Has social justice jumped the shark?

I say yes. In 2021, even the most bland of chavs is a Marxist. For attention.

At this point, virtue signalling must tip over into becoming overplayed. The Q is how and what replaces it.

“If you think people of a certain race can’t have an aesthetic, you’re just racist”.

The whole point of an aesthetic is looks-based, you fucking bint. BRB starting my Black Panther cosplay. I guess you can never get offended by Halloween costumes or blackface ever again? I wouldn’t mind insanity if they had no hypocrisy. At least commit to the lunacy.

I find the bimbo thing funny because they think sex appeal is a costume you put on. Some people got it, most do not. And you know, no way in Hell would they dare wear this shit in No Go zones in London, because you GO GIRL. Notice they’re all trying to be like naturally attractive women, like Marilyn, who was only seen in one pink outfit. One. For work. You either have It or you don’t. If you’re not sexy in jeans and a top (coughs in Meghan Fox), you’re not. And that’s okay. Fat girls in particular seem to think they can trick men (ho, no) by amping up their hair and make-up, as if the guy won’t notice she’s like 200 pounds. Even if you wanted to be viewed sexually, what would make the guy want to marry? Don’t they know they’re the practice girl? Bridgerton is fat girl fanfiction, even the fat girls wanted a slim bloke. It’s so dishonest. It’s really sexist tbh because the man has looks, fitness, money, marital viability and she has…. what? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She exists. They were all whiney and boring. I wanted to shoot myself listening to the self-pity of such lazy characters. Whiney Mary Sues, the lot of them. Men will only put up with crazy if you look like Amber Heard.

Although they all sound the same at this point. Is this the new form of vapid woman? Politically brainwashed? I’m so glad I don’t need to date women but fear for my friends who do. I wanna see the backfire when they realise men like the bimbo look but still don’t want them as people because they’re politically schizo. It feels like a genuine Shit Test for once but of all white people.

I’m legitimately concerned they drew a false equivalence between girly girl (child) and literal whores (Playboy mansion).

Bimbo isn’t new, it’s the siren or mermaid trend of about five years ago.

The tan blonde look is actually Nazi. The fucking IRONY.
nb Showing that much figure in the 30s/40s was a huge deal.

They’re so dumb they still haven’t twigged that Joker was a minstrel show. THERE WAS A STAIRCASE DANCE SCENE.

And nothing about infantilisation.

this was prophecy

how low to go for a pregnant lady?

that is the tone of this post, but a few clarifying points;

  1. I am not subbed to Mrs. Midwest.
  2. I have no affiliation with her.
  3. Previously, I didn’t actually like her type – as my many posts about tradlarpers and attention seeking mommy bloggers proves beyond a trace of a doubt. I have seen her content but find it annoyingly fluffy i.e. playing dumb and more than a little co-dependent/pick-me energy. Like she doesn’t actually like other women and wants male attention/approval more than bonding. /notlikeothergirls energy, but so is the woman attacking her so…. guess we’re here. -shrug-


  1. this is malicious, the tone oozes from the screen like herpes
  2. this is harassment – report it
    2.5. also kinda doxxing? going through a bunch of personal files and the like is illegal, right? and this is monetised? I’d get a lawyer to write her a letter about this, there’s a good case for libel, trying to damage earnings, etc. Try Cernovich, he’s a dick but sometimes you need a good dick.
  3. this is attempting to censor a conservative for their private beliefs/religion – is that not illegal in America?
    and the deciding factor in even bothering –
  4. she is pregnant, this was public information at the time and this hag seems to want to stress MM out so much it kills off her unborn son.
    That is pure evil.
    I suggest anyone with a youtube account report this for harassment and abuse and mention the pregnancy thing too. There is no way this should still be up. It incites sexist abuse of a pregnant woman minding her own business. That constitutes medical harm and I’d sue for damages.

nb why are the SJW take-down women always like at least half the woman they’re attacking? Like you’re a 4, we know you hate the 8-9. A whole video was unnecessary. We can see it. A woman like you needs her frou-frou advice, ironically.
This isn’t even a religious thing, there’s a trend in this kind of bullying video taking down moral people just being themselves, like PUAs who mocked that vegan girl for being a virgin. So much for moral authority, eh? stfu

This ‘woman’ knows that stress during pregnancy can cause miscarriages, as all women do, so I vote total scumbag. Even 4chan considers pregnant women off-limits, whatever they’ve ‘done’. In this case: exist.

“as a feminist-“
“some pretty extreme beliefs that she holds-” this is the Marxist dog-whistle now, eh? when your own beliefs are responsible for mass murder, broken homes, child abuse, gang rape and infanticide? whew boy

“might get some well-deserved pushback” – sounds incitey and passive-aggresssive

“I am going to present some evidence, some things I’ve seen-” like people don’t fake screencaps? out of envy? new trend in sjws talking like they’re in court and completely unbiased – take them to court, slander is illegal.

