Link: Manosphere sour grapes

As other people mature and move on with their lives, there will always be people thinking they’re perma-18.

They are the creepers.

Manosphere sour grapes

I wondered why so many of those otherwise rational types* were single.

*Not the majority online.

Then I saw a video titled “Never date a girl older than 25”.

Like they have a choice?

Like those “girls” want them?

They think the world is a Lynx advert.

It’s about control, at least be honest. They’re impressed you have a car and went backpacking. You wanna be the cool one. They’ll put up with games because they’re still practically a child (brain).

What about when they hit 25? Ugh, r-types.




Like all of women’s evolved circuits can be over-ridden by a well-written Tindr profile.

If you have to lie about your life, stop lying and fix it before surrounding yourself with more lies.

The big thing that attracts women is stability? Too beta? OK, be happy to die alone.

Or, don’t be shocked when you only attract the same quality level you are.

If you want to be too fussy to date a chubby, when those are the only women in your US area and level, then be fine with being alone. No gripes, it’s your choice. That is the red pill reality.

If you don’t need women, this shouldn’t matter.

They complain about reality e.g. she cares about my looks as much as I care about hers! while also claiming they want more, harsher realities.

Son, you can’t survive NOW.

The easiest society in HUMAN HISTORY. They fail at life.

It’s like how the chubby kid with a cheap katana begging for a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t last 15 minutes of running. Women can see this. Delusion is creepy. It’s also creepy in dumpy ghetto trash who thinks she can get a famous rapper. Men ignore them too. Class is the thing Americans never discuss.

The world won’t re-arrange itself to help you, this isn’t the Secret.

If they managed to luck into gaining a classy date, they’d find fault (avoidant attachment) or screw it up (cheating, abandonment). They’re just fuck-ups.

They do it in career too.

Most who go there and stay for years and years are jerks and become self-sabotaging jerks. Karma. The same life plan won’t work years later. You need to evolve.

Consider their percentage of a population, <0.1%. There’s just something wrong with a lot of them, statistically. They’re the dregs who would’ve died in a war. Since we have no war, it’s like the Indian men acting up.

They won’t go to a therapist so they don’t actually care about their own happiness.

Why should we?

Other men manage it. Other men can be happy. Stop taking marriage advice from men who hate women and hate marriage, for starters? #commonsense

Another thing, a man who never wants to marry, is useless to a woman who does. And wants to have kids and do the whole thing. Useless. Another big reason they’re rejected. Maybe a phobia, maybe something else.

There’s no such thing as an “incel”

Dear Americans who can’t English

Celibacy is voluntary, that’s the point of it. It’s always a choice, that’s baked into the definition.
There’s also no such thing because nobody is entitled to sex.
It’s the new Forever Alone meme, mutated into a whiny complaint. They tell people how desperate they are for any wet hole (but no homo because beggars can also be choosers) and wonder why nobody is into that.
This term is a nonsense, an oxymoron to deny reality of their situation and make out it’s some new tumblrism identity, to feel special about themselves. You’re just single in a dry spell, get over yourself. Unless you’re married, you have no conjugal rights.
If the feminists started claiming this and demanding the guy from the Notebook slept with them, they’d dogpile on laughing at them and saying it’s the new self-descriptor of the cat lady who marries herself. Essentially you’re so r-type you’re asking for AA with sex. Like free brothels. Can you not find enough octopus porn to slake your postmodern lusts? And why should any man or woman (it could be either, both have orifices) serve you, if you don’t want to marry them? What kind of degeneracy is this?

TLDR: Incels advocate sex slavery, wonder why unloved. Same guys to openly call women ‘females’ and wonder why nobody wants to spread their genetics and the guys who spend all their time bitching like women and wonder why only masculine feminists are interested in them.

If either sex became state prostitutes, it would be men. Guess you can’t turn down any of those feminists or lard-asses at the bar. And you’ll have to pretend to like it.

