Pre-Freudian sexology

Yep, the Jew took the credit for something.

I am shocked.

(Okay so maybe Freud just let them say it without correction but that’s still taking someone else’s credit). Freud cited this guy in his writings (might’ve been the basis for many theories) and didn’t really bother correcting the public.

That or people who credit Kinsey* (Twink BDSM enthusiast on the taxpayer dollar of his office basement with a keen interest in child sexuality) with “inventing” sexology. A century later.

No, it was Krafft-Ebing.

Forget Freud. Today, we’re snooping around the personal archives of Richard von Krafft-Ebing, a 19th century psychoanalyst and sexologist extraordinaire who history has often been forgotten despite his groundbreaking research in sexual pathology. His chef d’oeuvre is undoubtedly Psychopathia Sexualis, the book that made jaws drop across Europe in 1886 and the first-ever scientific study on sexual deviation. “For almost one hundred years,” explains psychologist and sex researcher Dr. Joseph LoPiccolo,  it stood as the world’s most informative volume on the subject of sexual deviation.”

Krafft-Ebing’s research preceded Freud’s by decades, and Sexualis included over 238 case studies exploring “sexually deviant activities” like sadism, masochism, fetishism and more. Plus, he coined the term “anilingus”.

Deviance and degeneracy? This guy made it science.

 they’re actually the only archives we have from the eccentric sexologist (whose seminars were described as “showy,” “glamorous” and “highly sensational”).

*fraudulent data aside

This guy is like the Tesla of sexology to Freud or Kinsey’s Edison.

Also Ellis. Havelock Ellis.

This is like how people remember Freud as inventing psychology when he actually invented psychiatry (as a medical doctor). William Wundt invented psychology.

They remember Newton’s studies but think Goethe was a poet.

They don’t know who Emilie du Chatelet was but remember Voltaire.

They know Pavlov and not William James.

Nobody ever ever ever EVER talks about Sir Galton.

One of the greatest minds of all time. Newton would be impressed with Galton.

Nobody mentions it.

Francis Bacon is superior in all ways to Albert Einstein.

Sir Scruton is a living example of ignored genius.

Link: Kinsey, the r-types’ sexologist

The basis for the modern myths of sexuality, and informing the Sex Ed screwing up modern children.

The biggest myth being SEX IS ALWAYS GOOD. The core programming directive sounds odd spoken bare, doesn’t it?

Another being SEX IS A RIGHT WHATEVER YOUR AGE AND YOU CANNOT CONTROL YOURSELF/IT.  Reminiscent of a possession metaphor.

A third example being PERVERSIONS ARE NORMAL. Which is the opposite of statistical meanings of the word normal, he was trying to make them socially acceptable. All of them. Freud defined pansexuality and it means an attraction to everything (animals, children, corpses). Despite how modern neurobiology shows tastes in arousal are mutable by porn use, something they argued was impossible back then because they’re liars.

I’ve posted about Kinsey before. Search the tag.

Others followed in his criminal footsteps, notably Dr Money, the man who forced two brothers to engage in sex play and took photos…. and started this whole tranny mess.

Kinsey’s Fraudulent and Fake Data/Methodology

Many people will be surprised to discover that what has served and is 
serving as the basis for public school sex education (and is even being 
used in many Catholic schools) has its roots in scientific fraud. Most of 
this could be credited to one individual: Alfred C. Kinsey, with the help 
of his colleagues Wardell B. Pomeroy, Clyde E. Martin, and Paul Gebhard. 
Their research and studies have undoubtedly shaped current attitudes and 
perceptions concerning human sexuality. These perceptions have ultimately 
worked themselves into the current sex education programs.

And how it places women and children in danger;

Click to access kinsey-women_11_03.pdf

In Kinsey, Sex and Fraud (1990), Dr. Judith Reisman and Edward Eichel unmasked the
Kinsey studies as a massive hoax. The medical journal The Lancet reviewed their
findings and said: “[T]he important allegations from the scientific viewpoint are
imperfections in the (Kinsey) sample and unethical, possibly criminal, observations on
children. … Dr. Judith A. Reisman and her colleagues demolish the foundations of the
two (Kinsey) reports.”…..
Included among the claims is;
  • Defining American husbands and fathers as sex offenders
  • Sanitizing child sexual abuse
  • Going easy on rapists