Lesson 1 Caitlin, PUAs are cancer and will drag anyone down with them. They make money by being back-stabbing bitches for traffic, asking leading Qs of one another and then hyping the answers to be controversial and ‘edgy’. There is more drama among them and their apparent friends than makeup gurus. This particular one trades on being for ‘patriarchy’ because it currently sells despite not moving back where he belongs, to a homogeneous culture, being a total slut himself (and wondering why no woman wants to marry him) and literally making one of those virgin shaming videos because entitled non-white manwhores hate women even hypothetically rejecting them. This is projected onto women who literally did nothing/nobody. People like him are why ‘tradlarping’ exists as a term and nobody listens to PUAs on cultural matters. He’s just bitter that he cannot land a white woman due to his personality being shittier than his skin colour. I suggest he obey the patriarchy of his homeland and move home to marry one of many cousins, because ‘tradition’. He acts like his opinion of ‘Westerners’ and ‘The West’ (aka white countries he leeches from) should be anything we ever give a shit about. Go home, goy. If we turned into those things overnight, you wouldn’t survive it.

TIL India still lynches people, especially rapists. Well done India.


Why randomly talk about a Roosh the Douche article? Caitlin didn’t write it. Also, does the 10-scale piss you off because you’re a 4? It also applies to men, the PUA mentioned above is also a 4. So while shallow, not sexist. It’s a universal scale. A guy did famous studies of beauty and black women scored low there too, but he was Jap if memory serves so you won’t mention it?

The beauty INDUSTRY also prefers white women so aren’t you privileged?


Yes Roosh is a fool but this seems v witch trial logic. You are ALSO reading his site, so what’s with the ‘guilt by association’? Why not quote the cultural marxism articles? That would be a tinge relevant?


“a philosophy of misogyny” – erm no, non-white men are trying to use redpill to enslave white women, what else is new? it’s actually about a return to reality and tradition away from postmodern lies, like multiculturalism being possible and peaceful. Most redpill claiming online are non-white now, that’s why they seem to hate white women specifically. They hate what they cannot have. I guess internalised white supremacy, if we go there. They complain about immigration but refuse to move home.

like, you don’t belong here EITHER. Who is We?

Redpill is not a cope for loser men. They can try to claim that but men do not have it worse than women, as they often brag. They go on about their apparent fertility, lower medication/depression rates, higher income, supposed better looks/for longer, nomad lifestyle etc. MRAs claim that men have it worse. Pick ONE. Also incels aren’t one group, there are many reasons a man would be pure. This still has nothing to do with MM?

Trannies claiming to best women at being women is 100% misogyny. The violence and rape from men in dresses is also disturbing. When men discuss periods, you also complain. No uterus, no opinion – I CONCUR.

The gaslighting at 10:20 is subtle like should a lesbian be forced to handle dicks now? It seems like normal women and autonomy make you ‘uncomfortable’. Freedom of association! Also applies to women!

Ironic how Marxist ‘false consciousness’ applies only well to themselves. Woke actually makes reference to it. She is trying so hard to seem culturally black, as you’ll see. But not real black African, American mix ‘black’ covering for anti-white grandstanding. Like they’re not part-white.

PUA interviewer is a manchild and simps for MM about it – k? I know little boys who could tidy their room but maybe the Indian “can’t” tidy up after himself because Indian culture tells them to be manchildren for full matriarchal control passing the baton from mother to wife? Or it’s a character defect – lazy. Nothing to do with white women. Evolution didn’t stop at the neck. The races nor sexes are the same. The races are more different empirically than the sexes. Roosh-types hate this.

Cleaning is actually masculine, ask the military.

But Indians are generally quite slovenly as a people, they bathe in a corpse-strewn river and I’ve seen footage of them drinking from it. Standards of hygiene vary racially. Leprosy is still a thing there for a reason.

The gamma Indians are the worst, even nice Indian girls avoid them. They brag about being useless like a Mary Sue then complain no woman wants to be their mommy while they bitch and whine about people ‘offending’ them.

Negging only works on codependents. Enough said.

12:07 convenient, totally not fabricated, right?

It’s surreal to see the false consciousness making this white woman get bitter about posts re her existence. Are you race-mixing or not? Should we force you? Maybe a little Eve Teasing? I thought you believed in female sexual choice? Why are you implying there’s something wrong with natural white couples? What about your parents? This is the type Marxists mean by useful idiot and in ‘liberals get the bullet first’.

White mothers with their kids seem Nazi* to you? Maybe you’re a racist cunt. By all means, don’t breed. nobody is forcing you to make white babies, and again, this has nothing to do with MM’s posts?

BTW inciting genocide of white people is a crime.

