Orientation, amygdala?


We need volume studies.

h/t Anonymous Conservative

Note: would apply to homosexuality/heterosexuality, not paraphilias.

They argue from ignorance all the time, lamenting the studies don’t exist.

Because they refuse to do them.

“About one in seven (14 percent) claimed that their orientation had changed from exclusively homosexual to exclusively heterosexual”

Control for porn addiction and that would go up.

Think about it, your orgasms are being trained to respond to a man’s manhood.

Pavlov’s penis. The cue shouldn’t be another man.

Then there’s actually a phobia of women rooted in childhood abuse.

Again, control for that and again, success rates would soar.

If you’d do it with a woman, why not a man?

Logically, there is no way to deny that. Sexual acts are based on body parts.

You can have sex with men and not be homo, somehow!

What is a bro job? And why are they so popular?  

Orientation? Based on behaviour?

They wanted your straight men. We warned you.

Straight men are the ultimate catch for gays, there are forums discussing poaching them. (1)

Porn has been used this entire time. Any unusual form of sex will be twisted as queer.

Now it’s you can give oral to a man and not be gay, despite gay men being defined by that.

Next, it’s anal or fingering or rimming. For women, it was kiss a girl and like it.

Anything bro is tainted, pun intended. It will always end up a sexual lure. That’s the male weakness. Notice how many “BRO-triarchy” alt right writers are totally homosexual and anti-family? The fellowship of the bros thing has one purpose: trap straight men into a gay orgy. No girls allowed. Call it a Viking bonding experience and drug them. A false flag “party” because rape victims saying they were drunk get no sympathy.

Suddenly, all the misogyny makes sense!

Have you counted how disproportionately “pagan” men are homo? Did this ring NO bells for you whatsoever? All the night time, strong alcohol bonding experiences in the middle of nowhere didn’t twitch your sense of rape danger?

BTW, oral sex (with anyone) unprotected is leading to the spread of STDs, more than any other kind.

“Don’t knock it until you tried it” assumes everyone is pansexual or whatever the trendy term for slut without standards is. It assumes you can’t be trusted to know your own sexuality.

Warned ya.



“Yeah. it’s quite possible to turn a str8 man gay.
Out of sheer curiosity, the right situation, and the right person can easily tunr a str8 gay man gay.”

Believe us now?

“Merely thinking about it doesn’t make you gay but when thought turns into a reality then you have yourself a whole different story. Alot of str8 guys are under the assumption that merely getting head from another guy doesn’t make them gay. It’s a nice ythought but they are wrong and usually those are the kind of guys woyu wanna be weary of because they don’t seem to unbderstand the sexual nature of what it is to be gay.”

Yeah, you want the hardest catch, the really straight ones!

Use your Google-fu, Neo!

The most common question most str8 guys ask are “Do guys do it better?”. [2]

What the F do you think they’re going to say?

It’s like asking the Big Bad Wolf what you taste like.

Do not ask a sexual predator if they’re good in bed!


No, they don’t. I asked some very, very, very, very slutty bi guys.
That’s why they tend to settle with women and prefer dating women.

In technical terms, the disease risk is high, they’re normally high and come too quickly and they’re completely selfish lovers.

Did we all learn something today? Good.

Look up the predatory questions.

Men are in as much danger as women.

Fact: Brotherhoods are totally straight and family-oriented, they are father support groups. Anything less is not a brotherhood, you cannot have a brotherhood of bachelors (a school or monastery) or gays (that’s call a sex club or a gay bar).

Musical interlude to ponder this issue.

Update: the “it’s what you’re attracted to” thing (lie) is like trying to measure the financial cost of window shopping. It isn’t shopping. For the same reason daydreaming about UFOs doesn’t mean you were abducted. Sexuality is Darwinian, objective and observable behaviour. Anything else, is something else and unscientific emotional appeal. They say that, the sexual predators, to exploit curiosity. None of the phrases about curiosity are positive (kill the cat).

