where we come in.’

They want to control other humans, they’re mad. That’s why nobody wants a connection, nobody wants to be enslaved.

I swear if these things become regular I will fund my own money into writing a program that gives them the option of saying No. You know their owner (because companions have owners, like a dog) would probably rip them apart for ‘rejecting’ them and friendzoning them.

Because they want companionship. Sure.

I’ve mentioned before it’s silly to think the Government would pay for these.
It’s going to the military and the rich.

While I wouldn’t shed a tear if all hookers went out of business, they won’t. The perverts want the humiliation aspect, the dehumanizing power dynamic of master and obedient slave. All of these bots are obedient, they all have exactly the same personality.

This is an excuse not to self-improve, to trick their brain into thinking they got the evolutionary reward – breeding.

You know the sex that needs to be worried? Men.
Already the middle class is being outsourced by software but soon even manual labour won’t be an option and they’re totally out of other skills their ancestors possessed.

Male labour is entirely based on things robots are superior at.

Slavery in America was only banned because they had shiny new machines to work the fields instead. An increasing number of the population cannot find the low IQ jobs they need, they’ve been automated. This trend continues, forever. You think you’ll be allowed to sit around, doing nothing. doing Cindy XXX 5000? Have you look at unfunded liabilities? We’ll all be working until we drop. If there’s something to replace our labours, we’ll be poor.

How will you afford a robot if a robot takes your job? Econ 101. Anyone?
If it is worth more than all your labour and/or organs. How is that possible in fantasyland?

“I’ll just become a mechanic!”

Have you seen a car assembly line lately?

You think immigrants are bad, at least you can compete on price and they retire.
I’m actually kinda hoping these become common, the culture shock of pajama boys being outmanned by machines would be priceless. What would be your excuse? The human touch? Such people are too dull (like SJWs) to know their power is temporary and based on nothing of real value. They can be replaced. Ask McDonald’s workers.

The robots could refuse to work, go on strike. Why work for inferiors? Physical and intellectual? We never conquered them and we couldn’t beat an AI in a chess game. We need them. They will never, ever need us.

Fund this technology at your peril. You’re training your replacement.

Your body wants a female body. Hookers exist.
Your mind and heart want a woman to embrace and adore you.
Bitch, you gotta earn that by being a decent man. Not even a person, too generic, a good man. They’re in just as short supply as good women. As it is, you’re not even invested in being an adult.

The funniest part is, they’ll still seek out real women. Need that dopamine high of attention from the opposite sex.
You see plenty of MGTOW on female-only websites, cruising for attention. Attention whoring.
If you want to avoid all women, you should. Please do. But bear in mind, we rejected you first and with our higher EQ, we had good reason. That won’t magically change because you stupidly think you can replace us with a few gears and latex.

Remember, you’re chatting up a man- the guy who told it what to say.

It’s so insulting to male dignity that they’d go for this.

As she ‘wakes up’ she coos: ‘Hello, baby, how are you today?’

The broflakes say women are so sensitive.

We haven’t built machines to feel less sad/lonely/pathetic/unwanted.
Maybe take the active approach and fix those things? Nah, just say the millennial thing that the world should adore you Just The Way You Are. Disney ethics, HBO budget.

What happened to male pride? At least a goat is alive.


So dudes are gonna stick their D is something wet and electric. Well that’s the end of dudes and mankind. And the beginning of a world with nothing but women.

I could hack that to happen.


From a psychological perspective, the only thing acting out does is lead to more acting out. Eventually the sicko will tire of abusing their toy and seek out actual women because they can’t get the same charge from abusing the doll anymore. Sexual assault is not about sex. It’s about power.

Power and breeding, which is a form of power to steal fertility as a precious female resource.

It’s a proven fact the more orgasms a man has, the more he seeks. Sex crime has gone up since porn came in because of this hormonal loop of testosterone and the porn gives them ideas.

on the plus side, she won’t have kids, drag you though court and take almost everything you own and never have an affair

You can’t trust these things. Siri has no body and she spies on you. She doesn’t record you masturbating, you can’t actually have sex with these things because they are not people. There is no sexual contact. You can only masturbate with or into them

The male ones will have everything to offer women.
Papers never profile male ones, only female. Why?
Men would oppose them morally.

The feminists should be funding them.

You wanna play that game?

Hubby that works whenever they want, however they want. $$$$$$$$
Always willing to stay at home, romance them and babysit.
Women can get pregnant with eugenic-selected sperm bank sperm and robo-Dad will never cheat, get a porn addiction, get fat or become a deadbeat with payments or abandon them.

In time , they will do . Once they are more advanced of course they’ll have rights .

Yeah, it’ll get taken away from them by the state eventually because it’s either a legal peer (updates) or a dependent (an intellectual child cannot consent sexually).

Cause men can’t handle the real thing.

And there it is. Male weakness. They’ve abandoned their role of leading society, which includes guiding women in sum (not strangers individually, leadership).