*The actual Nazis hired Muslims to murder English people. They perpetuated an attempted genocide against most white people aka the mostly white nations they invaded, the only place white people lived? They worked with Marxists i.e. Soviets to achieve this.

“Europe is not a homogeneous culture” you thots don’t speak for us, white people do have white culture, as you acknowledge in gentrification. Also, the rationale for ending colonialism by ‘whites’ was that in making white people leave, we’d take our ‘culture’ with us – it still applies, but now you spin it as bad as ‘white flight’. ISN’T WHITE PEOPLE STICKING AROUND TO ‘SAVE’ NON-WHITES RACIST? WHITE SAVIOUR MUCH? This is the reason multiculturalism must end, Merkel admitted it failed. America is not even a country. It never has been. No state religion, no shared values, tanking national iq/gdp, it’s Sodom mark 2 so don’t use the word culture around us. Again, nothing to do with MM?

‘just mostly where white people are from’ what? magic dirt maybe? our buildings and other achievements didn’t pop up by magic one day, we made them? America can’t even build a house right. You still haven’t figured out to build houses from brick, not sticks, and that’s in 3 little pigs? and yes we are from here – InclUDing yOU.

we are proud of our countries, because we actually have them? we don’t need to be bland to be proud of one another?

This is why I invented intersectionality and implanted it among them via contacts, when youngish middle-class whites can’t virtue signal, it’s dead culturally because none of the others are hot enough to feign attention at.

wait, don’t you believe in the EU project? They go on about european pride all the time? Is that Nazi? They have a white comic book character….

the ignorance of american thots strikes again

the blonde stuff is silly but only white people are blonde so….

also, that one tribe of mixed people with vaguely caramel hair are neither blonde nor black, they’re mixed from sailors centuries ago duh

and non-whites aren’t European, passport nationalism is a cope. Are white people in Africa now African? Race has origins, get over it.

Molyneux interviews leading scientists. And again, nothing to do with MM’s posts? Genetics is real, Marie. The liberal creationism is embarrassing. Behavioral genetics is taking off now. SJWs in academia use such findings to justify gibs as proof of ‘oppression’ even though e.g. poverty findings on dna affect white people most -white brit kids are suffering most in school now- and argue against AA, which originally assumed white people could cope with overt financial segregation and classism. Now damage has been proven. and since black people now want segregation, even in white nations, and their grades still suck, AA FAILED.


her only debunking of one video (not MM’s…) is on reddit

because redditfags are never wrong!

Due to the white genocide incitement aforementioned, SJW theory is illegal.


suck it, Marie

17min in and she STILL hasn’t criticised anything MM has ever said in a video. Just more random pointing and shrieking at other people. Narcs hate happy people. SJWs hate happy white people. To me, Marie has SSRI stare.

“very dangerous” NOW you can sue.

“scary and disturbing” oh so YOU’RE entitled to be disturbed? SJWs cannot damsel, that’s sexist.

“I just have zero patience and zero tolerance for that, as we all should” women are allowed to disagree with you, you fugly cunt. We’re not a hivemind. Who is We? The only one calling on racial loyalty here is YOU.

Zero tolerance sounds violent. What do you mean by that?

18 minutes in, slagging off youtube for what people freely choose to click on. Report this. With enough reports, channels are taken down. Roosh should do this, he owes her that much. This is nothing to do with her. You’re scapegoating her. A pregnant lady. Shame on you.

“extremist ideologies like this” – citation? should all social science be banned because of your feewings?

incites harassment and defamation at 19m, after weak ass-covering

butthurt comment

“Wow…mind BLOWN. I subbed to her a while ago. Funny enough I’m a black housewife with a white husband. Boy, she’d hate that!”

you’re the one with white fever, so…..
who wants to tell her about mixed race suicidality?

“The worst part of this is that she proclaims she is Christian.”

She is, God made the races and placed them on separate continents post-Babel. Thou shalt not adulterate refers to miscegenation in Latin, the basis for English, it warns against an unholy pollution of god-given bloodlines, fornication sex is covered under coveting. Mixed race kids have health problems, including mental health, and fertility issues, kinda like a liger.

“I’m a black woman preparing to be a housewife to a white man, and this really bummed me out. I can’t stand with someone who will consider our future children an abomination.” the Bible did it first?

white men race mix more than white women but the manosphere turns a blind eye due to hypocrisy.



“Therefore, using two of the most respected reference works available regarding Biblical Greek and the Latin language, and simply looking the words up, we find that these verses in the Bible are in fact an explicit prohibition against race-mixing. 

Meanwhile Mother Nature hates you too –


Prematurity and low birth weight as potential mediators of higher stillbirth risk in mixed black/white race couples

Maybe it isn’t society, maybe it’s just you?