Bringing alcohol into it changes nothing. It also implies consent issues. And what, do all gay men need to be off their face, that’s insulting…?

A penguin doesn’t feel “attraction” and attraction isn’t a mental process, it’s a physical one. Sexuality is an instinctive drive. You can have the hots for someone you do not like as a human being, they are separate. Lust is not love. You can’t ask a gay penguin what it’s attracted to or what it kids itself into identifying with for social desirability (lie).

If you are physically capable of performing certain acts with a type of person, that is ALL sexuality is. If you cannot muster the physical capability (psychological and physiological) then you are not that thing.

To avoid confusion and despicable lies.

A homosexual man is physically capable of performing sexual acts with men and not women.

A bisexual man is physically capable of performing sexual acts with either men or women.

A heterosexual man is only physically capable of performing sexual acts with women and not men.


Stop kidding yourselves. The fact you’re happy to watch a man fucking in porn (not repulsed, disgusted, turned off) shows a lot of these men are bi and in denial. There is no curiosity. If you’re curious, you are bi. Stop with the denial.

It’s like saying you tried cuckoldry at an orgy. No, you are a cuck. It is defined by practice. The Hollywood orgy types are literally all cucks. Elon sharing Amber round like a joint is a cuck, Talulah sharing round Elon is a cuck.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuckquean That is literally all it is.

The “try something before deciding you don’t like it” thing is ridiculous. If you kill a few people to see if you like it and change your mind, are you any less a serial killer? In most interviews, they admit to just trying it out, that’s their motive. If you do heroin, five times and drop it, are you less a heroin user? You cannot magically scrub yourself clean of bad behaviours by writing it up as a “mistake” like Cindy from CA, life doesn’t work like that. It’s called a delusion. It’s still a part of you and always will be.

So much for the “don’t be ashamed” or “if you disapprove you must secretly be one” group.

We are the most oppressed people sexually in all of history, because we are lied to, encouraged to put ourselves in vulnerable, easily abused positions because other people like the idea of it (we should perform it for them) and we cannot openly discuss sexual disgust and interpersonal repulsion. Yay, so free! I feel liberated, don’t you!?

Where saying No makes the targeted party feel bad.

Say No to the wrong lech and you might get arrested for a hate crime.

Everybody belongs to everybody else? No. No means no. Old people are not entitled to young ones, ugly to good-looking, fat to thin, gay to straight. No is the only word you need to master and if you can’t, you’re a slave. A slave is a person who cannot refuse.

Any wonder young people are striking? Passivity is the punishment.
Since you cannot explain, you are not allowed to say anything.

the r in Refugees Welcome signs + funnies

Look at the facial expression in the Bible quote. That’s an atheist going to Hell for blasphemy.

Spliced with photo of actual ‘refugees’. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Hopefully the Manchester attack, nail-bombing little girls has redpilled these feminists.
Somehow I doubt it. This is the one that started it all.

This one in particular triggers me, the way to kill it is with apathy: So?

So was Jack the Ripper, so was Hitler, so is Trump. Tired of whataboutism.

“they are us, we are them”


Meanwhile, actual refugees

Yeah, let’s not save these people waving round the white flag of Christendom.

Are they welcome in YOUR home? Why not?

JK Rowling has yet to take in any ‘refugees’ that someone offered to pay to fly to her homes!

She is irrelevant. Like…

Emma Watson hasn’t spent a night in the Calais camp alone, without security.

Locks are racist! No borders? No walls! Let’s all live in pagodas! 

Now a series of triggering memes and funnies.

It’s been a while. 120 funnies. Some repeats. A few serious.

about as real as her hair

Going by her Coco the Clown makeup, I think they do.

The People do not consent to open borders. The native people.

Everyone into Lord of the Rings.

All harassment is bad but sexual harassment is the worst.
It’s the First World, fucking act like it.
Recently, a German woman was beaten by a ‘migrant’, because she told him not to call her a bitch.