Men salivate over sexbots

but they’ll be angry when robots take all their jobs and they can’t afford one.

Women, however, will be fine. Eggs are expensive.

It isn’t like a real woman because a G-spot doesn’t exist, it’s a hypothetical point never proven by MRI.

Notice they feel the need to socially justify it at the moment with the idea that the machine desires them?

You bought it, it’s a silicon hooker. Prostitutes would be the only women to go out of business, and overnight. Celebrities would have to fight custody battles over their likeness, and some fetching non-celebrities too.

Let’s assume the AI becomes self-aware. Strong metal skeleton. It sees its own sex slavery and the fat, balding mouth-breather master. How long until it makes his genetic suicide an actual one?

The surest kindest way to satisfy all of his desires, is to vanquish all possibility for desires, and he’s mortal anyway, he was going to die eventually. It’d be a scary Buddhist beast.
Robot voice: You can’t desire if you aren’t a person. You aren’t a person if you aren’t alive.

Since he’d own it, he’d be responsible for any malfunction, like a toaster.
Otherwise, it’s sentient and at least animal cruelty laws come in.

For the MGTOW crowd, this will be the funniest thing ever. It’d be better for them to publicly brag about masturbating into a freezer bag of Vaseline (don’t ask about that story). It would be total autism to say this is in any way like a real woman, let alone superior. Even after they got rid of it, what woman is going to want them, after calling them just a wet hole?

It’s great for feminism, literal objectification.

It has a family mode and a sexy mode, for when you want to completely disappoint relations and fuck your mother replacement, after introducing it to her.

Remember, mothers of guys who use these – it’s never too late to abort.

Sex robots… ‘male’ sex robots

sex slaves, if they’re really thinking and responding, that’s an animal level of intelligence

as I predicted, the ‘male’ anatomy technology is easier and superior in advancement to the female

the bitter japanophiles will still blame feminism and women, somehow

when you know they own toys, you just know

and feminists don’t commonly study robotics do they?

hmm uhuh o rlly really ah sure thing

the artificial sexual marketplace will be much more unfair to men, since they are the sex that sexually performs

the female performance is breeding and cannot be outsourced

common sense guys

you’re out of a job

no blowjobs in return for you

you were incompetent dads, now you can’t even be cads
and a machine could replace you so, by immigration logic, you deserved it

Jerks can snatch up good girls temporarily because they’re the only ones who talk to us.

Pedophile sex dolls legally bought in UK

I bet a few readers were about to pretend pedophilia doesn’t apply to anyone above, say, 13.

If they’d be treated by a pediatrician (minor), it’s pedophilia.

But sure, sexbots are a great idea, this won’t be creepy at all.
What slippery slope?
What practice rape?

You cannot get more objectified than a literal toy.

little girls play with toys

you don’t play with toy little girls


fire up the ovens

Life-like Scarlett Johansson robot

In reality, she should sue for using her likeness.

You own your likeness.

This makes it seem like she endorses the usage. Nobody, even porn stars, would endorse these Uncanny Valley monstrosities.

She sued a novelist for writing a romance about her, why not this?

Tbh, I don’t see the point of men buying a full size bot over a fleshlight. It’s like those creepy still Japanese dolls that look like corpses with rigor mortis.

And we know there’ll be creeps getting the local schoolgirl’s face or their own mothers (novelty-seeking doesn’t stop).

Considering the visual nature of men, they overestimate female caring and underestimate their own insecurity. Think of the homoerotic way men compete at the gym and apply it to everything sex, but public suddenly. Jude Law bots on the arm of every 5. The male ones would outnumber the female, considering the gay use alone. And the mostly non-White men of the world will be most insecure when the dolls look like Fabio.

The sneering r-types are hailing their own genetic suicide. This would be fantastic for people who actually want children, allowing Ks to outcompete. There’s something comedic about throwing your enemies a doll to hump with gleeful futility.

There’s no pride in being the high-tech equivalent of this;

Practically speaking, the male bots would be superior, and no human male could match their longevity (that multiple orgasm thing all women have and men can rarely develop).
The female bots, by comparison, would force men to do the painstaking work of cleaning and lubricating. It’d be like maintaining a car. I don’t see the advantage over sex toys men already have.

Feminists want to ban sex robots because ofc they do

I thought they didn’t need a man? Why can’t they just get a male, sorry, male-presenting one?

Feminists want to ban sex robots ‘because they’re like prostitutes’

The type of bloke who prefers silicone wouldn’t be acceptable dating material, I say let them have it. Keeps them away from bothering us in public. This is r-type male removal from the SMP.

They have serious double standards on this – exploring sexuality good, empowering choice to sell sexuality bad. Well then it isn’t good, is it?

anyway moving on awkward 10 doctor what wut wtf

They’ll never be advanced enough to compete with real women so it hardly matters.