Results: The analysis included approximately 1.6 million live births and 1749 stillbirths. In the unadjusted model, compared with two white parents, black/black and black/white couples had a significantly higher risk of fetal death. When all demographic, social, biological, genetic, congenital, and procedural risk factors except gestational age and birth weight were included, the odds ratios (OR) were all still significant. Black/black couples had the highest level of risk (OR 2.11, CI 1.77-2.51), followed by black mother/white father couples (OR 2.01, CI 1.16-3.48), and white mother/black father couples (OR 1.84, CI 1.33-2.54). Virtually all of the higher risk of fetal death was explainable by higher rates of low birth weight and prematurity.

r-selection is real

Conclusions: Mixed race black and white couples face higher odds of prematurity and low birth weight, which appear to contribute to the substantially higher demonstrated risk for stillbirth. There are likely additional unmeasured factors that influence birth outcomes for mixed race couples.

I wonder what….

Blacks also have shorter gestation as a race. Your womb is the racist?

lemme guess, it’s Caitlin’s fault your taste is bad?

Cultural Marxism liberated whom?

A+ you observed the obvious but still. 60s psyop.

If it were a gender war, women wouldn’t be expected to do 100% of the roles in the marriage. To what, prove we can? Who can do 100% of everything? Men can’t even give birth so it’s rational they’d have some other role instead. Shirking that is silly.

Would any traditional society allow cads, deadbeats and filth purveyors to walk the streets freely?

1920s degeneracy: could be worth fact-checking.

“The institute hosted tens of thousands of visitors each year, including school class field trips. Hirschfeld was a notorious sodomite, popularly known in the Berlin gay scene by his cross-dresser name Tante Magnesia.”

Sex ‘Ed’ is grooming, people. Random ‘educated’ strangers teaching children about intimacy. Sit with that lunacy.

A few days later the entire library was famously burned in the streets, some 20,000 books and images, along with Marxist literature and other subversive material. Ever since, without background or explanation, corporate media and palace publishers have protested against the German students emptying their swamp.””

SJWs want porn legal, ………………..why? Isn’t that irrational given their ‘principles’? Why be scared men give it up? Why be hostile when white men refuse to sleep around (the over-use of incel to simply chaste normal men) or mix (rarer discernment) unless it’s the source of their influence? Same with the messed up sexuality of the circumcised, as previously covered here. Perverse practices and no satisfaction.

The plot?

Weaken white people by vice. Starting with the men. System of control via no self-control. Morally weakened, no authority to challenge it. No racial dignity, considered cheap in body by their women. A bunch of wankers and sodomites (still counts with a woman). Ridiculous men. Ridiculed and considered inferior. Gaslighted from “try it” temptation to “you don’t know, you might like it” and “fun” to “now you can’t complain about it or you’re a hypocrite”. The asses of Pleasure Island.

Comic: the illusion of choice

You don’t have to hate the opposite sex to be an adult. Just be a grown-up without blaming half of your society, like everyone else manages to do.

The family you make is only bad if you made it bad with poor selection, you anti-natal nitwits.

21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook

High IQ people who reject parenthood are incredibly spiteful, actually. I admire it.

“You don’t deserve my genes”, sneer the Newtons and the Teslas.

The Sexual Revolution was for men

Yeah, how could anyone deny this? They were gaslighted by male psychopaths.

“You deserve to be used and discarded without the protection of marriage!”

“Consent is important …because you cannot prove a negative”

“Saying no is just your false consciousness talking, dignity and modesty is oppressing yourself”

Women work more hours per week than ever, earn less money, get less infrastructure, won’t get SS, their husbands might abandon them for a younger model, lower happiness rates, single motherhood is encouraged, STDs on the rise because “men” won’t wear a condom yeah you definitely won all the prizes… for fucking stupid.

-slow sarcastic clap-

They didn’t even win on the orgasm front.


Women report less sexual satisfaction from

1 one night stands

2 circumcised men

3 being left wing

4 being unmarried to the partner

5 being on the Pill.

What did they win, again?

Herpes, HPV and cancer. You won HPV and actual cancer.

Shallow men, shallow women

“Part of being a man, is having a woman. A Woman, if you can’t do that, you are failing at manhood.”

100% true.

The opposite sex isn’t the enemy, you need them.

Those groups are narcissistic overall, too selfish to be in a relationship with anyone!
They hate people who are happy because it reminds them how miserable they are, that’s why they misuse cuck. A cuck is a man who married a tart and tries to pass her off as better. A cuck can also be a woman whose husband has been the town bike and keeps cheating on her.

Nobody cares if you actually want to be alone. It isn’t a great loss to the world.
It’s okay.
But it’s like the woman who ignores you, you don’t notice and then she comes up to you and tells you she’s ignoring you.

Bitchy female tactics don’t work on females.
I don’t want to screw the Mean Girl.