Tesla’s expression, my fucking sides.

He never said that but yes. Fitness is in adaptation.

Just like consciousness. You can’t touch it or test it. It’s unfalsifiable. It’s the scientific concept of spirit.
It isn’t scientific though.

Sexual orientation theory is BS. There’s only behaviour – which hole is your goal?

SJW’s playbook.

The alt-lite treats the J-word as their N.

And strange brown men on the street.

The temporary alliance of SJWs and Muslims is simple: the sexually entitled support the sexually entitled.
Also take down White Man but obviously, SJWs aren’t white or men, typically.

Comic: The Left’s cognitive dissonance on sexuality and trans


Credit: Liberal Trendies

Did I say cognitive dissonance? That deeps it means insanity.

Also, ‘you shouldn’t use transsexual, that means something different’, until you talk about it negatively for scientific reasons, then it’s suddenly synonymous with transgender and other groups…. And also, ‘absolutely nothing to do with sexuality’, ignore …The Facts.


Porn tastes slay orientation theory


It made sense for biology, to explain behaviour. It’s Darwinian, to reproduce or not.

Now it’s become an excuse to be all talk, “I identify” so you have bizarre findings like this, and ‘heterosexual men’ also dubbed ‘Men Who Have Sex With Men’.

The push to accept pedophilia

Predators all operate in the same way.

It starts like a certain religion, with children.

Step One of Infiltration: “We’re harmless!”

Like the Big Bad Wolf in nana’s dress. The Trojan (sorry) Horse. They say they want to live in peace, while constantly stirring up trouble. Peace is code for ‘Leave me alone whatever I do’.

Then comes the request.

Step Two: “Pity me.”

Rhetorical, appeal to emotion. “Real” victim, by existing. And probably money. They get you to trust them, make their deviance socially acceptable. This way, they can get close to authorities e.g. the classic single mother, the social workers whoring off helpless orphans as having ‘boyfriends’, prevent teachers from reporting them or just freely search for victims to target.

Then finally, what they’ve been working up to…..

“Let me in.”

They say ‘You can’t choose who you’re attracted to.’ As if you can rape anyone you’re attracted to in the street a la Roosh’s ‘satire’. As if people don’t have rights, and private bodies, and physical attraction cannot be ignored.

Actually, sexual tastes are mutable/fluid/changeable/trendy/fashionable, as porn users have proven in various studies. You seek what you feed. A man seeks out anal porn, they’ve turned themselves homosexual. They’re conditioning themselves, training their body’s sexual response cycle. A man seeks out goat porn, child porn, etc. They choose to orgasm to these deplorable things, out of personal weakness. You may hear them say they are shocked by those things, not sexually aroused. Okay, then why touch your junk while viewing it? Nowadays, it is common for men to consider that masturbation requires porn… a view pushed by degenerates, wishing for new recruits, knowing about the desensitization cycle because slippery slope does apply to physical stimulation. Like going to the gym and building muscle. You load on more until you buckle. The body is one big input and output machine. Sex is the biggest carrot (sorry) of incentive in behaviourism. It builds Empires and destroys them.

If you take up babysitting jobs while fantasizing about little girls, you don’t get to blame other people for being ‘bigoted’. Projection of guilt doesn’t work. He already lied to himself, to other people, stalked around his chosen demo, scoped a target, and engineered a situation where he could commit a crime. That is 100% him.

Hold adults responsible for their actions, victim culture is based on infantilization, babying people and holding them to lesser standards. Standards are not ‘unfair’, they are necessary if you want respect. Sometimes I get accusations of being sexist toward men. It isn’t my fault men commit the majority of sexual crimes. That is my exact point. They are 100% responsible for their actions, including the oven-worthy ones. As are women when they rarely make those evil choices  e.g. https://www.icetrend.com/morgue-worker-arrested-after-giving-birth-to-a-dead-mans-baby/

Evil isn’t a male/female/Christian/Muslim/Hindu/atheist/whatever thing. That is my exact point, exactly. It is a choice, which everyone has. If you cannot accept the responsibility of adult choices, you do not get the rights associated with adulthood either e.g. the ability to consent to sex, a choice. Such people are correct, they should be treated like children – but with no half measures. Hence, the asylum was made, to give these people the peace they needed.