Celibacy is also an oath, something you are bound to by conditions or principles and religious. Atheists cannot be celibate.
Someone who has engaged in premarital sex/fornication cannot be celibate, it relates to virginity. A period of celibacy is a misnomer, unless you mean the condition will be met by marriage (they never mean this). They want physical intimacy without the emotional (so Millennial it hurts). Words have meanings and while you’re complaining that feminists misappropriate terms like gender or problematic, maybe crack open the dictionary on the terms you use as well.
Now. Who wants to help me off this high horse?

Brought to you by People Who Know What Words Mean.

Get someone to buy you a dictionary for Christmas…. oh wait.

p.s. Inb4 other men are getting laid. Other ‘males’ and mostly ghetto trash. Also doesn’t make it right. On the subject, today’s youth have less sex than their parents so science says you’re wrong.

10 signs of a commitment-phobic man

They’re the ones thirty years from now wondering where his Dream Woman went and/or why she never showed up.

She married another man. It’s a competition. For female fertility. You lost it.

Timing is everything? You need to select from your age-peer group while the pickings are good (preferably below 30). Divorce risk increases with age gap.

“A man that doesn’t talk nicely about women has never felt like he was worthy of them, and probably spent many years feeling like he could not handle them.
Which means there is a good chance he doesn’t feel like he could handle you. Some men are just downright bitter and angry towards females and see them as a pain because they have felt rejected by them their whole lives.”

Slam dunk.

“Nature didn’t make us to be smart all the time; it made us to be as easily willing to have sex as possible with the man who got to our ears by sweet talking so we could pass on our genes and propagate the human species.”

“Some men just constantly blame women for things that go wrong in their life. There’s a legitimate reason for this; men don’t understand women; so they cannot handle them; and when they can’t handle them and they see their lives falling apart, then the EASIEST thing to do is look for someone to blame; a WOMAN!
See – If a man’s reaction to problems in the relationship is to blame you, or constantly point out where you went wrong, then you have a problem.”

“If a man talks badly about men who are married, or who are taking care of children, then it’s a pretty good sign he doesn’t care much for a deep commitment with a woman.”

It’s like a feminist saying how much she admires single mothers.

What is any sane man going to think of that?

R-types. Be vigilant.

For example, the single dating pool will contain almost all the misogynists, those who fear women*, a far higher proportion than the world at large. Very few trick a woman into an unhappy marriage and it rarely lasts. So yes, encountering more bad apples when dating is correct flagging but you need to spot and next those, to move onto the ones in your league.

* Yes fear. They fear women. They avoid women. Why avoid something inferior to you? Wanna know a secret?

Men are terrified of women. All of them. They rarely admit it and then just from the sides e.g. women are mysterious, women are crazy, I’ll never understand women. If it’s a descriptor you could apply to a bear, they’re scared. 

Are women intimidated by men? No. The trappings of success or the threat of violence.

Men are intimidated by talking to us alone, let alone in large groups. QED.

Married men are happier and why immature men fear commitment

“Think bachelors have it made? It turns out married men are actually happier after marriage than they would be if they stayed single, according to researchers at Michigan State University.”

“The results: “People, on average, aren’t happier following marriage than they were before marriage, but they are happier than they would have been if they stayed single,” says Stevie C. Y. Yap, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology at MSU and one of the study authors.”

Do the red pill ‘men’ cover this? Nope, because they’re bitter bachelors. Health improvements too from the connection, but they’ll keep catastrophizing marriage as the death of everything good in the world, wedding ring as a guillotine. The finding is pretty straightforward, in an even choice, marriage is the superior option.
Tbh I also think there’s a slight confound for maturity here. Masculine, mature men are more likely to get married and be happy in their wise selection. Naturally, they have no problem finding a good woman, being a good man themselves. Or another angle, being married isn’t so great per se, but the type of person who is forever alone is a bad thing to be, by comparison.

Married men are also more successful, another myth busted.