The men who blame women, well, if it’s natural, it’s always been true. In which case, you just hate women. If it’s their choice, why do you want them? Why do you choose to reward them with attention?
Men complaining about women doing the same things they do, is like old people complaining the young men aren’t respectful. It’s always happened. Every time thought this. It’s in various ancient texts.
This time period isn’t that special and neither is any individual. Sitting around passively is ying, it’s what women do. An effete man is like a little boy. They might want to help you but it won’t be an even power dynamic, it won’t be respect, it won’t be attraction. It’s cleaning up your mess. If your life is a mess, clean it up. At least try? Even your own mother wouldn’t be expected to run around after you as a grown man.
The worst MGTOW just want a Mommy figure they can screw… Freudian issues attract nobody normal.
Sometimes they over-estimate their attractiveness (refuse to date their level) – that isn’t Incel. That’s a choice.
Improve yourself and stop obsessing over porn, it isn’t real.

I saw one guy moan about how a girlfriend cheated on him. I pointed out no, she didn’t. He didn’t want her, he hadn’t married her, she owed him nothing. The offer of monogamy and exclusivity and loyalty comes from the man first. He rejected her first. He…didn’t take it so well. He didn’t have a rebuttal but he insisted I was mean to look at it so coldly. …If I walked into a shop and said Where’s my order? and I didn’t place an order, I’d look like a prize fool.

Cheating is a legal term. What did she cheat on, exactly? Empty words? Not even a verbal proposal.
These guys act like a girl committed adultery (Biblical sin)… you weren’t married? WTF?

And if there was fornication, you can’t slap her with the Bible, without hitting yourself too.

Your degeneracy has no right to be respected. You knew it was going nowhere.
Do you really owe a repeat one-night-stand an explanation?

“I’m happy!” the bitter middle-aged men posting on youtube comment sections tell us.
Then why are you here, telling us?
It’s like vegans who make their diet their life.
Not doing something is the focus of a loser.
What is likelier is “I can’t attract what I want but rather than accept my level, I’m going to ragequit dating”.
SJWs do that too, the drama would be perfect narc supply for both of you.
Don’t marry the sluts, m/f, how can that possibly end well?

They have player burnout, that’s the term they use. They’re used-up husks of their former self, they wouldn’t want themselves (sexes reversed) years before. Sexual satisfaction for men suffers with every woman they bed, they make themselves inferior husband material. There’s so much to compare with that by the time they burn out of the pussy parade (it isn’t a choice, it’s aging), they expect some obedient sex slave of a wife to rub their feet.

Their ancestors would spit on them, it’s so denigrating to expect that servile attitude to a spouse, one of the most beautiful connections in life.

They were a sucker. They bought the societal lie they needed to run up debt on clubbing and sex was the ultimate human experience. You’re a casualty of the Sexual Revolution, boys. Grow up and admit it? It’s love, without love, mankind has nothing worth living for and you couldn’t convince a child otherwise.

But…. they’re ignoring us, and we should care.

You attract what you are. If you always attract flies, you’re probably full of shit.




as an ex-church ex-pentecostal MGTOW who has heard all the chuch BS hearing you quote the bible just makes me mentally switch you off

I wonder why that angry one’s single.

Low IQ men are easy to spot.

Wait, there’s more!

He goes on

The psychopaths in the pentecostal churches just want to force men to do the right thing and marry the stupid nasty devious fem in the pews. I decided I was not going to do that when I was fifteen.


Yes, decisions made age fifteen are famed for their deep wisdom.

How can a woman be both stupid and devious?

If the thug so-called pastors want to talk to me they risk being reported to the police for stalking and harassment. I would love to put some of them behind bars. And your assumptions about what women all the MGTOW want is ignortant, retarded, complacent, and counter-productive.

Pass this little baby a dummy.

You clicked on it, bitch. It’s like a vegan on a BBQ video. What is your life?


I’m 30…oil field worker …near six figure salary…I’m mgtow all the way and loving every minute of it. Go ahead and man Shame me..it’s music to my ears

I wonder if he wants attention….

We don’t care how much money you have if you’re too stupid to realize life is a marathon and not a sprint.

How old is the oldest MGTOW? Because

I’d have questions.

I would post a tiny picture of a noose hanging from the end of the red line but it would be tacky and I assume you know the statistics on bachelor suicide. When they bitch about male suicide, they never bring up marital status.

Married men are happier, live longer and don’t kill themselves.

Yes, women are poison.

Remember his point about taking responsibility as the #1 masculine drive?

MGTOW is not the flip side of feminism, that would be the Incels. MGTOW are men who recognize the dangers and injustices men face in in our gynocentric/feminist society, and act accordingly to protect themselves. I would argue that most MGTOW would love to have long term relationships and a family, and are more than capable of achieving those things, but the risk is simply too great these days. Don’t blame men for going MGTOW, blame the system for forcing them into this position.

Low IQ, what ya gonna do?