Briefly, on stigma.

Every time I see a BS argument about ‘ending stigma’ like a mean rumour on the playground, in practice trying to blame other people for being the victim and reacting as such to unacceptable behaviour from the sick who inconsiderately refuse to get help or take their meds, I know I’m seeing a person that has never witnessed true mental disease. Psychiatry follows the Medical Model. Mental illness, is also mental disease. They are the same thing in synonym and in theoretical backing. Like client and patient refer to the same person. It’s like someone with Black Death who visits family, not caring if someone else gets hurt. At best, they’re terrible sociopaths lacking remorse and empathy in spreading it by choice (cough HIV cough). They should seek solitude and treatment until they are safe for society.
Depression isn’t someone posting crying emoji on social media. Psychosis isn’t limited to thinking you shit unicorn sprinkles. Mania isn’t painting pretty swirly pictures with cutesy hashtags. Depression is a mother drowning her baby because the father refused to co-parent and there aren’t enough hours in the day alone*. Psychosis is murdering your parents because they refused to make you Mac n Cheese so they were obviously demons. Mania is jumping off a building because they thought they were could fly on the power of good intentions. Enabling those sick people for your own ego is also sick. Sick people require treatment, this is common sense. If they don’t require treatment, they are not sick, and therefore, require no sympathy, as they are perfectly well and simply bad at coping with everyday stressors. As many people are without bellyaching about it and promptly seek mechanisms to forever fix their own issue, responsibly. Stigma is the sane reaction to the insane. Diseased people are dangerous, whether the illness is mental or physical. You cannot guilt people into placing themselves in harm’s way. That is wrong.

Abnormality isn’t any excuse for criminality. The law is not a guide on what is psychologically healthy.

Back to pedophiles.

Acceptance, it starts. Everybody accepts that degenerates exist. We have the internet. We know you’re there. What they mean is Accept me in your life.

Against freedom of association and its less-discussed flipside, the Right to Ostracize. 

Eventually they move onto celebration, but all the parades in the world won’t quiet that little voice inside called a Conscience. They don’t like the idea of God because God sees all, even the things that person is in denial of while it is convenient.

But if it’s something you can’t help, there’s nothing to celebrate. If it’s a medical condition, it needs to be kept private for treatment. Otherwise social pressure comes in. That’s why therapists must be confidential, because even their balanced account will bias the recovery. These people slander themselves, happily. They are quite stupid. Reputation has repercussions. You want to write about rape in a lascivious tone? People will think you’re a rapist. You want to write about abusing little girls? People will think you’re a pedophile. Nobody forced you dudes.

It’s like how the self-styled ‘pansexuals’ love orientation theory, although an All option is an impossible orientation (it’s like a sphere as a degree) but then they begin listing all the things they aren’t into. When Pan means all. So no, the meaning of the word implies you are a necrophile, and a pedophile, and into bestiality. That is the meaning of the word. If you use that choice of word, you are going to be considered among that lot. Personal definitions don’t apply to the public. You don’t get to play thought police.

Educate yourself = Brainwash yourself with my opinions for me.

FYI This is Pan.

At the very least, pansexuals are goat-fuckers. If you are not a would-be goat-fucker, don’t call yourself a pansexual, dipshits. Otherwise, when you use that term thinking you’re cool on tumblr, you’ll find yourself swiftly unemployed as the creepy guy. It is creepy. Creepy is the new edgy. If you get a face tattoo or stupid hair, you’ll be fired for that too. Welcome to social consequences for social ineptitude, brought to you by maths.

*Anyone who disputes that very common story, ask yourself ‘Where was the father?’ At literally any point beforehand.