Marriage gives you support and a purpose, it helps you mature even more. The nurturing of a wife encourages a man to be more masculine, it’s a paradox, as well as the dependence paradox (you’ll feel more independent).

Nothing wrong with never getting married, just don’t lie about it to prospective dates.

The modern man sees cohabitation as superior to marriage and any woman stupid enough to agree to it, naively and silently expecting it’s a stepping stone instead of the final destination, deserves to be played. They get everything they want out of the woman with none of the responsibilities and expense. Women have this sunk cost fallacy where they wait around for years on a man who never said Yes to long-term. If he gives any answer to the future question than an emphatic Yes, it’s a no. Vague half-answers are chickening out of serving the truth too raw in case you break up with him because he wants the sex. Also, sleeping with a man won’t make him more attracted to you, it’ll make him respect you less for long-term prospects. You know if someone is a long-term prospect after a month, probably less. You know if you want to marry someone after a year, stop kidding yourself.
Fear of intimacy and fear of making the wrong choice factor in too.
Some don’t even expect to be faithful themselves which is… progressive. Yet they want the wife to be, which is insane. Do they even listen to the vows?

On another note, a husband shouldn’t be honoured until he cherishes his wife. As always in marriage, the male leads the example.

“Most people regard marriage as liberating, although they may not stop to think of it in just that way…”
“But not everyone sees it that way. For some people, marriage seems as if it will be a constraint.”
Bad attachment style. Avoid. Avoided. They should never marry.
A lot of them get so accustomed to only thinking of Number 1, they resent cooperation. Consider that. They cannot share their life.
“If a man or woman thinks of marriage as unpleasant, it will not be possible to find anyone desirable to marry.”

applause clap clapping yes well done

The OCD fear of divorce is keeping Gen Y from taking the step.
Sure, live your life in fear, close yourself off to one of the best experiences in life, I’m sure the Reaper will understand. Never attend a job interview either, because your dream job may not be as great as you imagined.
If you actually wait too long, when you could‘ve married younger (as in, late 20s), then divorce risk goes up too.
People in their 30s+ can become selfish and entitled, and build up such ridiculous expectations of marriage, the spouse will always fail. “I deserve XYZ because I’m so special, I waited all this time for you, worship me or I’ll leave” as if it’s a bf/gf arrangement and leaving is a casual matter.
Educated women aren’t a divorce risk either.

People who confuse sleepovers with commitment.

When they fail at romance, romance is a terrible idea for anyone and they pose as cynical because apathy is sexy amirite, because the fault can’t possibly lie with them, can it? Not Secret King, surely?!

Naturally these findings will be dismissed by bitter men with confirmation bias sucking lemons that other men are happy. I wrote about this in the New to the Manosphere? thing.
Appeal to exception, anecdotal evidence, fantastical What Ifs…. and that’s why they’re single. Fault-finding and nitpicking like a shrew.
Those are not reasons, those are post-hoc rationalizations. These are not smart people.
Low quality men cannot pass the social tests to hit the status symbol of marriage and long-term rite of passage it is. They can hardly keep a girlfriend happy for more than a few months, let alone a wife. Social skills of a hog in a suit. They mistakenly believe one party is like a slave and they can take anything out on the other party, it’ll magically patch all their insecurities and heal them with the bathing glow of magical sex, I’m sure that fantasy will end without the cops being called…

Spoiler: If you bitch about an entire sex, you aren’t nice.

5 Reasons Why The ‘Nice Guy’ Is Actually An Assh*le

“So, when you accuse women of always going for the wrong guy, you’re implying that you know better than they do. You’re rejecting the possibility that they can make the right choice for themselves.”
Somewhere, the siren song of gaslighting plays.
Not only are these guys mind readers, but they happen to know what’s best for you, and it involves fucking them. This is a coincidence.

In bitching about how ‘stupid’ women are, they’re proving they aren’t nice.

You aren’t entitled to Miss Perfect. Nobody is entitled to another person.