“Social Justice is not the flipside of MGTOW, Social Justice are the women who recognize the dangers and injustices women face in our patriarchal society and act accordingly, to protect themselves. I would argue that most of us would love to have long term cohabitation in sin and deliberately become a single (unmarried) parent and are more than capable of that achievement but the risk of abuse is simply too great these days. Don’t blame women, blame the courts for not believing female victims.”

I mean.

Let’s be logical for five minutes, it might hurt.

You want more women to have children, yes?
You want more mothers. But you don’t want wives.
What makes a single mother single, is that the father didn’t marry her.
He won’t propose. By supporting this, you’re supporting the deliberate creation of more single mothers. For which, the taxpayer is responsible.

We won’t cuck for your sperm farm, hunty.


MGTOW saves lives.

Did not… do…. the research.

He goes on

” It’s not about realizing how modern laws and media and society brainwash women to be crazy and drunk with power.”

He would deny being a misogynist. Women can’t be sane but he doesn’t hate us.

Watch the r-type try to force you to qualify to him like any kind of moral authority.

If you show me

We can show you a noose?
Statistically, you’ll need it for when you either top yourself or start kidnapping schoolgirls.

a virtuous woman

says the degenerate

who actually

passive-aggressive creep

will be loyal and honest and love me, personally, I


would gladly have some kind of marriage vows, absent of state authority ruining the whole thing.

What’s wrong with protecting women from abusive husbands?

Or men from wives?

It’s called a commitment, not a half-arsed certificate.

It isn’t like buying a dairy cow.

They’re treating women like an arcade toy. “If you find me this thing, give me this object”. It seems to be autists angry that women don’t want to put up with their mental condition and don’t have to. There are pages going into this abuse from Aspergers husbands, they’re like sociopaths.

And if you are picking on incels, that’s just punching down.

Guys who laugh at rape all over the place and fantasize about young girls?

Yes, we’re bullying them, guys.

Note the gaslighting. Great catch.

I understand the way you see it


See, he’s a man so they can’t insult his intelligence or appearance.

~entitled shrieking from the MGTOW~

Congratulations, the SJWs win for every man that no longer wants a family because he’s scared of women. Fewer husbands, wives and kids, they win.

They want the Gender War, don’t give them it.

and grew up with better moral standards, but today it is very easy to be incel. Just be a nerd that is shy.

People who want to be manwhores but can’t… merit anything but contempt?


I got married young.Age 20. Wife ran off with a doctor soon after. Didnt see it coming.There were no warning signs.They like that money and material things.

Married too young. Moron.
Marry 24+, divorce rate drops for both.
Ah, but they want barely legal flesh, don’t they?

Another! It’s like spot the vegan!

MGTOW don’t diss other guys for dating,

have you read this comment section?

so why do people have to bad mouth us?

They’re actually worse than the SJWs.

The SJWs know they’re ill and take meds. These guys try to convince the whole world it’s crazy and they’re (tic) fine.

It’s a personal choice based on one’s own unique experience.

Using the same lines over and over?

And what experience? You believed a lonely sad blogger’s tale of woe and decided to ruin your life based on works of fiction (or adventures in Asian race-mixing, when they turn out to have been faking the obedient routine and we’re shocked, I say, shocked!).

Most of us just want to be left alone and have no drama. We don’t go around crapping on non MGTOWs.

They don’t even see how stupid they look


Shaming language against men. Sad. I hoped for better.

What’s your excuse? Are you on your period too?

Men can never be wrong. Shame should be illegal. It’s okay to cry as Barney said because words hurt.

I love those comments in particular (they copy and paste) because they are shaming themselves?

Nobody is allowed to disapprove.



looking for the wrong kind of women eh?

easy, yes

well the right kind are like 1% of girls aka the equivalent of a unicorn

He knows unicorns don’t exist, right?

Good, don’t look for us, never look for us, you aren’t the 1% of men. It is pointless.
This is never, ever brought up. Hundreds of times I read that because the low IQ aren’t original, not once. What is the male unicorn worthy of such a woman?


You don’t get it. Do some more research on it.

Blogs don’t count.

And the “research” I’ve seen on their sites is wrong, twisted or made up.
Literally, they say something very opinionated with no study. Because the studies say the opposite.

He goes on

I don’t agree with all of MGTOW ideologies


but they have alot of strong arguments to their physiology. I don’t expect anyone from another generation to understand. You haven’t dated in 33yrs. Time has changed. MGTOW voice is getting louder each yr

tfw to intelligent

A man claiming to be elderly also joins in, but to sound like a 23yo as if his wife were in that age group.


I’m 70,

I don’t believe you.

and I agree with what your saying… separated at 47, divorced 2 years later,


3rd wave feminists are a cancer on marriage, and after 17 years looking, in coffee shops, church, office, and dating sites, I’ve given up and gone MGTOW…

You aren’t good enough, the one woman was a fluke.

Did you…. try self-improving? Lowering your standards? …Like the pastor said?

Who wants a 47yo divorced guy? And now he’s 70 and more sour? Sign me up.

It’s like corked wine if we’re keeping that metaphor, the toxic one that’ll make you sick.

I don’t hate women, but I can’t say that good women are laying around like Rubies on the ground, waiting to be picked up…

I wanna leave you and all I did was read this comment.

I picture these guys in the old folks home, still determined they didn’t waste their one (atheists) life being bitter ragequitters. It’ll never stop being funny.

This one doesn’t understand words

So true, it is easy for a man that has been married for over 30 years to make assumptions, heck, even 10 years for that matter. These guys should try to remember the old adage “do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”.

Being bitter and alone isn’t an experience.

Oh, shit.

Most MGTOWS do not hate women. It is a natural response to the Jezebel spirit that most women are possessed by today and the State’s desire to make slaves of men through the divorce/family courts. Until the states get it through their heads that what they are doing to men is a crime

Upholding the law. STFU.

I’m embarrassed for you.

At least the SJWs rally together and go on marches, not one from men!
So most men agree with the system!

there are going to be a lot of crazy women running around and less children.

Fathered by people like you, excellent. That is eugenic.

It is necessary. This country USA has sinned against God and especially men and the day of reckoning has come. We’ll see how powerful our country remains when men decide to no longer participate and be made slaves.

America has never been a powerful country, you can’t even invent your own language.

You’re still a slave to Uncle Sam with your taxes.

Destroying your nation because you can’t get a woman is total, ultimate omega move.

If I had not gotten married I would have had a lot less heartache and been much happier I know

bitch’s intuition?

and more money in my pockets

I don’t think he knows what a marital union is or the male gender role.
The male gender role is to provide, if you won’t you aren’t a man and shouldn’t have taken on the duties.

Your bad decisions had bad consequences. Were you threatened with death to marry? no

instead of lawyers and Jezebel stealing from me. I was married 16 years and tried to do it all the Christian way.

Nothing about this guy is Christian, he sounds consumed with greed, envy, wrath and pride.
The Jezebel spirit isn’t exclusive to women…. demons prefer men?

Stay single men in this backwards generation.

I regret that post. It was clearly a joke because more sexual predators and psychopaths are men and some borderlines are men too but… obviously they missed it.

You’re an atheist cultural death cult, you don’t really believe in this stuff.

A guy with a Muslim sounding name complains

Having a woman these days is like letting a robber into the bank vault or an abusive priest near some children.

Totally balanced healthy adult.

One voice of sanity

Why do people feel they need to fit into a label and words for group to be in?

Because they’re little kids and need a clique.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

A guy with a pathetic name says

You have an incredible disconnect with reality.

Projection, I love it.


Its 2018 and they’re still using the “man up” argument to deflect your attention from observable reality.

i T’ S    t H E    c U R R e n t     Y e a R

Be a man. Grow up.
Get married. Breed.
Not the same thing. Low IQ QED.

You know who love Pajama Boys and hate the term “man up”?

Male feminists. Go join your people.

They tell happy men their wife is a whore and manage not to be shot between the eyes.
They should be grateful.


What’s this? More shaming language against MGTOW and now trying to equate them with incels? Nice try. Go ahead, shame away. I just don’t care.

See? Copy/Paste.


Responsibility without authority is slavery. You are telling men to become slaves.

No, it’s called being a grown up and paying your dues?

Prissy little nancies.

“Why do I have to move out if I can’t get a mansion!”

Join a Marxist group.


Several times in my life I have had a woman I trusted burn everything to the ground and leave me with nothing because I wasn’t perfect.

Yeah, that was why.

Can’t be that you’re a whiny little kid in a man’s body?

But thanks to women having the vote, they have social policies to support them, they don’t need the men

Vox Day is married, he’s trolling you on The Vote.

If women lost the vote you’d have to go down the mines. National debt won’t pay itself. Men would be on the hook for 100% of everything. And you think that’s better for you? Do you know what percentages are?


“Be a man!” That’s a lot of shaming language.

Tone police. Are you gonna tell him off for swearing too, matron?

Shame is an emotion you feel and should feel.

it’s called a C O N S C I E N C E

If someone said “Be a woman”, I’d be confused because I already am?

It’s cute they think they never have to stop acting like a modern spoiled teenage boy.

I don’t have a problem with woman, I have a problem with the government, and their willingness to help woman destroy men.

Most politicians are male.

I don’t want to live at the mercy of a woman’s whim’s.

Did you select a woman and propose to her?

You can say all you want about “good woman”, all it takes is one bad day and you’re future is out the door.

Yes, that’s how it works.

Because this is the best Joker comic

They’re actually just trying to be a jerk …to another man, the way they would a woman. That is unhinged. They can’t argue, that’s a serious personal flaw.

If I replaced women with men, they’d call it sexist. They’re just like the SJWs.

Nobody gives you rights, they’re NATURAL RIGHTS.

Universal suffrage was a correction of outdated pre-industrial law based on taxation. Read a real book.

To shut women (and poor men) up about various war protests over a century using their tax money, they got the Vote, whether they preferred the untaxed cash or not. Then WW1 and 2 happened.

The bad career choice one is funny. Whatever you do, they hate you. Now they’re turning onto other men, good men, better men, men of achievement and happiness. For trying to help them.

Nearly done

You state MGTOW is not good for men. True. What’s far worse is being used and abused by women and the legal system

If the only abuse you suffer in marriage is legal and in divorce, you are lucky.
“Divorce is ha-ard!” they whine.
Divorce isn’t meant to be nice. Ending No-fault divorce would cause more cases to go against men because many are filed for cheating. Fine, I’d be happy to finish no fault – because someone is always at fault.. but it gives men an unearned boost. They are so short-sighted, it’s almost sweet.

This last one confuses criminals for normal men

There’s a lot of truth in a lot of these comments. I divorced in ’05 after 7 years of marriage. But what really showed me was 2008-2009. There was about 10 highly successful men I knew at the time that lost their businesses. All ended up in divorce. All these men lost everything. They lost their families, kids, homes, etc because the women couldn’t take losing their financial security. “For richer or poorer” only applies to men it seems.

Provider not thief.

You don’t just lose businesses like the TV remote. You gamble. You lie. You steal and cheat.
Anyone would leave knowing he’s probably now in massive debt and will harm the children (school fees?) by staying yoked. Men have one job – finances. Be good with the family finances. You want your gender role, you can keep your gender role.

You cannot complain about your gender role.

For richer, for poorer doesn’t cover – lying and deceiving and going into debt on your joint credit (hers too!) so he could make a quick buck and lie to her about how he got it. That has a name and it’s called fraud. Those women were betrayed. Imagine if she had a secret shopping addiction and while thinking before he had $2 million, and planning his life around that, he was actually $780,000 in debt. That is disgraceful. Divorces used to occur all the time because the husband was lazy, a drunk, abusive, cheating and humiliating her or a criminal. Read up. Marriage isn’t an enclosed pen where you can now treat them like dirt and the law fails to apply.

SJW learns lesson

I still have no sympathy. It’s like someone going back to any abusive gf/bf because they seemed nice again. There were no strings, you chose it. I see idiots like this all the time, 50:50 male/female.

Don’t take in those who’d sell you out. They can’t be trusted.

“I made a mistake!” bullshit.

I don’t care if they become an extreme form of you, they’d change back as quickly. One lie is a mistake, years of lies and subversion is treason.


An additional example, which helped me opening my eyes, happened in 2016, when I learned the truth about a certain group of refugees, whom I looked after for a long time. They had become my friends in the meantime, I helped them during the asylum procedures, I dealt with their official matters, I got them apartments, furniture, cell phones, computers, clothing, courses, jobs, scholarships and spent countless free hours of my private time on individual cases.

that’s called a slave or servant if paid

However, at some point I noticed that these people play with me an unclean game, that is, they use on me taqqiya. I was lied to by these people, which disappointed me a lot.

you knew

they aren’t innocent children

I myself, was constantly warned against this Muslim misleading strategy, by people from Arab countries and Kurds who did not only flee from war zones, but had to flee Muslims; however, I did not want to listen to them. And suddenly, it turned out that those people who dealt with everything who ate with me, drank, danced, laughed, did not pray, did not go to the mosque, did not observe Ramadan, mocked religion and deeply religious people,

no such thing as atheist, many feign it

they, all while eating my food and sitting in my garden, they don’t talk about me other than “a stupid German whore”.

Those people who ate with me, drank, danced, laughed, who did not pray and did not go to the Mosque… – all while eating my food and sitting in my garden, they don’t talk about me other than “a stupid German whore”.

I can’t disagree. You whored out your ancestor’s homeland.

Now I recognize how they function. Although I carry on with the open cases, I only accept new cases in which in my opinion, it’s about real refugees who have a reason to come to a secular state

once a traitor

slippery slope

“oh but THESE ones are REALLY good and have a RIGHT to be here because my FEELINGS say so””

where women and men are equal before the law, where we eat pork, where they could even sunbathe naked on the beach. This freedom is very precious and very fragile,

and the whore is selling it to the out-group, while plenty of native Germans struggle to get by

including children

but that doesn’t make her get off on her Sainthood

And as I said, I am particularly happy to help women

the women are the worst

nobody believes me until you deal with them

the men get marching orders from the women

If you had to get at the cancer, the heart of the rot, it’s the women. All they do at home is stew and gossip and envy and hate, especially white women.